Arizona Audit Resumes

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  1. Gallo Rojo says:

    While part of the problem is we have a senile potato running the Gay American Empire, the other part is the absolute “oopsie!” where massive breaches of the public trust occur and the response by the authorities is “Oh shit happens”.

    This is a problem because modern American society is undergirded by the implicit threat of staying In Line for about 50% of your daily life (up that to 75% for some of us in certain professions) or else the hammer comes down. Just another reminder that it’s all Fake and Gay and about Power above all.

    • Fred says:

      It’s worse in academia, where “stay in line” starts at age 6 and continues to 26 (or more) to get that PHD – so one can try to get that entry level job at the bottom of the ivory tower.

  2. Deap says:

    If Big Tech, aka Google, Facebook and Twitter continue to get their way with their anti-conservative ground rules, there will be NO coverage of any 2020 audit anywhere:

    From the net:

    ……..”The conversations surround basic ground rules regarding reporting on certain topics. The ones that are forbidden are the theft of the 2020 presidential election, certain criticisms of Black Lives Matter, and most importantly the big one: Vaccine hesitancy.

    There were also two people who were listed as topics of which to “tread carefully,” which I found exceedingly odd. Apparently, George Soros and Bill Gates are considered “conspiracy fodder” and conservative news outlets should avoid spreading “false” rumors about them, according to the Big Tech overlords.

    This one was a head-scratcher for me until I remembered how one particular Big Tech site stopped allowing our stories last year shortly after we ran a couple of pieces critical of Gates……………”

  3. longarch says:

    modern American society is undergirded by the implicit threat of staying In Line for about 50% of your daily life (up that to 75% for some of us in certain professions) or else the hammer comes down

    From what I can tell, the lower classes are held to more static rules, whereas the people with legal teams are allowed to rewrite the rules to a considerable extent. There are numerous class divisions, even within the cops. The local police are slightly accountable to the citizens, but have little power. The FBI is opaque, unaccountable, and apparently able to perpetrate coups against presidents such as Trump. And somebody — probably the CIA — killed JFK. So the Inner Party cops seem more competent than the local cops.

    If the Panopticon worked properly, enforcement would probably be more consistent. Because enforcement is so inconsistent, the Panopticon is probably largely a Potemkin Village. That is to say, typical cops WANT the lower classes to believe that the local cops and the Inner Party cops (CIA, FBI, etc.) are enforcing a consistent “rule of law.” But the streets are filled with chaos, even when Democrat mayors are not encouraging BLM to establish Temporary Autonomous Zones. In the past, the Inner Party cops were feared and revered by typical citizens in part because the Inner Party was revered by the local cops.

    The slim hope is that nowadays at least some of the local cops seem to be saying, “Hey, we voted for Trump, and MOST people voted for Trump, but the elections were rigged. We the local cops do NOT stand with anybody who rigs elections.” Sidney Powell might yet overturn the stolen election.

    • Gallo Rojo says:

      I’m sorry but this is a goofy analysis.

      I’m well aware of the different stratum between law enforcement and the fact is the local PDs are not accountable to the citizenry (Sheriffs and their offices are another story to some extent), but to the city council/mayor. Whoever hires/fires the police chief, in other words. For years PDs approached traffic stops like they were running combat patrols in Ramadi, spent the last year plus body slamming 110 lb mothers to the ground for the crime of not wearing a mask at the park, only to run fucking terrified at the sight of a mob. I’m all for militarized police if they’re gonna be used for shit like, IDK, a violent mob burning down my stuff. The reality is that all those Bearcats and riot gear get used against Nice White People, because police aren’t accountable to the citizenry as a whole, but to the protected classes as defined by DOJ Civil Rights Division. That silly department is currently run by a woman who thinks black people have magical powers, btw.

      Almost as bad as that lying fucking goblin Chapman, that ghoul who took a trophy shot at Waco, running the ATF, but don’t get me started on that.

      The FBI/CIA Deep State is by no means staffed by competent people. Its staffed by people who rely on the inertia of the System to get away with what they do. Its why local PD gets railroaded for shooting Shitvarious Brown, recidivist felon on bail and parole, when he points a loaded gun on them. Meanwhile the FBI can shoot handcuffed subjects, kneeling subjects, lie on their FISA warrants, and the judiciary says “Wow that’s crazy”. It’s also rather salient that the FBI is able to call lots of other guns to come help them out – when their gold badges run into someone with the slightest hint of teeth, like that guy in Florida, they get wiped out pretty quickly.

      Last, you’re mistaken if you think its the “lower class” who are the focus of this – its middle/upper class Badthinkers who are kept in line by the implicit threat of losing everything because the USG, with infinite money + resources, decides you need to be an example. High/low against the middle was demonstrated in Kenosha where Kyle Rittenhouse defends himself from three felons (and mercs at least one pedo!) and he’s currently on trial while the felon with a gun is walking free.

      As I said, its all fake and gay. The only thing that matters is power.

      • Deap says:

        Gallo, well stated……..”The FBI/CIA Deep State is by no means staffed by competent people. It’s staffed by people who rely on the inertia of the System to get away with what they do. …..”

        Sums up why the Founders feared big, centralized government.

        But now that we have it anyway, what next? No wonder “drain the swap” resonated so effectively with 2016 voters. No wonder the swamp fought back so hard in 2020.

  4. Antoinetta III says:

    Is this just a simple recount, or a full-on Audit? If the ballot boxes have been stuffed, and you are just doing a recount of the same ballots, you will get the same results.

    To get to the truth of the matter, bogus ballots need to be weeded out, signatures checked, etc. Hopefully, the latter is happening.

    Antoinetta III

    • Deap says:

      It is not a re-count. It is a forensic audit – the quality and nature of the actual ballots cast, and the objective accuracy of the machines doing the counting are being investigated. And it will include re-counts but used to verify the accuracy of various counting systems.

      Will phony ballots be uncovered by forensic analysis. Will material chain of custody lapses be uncovered. Will machine vote counting systems demonstrate inherent features that lead to demonstrated miscounts.

      More than just the “votes cast” are being analyzed; the election process itself is being analyzed.

      Case in point: New Hampshire learning ballot folds on mail-in ballots caused vote miscounts. That would be something a simple “recount” using the exact same ballots and ballot counting systems would not have uncovered.

      There is far more we need to learn about our current mish-mash of election systems, than merely who the winner was or should have been. We badly need this audit of our entire national array election systems themselves, whose integrity is the business of each state to guarantee..

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