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Hillary Clinton gave a speech today attacking the “Alt Right” in between simultaneously claiming Trump was a Putin puppet and that Trump was going to start WW3 with nukes by attacking Putin.  There was an ad that featured “scary” KKK types, but this is standard fare for the modern Democratic party.  The fact of the matter is that the Clintons, the Democratic Party, and the MSM are all pretty confused about what the hell the Alt Right is.

The standard playbook move by the Progressive/Marxist Left has been to shout down any resistance as Nazi Bigots Who Want to Holocaust Six Million Jewish Black Baby Illegal Alien Bodies the minute they come into power.  Until recently, it was a rather effective tactic, as the target stopped talking about the (usually true) fact that they had hit upon and instead began sputtering about how they weren’t really a racist and they were the most unracist racist to ever not be a racist.  In other words, the lady doth protest too much.  The ever compliant media would then turn the conversation into how racist the person in question was.  Part of the reason that Trump is so effective is that he does not get off message by these accusations.

With the Alt Right, the response is to double down on the racism and refer to themselves as gay Nazi bodybuilders in addition to telling crude jokes about how many Jews one can fit into an ashtray.  This is maddening, because the one thing the Devil cannot tolerate is to be mocked.  The fact that the usual tactics are not working can help explain these conniptions by the Borg.

Further complicating matters is there is no standard for “is” the Alt Right.  I will give you my interpretation, which I believe is a good general primer to the readers of this refined site.   First, it is not “conservatism” in a traditional sense.  Conservatism was always defined by its opposition to progressivism, and therefore had very few hard principles.  Now, conservatism is more about conserving the paychecks and sinecures of National Review writers to keep on getting invited on talk shows.

The Alt Right believes that the Traditional Western State is worth preserving, the best thing, and that they do not cede moral authority to the Left.  That modernism and progress is a lie, simply a way for the usual Borgists throughout history to leverage power to benefit them.  Of course, there are arguments to how best accomplish this.  Some believe that returning to a Founder’s Republic style is better, while others believe that the setting for the republic has passed, and that aristocracy is man’s natural state. 

Obviously, there is a broad range of opinions here, but as I said before it’s that Traditional Western Civilization (mostly embodied in this modern era by Russia and Eastern Europe) is the best way for humanity to progress.  Specifically, that the pillars of Western Civ (the family, military, church, academia, and culture) are worth defending in the face of “progress”, which is secular hedonism dressed up as a way forward.

Some of you reading this are pointing and sputtering right now.  “What about the damn Hitlerfrog!” you are shouting at the monitor. Yes, yes.  There’s no greater way to spin the Left up than to attack their sacred cows, especially when the Left has made the last forty years a free for all for mockery.  Now that they’re in the crosshairs of psychofash teenagers with nothing to do but create offensive memes, they want to bring back speech codes and censorship.

Annoyed by the hypocrisy of wealthy white liberals living in gated communities telling Rust Belt Americans that illegal immigrants have as much right to America as they do, the Alt Right has a grand time pointing out that the people who hate walls live behind walls, usually in the most offensive fashion.  It is an effective blend of the dialectic and the rhetorical, made more effective by the fact that the Alt Right has the truth on its side.

Trump’s rise has let the genie out of the bottle. The modern Republican Party has two options: either it can go the way of the Whigs, consisting of old men upset over frog memes while transparently making sure of their own nest egg, or it will be subsumed by the Young Turks of the Alt Right, who are currently in the process of naming the enemy for what it is.  Time will tell where the dice fly.

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  1. turcopolier says:

    I roused myself from my aged midsummer torpor long enough to listen to HC talk to the MJ crew today. The general tone was that of an empress giving an audience to her faithful subjects. Mika grovelled before her in hope if future favor and the rest of them were clearly fearful of future retribution for “lese majeste.” HC’s campaign is now very confident of victory and are concentrating on destroying Trump so completely that the margins may grow so large as to give the Dems the senate. Thus, he is now described as; a crypto Russian agent, racist, a Klansman in disguise, a liar, etc. A note of defiant scorn for their opponents, and those who do not support her majesty, has entered the campaign. A couple of days ago Fallon, her press spokesman, said that people who do not accept her version of things should not vote for her. i don’t recall having previously heard a candidate spurn possible voting support. Today on MJ when asked if she would support a Republican SecState having conducted him/her self as she had in re donors to a family foundation, she said that she would congratulate that person for having seen that the good to be done was more important than the methods. Think about that. pl

  2. Matthew says:

    Tyler: The Alt-Right also focuses on “replacement.” This is the real Achilles heal of the PC crowd.
    Political correctness is not “progressive,” i.e., motivated by increasing freedom for all people. Political correctness is about replacing the “patriarchy” with new people. And most importantly, PC is about shutting down end-game questions. For example, what is the “correct” number of immigrants? What is the ultimate purpose of the immigration system?
    PC uses the racism charge to ensure these questions are not asked.

  3. Bobo says:

    Congrats on your coming out, the writing I mean, it is helpful. What is the population of the Alt-Right group. I know she always went off on the Right Wing Conspiracy group but it looks like she is now narrowing it down to a smaller population group that Im sure is growing.
    Certainly things are being turned or flipped rather quickly for us over 40 crowd so it looks like Donald will be heading for the Pulpit of a Southern Baptist Church to praise Jesus while Hillary continues to narrow her enemies list while poor Mika pouts and cries over How Can They Do This.
    It’s all nothing but a game, huh.

  4. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    Tyler, Col. Lang, SST;
    Hillary Clinton is one perfect example of the corrupt elites Hayes described in his book “Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy”. I highly recommend the book. Hopefully your local library has it.
    Ishmael Zechariah
    P.s: If anyone can decode and explain what is going on in Iraq/Syria theaters I would be grateful. Usually we can get an idea by listening to the silence but so far we have been unsuccessful.

  5. BabelFish says:

    Well written and clear as hell. IMO, like it or don’t, we are heading towards a true multi-party existence, where the uni-party will finally disintegrate as their sham, faux differences evaporate under the harsh light of exposure to groups like the Alt-Right and Bernie devotees. What will the oligarchs do when people finally get tired of some snot nosed idiot of their ilk, of what ever gender, raises the price of a loaf of bread to $300, citing the utility and ubiquitous value of their product. Or whatever fatuous crap that escapes their lips during the inevitable CNBC interview.

  6. Jack says:

    You are correct. The Borg Queen and her team are convinced the election is in the bag. They continue to raise the big campaign funds as all the movers & shakers pour in the cash lest they not get a shot at the spoils. They’re now looking ahead at their first 100 days and who their patronage network should repay and who should be punished.
    IMO, this election cycle is not over. While it may seem bleak for Trump right now, I recall that Dukakis was ahead of Bush 41 by 55% to 38% in the national polls late summer.

  7. Jack says:

    IMO, the frame is not necessarily left vs right. I think Peggy Noonan’s “protected” vs “unprotected” or the Archdruid’s elite and salary class vs the wage class may provide better frames. The Brexit referendum showed that both traditional Tories and Labor who were from the unprotected wage class came together to vote for Brexit while the political and financial elite along with the urban salary class opposed it.
    You can see the corporatist and Wall St Republicans along with the ziocons and the SJW Democrats as well as the urban & coastal elites and salary class all backing the Borg Queen. And the corporate media staffed by the same tribe are actively campaigning for her. She has all the institutional advantages and the big money. The question is how motivated the unprotected hillbillies in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and North Carolina are to turn out in November? If they decide to vote en masse the election could provide a surprise.

  8. Matthew says:

    IZ: “Twilight” is a great book. Hayes convincingly demonstrates that–unlike the old WASPS–the New Meritocrats feel no responsibility for the plebs.

  9. Will says:

    Dilbert cartoonist, Scott Adams tweets:
    ” ‏@ScottAdamsSays 21h21 hours ago
    The Master Persuader engineers a linguistic kill shot for Clinton’s accusations of racism: “It’s all they have left.” (Perfect)”
    Adams’s narrative is that Trump’s campaign made use of “linguistic kill shots,” such as crooked hillary, low energy bush, little Marco, etc. These kill shots are then reinforced with confirmation bias. These are neurolinguistic tools such as reframing and such. He explains that what changed after Bernie Sanders defeat is that “Godzilla,” Robert Cialdini- a master of the art of influence and persuasion, joined the Clinton team. So instead of keeping on with boring policy stuff, she has reversed roles with trump. She has laid on Trump the kill shot of dark, racist, and dangerous.
    “Sanders had been outperforming expectations, and Clinton had been underperforming expectations. “Wherever you see somebody exceed expectations by that much, either they are a persuader, like Trump is, or they have somebody helping them,” Adams concluded.
    That stopped, as soon as Sanders yielded to Clinton.
    Adams explained: “Clinton stopped talking about her boring policies, and details, and her experience, and she went to pure persuasion. She went to the bigger scare,” which was the image of Donald Trump with his finger on the nuclear button.
    The result, he said, was a lift in her poll numbers, and the ongoing slump in Donald Trump’s performance.
    It would be “surprising,” he said, if Cialdini, or one of his students, weren’t helping Clinton, given his past involvement in the Obama campaign.
    “His fingerprints are all over this.””
    it’s a unique perspective of the mechanics of what’s going on.

  10. Tyler says:

    I can’t say it’s “bleak”, when the massaged polls are showing a dead heat.
    The debates and the “silent Tory” effect are also going to be serious issues.

  11. Tyler says:

    Accusations of racism are modern day witch sniffin.

  12. Tyler says:

    When entrenched elderly interests go after young firebrands with nothing to lose, it always goes smoothly for the elderly entrenched interests.

  13. Tyler says:

    It’s always been nationalists vs. globalists. The Left still believes in its gospel of egalitarianism tho.
    I look forward to the 88888888 essay from (((Nate Silver))) about why even though he was wrong about Trump, he was really right.

  14. Tyler says:

    The Alt Right is an expression of the Western/”white” tribe. The only tribe not allowed to have interests in the West. Now things are going to get wild.

  15. Fred says:

    “…seen that the good to be done was more important than the methods.”
    Soon the chorus will sing out “John Brown’s Body” while we bring back “our girls”, free Syria and defend Ukraine (one of version of it anyway). More “good” works for the do gooders will be available soon.

  16. Tyler says:

    Adams makes good points, but there are diminishing returns to calling someone a racist. It’s more and more virtue signalling at this point than anything else.

  17. HDL says:

    “the good to be done was more important than the methods.”
    This is pure Saul Alinsky: If the ends don’t justify the means, than what does?

  18. DL says:

    I was glad to see Tyler take this on. As usual, it was funny too. A more detailed list of principles may be found here: https://voxday.blogspot.com.es/2016/08/what-alt-right-is.html

  19. Fred says:

    The “establishment” is defending the bi-partisan establishment candidate. The latest to jump aboard the Nurembergesque drum ensemble of the MSM is Frank Luntz. Listen while the “good” professor explains with soothing buzz words how this billionaire suddenly became a racist and if you vote for him you’ll be a racist too. Next up the professoriate will threaten the students with ostracism and collegiate career destruction should you exercise your rights as an American to express an opinion not in conformity to the narrative.

  20. MRW says:

    That stopped, as soon as Sanders yielded to Clinton.
    Scuttlebutt, gossip: have no idea if the following is true, but I heard it from a good friend who is not given to drama or hyperbole, and has a keen political mind and interest. He was a Bernie supporter, and his voice was full of revulsion when he told me this.
    Apparently Bernie was photographed recently in his new Maserati–my friend saw it from a friend–and Bernie just paid $500,000 to $600,000 for a lakeside cottage. My friend’s assessment: where the fuck did he get that kind of money on a senator’s salary? He was bought off, my friend claims.

  21. MRW says:

    Some AM comic relief.
    A Message from Canada’s Black Guy – YouTube
    This ad for an Australian startup’s new camera was apparently banned on the major networks here. Best “Trump” impersonation I have seen so far. Australians have such great senses of humor.
    Australian Trump’s Wall Ad Banned In America – YouTube

  22. jld says:

    Scott Adams latest post gives more details about the “propaganda battle”:
    Besides, the Alt-Right, NRx & assorted variants is a really really weird bunch:
    One of the “thinkers” of these is Mencius Moldbug a.k.a. Curtis Yarvin a computer professionnal with equally weird software projects (look for Urbit…).
    A compendium of Moldbuggery;

  23. MRW says:

    It would be “surprising,” he said, if Cialdini, or one of his students, weren’t helping Clinton, given his past involvement in the Obama campaign.
    If that’s the case, I think people like Cialdini are missing the boat. They have no idea of the degree of hurt the majority of people in this country suffered–are still suffering from–with the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. Americans will bow their heads and examine themselves eventually using whatever vice gets them through the night examining what they did wrong to wind up that way . . . but to mock their rage now, to paint them as hayseeds, to sneer at their distress and call them all “uneducated white men” and “losers,” as Jewish LGBT activist Jay Michaelson did recently in The Forward, is not going to work. Neocon Disdain has run its course.
    With the exception of one friend, a Latino, I have not met one person who is going to vote for Hillary. Even my dyed-in-the-wool ‘every Democratic talking point is gospel’ friends are telling me sotto voce they’re pulling the lever for Trump. And I was asked not to expose they think this way!
    I have no idea what’s going to happen. But if Trump is elected, the promised revolution will have happened. Without guns. This will be a half-century watershed. Frankly, that’s why I want Trump to win.
    Trump is no more dangerous for America than I am, or the Colonel, or Richard Sale, if you paid attention in the civics class no longer offered to American kids. The US President’s real power is foreign policy. In that regard, Trump is the only sane and genuine choice.

  24. johnf says:

    The other Clinton attack line Adams picks up on is:
    “But Clinton just insulted 40% of American voters by calling them racists. Clinton literally – and publicly – turned on her own citizens.”
    I’d draw a parallel with a similar mistake the Remain campaign made in the last week before the Brexit vote. In the hysteria of the campaign a Neo-Nazi nutcase murdered a young pro-Remain woman MP Jo Cox. It became headline news. For two or three days campaigning was suspended and there was virtually no news reporting the referendum. It was just wall-to-wall MSM coverage of the murder. I think at this time Remain went ahead in the polls. I think the Remain campaigners – Borgists to a person – thought they were onto a good thing. The wall-to-wall coverage of the murders – pictures of traumatized family, friends, witnesses, constituents – continued unabated, despite the fact there was only days left to the vote. Little reporting on the two campaigns. And the increasingly unpleasant insinuation crept into the coverage suggesting all Brexit supporters were racists, were closet neo-Nazis.
    I think this was when Brexit won. People really don’t like being called racists when they aren’t. They don’t like being patronized or lied to or insulted.
    The Clinton campaign could be lurching into the same territory. They cannot hide their contempt for large parts of their own fellow citizens.

  25. rjj says:

    without the scientistic (sic) neurolinguistic(s) label how do we tell the difference between a master of persuasion and a fast-talking creepy charlatan??

  26. HankP says:

    Tyler –
    There’s nothing new about the alt-right, just the same misfits who think they can get the political system to get them something they can’t get on their own – respect for their un-American and abhorrent views. Losers all, as they continually remind people.
    Col. Lang –
    Very disappointed that you would give a platform to these despicable views. I understand that you really don’t like HRC, but these alt-right clowns don’t deserve anything but disgust from decent people.

  27. different clue says:

    One way that Trump could win is if the MSM Borg Noise Machine convinces enough Berners that a Clinton Landslide Victory is inevitable. The more Bitter Berners who think so, the more Bitter Berners will feel free to vote for some Third Party or Write Sanders In or leave the presidential line blank. The Clinton Machine could lose enough Bitter Berner votes that Trump could win by subtractive default. And then the Trump Community would be given a chance to roll out some Alt Right practices and concepts and see how they function.
    And meanwhile . . . what of the Bitter Berners? When the Good Ship Sanders sank ( or got sunk) we all found ourselves in the water. So now the Bitter Berners are floating around on a flotilla of lifeboats, liferafts, inner tubes, Sinclair Dinosaur WaterFloater Toys ( little versions of this:
    https://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=A0LEVzLZkcBXjfUAJ9pXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyMm43aWFsBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjE5MTBfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=Sinclair+Oil&fr=sfp#id=62&iurl=https%3A%2F%2Fmedia2.wnyc.org%2Fi%2F620%2F465%2Fc%2F80%2F1%2FMacys_Sinclair_Oil_Dino_620.jpg&action=click )
    Where will we go? Some few will make for the broad shores of Clintonia or Trumpistan. Some will set sail for the various islands of the Leftist Archipelago . . . the Red Rock Reefs, the Little Green Islets, etc. How many will go where? I don’t know.
    And then what? Maybe over the next 30-40 years the Bitter Berners and their descendants and recruits ( if any) will roll out an Alt Left of their own. If they evolve one.

  28. Jack says:

    The left only believe in egalitarianism in rhetoric. Not when it effects their gate guarded communities. As Ross Douthat wrote in the Pravda on the Hudson some time back, the left are all for multiculturalism when it’s the nice Afghan restaurant in the gentrified trendy neighborhood but not when it comes to the refugee Afghan family as their neighbor.
    I call recall a funny story when George Lucas wanted to develop his property in Marin County the huge pushback from all the liberals. Then he decided to build low income homes at the property and how the same egalitarians were apoplectic that he would invite “criminals” to their backyard.

  29. VietnamVet says:

    I agree somewhat. The liberal media, i.e. the Huffington Post, is unreadable. The big lie is washing over us. The establishment is having a hissy fit that the little people dare question the elite’s privileges. The real problem is how to restore government by and for the people and the rule of law that is fairly applied and enforced. It is not by voting for Hillary Clinton. She is a globalist who is totally for the status quo. In this election; if you are not in the top 10%, there are only two options, voting for Donald Trump to throw in a monkey wrench into the current system or a vote for Jill Stein in the hope that this will either force the Democrats to reform or that a progressive party will arise out of the ashes. Libertarians will only speed up the descent into chaos. The World at War is forcing mankind to seek safety in their tribal roots. Unrest has spread to Turkey, Kosovo and Ukraine. Western Europe and North America are next.

  30. gallus vir says:

    All this talk reminds me of the following quote from John Biggins’ ‘Tomorrow the World – In which Cadet Otto Prohaska carries the Habsburg Empire’s civilizing mission to the entirely unresponsive peoples of Africa and Oceania”. The fourth book in a series which I highly recommend:
    “In the end I came to the conclusion – confirmed in later years by all the rest of the propaganda I read, whether Communist, Fascist or religious – that it spoke only of itself: not so much a means of getting ideas from one head into another as a kind of ritual activity designed to keep thought at bay and stifle doubt in the mind of the author.”

  31. jonst says:

    and now CH is one of them.

  32. David Lentini says:

    It’s interesting that HC is so confident, not having had a serious press conference in months and failing to schedule any serious rallies. Maybe she so confident because she already knows the outcome.

  33. turcopolier says:

    Be disappointed somewhere else. I hold both of them and the SJW Kaine in contempt. You don’t get to tell me what my editorial policy will be. Your reaction to differing views is to insult the holder of these views. Be gone! pl

  34. Kooshy says:

    Frankly my bigest worry with in this election is, delegitimization of the Borg and thier Queen, by way of this election, participation, revelation etc. may result in Borg picking an even biger war to re-legitimize itself. To me that is the real danger in this election.

  35. different clue says:

    If the self-styled “master persuader’s” work leaves a lot of people persuaded a lot of times, then the “master persuader” really is a master persuader. Luntz masterly persuaded many people of many things in the past.
    Is he now trying to sell the un-sellable?

  36. gowithit says:

    It appears more likely that the “massaging” of the polls being done more by the Trumpites, in their hope against hope. The polling firms with the best records of past presidential races are consistently showing a significant lead to the soon to be anointed Queen, especially in the traditional “swing” states.
    Unless there is a new blockbuster expose of the Queen, the election is now setting in poured cement. Bring on the court jesters!

  37. The Porkchop Express says:

    I read an article, and I cannot remember at this point where, and the author’s thesis was that the alt-right was the beginning of the secularization of the Republican party. I think there’s much truth to this.

  38. different clue says:

    I hadn’t read about the Maserati. If someone could offer a photograph of that in Sanders’s driveway with proof that it is his, that would be telling.
    I read separately on one of NaCap’s discussion threads that Mrs. Sanders had inherited some land from older relatives in her family ( bought way back before such land became high priced) and after inheriting it, sold it so the Sanderses could buy a lakeside cottage closer to where they live. This is used to prove the Sanders’s hypocrisy but Lambert Strether at Naked Capitalism discusses how that only works for those who buy into the trope that the Left does not deserve to have Nice Things. $500,000-600,000 dollars is not vast wealth in today’s world (even if it is vaster than my wealth), and a bid-up-priced cottage on Lake George may not be very big.
    And I would have called Sanders a New Deal Reactionary anyway. He was trying to get people over their fear-reaction at the word “socialism”. If he really thinks “bring back Glass-Steagall” is “socialist”, then he isn’t really very socialist. And that’s fine with me. I would have been satisfied with some good hard New Deal Reactionism.

  39. different clue says:

    I tried getting onto Huffington Post to see if I could sneak a comment past the Exclusionary Moderation Forcefield that Tyler described and I found an insurmountable barrier even before that. Apparently you have to sign onto HuffPoo through Facebook. And I am not on Facebook. And I am not going to join Facebook just so I can try commenting on a thread on HuffPoo.

  40. different clue says:

    The Porkchop Express,
    Lambert Strether and others at NaCap think they see the Two Brand Name Parties doing a Pole Shift Reversal. The Democratic Party is becoming the Party of the Upper Ten Percent aGAINST the Lower Ninety Percent. And the Republican Party is becoming the Party of the Lower Ninety Percent. If this hypothesis is correct, we will see the DemParty trying to cut or privatise Social Security and the RepParty defending Social Security as is. And we will see other such Economic Class Warfare Reversals.

  41. Tyler says:

    You are high. The same polling firms you run to as your Authority Daddy have been unable to call this election correctly at all. Trump was never gonna make it past Iowa, remember? Oversampling dems, undersampling indies, eliminating entire age brackets are not the signs of a good poll.
    Weak troll 2/10

  42. Kooshy says:

    A new big war to me is a eastern European war, think around Poland on to east Mediterranean.

  43. Tyler says:

    The problem is we have to live with the results of their moral signalling while they retreat behind gated communes with armed guards.

  44. Tyler says:

    Vox got pretty petulant with me cause I said he sounded like a hysterical SJW regarding the police after the Dallas shooting.

  45. Lemur says:

    Moldbug is often conflated with the altright, but his neo-libertarian techno commercialism has been superseded and rejected by the altright. His enduring legacy is the concept of the ‘cathedral’, which was less original than he thought, since it is functionally very similar to Sam Francis’ description of the managerial class (Moldbug differed in that he tended to see its rooted exclusively in secularized yankee puritanism).

  46. Tyler says:

    Moldburg goes on forever but he’s exponentially more normal than the freakshow of pansexual furry perverts that populate the Progressives.
    Better remove the beam from thy eye, brut.

  47. turcopolier says:

    It is a sad thing that the old like Giuliani and me are now being told by the Hillary people that we should be quiet because we are obviously senile. I don’t much like “America’s mayor” but his appeal to people to look at the photographs and videos of HC being physically propped up and stumbling around are not the absence of evidence that the MSM propagandists want you to think they are. pl

  48. Lemur says:

    “Conservatism was always defined by its opposition to progressivism, and therefore had very few hard principles.”
    Yes, specifically, post-war, Buckleyite, American conservatism was always about ‘muh feels’. That’s why it could never stop ‘progress’. They never thought about what it was the wanted to conserve, or WHY it was worth conserving (other than instinctive nostalgia). The altright has the radical notion the historic American nation is a worthy object of conservation, and that when the Founder’s referred to their “posterity”, they weren’t talking about the entire global south. Up until 1965 this was a given in the realm of the policy anyway.
    Like it or not, the origin of all genuine critique and dissent from now on will arise from a reconstituted right. The democrats are trying to create a one party state: https://renderuntoc.wordpress.com/2016/08/17/americanism-a-universal-creed/#more-26

  49. Lemur says:

    The altright is the pointy end of the spear of a reconstitued right wing, and as such have consolidated a movement that has consolidated at least a third of the voting public behind it. And if they do succeed in capturing the political system, that implies they have succeeded in the market place of ideas.

  50. MRW says:

    It used to be reversed from what it is now before 1910.

  51. Serge says:

    By a chance recommendation from a colleague I n the late 2000s I came to heavily frequent the /n/ and then the /new/ imageboards, my first and only encounter with image board culture and my introduction to what I have increasingly seen over the past 2 years being labeled as the “alt right”, ideas outlined in the OP. The boards disappeared, but If you had told me then to what degree the next election cycle would be influenced by the ideas I encountered in this community, I would really not have been surprised at all. Tyler hits the nail on the head with this one.

  52. MRW says:

    I would have thought the press would be all over a Maserati. Doesn’t pass my smell test.

  53. MRW says:

    Nurembergesque drum ensemble and Frank Lutz.
    Consider who hires him.

  54. Tyler says:

    I’m sorry you feel that way. Here’s a gold star. I hope we can be friends still.

  55. Tyler says:

    Buchanan is probably the closest “mainstream” intellectual who is Alt Right, all things considered. Definitely a thoughtful foundation, but the reality is that the AR is made up of energetic, fashy young folk by and large who reject what the Boomers have made, and the future that they put on offer.

  56. Tyler says:

    Hillary is so healthy that when Dr. Drew Pinsky questioned her health, CNN cancelled his show.
    That’s how you know someone is super duper double healthy.

  57. Tyler says:

    I think its more her stroke than anything doing the talking.

  58. Will says:

    you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. the labeling just makes it easier to talk about it and organizes the concepts. no guarantee that a student would be able to internalize it or be successful at it. Such things are innate. my take away of the whole thing is reframing and the linguistic kill as long as it can be propagated by confirmation bias.
    trump blew it with khan. i would have reframed the issue and gone this route: First my deeply felt sympathy to the parents for the loss of their brave patriotic son and we honor his memory and sacrifice. But I ask, what did we gain from Hillary’s disastrous Iraq policy? Are we Safer? Are the Iraqi’s better off? Did she learn anything from it, or did she just turn around and do the same thing to Libya, and now Syria. What will be her next useless war?
    i think Modo, Maureen Dowd, tricked him in a lightning round. He replied “i would have rather heard from the mother.” The Khan matter is not solved with a quick phrase. then he kept on digging the hole deeper.

  59. Will says:

    Want to thank Tyler for this post. Frankly, even though i consider myself pretty knowledgeable, had never heard of this alt right before. I just figured it was another word for tea party. Therefore, suspect most people have no idea what it is except another name for “tea party.” Don’t think it’s a linguistic kill. And there will be no followup acts (?) by him to propagate confirmation/reinforcement.
    Agree with the Dilbert cartoonist that her gambit exposes her to a fierce counterattack:
    “But Trump is always A-B testing. He rarely tries one approach in isolation. He tosses out a lot of ideas and sees which ones work with the public and the media. And he had two other responses to Clinton that have potential, in my view.
    1. Trump is saying Clinton’s accusations of racism are “All they have left.” I like that framing because it makes you think of throwing your gun at the monster after you emptied the magazine. It speaks of a desperate last act, which also makes you think past the sale. And it minimizes the accusations as being desperation politics.
    2. Trump reframed Clinton’s critique of the Alt-Right as an accusation that Trump supporters in general are racist. You probably don’t know why that is so powerful. I’ll explain.
    Trump has built his brand around the idea that he will protect legal American citizens of all types – who[m] he loves – against bad people in other countries. Trump is saying he’s on Team America. Period.
    But Clinton just insulted 40% of American voters by calling them racists. Clinton literally – and publicly – turned on her own citizens.
    Trump, by contrast, has attacked only professionals who are in the cage fight against him ….
    But Clinton’s Alt-Right speech did not target professionals. Clinton attacked American citizens. Lots of them.”

  60. Mark Logan says:

    Just read the new book called “Alter Egos”, the story of Clinton’s people and Obama’s clashing, but also I thought it a revealing look at how her mind works. Firmed up in my mind the notion planted here some time ago that she is, IIRC, “an intellect without a heart” greatly. Her actions seem mostly driven by perceived political impact on her reputation, which the description captures perfectly.
    On topic, Trump’s publicly expressed Birtherism and that a judge whose parents were born in Mexico is unfit to handle the case against Trump U made the attack inevitable. That Hillary is doing it seems meaningless. He wanted the kitchen to be hot, and it is. So be it. I hope the alt Right finds competent leadership. Next rodeo, perhaps.

  61. Brunswick says:

    Watched 1/5 Alpha Strike, a 1974 alt-right “Documentary” of the Vietnam War, in which the US was actually winning, but for the DFH’s in both the Johnson and Nixon Administrations and on the street.
    “America” cannot fail, it can only be failed.

  62. optimax says:

    I use to read Sam Francis in Chronicles Magazine. The sanity of the paleos is sorely missed from the current political reality show. Pat Buchanan is one of the few left of the old-guard right.

  63. optimax says:

    I like HuffPoo’s heart warming dog rescue videos. Trying to sell Hillary as the Earth Mama Toad Goddess who will nourish America back to primal health is bunk.

  64. The Porkchop Express says:

    I can definitely see it being some combination of the two, at a minimum. There are definitely other factors at play. But a pole shift seems just as plausible. Religiosity in the US is on a downward trend at least according to (with apologies to Col. Lang) social scientists–though political correctness seems at least on its face to be some bizarre stand in for a theological viewpoint. While at the same time it’s also fair to say that starting with BJC admin the Democrats began reorienting their political philosophy towards “global capitalism.” Definitely food for thought.

  65. LondonBob says:

    Trump is back leading in three tracking polls, UPI/CVOTER, People’s Pundit Daily tracking poll and the LA Times/USC Dornsife. Now maybe these are all biased towards Trump but they have all shown clear movement towards Trump and they are all considered reputable. Trump has received the full demonisation campaign from the media, spent little money and done a few media inflated gaffes and yet he is back to level pegging as the business end of the campaign begins.
    I think these two articles give a good assessment of the state of the race.

  66. LeaNder says:

    Pat, I instinctively disliked the health discussion, admittedly. Maybe since hypothyroidism at one point quite arbitrarily was thrown in? Not sure.
    How to put it shortly? I do not think the real issue is her health. Never mind that the teetotaler’s is supposedly exquisite.
    Giuliani … his appeal to people to look at the photographs and videos of HC being physically propped up and stumbling around
    Remember, “good photo”?, it doesn’t tell us anything beyond the frame. …
    In this vein, what is outside the frame of the photo that has gone viral, were she is led up the stairs? From the top of my head, she might have twisted her ankle. Although it does not make much sense to be helped in this context, much better would be a doctor or any assistant that bandages the foot/leg, I would assume the crowd around would immediately try to be helpful.
    Personally I would be more interested in the head shaking events. Was that some type of exaggerated, since faked yes, yes, yes, I hear you?

  67. LeaNder says:

    I would plead for HankP to not be banned, if he is, we are all hot-heads occasionally.
    His reference to “decent people”, and, yes I understand, the accompanying indirect insinuation concerning you, no doubt was maybe ill-reflected.
    What was tyler’s or the altRight coinage for that again?

  68. LeaNder says:

    Welcome, HankP, I was sometimes disappointed too. On the other hand, I was also at one point somewhat disappointed or maybe slightly hesitant where a ‘pure echo chamber’ might lead me. …
    In one longer web-excursion I witnessed something that feels pretty similar to what we see now. … And strictly, while the divides were pretty obvious on the grassroot level, the supposed categories on the two-party level occasionally had stopped to work. At least to the extend, I might have expected them to work.
    If it is only about Pat disliking HRC, why do you object to him inviting someone into the debate to tell us SST members what Clinton talked about yesterday?

  69. turcopolier says:

    I keep you here for diversity. You and HankP are much the same. pl

  70. turcopolier says:

    What are “DFH’s?” Were you in VN? I was. The NVA had largely lost the war by 1973. They lost it to “Linebacker 2.” They lost it to the CORDS/COIN campaign. That is why they accepted an armistice. The US Congress, reflecting the fecklessness of mass US opinion surrendered the country to the communists in 1975. they literally snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

  71. turcopolier says:

    That’s all right I know that social scientists still exist. i am reconciled to the fact and will continue to oppose their baleful influence on history. pl

  72. Fred says:

    The establishment; which is in a panic because many in the civilization have decided to abandon the establishment rather than the civilization.

  73. Fred says:

    Here’s an actual black American. There’s nothing funny about the questions he asks.

  74. Fred says:

    Will you and Hank be the “decent people” deciders or can everyone join in? Do you have the complete list of “decent people” or should I consult with Santa Claus?

  75. LeaNder says:

    “You and HankP are much the same.”
    What makes you think that?

  76. Fred says:

    I think the important thing missed in the giant forest of facts is this question: Just what have democratic party policies done for (black) Americans in the cities that have elected only Democrats for decades – like Baltimore, Chicago or Detroit? How are the jobs, schools and the untouchable question – crime rates? The “Racist Response” of the Democrats came almost immediately after Trump asked for African American votes.
    The professional poli-sci left is busy with, to use Steve Sailor’s phrase, the KKKrazy Glue – trying to pin the label “racist” on the elephant rather than risk a discussion on just what generations of Democratic leadership based on stated Democratic Party principles have achieved for Americans.

  77. turcopolier says:

    “You and HankP are much the same.” What makes you think that?”” I will leave it to others to explain that to you. pl

  78. Tyler says:

    The LA Times published a screed against the Alt Right which is more of the same rhetorical schmaltz and historical illiteracy that has been the Left’s stock in trade, where colonists founding a new country are equivocated to Somalis living off the dole with their four wives and 14 kids. Add in a heaping dash of “but we are all equal!!!!” and you have the Leftist argument of the last forty years.
    Unable to argue the facts (racial egalitarianism is a lie with fifty years of data to back it up) expect more rhetorical idiocy about nation of immigrants and white privilege (prog original sin) as the wheels continue to come off.

  79. Tyler says:

    You’re not the one who’s going to have to fight through a civil war because a mentally addled woman is talked into ordering gun confiscation.

  80. LeaNder says:

    offer: I’ll shut up, till the election is over.
    you realize what sacrifice this is for a notorious babbler?

  81. Tyler says:

    They do that (log in through facebook) so the Auxiliary Junior Thought Police can send any badthink comments to your boss and demand of them DO YOU WANT TO EMPLOY THIS EVIL RACIST?!

  82. Tyler says:

    The Alt Right disagrees with the idea of America as a “proposition nation” as stupid and schmaltzy. Its a rejection of the belief that being an American is simply a matter of mumbling about “muh freedoms” and has zero cultural components.

  83. steve says:

    “(mostly embodied in this modern era by Russia and Eastern Europe) ”
    There may be a price to pay for copying Russia and Eastern Europe. People may very well decide it is worth the price, but they should know what they are getting into.
    Russians die early at a very high rate, probably due to alcohol.
    Life expectancy in Russia is about 70-71 years. It is 8-10 years higher in most Western countries. 75 in China. And, life expectancy for men in Russia is 66, with 59 of those in good health.
    Russia is much poorer than the Western countries to which I think you are comparing it. Its GDP per capita is somewhere between $9,000-$13,000, depending upon whose data you use. This is less than the world average. (Easy to find so no link.)
    So, you can make up excuses for Russia about why it is poor and there is so much alcoholism and early death, just like liberals do when they make excuses for why minorities are poor and die early, with high rates of substance abuse. The fact remains that if you are using Russia as your model, you are using one that is poor and where people die early and aren’t especially healthy. As I said, there may be other things which would still make the model compelling, but we should at least acknowledge the price.

  84. HDL says:

    What is DFH?
    DFH is “Dirty F***ing Hippy”
    I had to look it up as I’d never heard that before.

  85. Peter Reichard says:

    “You will lose one and we will lose ten but in the end it is you who will grow tired of it”, so said Ho Chi Minh to the French. With the Americans it was more like thirty to one but in the end victory was decided in the hearts and minds of the American people not the Vietnamese villagers. Defeated on the battlefield their strategy ultimately succeeded but at the cost of sending a whole generation of young men on a one way trip down the Ho Chi Minh trail to perish at the hands of everything from venomous snakes to “arc lights”. It was a very near thing but we did indeed snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  86. kao_hsien_chih says:

    A bit of babbling. Apologies in advance.
    It is not clear to me that there is such a thing as “alt-right” as an electoral force that can be clearly defined. Tyler is right that the sentiments that the trend draws from are not clearly defined by a single “is” but it seems to me that they are rather distinct (at least for now) from those who explicitly call themselves “alt-right.”
    On the one hand, there are many people who are left behind by the current orientation in party politics: people who don’t care for the elitist social engineering proclivities of the Democrats and the elitist pro-business schemes of the Republicans–which, for all the political posturing, look increasingly alike: People who are not in favor of “anything that’s good for businesses” and do not want to subject themselves to socialized alien anal probing by the self-important people whose worldview may well be those of Roswell grays. They are many and frustrated, forming a potentially potent electoral force, but they split the votes between Sanders and Trump in the primaries.
    Those who explicitly call themselves “alt-right,” it seems to me, include a disproportionate share of the people who are grotesque mimics of over-top multiculturalist cretins–who are themselves grotesque to begin with. They use the same lingo, hold the same attitude, and have much the same extreme multiculturalist mindset as the PC ones…except for the case of the white tribe, so to speak. If you will, Black Lives Matter, except for the whites.
    In this sense, I think the ethnic tribalism of alt-right is the key weakness for Trump, rather than strength. The economically and socially displaced lot, numerous though they might be, do not all share the same sort of ethnic tribalism–even when they are white. Many of them might even find it as abhorrent as the PC version of the same tribalism, for other tribes. This, more than anything, is probably keeping Trump’s ceiling low.

  87. bks says:

    “We have reached the bizarro-world point where, for all intents and purposes, conservatives are RINOs,” said John Ziegler, a nationally syndicated conservative talk show host who called Andrew Breitbart a friend. “There is no place now for real conservatives. We’ve also reached the point, I say, we’ve left the gravitational pull of the rational Earth, where we are now in a situation where facts don’t matter, truth doesn’t matter, logic doesn’t matter.”

  88. Herb says:

    Last I checked, America was a democracy, an imperfect one, but still, a democracy. For at least the last 8 years if not longer, the majority of this democracy has rejected, one by one, the opinions on social issues that you hold. Nobody cares if you like it.
    On the other hand, for the last 50 years since Reagan started it, the majority has rejected the concept of economic equality that went back to Franklin Roosevelt. Nobody cares if I like it.
    The majority has sacrificed any kind of commitment to helping people of lower economic classes to the Free Market God that the Alt-Right worships, along with everyone else in the Establishment. The trade-off has been liberalism on social issues and identity politics. Boo Hoo, poor you.
    So who is this “enemy” the Alt-Right is “identifying”? Seems to me, it is the majority of Americans. What is the Alt-Right peddling? Even more Free Market God worship, except no more touchy-feely pretending this country is for anybody but White, Straight English-Speaking, Christian people. Well, too late, the majority no longer sees it that way. I note you talking about “civil war” and such. So, what are you going to do? Go Timothy McVeigh?
    Anyway, brace yourself, it’s going to keep on like this for at least the next four years.

  89. SAC Brat says:

    After the first Republican debate Frank Luntz had a panel of ordinary people (non-villagers?) that had watched the debate and he was asking them what they thought about what they had watched. He asked one guy, a man about mid 50’s in age with a beard about why the panel liked Donald Trump’s performance in the debate. The man’s response for the group was they were all fed up with the media telling them what to think and the media should just report, the people can figure it out for themselves. Luntz was looking like he was sucking on a lemon while I was hoping he would melt like the Wicked Witch of the West or disappear in a puff of smoke.
    I wish I could find the video, but it seemed to get disappeared (or got airbrushed) a few hours later. A few comments in some blogs showed that others had seen it too.
    A phenomenon that I’ve seen and also read others noticing is that if you watch a Trump speech and then hear the media version of the same event, nothing seems to match. Put me in the Joe Bob Briggs group.

  90. JMH says:

    HRC people claimed that Bernie’s “America” ad was racist. It’s not just the alt right that is sick of it. Anyway, brace yourself.

  91. kao_hsien_chih says:

    There is something odd that I remember that echoes this, albeit in the opposite direction (Godwin’s Law alert):
    William Shirer, who did not see the real thing, wrote that Hitler’s speech at the Munich Beer Hall was mesmerizing, and this is the version that most of us in the English speaking world think has happened.
    I remember being quite surprised by another account, written by a German who was actually at the beer hall when the putsch happened (or, rather, a translation thereof), who said that the speech was a dull, boring, and otherwise terrible rant. Unfortunately, I cannot remember where I had seen this description.
    The lesson that I took from that experience is that one should never take another person’s account of a speech on its face. That person may not even have seen the speech. Even if that person has, all that description might be is his/her opinion of the speaker, not necessarily of the speech or how other people might have perceived it. (In the Hitler case, the widely spread belief in the West, disseminated by Shirer himself among others, was that Hitler was a highly effective speaker and that, rather than other aspects of his politics, drew the Germans in–so he has every reason to attribute some sort of mesmeric effect to Hitler’s speechifying) A good description of how the audiences, intended and unintended, perceived it is a good place to start (where that video you described is getting at–but I’d have wanted to know how other, different, audiences might have reacted). A “terrible” speech to some might be exactly what makes others tick, and yet others in the opposite direction.

  92. Tyler says:

    You’re welcome.

  93. Tyler says:

    A decade of neoliberal “shock doctrine” has more to do with that than anything.
    The gains Russia has made are impressive in light of that, including turning around its TFR.

  94. Tyler says:

    You’re equivocating because you’re ceding moral authority to the Left. Humans are naturally tribal.
    Ethnic self interest hasn’t turned out too badly for the Chinese, the Mexicans, Middle Easterners, and Africans. It’s just that whites aren’t allowed to have self interest cause the (((Left)))) says so.

  95. Tyler says:

    Can you get anymore basic?
    1) America is a Republic. The Founders looked down on democracy as mob rule.
    2) Win through voting Lmao. No Herb, you pushed through the majority of your agenda through a captive judiciary using the 14th Amendment as a “whatever I mean when I want it to mean it” trump card, and when the voters actually voted on something the Left didn’t like, they ran to an unelected federal Mandarin (aka judge) to overturn it on spurious legal theory.
    3) The fact that you can’t see out of your paradigm and assume this is more lolbertarian free market worship shows the intellectual failings of the Left, that even when presented with evidence otherwise, you can’t leave your security cum safety blanket.

  96. kao_hsien_chih says:

    Could that be because I’m not white?
    American tribalism, yes. White tribalism, no. The trouble with many alt right types (and also, PC types) is conflating the two.

  97. gowithit says:

    With Clinton getting “support” like this, kinda balances out the alt-rite stuff and makes me consider (just consider) Trump!!!
    The “wolf” is at the door!

  98. Balint Somkuti says:

    I did not know I was ALt-Right until I read this and the Voc populi blog sum up.

  99. occasional visitor says:

    Sir (and HDL)
    Dirty F*****g Hippy is parlance within the Democratic Party for any dissenters who are slow to bend their knee to Her Highness, or to her predecessors. Since Hubert Humphrey ‘hippy-punching’ has been absolutely required of all aspirants to any sort of position in the Democratic firmament. There are large numbers of regular Democrats who still have some recollection of the 1960s who do disagree with their leaders, they consent to endless hippy punching and pull the lever for those who have spent a half century treating them with contempt. To the extent there are any younger persons within the party, they know that any heterodoxy will get them labeled as hippies and that is more than sufficient to end a career.
    There is no Left in America. Most who would even know what a Left would look like are in nursing homes. If you want to see what sort of cranks pass for leftists in this country then read the comments at b’s blog. Don’t get angry while reading, just laugh. As someone who formerly identified with the Left, until it became a very lonely place, I find myself in near total agreement with all criticism of SJW and Borg that appears at SST. My only quibble is that distant historical connections do not make Democrats into leftists. The Borg have no ideology, they are interested in power. That they occasionally utilize reflected memes from the New Deal does not establish that they believe anything or have any principles. They don’t.
    One other thing before I withdraw. You all underestimate how much the Borg and their friends loathe the military. I don’t want to continue being a commenter here for fear I might be disrespectful to the Colonel, having been exposed to far too much of the Borg style.

  100. Fred says:

    It is refreshing to know that American Democracy is responsible for Hilary’s vote for the Iraq war and thus she was only confirming their affirmative consent to war by her senatorial actions. I am glad to know that American Democracy consents to selling access to the Secretary of State by payments to the Clinton Global Initiative and that such conduct by Secretary Clinton, her staff and her family members who direct the CGI should not be discussed at all in public as the affirmative consent of the American Democracy has been given (when did we have that vote by the way?). I could go on but as you say the ‘majority’ has spoken, according to HRC and yourself.
    To further my efforts in spreading the good news that the Majority is what counts could you point out just where in the Constitution it says the majority rules? You remember the Constitution, that’s the little piece of paper Mr. Kahn held up at that convention to remind all the world just what actually details the powers of the Federal Government and which are retained by the “people” or the States. States have power? Wow, we better not remind Idaho or Maine they are equal to California or Texas or that “majority rules” thing I can’t find in that document might be proven incorrect.

  101. Fred says:

    A reference to Adolf. Color me shocked. He gave a crappy speech? my, my. He went to jail after the beer hall thing. Who in America has been calling for a revolution? It sure isn’t the right, alternative or not.

  102. VietnamVet says:

    The marketers of libertarianism sold a bill of goods that one could have it all and damn everyone else. But, government hasn’t gone away, it was seized by corporate powerbrokers. The 25-year war in Iraq continues unabated since the Sunnis in the Levant make the perfect “Others” with the thousand-year history of European Crusades there. This created a trillion-dollar and counting war profit center. Added bonuses are splintering of Israel’s enemies and pulling Russia into a quagmire. The majority white working class was screwed by the outsourcing their jobs. Identity politics facilitates all of this.
    The Spectator article linked above by LondonBob is correct. Donald Trump is genuinely humorous. Laughter is the only way we humans can deal with this insanity. The Democrats have to scuttle the three debates. Hillary Clinton is not funny.

  103. FND says:

    The economy was in depression the entire time FDR was president. That shows the power of propaganda. FDR had a lock on propaganda with the new technology of radio. Entire families would sit around the radio and listen to his fireside chats. Some had a picture of FDR in their living room. That would be creepy today, but even in all their misery, people loved FDR. Even today its “common knowledge” that FDR got us out of the depression, even though we did not come out of it until after WWII, after he was dead.

  104. Nancy K says:

    I think many, like me, are sick of the whole Alt Right, chest thumping, young turks,blah blah blah. We may not be as loud as Trumps legions but we will vote, and I predict our next President will be Clinton. That said, I think she has flaws, but compared to Trump she is looking very good. As far as her health issues I think they are trumped up, no pun intended. Anyone can show a picture of someone being helped up stairs, making goofy faces, etc. etc. What exactly does that prove. Trump’s Dr wrote a completely unprofessional evaluation of Trump’s medical condition and his supporters seem to think it is just great. I think both of them are in okay health for their ages. They are nearly the same age 70,neither are in their prime. We are voting for president not for athlete of the year.

  105. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    Vincent DeLarge has a couple of posts up at Russia Insider that are very pertinent to this discussion. The first, which was originally put up in July of this year and re-posted a few days ago is an overview of just what does and does not constitute the Alt Right movement.
    The other one, which was posted today, asserts that Hilary & co. is making a play to assemble a single, dominant party.

  106. turcopolier says:

    I don’t think I have written that the Borgists are exclusively Left or Democrats. they seem to me to be centered on their vision of a world ruled by the US. They are not really attached to the US, but for the achievement of their goal the US is the only game in town. pl

  107. Jamesdoleman says:

    What Do You Think of Western Civilization?”
    “I Think It Would Be a Good Idea”
    Mohandas Gandhi

  108. kao_hsien_chih says:

    Your prejudice amazes me sometimes. I had written here some time ago that people who are voting for HRC are like those who voted for Hitler in order to stop Ernst Thaelman. A Trump presidency, I think I can live with, even if I don’t especially like him. An HRC presidency, we are truly looking at the brink. You should not automatically assume that every invocation of Godwin’s law involves likening Trump to Hitler.

  109. TonyL says:

    “American tribalism, yes. White tribalism, no. The trouble with many alt right types (and also, PC types) is conflating the two.”
    This is a really good observation. I thought so too, but could not quite articulate it this way.

  110. jonst says:

    Herb, I’ve been a reader and participant of SST since the very beginning of the Project. And if the Col sees fit to ban me, I will take it. Whatever the Col deems appropriate. But yours is the dumbest, most presumptions, and arrogant comment I–me personally–have seen on this blog. Go “Timothy McVeigh” indeed. You are despicable sir. That is a virtual glove across your face.

  111. Tyler says:

    And? Right now the rules of the game are “Ethnic tribalism is good, except white tribalism” to which the AR replies “S my D”. Don’t complain that it’s unfair that the AR insists that whites have an interest in how their countries are run unless ypure going to argue whites have a say in how Zimbabwe, Bahrain, India, and China are run.
    The AR is pretty open to people who want to embrace Trad West Culture, but if they’re not going to make the same mistake as cuckservatives who think worshipping multicult is what muh Founders really wanted or some nonsense

  112. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    Here is a patch which describes the “progress” the “new elites” made in the last 1/2 century pretty accurately. Wear it proudly and present it to your friends.
    Ishmael Zechariah

  113. SAC Brat says:

    Like the old cowboy joke, you’ll probably find out you’re a lesbian too.

  114. Babak Makkinejad says:

    You mean lower income “White” tribesmen.
    The man who lives with his wife and child in studio apartment in Brooklyn, I should think, has scant in common with the fellow who drives his Lexus to the Hampton every summer weekend.
    It is form of the Gilded Age.

  115. Babak Makkinejad says:

    You cannot expect to legitimize an entire World View; weltanschauung, in a single election. Usually, empirical failures would disabuse people of their funny notions, but sometimes not even then.
    In Bavaria, until 2 or 3 decades ago, there were still ardent NAZIs who thought WWII was a dandy idea; “jut too bad we lost”.

  116. jdledell says:

    Tyler – I will admit being very uncomfortable with Trump and many of his supporters. This was brought home earlier this week when I attended a town hall meeting on a proposal to increase the town property taxes to pay for a new soccer field ( which might have been okay) but then to spend several hundred thousand on synthetic turf for the field.
    I went to the meeting to object to the cost of the turf part of the proposal. There were a number of Trump followers in the meeting who tried to turn it into a national political discussion. The mayor tried to gavel them into being quiet with limited success. I rose to speak and as soon as I said I don’t mind the soccer part of this proposal but… I never got to finish with the boos and hisses. Two of them turned to me and “told me I should have no say in this matter because “I don’t belong here”. I gasped and said “what do you mean?” and was told ” this is an American issue and you Jews should concern yourself with Israel.”
    They were all big men and with myself in a wheelchair from polio, I simply shut up. But I was shocked then and am still shocked that such attitudes are out in the open. As a child I put up with comments like “Kike” and “Christ Killer” but I thought America had grown up since then. Maybe not.

  117. Babak Makkinejad says:

    There you go again, “alt-right” as an electoral force”, trying to extent the Newtonian Physics paradigm to human social formations. I would think ” “alt-right” as an electoral sentiment” would more accurately reflect the fickle nature of human politics.
    Would it also not be more interesting to ask what and where are the original 9 Nations of North America with respect to the current election?
    At least that way we could try to tie the present to the past and extend our understanding.

  118. Babak Makkinejad says:

    I thought US was a representative republic and not a democracy.
    Frankly, I would be scared of living in a democracy.

  119. Fred says:

    Keep the guilt trip professor. My comment above was not in response to a comment “some time ago” but to your comment posted on August 27th at 1pm. Perhaps to ensure clarity you could find a reference from American politicians.

  120. Tyler says:

    You can believe whatever you wish, the problem is reality don’t agree with you. Borg Grandma gave her big speech in a community college auditorium she couldnt fill. Sad!
    Hope you can survive the heartbreak in November.

  121. kao_hsien_chih says:

    A somewhat long post that I had written in response to “Steve” seems to have disappeared into spam folder or something (might be because it included a number of links). Would it be possible to recheck? Thank you.

  122. turcopolier says:

    Where was this? pl

  123. steve says:

    As I said, people would make excuses.

  124. kao_hsien_chih says:

    The reference to the “Young Turks” got me thinking for a minute: in Turkey, the Young Turks’ Revolution did not go well–it led Turkey to World War I and defeat, among others. Ataturk, if I understand correctly, was not aligned with them, and in fact, was shunned by them for being too apolitical. In the end, both the old regime and the Young Turks turned out to be wrong, and it had to be the apolitical Ataturk who would put things back together.
    I think the status quo is almost as messed up as the old Ottoman Empire: the status quo that Clinton et al are eager to preserve is rotten, as rotten as Brezhnev’s USSR, as David Habakkuk might say. But the political movements against them are, I think, also deluded, misguided, or both, not unlike the Young Turks.
    So we are still waiting for the stern, apolitical leader who can command dignity and respect from all, a second incarnation of George Washington. We are not seeing one yet, though.

  125. Eric Newhill says:

    Babak, You and the progressives would like to paint the alt right as uneducated rednecks. Thay would be convenient for you. I have a post grad degree and make six figures and am over 50 and I like the alt right and Trump. I know others like me. There are probably many who identify, but keep quiet out fo fear of losing friends and employment. It’s the only viable hope for western civ. – the other “conservatives” are all cucks, as the alt right says. We are not ashamed to be for our tribe.

  126. kao_hsien_chih says:

    I had posted a version of this originally in response to “Steve” but this seems to have gotten misplaced somehow, so this is as best as I can repackage this together.
    “Steve” was writing blithely about the mortality in Russia, especial in the post Cold War era. Of course, the changing mortality in post-Cold War Russia was pretty well-documented: https://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/handle/2027.42/40126/wp740.pdf?sequence=3
    Earlier this year, a similar study came out, this time examining the patterns in mortality among “Middle Americans.” The story here is sobering:
    Pretty much the same pattern seen in Russia, basically. People are literally dying, for much the same reasons too. So much for prosperity. There are plenty of people in Middle America that were left behind by the last couple of decades, and they are paying the price literally in lifeblood.
    Then, there’s this:
    So the people whose lives are so ruined by the status quo have so little love left for the status quo that they are choosing the candidate who seeks to disrupt the status quo the most? This should come as surprise to no one except for the few stakeholders in the status quo who are enamored with HRC. The story echoes that from post Cold War Russia a bit too surreally: essentially, the oligarchs are robbing the system to enrich themselves while leaving their countrymen literally to die, and blaming them for their misfortunes on top of these.
    What should bother the modern readers even more is that this is not even a new phenomenon: this had happened before. Too many people have gotten a caricatured version of the so-called Scopes Monkey Trial, but the background is more complex, and, for me personally, that shaped my worldview more than anything else. A good accounting of what was going on then can be seen at the following links:
    In early 20th century, the poor whites, especially in the Ozarks and the Appalachias were literally targeted for slow extermination through eugenic movement, in form of forced sterilization conducted by the state. The chief promoter of the movement, a certain Harry Laughton, even received a prize from Adolf Hitler for his efforts. In a sense, these are the progenitors of the establishment elite around Hillary Clinton, who revel in their presumed greatness and alleged moral failings of their enemies (whom, I suppose, Fred must love given his knee jerk responses ridiculing anything that I bring up as “guilt tripping.” I imagine that must mean that he feels I’m trying to make him feel guilty for his undying support for the Clintons.)
    Back on the serious side, while there are no overt sterilization programs afoot (yet), the attitude among the liberal elite towards this segment of the population is shocking in its inhumanity. For all the “love” that neocon/neoliberals feel that they must export at the point of guided munitions abroad, there’s nothing but open contempt mixed with literally verbalized wish that these folks should die out soon. It is not shocking, then, that this contempt should be met by hostility.
    In the opposite corner is a very peculiar notion of “equality” being put forward by the liberal elite. The interview between Adolph Reed and a Black magazine offers a revealing tidbit. If you don’t want to read the entire interview through, the part that drew my attention was the exchange between a Black Yale student and Reed, where the student thought, more or less, the whole point of the Civil Rights movement was so that she could make Sr. Partner at Morgan Stanley.
    So, in other words, the idea of the neoliberal order is that the top elite should enjoy colorblind privileges, from which all others should be excluded, equally colorblindly. So this is their idea of a “just” world, where any proverbial one percenter, of any color, gender, or creed, can step on any proverbial ninety nine percenter, of any color, gender, or creed?
    The talk about Trump and alleged racism, the talk about alt-right, is ultimately a distraction. It is being fed by the same sort of inhumanly callous attitude by people like the Clintons. So, if you are afraid to vote for the scary, awful, and evil Ernst Thaelman, you should vote for Clinton. Of course, plenty of people did do exactly that and the result was not exactly pretty.

  127. charly says:

    TFR rate is also due to the end of changing from a communist model of child birth (2 early 20’s) to a capitalistic model of child birth (2 early 30’s)

  128. Tyler says:

    This sounds like pure fabulism.

  129. Mark Logan says:

    In the sense that Breibart has a large following there is an “alt right”, it simply hasn’t jelled into a political party yet. Too new.
    It appears to me they are but more people duped into believing that all our jobs were taken by the brown people here. I would suggest that in fact poor whites, of which there are more and more each day, and poor blacks share the same economic problem. Should we all ever realize it on that day all the pitchforks will turn and face the same direction and there are some people who really, really don’t want that to happen.
    However, I am unsure if we are being led to divide ourselves or dividing ourselves independently. There are some which seek to profit from that division and seek its perpetuation nonetheless. There always are, wither for cynical gain or being true believers.

  130. Fred says:

    “Would it also not be more interesting to ask what and where are the original 9 Nations of North America with respect to the current election?”
    That’s an insightful observation.

  131. LeaNder says:

    Will you and Hank be the “decent people” deciders or can everyone join in?
    I can’t speak for Hank, Fred. Personally, I am perfectly fine with the state/status of toleration. I perceive clusters of agreement around here, trends, but might be slightly hesitant about lists of people. Now that you ask.
    … It once felt, as a Boomer (among other features) maybe I should have surfaced on the list of enemies Anonymous collected for tyler around here. But apparently I didn’t.
    If you allow me to avoid descending into a discussion of “decent”. 😉

  132. WhiteOnRice says:

    Reliable however imperfect UK betting shops have HC odds on at 2/7 as of 8/28/16

  133. Ante says:

    What’s annoying about the alt-right is that they seem to have a strong notion for what’s wrong, and maybe why is wrong, but their answers are all incorrect.
    Illegal immigrants and h1-b immigrants are imported to leverage the labor market and make us citizens earn less, and take more.
    PC culture is about ladder/hierarchy climbing for already privileged people who happen to be racial minorities.
    Psychologically, pc culture is about internalizing control. When you have to gulp before saying something rather than saying what you feel and potentially getting punched in the face, you become a person who’s much easier to influence, because the mere suggestion of badness can stop you in your tracks.
    If you have to cringe because you’re doing something normal to you, your family, your family’s family, etc, someone is trying to control you.
    There is more alt right common racism that can be dismissed as nasty shit, but the fact is that the US is no longer a country where every person can get a decent job should they work hard for it. There is no reason this should the case, a few people have decided they’d like all the capital and the rest of us pigs can get the slop. Eventually those pigs have enough, and you can describe the alt right as a case of some pigs being tired of fed that slop. They may be pigs, but they do deserve better, all citizens of a proper state do.

  134. LeaNder says:

    some of the passages in his biography are hilarious:
    This experience gave him an enduring fascination with institutional dysfunction and the pathology of decaying empires; as did his subsequent four years of unemployment in the now-abolished Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food where one of his tasks was to write a history of the 1974 Cheese Subsidy in such a way as to show his then-boss in the best possible light: a job which he undertook with such creative relish that he was soon moved to another department.
    Great quote.

  135. Peter Reichard says:

    Like or not America has always been a cultural mosaic. Multiculturalism ought to be a celebration of this diverse yet united family but has deteriorated into identity politics pitting one group against another and all against the “white patriarchy”. It also created a double standard where it was fair to subject Western Civilization and the white race to the harshest of criticisms but with all else the rose colored glasses are put on. The rise of white identity politics in the form of the Alt Right is a natural consequence of this.
    All identity politics whether it is La Raza, (only) Black Lives Matter or the Alt (white) Right are catastrophic as they Balkanize America and drive the working class into internecine warfare while diverting attention from our common enemy the power elite who promote these conflicts to maintain control.

  136. LeaNder says:

    TPE, there is a Wikipedia article that might be a good start.
    A lot of the American names mentioned just as core web sites are familiar to me. Maybe you find the one on your mind? …
    “There are definitely other factors at play. ”
    No doubt. … It feels it has been building up for some time. … It had to, it feels.

  137. Donald says:

    People who double down on racism or make jokes about about Jews and ashtrays are racist and/ or antisemites.
    And speaking of Western culture, the Bible says that broad is the way to destruction. I think that means humans find many ways to be evil– in fact, we delight in using the scumminess of our enemies to justify our own brand of scumminess.
    In a more secular vein, the callousness of our Borg class and their contempt for poor whites should be condemned, but it doesn’t excuse racism. And ” white nationalism” is just a way of dressing up white racism.

  138. Tyler says:

    Facts are facts no matter how much you dislike them.

  139. turcopolier says:

    Are groups like La Raza also racist? pl

  140. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    A very nice post. Thank you. Substitute “New elites” for oligarchs in “the oligarchs are robbing the system to enrich themselves while leaving their countrymen literally to die, and blaming them for their misfortunes on top of these.” and you have the current situation in the West. The self-delusion these folks have is simply incomprehensible.
    BTW things have gotten so dire that some of the Borg thinkers are starting to see reality. Here is one of their high priests, Z. Brzezinski writing a non-apology:
    I wonder when those who supported the islamist rabble across the MENA will fess up and apologize. Who will be accountable for the broken lives, broken countries and the dead? I would not mind some secular justice here, in this world. Divine retribution seems questionable.
    Interesting times.
    Ishmael Zechariah

  141. Fred says:

    You were only virtue signaling but didn’t really mean it, right. The “list” is being kept by the left. Here’s an example along with a very implicit threat:

  142. LeaNder says:

    “unless ypure going to argue whites have a say”
    Tyler, I am not sure what “ypure” means, some x or y factor (standing for what? boomers?) defining purity? And thus enforcing it on you and your alt right / neo right (versus neoconservative) friends??
    The AR is pretty open to people who want to embrace Trad West Culture
    I noticed that. And occasionally admittedly was stunned by who joined it …

  143. LeaNder says:

    Fred, I vaguely understand what attitude might be “signified” with “virtue signaling”. It’s something I can understand, although it might not fit my “political position” as far as usage and/or coinage is concerned. … In a nutshell, I share the distrust concerning publicly exhibited artifacts of virtue, which originates with my mother, as far as my own personal psychological history is concerned.
    Would you mind, if I did not read the article, but simply tell you this as non voter: I am hesitant about his foreign policy speech. Maybe I am also not a fan of American “winners”, more deep down?
    Did you ever catch me here arguing against Trump and for Clinton?
    Should I interfere on Clinton’s side, since I am female, and since Trump may force Europe to pay more for NATO, or abolish it completely, why should I? I am no activist. I do feel a little sorry for Americans being offered this choice, that’s true.

  144. kao_hsien_chih says:

    “However, I am unsure if we are being led to divide ourselves or dividing ourselves independently.”
    This is an important observation, I think. While there may be many discontented with the status quo, they also have their own ideas about how the world should be, which are not necessarily compatible. I’ve found both Sanders and Trump coalitions, for example, to be diverse lots, far more diverse than the simpleminded overgeneralizations by the mainstream media, but each has their own internal narratives, myths, creeds, etc. that their constituents buy into that are offputting and alienating to those who lie outside, even if they share similar “interests,” needs, and even political orientation. For example, I have low opinion of the Clintons and high enough opinion of Trump (of his PR skills, ability to read situation, and perceive what his audiences want, etc–all of which are critical for successful leadership in my view) that I keep getting tempted to support him–only to find his personal vapidness and clownishness, coupled with the offputting and chauvinistic attitude of his fans so distasteful that I just can’t bear them.

  145. Tyler says:

    Your sneering condensation towards those who have lost their jobs to cheap foreign labor is part and parcel of why the AR exists.

  146. Tyler says:

    Young Turks is a useful rhetorical tool, don’t read too literally into it.
    Statesmen are nutured. They don’t simply pop out one day.

  147. Tyler says:

    No one cares about being racist or “anti Semitic” except you and your fellow virtue signallers.
    Cry more.

  148. Tyler says:

    No, it hasnt. America has always been for the majority of its history a European country with European norms.

  149. Peter Reichard,
    The view that the United States had always been a ‘cultural mosaic’ was attacked in article published in the ‘Atlantic’ back in May 1995 by Benjamin Schwarz, under the title ‘The Diversity Myth’.
    The sub-heading: ‘The hortatory version of our history, in which America has long been a land of ethnic tolerance and multicultural harmony, leaves us with nothing useful to say to the failed states and riven polities of the post-Cold War world.’
    (http://www.theatlantic.com/past/politics/foreign/divers.htm .)
    A key paragraph:
    ‘Thus, long before the United States’ founding, and until probably the 1960s, the “unity” of the American people derived not from their warm welcoming of and accommodation to nationalist, ethnic, and linguistic differences but from the ability and willingness of an Anglo elite to stamp its image on other peoples coming to this country. That elite’s religious and political principles, its customs and social relations, its standards of taste and morality, were for 300 years America’s, and in basic ways they still are, despite our celebration of “diversity.” Whatever freedom from ethnic and nationalist conflict this country has enjoyed (and it has been considerably less than our national mythology would have us believe) has existed thanks to a cultural and ethnic predominance that would not tolerate conflict or confusion regarding the national identity.’

  150. The Porkchop Express says:

    “But there is something new here. For in cross-pollinating with the anonymity and viciousness of the internet, with porn and video games replacing Christianity as the common language in which conservatives talk to each other…”
    I guess it was more of a germ of an idea that I sort of sussed out of his main thesis. I don’t know enough about the alt right to speak to the [heavy handed] charges of gross racism. But I could be wrong.

  151. jdledell,
    I am most sorry to hear that – all the more so, as I have benefited much over the years from your candid discussions of Israeli politics and society, which cannot have been easy to write.
    As regards Britain, however, there are a number of quite distinct aspects to the way that things are changing at the moment. One has to do with certain kinds of bigots losing inhibitions about expressing bigotry.
    Unfortunately, another has to do with changing attitudes – including among people who have not actually in the past been antisemitic in any sense. And this, quite clearly, has a very great deal to do with the behaviour both of the Israeli Government and of the official representatives of the British Jewish ‘community’.
    On this, the writings of Robert Cohen, which are commonly reproduced on ‘Mondoweiss’, are to the point. An Orthodox Jew, he worked in BBC News for a long period – starting in local radio. He now works for the Co-operative Society, lives I think in North Yorkshire, and is married to an Anglican minister. So he is emphatically not part of a London ‘bubble’.
    His most recent piece was entitled ‘Two years on, Scotland’s Jews concerned about Gaza – but for all the wrong reasons.’ But although it is about Scotland rather than England, the analysis would I think apply throughout the country.
    (See http://www.patheos.com/blogs/writingfromtheedge/ .)

  152. Donald,
    Apparently, Elliot Abrams has suggested that Jews should ‘sit shiva (mourn as dead) Jews who marry out.’
    (See http://mondoweiss.net/2009/07/elliott-abrams-tried-to-shun-me-and-my-wife-he-failed/ .)
    When you have a figure who has had as much influence on American foreign policy as Abrams has proudly proclaiming themselves a Jewish tribalist, the kind of white tribalism articulated by Tyler is a somewhat predictable reaction.

  153. Herb says:

    1) Maybe you should describe the meaning of the word “is” next. Saying America is a democracy has been broad shorthand since the time of the founders. “Correcting” me by saying it is strictly a “Republic” is what is mistaken. Yes, it is a constitutional republic, and also a representative democracy. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2015/05/13/is-the-united-states-of-america-a-republic-or-a-democracy/?utm_term=.9f28fa75021b
    2) “I” didn’t push through ANY agenda. What “captive judiciary”? You mean the Warren court? Until 2014, the VAST majority of judges and especially Supreme Court justices for the last 60 years have been appointed by REPUBLICANS. The Alt Right supports declaring corporations as citizens, the Alt Right supports calling spending money on politics “free speech”. Your Mandarins are usually working fist in glove for the corporate interests such as banks and insurance companies. Not traveling in your circles, I don’t know what a “lolbertarian” is, but it sounds like Breitbart, except without the xenophobia.
    3) Right back at ya. What evidence of what, exactly are you presenting? My assumption based on your punctuation in the instructional above tells me you identify with the Alt Right, so again, what “enemy” are you “naming”? All I get from the Alt Right is they are upset white people and conservative white culture are on their way out as the overwhelmingly dominant force in this country, both politically and culturally. Well, that horse has left the barn. Oh, and hating Hillary. They are united in that, and will take any stick to beat that running dog lackey. Well, I don’t care for her much myself, so have at it. With Trump leading your charge it won’t help in November, but knock yourself out.
    Unless of course, the Alt Right wants to revert the country’s entire form of government in order to maintain power for … (they don’t want to say anymore “who”, as you note in your piece) by moving the governmental goalposts. Aristocracy? A less representative Republic, cut the masses out? Let us know when y’all make up your minds. And how do you propose this “new paradigm”? It sure ain’t working at the ballot box. So, what is the alternative? Go to the Mandarins? I’m guessing that is not the Alt Right’s agenda. So, what is it?

  154. Herb says:

    I agree with all that.

  155. irf520 says:

    Feel sorry for yourself. If Clinton gets elected, don’t complain when Europe is engulfed by war.

  156. The Porkchop Express says:

    When I started reading your blog years ago, I used to wince at your polemics against social scientists. Particularly having double majored in the dark arts myself (econ & poly sci). As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to agree with your assessment and appreciate being confronted with that point of view. I only wish I had started reading this blog while still in undergrad–though the Hoya focus on humanities only remained a vestige of its former glory. The Jesuits had been marginalized and the place had been overrun with social (climbing) scientists in the 70’s, I was told.

  157. Herb says:

    It is both a federal representative democracy and a constitutional republic, but the concept that “all power derives from the people” rather from leaders divorced from the people is the driver.
    If the Alt Right is talking about “aristocracies” and “returning to a Founder’s Republic”, either way they are talking about throwing out the American form of government as we know it. That is, getting rid of whatever constitutional amendments they find as a barrier to the “Traditional Western State” which Tyler helpfully describes as being best exampled right now by Russian and Eastern Europe. So probably most amendments after(?) the 13th, and then also the 12th (make the presidency deliberative again!) would have to go, DEFINITELY NOT THE 11TH!. Maybe some of the first ten amendments, they’ll get back to us on that.
    All of this will make America great again, apparently.

  158. Herb says:

    I’m not the one talking about reverting the country to an aristocracy, or going back 200 years to the unreformed Republic that existed prior to the Bill of Rights. How is that supposed to happen? It won’t be at the ballot box, and it won’t be in the courts. What other option is there?
    I’m also not the one who wrote this:
    ” Tyler said in reply to LeaNder…
    You’re not the one who’s going to have to fight through a civil war because a mentally addled woman is talked into ordering gun confiscation.”
    What’s that about? Especially in the context of everything else Tyler says above?
    I’ve been here from the beginning as well, off and on, and have been impressed by Col. Lang since the days he was a voice of common sense on NewsHour.

  159. irf520 says:

    But if you say something approximately equivalent for white people, along the lines of:
    “The Alt Right believes we must secure the existence of white people and a future for white children.”
    you get denounced as a neo-nazi. Apparently it’s OK for everyone else to secure their existence and the future of their children, but not for white people.

  160. Fred says:

    “especially in the Ozarks and the Appalachias were literally targeted for slow extermination through eugenic movement, in form of forced sterilization conducted by the state.”
    Thanks for the clarity however I believe you are incorrect and this should read “states” as it was not a legislated federal government policy. The largest number of forced sterilizations were in California. There was a reference to these programs on this blog a number of years ago. There is a brief and informative podcast by the NC Museum of History that was pointed out then, it is located here:

  161. Tyler says:

    So the woman who destabilized the Middle East, is corrupt to the core, laughed about a man getting sodomized, bragged about get a child rapist acquitted is equal to someone who has mean tweets?
    That’s a HELL of a yardstick.

  162. Fred says:

    As HankP pointed out above, “majority rule”. It appears you disagree with him. Those ideas you list changed due to the aspirational nature of American culture overcoming the natural savagery of human beings. . The virtuous culture you propose has no lynchings; the killings of black (mostly by blacks) in places like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia (all with decades long Democratic party leadership of local government) is done by firearms rather than ropes. This is due to the new left culture. Look at what it has managed to do to family formation in those cities I mentioned. Congratulations.

  163. Fred says:

    A corrections, that should read “Herb” which in the trailing comments rather than HankP.

  164. Herb says:

    Nancy K,
    Being reasonable, or even-handed, even just reasoned, is hopelessly old-fashioned. The fashionable response these days is full-on rabid screaming.

  165. irf520,
    It is precisely this sense of double standards which is one of the key features fuelling a resurgent white tribalism – on both sides of the Atlantic.
    What makes the situation yet more explosive is that so many of the ‘Borgists’ – on both sides of the Atlantic – really do think that support for Trump, as for ‘Brexit’, simply comes from ‘poor white trash’, who can be expected to die out.
    It was this assumption that was largely responsible for the failure of the ‘Remain’ campaign over here. But still, ‘Borgists’ in the U.S. do not seem to be learning anything from what happened over here.
    I find the sheer unadulterated imbecility of people like Abrams particularly galling, as absolutely the last thing I have wanted, or want, to see, is a resurgence of antisemitism.
    But so many ‘establishment’ Jews, both in the United States and Britain, really are like ostriches – with their heads so firmly burrowed into the sand that one can barely see the tail feathers. This is quite as true of a ‘liberal Zionist’ like Peter Beinart, as it is of Abrams and his like.
    And then, look at someone like David Brooks: writing articles advocating sending people like Tyler to fight in unwinnable wars, while his son serves in the IDF.
    (See http://www.jewishjournal.com/articles/item/david_brooks_son_is_in_the_israeli_army_does_it_matter )
    Are these people simply completely detached from reality? Or do they have some kind of covert death wish?

  166. Herb says:

    I don’t even think it is a world ruled by the US so much as a world ruled by the collective Western European corporate complex, with the US as the muscle.

  167. Herb says:

    So I took some of my valuable time to do some reading on this “Alt-Right” that is getting it’s 15-minutes at the moment. So reading this: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/03/29/an-establishment-conservatives-guide-to-the-alt-right/
    They self-describe as “fearsomely intelligent group of thinkers prepared to assault the secular religions of the establishment”, and “a much smarter group of people [than low iq skinheads]— which perhaps suggests why the Left hates them so much. They’re dangerously bright.”
    And anyway “They are mostly white, mostly male middle-American radicals, who are unapologetically embracing a new identity politics that prioritises the interests of their own demographic.”, so what can be wrong with that? White males for white males. The NAACP has got their’s, why not?
    “The alt-right’s intellectuals would also argue that culture is inseparable from race. The alt-right believe that some degree of separation between peoples is necessary for a culture to be preserved. A Mosque next to an English street full of houses bearing the flag of St. George, according to alt-righters, is neither an English street nor a Muslim street — separation is necessary for distinctiveness.” Separate, sure, but it should probably also be “equal”. And none of this is actually “racist”, doncha know.
    It goes on like this (at Alt-Right Central Brieitbart, btw), but you get the picture.

  168. kao_hsien_chih says:

    Where did I make a comparison of that sort? You’re putting words in my mouth. See below: I had compared HRC to someone who became German chancellor some time in 1930s by painting Ernst Thaelman as the spawn of Satan, while comparing Trump to Thaelman.

  169. kao_hsien_chih says:

    Not a surprise at all that California led all the states in forced sterilization. The so-called “progressives” in California were the worst of the elitist lot, back then as they still are–if you hear some of the social engineering garbage coming out of Silicon Valley (the same lot that advocated forced sterilization in early 20th century, if not literally, certainly in spirit). It also remains that the poor of Ozarks and Appalachias were often targeted as the typical of the people who needed to be removed from the gene pool.

  170. Tyler says:

    It’s a typo. Stop with the autistic overanalysis.

  171. Tyler says:

    Oh stop. I’m paraphrasing this:–only to find his personal vapidness and clownishness, coupled with the offputting and chauvinistic attitude of his fans so distasteful that I just can’t bear them.
    Let’s not get into Asperger’s levels of “nuh uh that’s not what I said”.

  172. Tyler says:

    1) The fact that you (or the Bezos Post) can’t parse the differences of a Republic and a democracy only goes to show how out of your depth I am.
    2) You know exactly what I mean. Furthermore Roberts was a Republican jurists and we saw how that goes. You guys run to fellow traveler jurists and overturn the will of the people. Crying out when you’ve been stung.
    3) You responded exactly how I said you were. You have nothing new except to cry racist and no one cares.
    How do we solve it? Electing Trump. Otherwise your Borg Granny is gonna overreach and your paunchy ass is going to end up on the wrong side of a firing squad or raped to death by vibrant youth. Vote Trump for your own sake, my friend.

  173. Tyler says:

    The fact you don’t like reality doesn’t change reality.
    I’m so sorry you’re so menopausal it makes you hysterical. Sad!

  174. Tyler says:

    Or is it (((Herb))))? You’re terrified. Good. You should be.

  175. Tyler says:

    Yes, let’s call everyone who disagrees with you a Racist Hitlerfrog. Quite reasonable.

  176. Tyler says:

    Go fly a St. George Cross in Saudi Arabia and let me know how it goes.
    The double standard is what the AR rallies against, this BS universalism idea that you can’t even address cause you’re so in the wrong.

  177. Tyler says:

    Mr. Habakkuk,
    Glad you’ve arrived with your typical sense of reason. Go0e you enjoyed the article.

  178. Fred says:

    Here’s common, not PC, definition.
    “Urban crime is not much distinguished by skin-color.”
    You should inform the Federal Government since they are the ones requiring the keeping of statistics by race, which implies color.
    “Prison population is, however; that’s not because fewer poor pink-skins do less crime, though”
    Prove it in court – which is how all those people in prison got there.

  179. turcopolier says:

    “the unreformed Republic that existed prior to the Bill of Rights.” You are referring to the government under the Articles of Confederation? The framers of the present constitution designed a system of government that created a republic in which the elected were elected by oligarchs. This constitution with its limitations and divisions of power among the three branched federal government, the states and the popular electors remains a formidable barrier to the emergence of an unlimited democracy. pl

  180. different clue says:

    The Porkchop Express,
    Anything systematically believed in can be used as the psychological equivalent of a religion. One might say that Soviet Socialist Marxist-Leninist Communism became a working operational religion in practice.
    Several years ago our host’s cousing, Mr. Chevalier, wrote a guest post about the coming eventual failure of Chavezian Bolivarnism in Venezuela. I thought his invention of the word Bolivarnism was particularly interesting. That suffix, -nism , could be attached to other believed-in social or political-economic ideology systems to indicate that they have ceased to be applicable working theories of how society or political economies are arranged, have escaped the earth’s gravity of reality basedness, and have gone into orbit as faith-based belief systems.
    Socialism as a method becomes socialnism as a belief system. Capitalism as a theory of economic functioning becomes Capitalnism as a belief in the worship of sacred markets and sacred market forces. Atheism becomes Atheinism . . . the faith based belief that no god or gods exist or can possibly exist.
    If others find this -nism suffix useful for this line of thinking, feel free to use it. If no one does, then no one will.

  181. Tyler says:

    You’re high.
    1) Lynchings of blacks and whites were in the four digit numbers over a century. Stop spreading Black Lies Matter agitprop.
    2) Poor white communities commit properly crimes overwhelmingly. The savage violence is limited mainly to poor Negri communities.
    Weak shill 2/10

  182. VietnamVet says:

    kao and Babak
    These posts that are getting close to reality. Middle America was thrown out of work and ignored. The same thing happened in Russia in the 1990’s for the exact same reasons. Oligarchs are pillaging the nation’s wealth with the help of the global meritocracy. Charging families $600 for an EpiPen that costs several dollars to manufacture is racketeering plain and simple. Washington DC is doing nothing to stop the corruption or to provide jobs or to set up Medicare for all.
    If government only serves the interests of multi-national corporations, humans will naturally revert to our tribal identities for security and comfort. There are perhaps 11 Nations in North America if Mexico and English Canada are included:
    With the mass movements of survivors due to a 10-foot plus sea rise from climate change; economic chaos; civil unrest and blowback from the foreign wars, Washington DC will become irrelevant. Since Dixie and the Breadbasket will likely separate into secular/urban and fundamentalist/rural sections and South Florida into a Hispanic enclave; the USA may well splinter into numerous Statelets guarded by mercenaries, religious militia or people protection units.

  183. Mark Logan says:

    I must have been unclear. IMO our jobs were mostly off-shored, which is a problem which affects both poor whites and others in the US roughly equally. Sealing the border is fixing the wrong problem, as is pitting Americans against each other.

  184. Keith Harbaugh says:

    If you want to see a principal cause of why America is in the mess it is these days,
    I highly recommend
    The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald.

  185. David says:

    Exactly right and I would go further in stating that solving the problem is to be avoided. The Arch Druid had a blog essay pointing out that what really is going on is a three sided game with the sides being “The Saviors” aka the social justice crowd, “The Victims” aka women, Gay and non-white people and “The Perpetrators” aka straight white males.
    The game is run by “The Saviors” who in their virtue signaling get points on pointing out how the “perpetrators” oppress “the victims”. The “Saviors” may also get such perks as jobs, money and power. The “victims” will only get sympathy and the “perpetrators” are always to be shamed and possibly be at risk for losing their jobs. The deeds and life history of the individual is irrelevant to the “Saviors” as one is always just a member of one the three sides. As an example, I once read that the daughters of President Obama will always have less opportunities in life than any random white male.
    For the “Saviors”, solving the problem and thus ending the game must be avoided as that would end the gravy train. Mean while, the oligarchs are happy for the game to continue as it helps take attention away from what they are doing.

  186. Herb says:

    Terrified? Hardly.Unless you mean by cowards doxing me. Otherwise, no.

  187. Herb says:

    I’m not terrified please explain why I should be.

  188. LeaNder says:

    TPE, I am watching it for longer now. Although only during the last decades in the US too.
    “For years these socially dysfunctional millennials have sheltered …”
    Stereotype. He never seems to have stumbled across a VIP other then Peter Thiel.

  189. Tyler says:

    It’s also deporting the illegals who are here. Stop trying to handwave that away. Exhibit A: http://www.statter911.com/2016/08/28/chief-killed-firefighters-hurt-knocked-guardrail-bus-driven-driver-us-illegally/
    Now it’s “Americans Unite” after 40 years of ethnic tribal interest groups? Oh my Goodness.

  190. Tyler says:

    If you say you’re not terrified a third time I’m sure it’ll be much more believable.

  191. Peter Reichard says:

    Of course America is an extension of Western Civilization with a WASP core but with less cultural homogeneity than a European country as there have always been many people here from non English speaking nations. Our largest city was first settled by the Dutch. Add in African slaves, later freed plus Indians and you do have a cultural mosaic even if most people always were, as they are today, White Christians.

  192. Peter Reichard says:

    David Habakkuk,
    Didn’t wish to imply that it was ever particularly tolerant or harmonious just that America is and has always been ethnically and culturally complicated. It has not been easy but somehow we have made it work as Schwartz points out by bonding newcomers to the founding British core civilization though all add to it and change it slightly. Identity politics is a threat to all that and to social harmony.

  193. Fred says:

    “Tulsa, Beaumont, Rosewood, Wilmington, Mobile, the Zoot Suits.” These were a century ago. The ’80’s were almost 4 decades ago.
    “an extremely poor grasp of what statistics mean, and how they work.” The relevant factor is causation not correlation to a particular color. You want desperately for the correlation to color to matter more rather than look at the obvious. To use your description: “Considering the small fraction that African Americans make up of the US population,…” – then why are so many violent crimes committed by blacks. The obvious conclusion is that Hispanics, Asians and whites commit less violent crimes.

  194. Eric Newhill says:

    Pacifica Advocate – The FBI statistics clearly show that Blacks commit 50% to 55% (depending on the year) of violent crime in the US. That a disproportionate amount given that they are only 12%-13% of the population. Hispanics are also disproportionate in this regard, but the data is not a good because of the way that Hispanic is defined in the data.
    Do you have any solid data supporting the notion that if we control for poverty level that black, Hispanic and white violent crime is equal on a per capita basis? Because Mother Jones says so doesn’t count. Anecdotally, I would say that your statement is wrong. I can walk through the poor white areas I know about and not worry about being assaulted. Not true about the poor black areas I know. Then again, I’m white. So black racism probably plays a role. OTOH, a black man could walk through the poor white areas I know of and not be assaulted either. Show us the data, PA.
    AS for lynching, many blacks were lynched by other blacks and it was usually summary justice for committing violent crime. In fact, many of the lynchings of blacks by whites were also summary justice for violent crime. They also used to lynch horse thieves and cattle rustlers of any color back then out West. The lynchings have to be viewed within the social milieu of the era.
    I’m not justifying lynchings. Only suggesting that the mythology of the thing may not be entirely accurate, especially when given proper historic context.

  195. Donald says:

    I had to google them. It depends on whether they make hostile derogatory remarks about other groups. If so, then yes, they are racist. I have seen people on the left who are bigoted against whites and have double standards, so yes, racism comes in all forms. Whether La Raza people fall into this category I couldn’t say, but others do.
    I don’t have a problem with advocating for the interests of the white working class and I agree that the Borg have earned their hatred by pushing for trade agreements and then allowing entire communities to rot as the jobs go overseas. I don’t blame people hurt by this for voting Trump. I have also read Rod Dreher’s interview with JD Vance, who seems to be a very clear sighted man. I will probably read his book.
    I was reacting to the Jewiish ashtray reference along with the ” doubling down on racism” comment. People who do that are bigots.

  196. Donald says:

    I am in complete agreement that there are Jewish bigots. I have for decades thought that the way many Israel defenders talk was blatantly racist against Palestinians, for instance.

  197. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Hey don’t shoot the messenger.
    I guess you do not know about the Brooklyn Housing Market; people are living in such density as poorer European cities.

  198. Anna says:

    Why is not Mrs. Clinton in prison already?
    “…most of the attorneys representing former Secretary of State Clinton in this matter [clearance to read highly classified info] did not have the appropriate security clearances to review special access program material,” which is highly secret information that is restricted only to a few people based on their need to know. Seven email chains, which included messages sent and received by Clinton, contained such material, the FBI found.
    … Last week, the FBI revealed that investigators have found another 15,000 emails that Clinton’s attorneys never turned over”

  199. kao_hsien_chih says:

    The difference between HRC and Trump, to me, is this:
    HRC is unmitigatedly wrong and evil, whom I will never support.
    Trump is someone whom I sorely want to support if not for the fact that he keeps showing himself to be incompetent, unserious, vapid, and clownish. I’m tired of those who say, “what’ll you do? vote for the greater evil?” That’s a dangerous mindset, blackmail and fear mongering. Exactly the kind of thing that I do not trust. If Trump lacks the decency to try to earn my support by being less vapid and less clownish, then I don’t care to waste time supporting him.

  200. Tyler says:

    Oh now that white people are playing by the rules the Left laid down for the last 60 years it’s suddenly a “threat to social harmony”.
    This is the mendacious concern trolling I’m talking about. Get over it. Let the other side walk back BLM and Affirmative Action and using the 14thAmd and then maybe we can talk. Until then it’s just more “d-d-don’t be mean please” talk.

  201. Tyler says:

    It took you three paragraphs to answer a yes or no question.
    If you have no idea who La Raza is you have no business commenting here.

  202. Tyler says:

    1) AA males were overwhelmingly commiting crimes that resulted in lynching. Unlike you I have no tears for rapists. The “agitprop” comes from you guys making a mountain out of a molehill while burying your heads in the sand regarding interracial violence (black on white) that occurs today. It’s always 1866 with you idiots.
    2) You declaring something “not statistically true” does not make it true. A cursory glance at statistics shows that Chicago is a violent hell hole while W Va might have unpleasant places, but they’re not war zones. The fact you have to reach back to the EIGHTIES is hilarious (it’s always the past, the present never matters) is hilarious, and I notice you didn’t mention the race of the culprits except to blithely assume they were all “pink”, as if Kentucky has no blacks. What was the race of the perps? I’ll wait.
    Weak argument by assumption fallacy. Poor troll. No facts. 1/10 would mock again.

  203. Tyler says:

    PA is a true believer, and facts don’t count to a true believer, only his fiction of Holy Negroes Born Without Sin.

  204. optimax says:

    Before the Civil War a majority of those lynched were white (80% if i remember correctly); after the CW the percentages reversed with more black lynchings. When was the last lynching? I don’t know but the only reason blacks and white liberals bring it up is for political leverage and not presently justified fear.

  205. optimax says:

    Pacifica Radio is in the forefront of Cultural Marxist propaganda. To them western civilization is the cause of all the world’s problems that keeps us from living in an Eden-like utopia. Their call-in program is as entertaining as Cheech and Chong. They’re still asking “Why can’t we all get along?”

  206. Herb says:

    My opinion is the framers also recognized that the original constitutional framework wasn’t perfect, evidenced by the provision and process for amendments. Not very easily though, which is what gives the Supreme Court such great power, even when the vast majority disagrees with its decisions, a constitutional amendment to overrule isn’t very likely. Flag-burning is a case in point. So, yeah, unlimited democracy is not what we have. I called it “unreformed”, but “unrevised” might have been a better choice of word. I would say I vastly prefer the current constitution over the original without the bill of rights, etc..
    I would like it revised further so we aren’t ruled by oligarchs or corporations, actually. Corporations aren’t people. That is the most absurd concept imaginable. But it is very handy for the oligarchs.

  207. turcopolier says:

    The framers were careful to make re-casting the constitution very difficult and the power of judicial review was not given to SCOTUS. John Marshall seized it in Marbury vs Madison while Jefferson who had insisted on the Bill of Rights stood by and let him believing case was trivial as it was a minor appointment made in the dead of night by Adams for political reasons concerning the appointment of a deputy sheriff for DC. IMO Jefferson should have defied Marshall. pl

  208. Keith Harbaugh says:

    “what the Boomers have made”
    Trying to blame “the Boomers” for the mess we’re in?
    Sounds like a cover story that’s being circulated by those who are truly responsible for that mess,
    a group that the Colonel seems to be interested in protecting,
    a group I (of the Baby Boom generation) spent years being educated by.
    As to who makes up “the AR”,
    there are some Boomers in the heart of it.
    For one,
    Kevin MacDonald.
    See his posts at theoccidentalobserver.net or vdare.com.
    (Or is his name being suppressed by the Colonel?
    Yesterday I tried to post a recommendation amongst these comments
    for his outstanding book, The Culture of Critique,
    but that post apparently did not appear.)

  209. Tyler says:

    I was waiting for you to invoke the guilt by association disqualify argument. No one cares.
    Tell me how he’s wrong.

  210. turcopolier says:

    “a group that the Colonel seems to be interested in protecting, a group I (of the Baby Boom generation) spent years being educated by.” You poor thing. Who is Kevin Macdonald and what is “AR?” What group am I supposed to be protecting? I don’t remember your comment. If you don’t like my editing go somewhere else. pl

  211. Mark Logan says:

    The jobs won’t come back because we won’t stand together. “Why? Why is that impossible? You’re so concerned with squabbling for the scraps from Longshank’s table that you’ve missed your God given right to something better.”

  212. turcopolier says:

    Mark Logan
    “Longshanks?” Edward I? pl

  213. Keith Harbaugh says:

    My apologies to the Colonel for my remarks concerning him in the above comment.
    At the time I made them, somehow my earlier comment had not appeared on the copy of the web page in my browser.
    I considered that comment (a reference to MacDonald’s book) fairly innocuous, and wanted to protest it not appearing.
    Since then, it has appeared (a technical glitch somewhere?),
    and I withdraw and, again, apologize for, the unjustified criticism of the Colonel.

  214. Stephanie says:

    Respectfully, the Clinton campaign has no need to seek to “destroy” Trump when he’s doing such a fine job of it by himself.
    Utah’s AG Sean Reyes is a Mormon and a Filipino (also Hispanic and Japanese). He had previously come out in support of Trump. You can imagine his surprise when Trump took after Filipinos as a terrorist threat. He complained to the Trump campaign, who agreed that their candidate should not be doing that. This is what happens when you go out on a limb for the Donald.
    I also understand that Trump has jacked up the rents for his own campaign and is spending money disproportionately on items like campaign swag. However the money those small donors are sending him is being distributed, very little of it seems to be going into campaign infrastructure. Perhaps he realizes that barring some unanticipated event his campaign is toast, and he wants to scrounge as much dough out of it as possible while the going is good. Still wondering where those tax returns are.

  215. kao_hsien_chih says:

    Corporations were people long before the peasants were–it was the basis of many societies in the Middle Ages, Europe and elsewhere. That’s where the idea behind municipalities (in the Middle Ages sense), Guilds, and many other legal entities. In this sense, “citizens” were a select few who partook in the rights of the corporate bodies which they belonged to, not “everyone.”
    In a sense, the same is true with “oligarchs.” However much we might want, the actual process of governing will be limited to a relatively small number of people, who, through their roles, will be enjoying privileges and influences, formal or informal, that are not available to the masses. The real question is whether these oligarchs use their privileges and influences virtuously or not, and whether the masses possess sufficient wisdom to permit those who are sufficiently virtuous into the ranks of these oligarchs. Madison, at the Virginia ratifying convention, said “Is there no virtue among us? If there be not, we are in a wretched situation. No theoretical checks–no form of government can render us secure. To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without any virtue in the people, is a chimerical idea.” Madison, was not, of course, someone who believed in virtue as answers to all questions of politics: he did write Fed. #10 after all, too. But he was wise enough to know that the final bulwark that preserves a free society is virtue, among the leaders and citizens alike.
    I don’t like the Clintons: besides being corrupt and supercillious, I suspect that HRC, especially, is intent on destroying the world just to show that a woman can. (She reminds me of the crazy woman running the sanitorium in the play “The Physicists”). But, the only alternative to the Clintons are the sad lot that makes up the Republican Party? Is Trump any better than the rest of the crazy gang in the GOP leadership? So, to repeat Madison’s question, is there no virtue among us now?

  216. optimax says:

    It’s absurd to think all minorities can form tribes to live in comfort with their own group but whites can’t. Tribalists resist interacting with other groups and want to maintain the integrity of their own culture, or so they think, not understanding the back-and-forth sharing of cultures that is imbedded in American history, indeed, world history. America is grounded in western culture but even parts of that have come from distant civilizations. Europeans have always been interested in other cultures to the point of accumulating and saving ancient artifacts, texts and knowledge neglected by the original culture. But only the Japanese and Chinese seem to embrace western culture with enthusiasm.
    Two different cultures cannot exist in the same space. So let the different tribes create their own communities, so long as they don’t war with each other. In a way, that was the structure of urban areas and small towns in America which began to break down mid-twentieth century. There is still some separation but not as much as there was.
    For those of us that don’t feel like joining and limiting ourselves to a tribe but accept American culture, let us live together without allowing another tribe to dominate us. I guess it would be a sort of non-ethnic, tolerant tribe.
    Breitbart has what I think is an interesting description of the alt-right and its subgroups.

  217. Tyler says:

    Yes yes, unite with the people who will work for a bowl of rice. I’m sure a Bangladeshi illiterate with an iq of 80 understands Federalist #2. Get out of here with your defeatism and nonsense fantasy.

  218. Tyler says:

    This is nonsense post modern revisionism BS. Those cultures have a shallow and narrow influence on the US, if at all.
    Do you believe Muslims have some sort of founding role in America outside of a verse in the Marine Corps Hymn as well?

  219. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    It should also be noted that the Moscow Times is a hotbed of “Fifth Column” sentiment against Russia and its culture, and politics. A bit of a giveaway is the fact that it is largely aimed at a foreign audience, being published in English, and thus arguably not at Russians who associate themselves with, you know, Russia.
    As to the stats, it should be recalled that Russia is still recovering from the depredations of the neoliberal assault on the nation that Tyler indicates. (The neoliberals still infest the place, especially the central bank.) Life was pretty non-awesome for the citizens for quite some time, and in this area, as in so many others, they have struggled to overcome that economic/social/political collapse. There are many national goals all advocating for access to limited resources against a background of internal “fifth column” attack as well as western “sanctions”, a/k/a war against the nation by other means.
    The American South went through a somewhat similar crisis period for many years following the Civil War/War Between the States wherein all manner of infrastructure and general economic underpinnings had been wiped out in the course of the conflict and during the Reconstruction. It took the New Deal (TVA/rural electrification and ilk) for many of these structural deficits to be systematically and nationally prioritized and addressed.
    Considering the hammer blows that Russia and Russians have endured over merely the last century – 1st World War, Marxist Revolution and Civil War, the nightmarish Stalinist period, the Second World War, etc. – I would say that their very survival as a nation and a culture serves to amply demonstrate their resilience and inner fortitude. Ask yourself, would the US have demonstrated similar strength confronted with analogous challenges?
    If you choose to characterize this post as “making excuses”, well, there’s no reasoning with you.

  220. BabelFish says:

    DC, as I recall, I took considerable derision for authoring that piece. I take no particular pleasure in the current state of Venezuela as a country. It looks to be a complete disaster. And I am not particularly knowledgable of just how Bolivia is faring. Evo appears to have managed the situation better than Hugo but I lack current knowledge.
    I like your definition of ‘Nism’. I have oft repeated Robert Heinlein’s dictum that the only reason for doing something is because it works. When it is, instead, being done because the ideology being followed says to do it, why then it is truly a ‘Nism’.
    And I think I titled that polemic The Sucking Sound Of Bolivarnism.

  221. Tyler says:

    More progressive mountains out of molehills. UTAH AG oh my sides are dying here. If you grasp for straws any harder you’re gonna make a hay bale. Which Mother Jones article did you get this revelation from?
    Trump’s tax returns? Actually out there, unlike the gorillion emails Hillary deleted about “yoga classes”. Your candidate is so weak, so pathetic, can’t even get into a car by herself, and has a supine media to try and drag her drugged carcass across the finish line, and she is drowning.
    Good times in AR land. 8)

  222. Tyler says:

    I thought you were going to stop posting for a while?

  223. Tyler says:

    I find it hard to take your stance as anything other than virtue signalling when the options are a hot war with Europe or someone who says mean things on Twitter.

  224. Tyler says:

    You can blame the Boomers for their nonsense as well as members of (((academia))) and the (((courts))) for our present predicament, as well as ((Hollywood)). There’s plenty of blame to go around.

  225. optimax says:

    My mistake that was not the correct link. RIP Gene Wilder while we’re there.
    Let me try it again.

  226. Donald says:

    Sorry that nuance bothers you. In fact, anything other than total agreement with your pov seems to bother you.

  227. turcopolier says:

    Pacifica Advocate
    “Pre-Civil-War slaves weren’t free, so the statistic is basically meaningless.” There were many free blacks in the South ante bellum, perhaps some of them were lynched. Some of them owned slaves. You obviously have an axe to grind about this. I will be glad to “dance” with you over your assertion that the south was basically a concentration camp for slaves. if what you say about the supposedly unlimited misery of their lives is so why did the Black population of the US keep increasing strongly after the end of importation in 1806? Illegal importation? I would like to see you document that if you make that claim. pl

  228. turcopolier says:

    Pacifica Advocate
    I am warning you for the first and only time that for me to allow you to comment here will require civility, reasoned discourse and respect for the views of others from you. Otherwise I will ban you from the site. I do not claim to apply these rules with perfect neutrality, but the site belongs to me. pl

  229. turcopolier says:

    Pacifica Advocate
    “any sane person’s” This ad hominem precedes my caution to you so I will let it go. pl

  230. Fred says:

    Yes, rent for campaign offices and overcharging on swag. So much like the millions from foreign governments to CGI so as to gain access to the US Secretary of State and high paying jobs for family members and assorted cronies.

  231. Babak Makkinejad says:

    I think in Canada you are talking of at least 5 nations: the Catholic English, the Protestant English, the French, the Natives, and the Immigrants.
    In Mexico, you are likely discussing the Spaniards, the Mestizos, and the descendants of the various tribes before the Conquest – say at least 10 of them are still important in the politics of Mexico.
    So, Mexico will have 12 nations, Canada 5, and US likely 18.
    You would need a new structure to handle all this diversity.

  232. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Forgot to add:
    There is not going to be any rise in sea levels. That point was established in the Nature article that I supplied the URL to on the Global Warming place holder thread. The Antarctic ice is not going to melt.

  233. Fred says:

    If 11 million illegal immigrants can figure out how to leave their nations of origin and come to the US to work and create a better life for themselves then I suggest the particular members of the black community you are concerned about do the same by throwing off the shackles of intellectual oppression leftists like yourself have enslaved them with and that they leave the communities of chronic unemployment that are run by democratic party machines – such as Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago and move to where the jobs are.
    “These are not negligible elements.”
    Sounds like a threat. It might be more effective for you to register to vote and then vote for someone other than the people who keep oppressing you in the city you can’t figure out how to leave.

  234. Peter Reichard says:

    Perhaps I have not been clear enough. Identity politics which predates the existence of the Alt Right by several decades is largely anti White male in orientation. I oppose all of it as it diverts our attention while the banksters fleece us and the Borg sets up a police state and pursues an insane foreign policy.

  235. Tyler says:

    1) You’re gonna need harder facts here than your social science voodoo that has to invent elaborate terms to explain why blacks can’t maintain a first world civ. Try again. You’re projecting here, but this is the modus operandi of the Left.
    2) You clearly don’t have a clue about what happens outside of your gated community. Look at the statistics and get back to me.
    But hey, we both know you won’t. Plz go walk through downtown Detroit at night. If you survive, let me know how it goes.

  236. Tyler says:

    “Let me tell you how I KNOW what happened, not all this actual history you’re showing me, you racist.”

  237. optimax says:

    I know all about slavery’s oppression. The reason I pointed out the fact that more Whites were lynched pre-CW was to show that lynching had been a popular form of entertainment in America long before it was used to terrorize Blacks. Slaves and peasants have always been cruelly treated in every country. Many of the American Indians found it entertaining to torture their enemies, and the list goes on. The US is unique in that we have surviving slave narratives transcribed by abolitionists describing the worst atrocities of slave owners. If you read the WPA histories told by ex-slaves you understand many slave owners were not cruel and considered their slaves as extensions of their families. If there are slave narratives from Arabia and South America and China and Africa, they are few and I’m not familiar with them. Human nature can be cruel. I just think it’s bull to think Whites are the cruelest of the species. Though that is the gist of current popular propaganda, though Europeans were the first to abolish slavery, with the US coming in second.

  238. turcopolier says:

    Pacifica has an IP in Taiwan and is probably an American expat. pl

  239. Mark Logan says:

    Yes, but only the one in a movie and in passing. I assumed Tyler had seen “Braveheart” and borrowed a bit of dialog from it.

  240. Croesus says:

    “the largest mass lynching in U.S. history took place in New Orleans in 1891 — and it wasn’t African-Americans who were lynched, as many of us might assume. It was Italian-Americans.
    After nine Italians were tried and found not guilty of murdering New Orleans Police Chief David Hennessy, a mob dragged them from the jail, along with two other Italians being held on unrelated charges, and lynched them all. The lynchings were followed by mass arrests of Italian immigrants throughout New Orleans, and waves of attacks against Italians nationwide.”
    “the mob that killed the Italians was never charged (the New York Times had an editorial supporting the lynching as a warning to other Italian “criminals”), the U.S. government sent $25,000 to Italy as restitution, an indemnity paid after almost every other lynching of an Italian in this period. Anti-Italian immigrant sentiment grew after the lynching, with increasingly negative depictions of Italians in the press, including the common association of Italians, particularly Sicilians, with the mafia. ”
    My own Italian-born family is light-skinned; I have green eyes, like my mother, from North Central Italy. I am of peasant stock: many of my ancestors suffered from poor nutrition in Italy; that’s why they came to USA. I and others in my family carry some of the traits associated with nutritional deprivation.
    Italians today have the lowest level of academic achievement of any European group in USA. A media that demonizes Italians, that makes “mafia” synonymous with “Italian,” does not do a lot to inspire confidence in the young people in the Italian community.
    My grandfathers dug ditches; they had difficult and lonely lives, but we Italians were not enslaved and bought and sold and brutalized. We are short of stature and have failed to thrive intellectually — as the proud history of the Italian Renaissance would seem to predict we should — but we were never enslaved; we did not come to the USA in actual, physical chains. If the relatively mild deprivation and discrimination that Italians endured left its mark in our group’s inability to achieve, how much more devastating must be the legacy of slavery?
    The people who exploit Black people for political aggrandizement and their own virtue signaling — or distraction from their own crimes — are the folks who earn my disgust.

  241. Mark Logan says:

    No, unite Americans against the offshoring of jobs. I have been talking about the politics of racial and ethnic division and we seem to have been talking past each other. I’l switch to immigration.
    We aren’t far apart on that except, perhaps, in methods. Illegal immigration can be fixed simply by enforcing E-verify and throwing the book at anyone who hires a non-US citizen. Kill the right person and make me king and it will happen too. However the US Chamber of Commerce stands and has always stood in the way, and by extension, Congress. The result has been we are a bit like a whore house that stations a couple of ruffians by the door to whack some every now and again to maintain appearances.

  242. Tyler says:

    The question we must ask ourselves is this:
    What did Gene Wilder know about Hillary?

  243. Tyler says:

    You can’t put the genie back in the bottle.
    In this case, if the Left is serious about rolling back the ethnic tribalism, its going to have to disarm first. Otherwise, its just just going to be rightfully viewed as dissembling.

  244. optimax says:

    Gene Wilder saw Hillary throw a tennis ball into the street knowing Buddy would chase it and perfectly timing it for the poor labs head to meet the bumper of a speeding Freight Liner. Hillary killed Bill’s chocolate lab because she’s a crazy Cat Lady. Gene was going to the press but like all of Hills confidants never made it.

  245. Tyler says:

    Mark Logan,
    Because the illegal alien wants to bring more of his ilk over here. You cannot separate the two.

  246. Tyler says:

    Quite a large line between nuance and sophistry.
    I can deal with disagreement with some sort of basis beyond hypocrisy and virtue signaling. But I’ll hold your purse for you while you find somewhere to fix your tampon if it bothers you so much.

  247. Tyler says:

    I heard Hillary had enough of seeing herself called out in Willy Wonka memes and decided to do something about it.

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