Attorney General Bill Barr Wins Helen Keller Award by Larry C Johnson

Bill Barr the Craven

Congrats to Bill Barr. He is the runaway winner for revealing himself as totally Deaf, Dumb and Blind. Hell, even Helen Keller could see the widespread fraud that infects this entire Presidential election, but not Billy Barr. After two years of talking a good game, Barr’s masquerade as someone opposed to the criminality of the Deep State is exposed as a venal lie. He himself is a fraud. He is no better than Jim Comey or Eric Holder. In fact, he is worse. Barr pretended to uphold the principles of justice for all and a commitment to the founding tenets of this Republic.

Barr’s comment to the AP–i.e., that the DOJ has not uncovered any evidence of widespread fraud that would change the outcome of the 2020 election–is being widely and wildly celebrated by the thieves responsible for stealing the 2020 Presidential election. They got away with it (so far).

But you know why the DOJ has not uncovered “any evidence of widespread fraud?” Because the DOJ, including the FBI, has refused to look for it or at it. Compare the frenzied response of the FBI charging off to investigate an alleged racist rope used to close a garage door for a black NASCAR driver. They spent a weekend trying to determine if the knot was a noose. It wasn’t.

Look at the lame predication used to open Crossfire Hurricane–an Australian diplomat closely tied to the Clinton Foundation falsely claims that someone loosely tied to the Trump campaign had info about Russian dirty tricks. Turns out that was a lie. The FBI and DOJ went all in, including filing false statements before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in a desperate attempt to destroy Donald Trump.

Yet, in the face of a tidal wave of affidavits from hundreds of witnesses and clear evidence that millions of votes magically appeared for Joe Biden, Bill Barr has the audacity to asset there is no “widespread evidence of fraud.” Barr, you’re a goddamn liar.

I commend Joe Hoft’s rant for your reading. He provides a nice summary of several of the key pieces of evidence that normally would incite the interest of even the most incompetent, disinterested U.S. Attorney General. Sadly, Bill Barr has betrayed the Republic.

I apologize to the readers who previously endured my assurances that I had it on good authority that Barr could be trusted. You skeptics were right

Here is what an honest Attorney General would have done. When asked about the “fraud” he would note that there are many reports of illegal activity and that they need to be fully investigated. He would also interject that it is too early to concluded whether or not the fraud was consequential with respect to the outcome of the election.

Then he would get off his corpulent ass and insist the FBI do its damn job. But the FBI is now revealed as more crooked and bereft of honor than the Russian mob.

Barr and the DOJ, by going along with this blatant theft are sowing the proverbial whirlwind. It is the final straw in breaking faith with the American people. The American people will no longer trust the DOJ. They have seen clearly that under Barr and his predecessors, the little guys or those with the wrong politics get punished and the big guys walk. You can be the corrupt Clintons and not suffer a thing. Or, you can be a nobody like George Papadopolous and find the full weight of a craven FBI crushing you.

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe lies repeatedly to the FBI and winds up with a book deal and a gig as a paid talking head on CNN. General Michael Flynn does not lie but, on the advice of compromised counsel, accepts a plea deal and admits to “lying” and faces financial ruin and years in prison.

Bill Barr, and the rest of the Deep State scum, mistake our silence for acquiescence. But patriots who love this country and believe in the founding principles of the Republic, cannot be bought off or bullied into silence. We will fight back. And we will defend the concept that justice should be equitable and fair.

And we will not forget. It is time to start taking names and remembering who stood with Trump and who fought back against the concerted propaganda campaign to convince you that Biden won a fair. We will not continue to pour money into the coffers of fair-weather Republicans.

We will hold our nose one more time and vote for Republicans in the Georgia Senate election, but only to prevent the full collapse of this Republic into a socialist hell hole. But that is the last time the Republicans can expect Trump supporters to have their backs.

You either fix this damn corrupt system or we will abandon you. There comes a time when an abused wife is no longer willing to endure physical and verbal abuse from a drunken lout of a spouse. She acts to save herself and her children even if it includes self-defense. This is not a threat. This is a promise. Our days of tolerating betrayal are over. We stand with President Trump, the duly elected President.

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35 Responses to Attorney General Bill Barr Wins Helen Keller Award by Larry C Johnson

  1. Deap says:

    Add this testimony about deep state election staff harassment of GOP poll observers and the case for a “fair and honest” election is even more in crisis:
    The case is made that Rome did decline not fall due to outside forces, instead it rotted slowly from within by its own hand. Time for a Margaret Thatcher moment …no, we will not watch as this country rots from within.
    Report that truckers are now staging nationwide traffic halt strikes because they are disgusted with the Biden pretender election. Stop the Wheels, along with Stop the Steal.
    A far more powerful statement of purpose, than some ratty band of antifa messing up Portland Oregon, night after night. These truckers do not see Joe Biden as their “blue collar hero”; they see him as just more of the sneering Obama elite they soundly rejected in 2016.

  2. Deap says:

    It was a slap in the face when Barr made the exact same discredited claim – no “widespread” evidence of fraud.
    Hell, it is just those few targeted Democrat cities that are reeking with fraud and misconduct that need investigation, since they provided the late night “surges” that defy explanation. Starting now..

  3. Dennis Daulton says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Larry. We have to set our sights on the Globalist cabal which is the predecessor of the British Empire who we had to fight to gain our independence. Now this same imperial cabal is back attempting to subjugate us once again. The patriots must stand together or as Ben Franklin once quipped, we’ll hang separately.

  4. akaPatience says:

    Lately, I’ve been picturing in my mind the very controversial 2017 staging of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, performed in Central Park NYC, right around the time of Trump’s inauguration. Caesar was blonde, bronzed, and wearing a business suit with a long red tie. In light of what’s been happening, especially vis a vis the 2020 election, the staging was prophetic – except the role of Brutus should’ve been portrayed by a chubby, bespeckled, BLATHERING PHONY and Bill Barr lookalike.
    When he was confirmed as AG, I can remember reading that Barr’s and Robert Mueller’s wives were friends who attended the same bible study sessions together, or something of the sort. THAT ALONE made skeptics doubt that the new AG would be any better than the old AG. Boy, were they right.

  5. ancientarcher says:

    Barr’s comment was a slap in the face for those who are wilfully blind to the systemic corruption that Barr, or indeed most of Trump’s appointees, is a part of. Do you know that Barr’s father introduced Epstein (yes, the pedophile) to the world of finance and mentored him? Now, does it seem strange that Epstein died (supposedly) in prison while Barr was the AG? You don’t think Epstein was the swampiest of swamp creatures and played a major role in the system of blackmail and favours that runs the swamp??
    Barr is not just a swamp rat, he’s a spawn of swamp rats and has sewage in his veins. And yes Larry Johnson, you didn’t see it before because you were wilfully blind!
    This was another failure of Trump. I had mentioned in my earlier comments that Trump will win if the Dems don’t rig the election too much. It seems that too much rigging was needed. So much so that they had to stop the counting to get the fake ballots trucked in.
    Ah, but I think Trump is responsible for the sorry state he is in. He is a failure – a failure in governing, a failure in choosing the right people for the right posts in his administration, and a failure for not taking steps to prevent election fraud when he knew that’s what the Dems were planing to do. Basically, people elected him to be president and to govern and he failed to govern. Time after time, he nominated swamp rats to his administration who were waiting for a chance to stab him in the back. And when they did, Trump is surprised and his supporters like Larry Johnson are surprised. Really??
    Will the people who were born in the swamp, whose families are born in the swamp, the hereditary swamp rats whose progenitors belonged to the swamp – they will clean the swamp? You really thought so??
    As for the fraud in the election, nothing is going to happen. The fix is in. Biden or whatever is left of him (rest of him is already lost to dementia) will hold the title of the president and swamp creatures will run the ship. Now finally, all is right with the state of affairs in Washington!
    The swamp endured 4 years of Trump. You can be sure that they will not allow another populist to rise up again. Any other populist’s career or his/her life will be nipped in the bud before he/she ever comes close to the levers of power like Trump did.
    Goodbye your republic! Actually, it’s been gone for a while now, but now everyone knows democracy really is dead in the country that has spent $7trn and countless lives in the last couple of decades to export democracy around the world!
    What naive people and what a pathetic state of affairs! Maybe America deserves it but you are going to take the rest of the world down with you

  6. Seamus Padraig says:

    I, for one, never trusted Bill Barr, so I’m not really surprised by this act of treachery on his part.
    BTW, I wonder how his investigation into Epstein’s untimely death is going? Probably about like OJ’s search for the ‘real killer’!
    (On the subject of everybody’s favorite celebrity pimp, I’m sure most people here are aware of the fact that it was Bill Barr’s own father who actually gave Epstein–a college dropout–his first job as a math teacher at that élite prep school back in the 70s. Small world, eh?)

  7. English Outsider says:

    I don’t get this at all.
    Never mind who won the election. What sort of election was it?
    This was obviously an election run in difficult circumstances because of the Covid emergency. As a result many of the procedures were last minute improvisations, mainly it seems improvisations or last minute fixes designed to cope with the fact that an unusual number of postal votes were expected.
    That’s a credible scenario. Officials doing the best they can in unprecedented circumstances. And in those circumstances there’s bound to be some slop in the system, mistakes made but made in good faith and therefore innocent.
    But after such an election one would expect those running it to be going all out to assure the public that in spite of the improvisations it was a clean election.
    That’s not happening. Instead the story is of essential records destroyed, servers removed in advance of Court orders, employees threatened if they speak out. There could be no more effective way of destroying public confidence in the election process than doing that after a tight election.
    And now AG Barr, the intrepid crusader for due process and damn the consequences, is telling us there’s nothing to see here.
    Did he mount a lightning fast enquiry and discover the allegations were all smoke? Did he send investigators in to interview the complainants? Did he get these controversial computer systems checked out? Or receive assurances from officials who had?
    I’d like to believe he did. If he didn’t then all he’s done is add further to the uncertainty.

  8. Fred says:

    Does anyone have a copy of the actual news conference at which Barr spoke or is this just a regurgitation of AP putting out a story with one quote only and the other denzials of fake news central spreading it far and wide? This is wonderful demoralization, and much better than fake polls showing democratic candidates winning in a landslide.
    On a bright note, project Veritas pulled a sting on CNN (please note both NY and GA are single party consent states) recording CNN’s morning internal conference calls where they stage the narrative, like “Biden won”.

  9. TV says:

    Why would anyone expect anything else from Barr, a long-time member in good standing of the swamp?
    Perhaps he took this job because he saw an opportunity to seriously undercut the alien “Orange man” and be acclaimed a true swamp “hero.”
    He deserves an Oscar.

  10. Fred says:

    ” Did he send investigators in to interview the complainants? Did he get these controversial computer systems checked out? ”
    He did neither.
    “Or receive assurances from officials who had?”
    Of course all the people running the elections in the six places where Biden’s miraculous landslide occurred have given assuarnaces there was nothing wrong. We can erase Hilary’s laptop now. Mueler’s team’s cell phones too. Oh, and all the Dominion election machines and mysterious no chain of custory jump drives too. On to the GA senate races!

  11. Noel S. Cowling says:

    Mr. Johnson, Some time ago I posted a comment about Barr stating that I would like to ask him about Robert Johnson. Barr is exactly what you have described. You might be interested in checking out ex-Cia agent Robert Johnson, council for and part owner of Southern Air Transport, CIA operation Screw Worm, and Robert Johnson’s loyalty to G.H.W.Bush. Truth must be discovered. Thank you for your work and writings. Noel S. Cowling

  12. Rick Merlotti says:

    Barr is Lucy pulling the football just as Charlie Brown tries to kick. Actually, that’s been happening to Trump for 4 years. I still think the real problem is that there are not enough qualified, small R republican patriots left in this country to staff the gov’t. Even if there were, the SwampBorg would block very many from getting appointed.
    I don’t hold onto much hope at this point. It looks more and more as if real change will only follow some type of cataclysmic event(s) – Depression, war, the usual 4 Horsemen stuff.

  13. blue peacock says:

    Easy to bitch on Barr.
    But…who nominated him as AG? Who nominated Rosenstein, Haspel, Wray, Coats, Bolton, Mattis, Kelly, et al?
    Does that person have no accountability? It wasn’t just one hire which can be attributed to a mistake but an entire cabinet from the Swamp!

  14. Deap says:

    Barr is right about one thing- the matter of running elections, clean or dirty, is a matter for the states and the voters in each state to ensure.
    Can’t keep running to the Feds for a Daddy to fix everything, or make the Feds the scapegoat to blame, when one is not also obsessed with blaming Trump, as several of the prior posters seem so eager to do. Barr dumped a lot of this current mess back on the states, and that is the right place to start.
    State voters must clean up their own acts – there is as much swamp in state governments, as there is in Washington. The more Democrat the jurisdiction, the more swamp sludge is running it. These are your third world operations at play right within Democrat-run states and cities: raid the treasury and hire the relatives is their mantra.
    There was no “covid crisis” that kept normal voting procedures from being safe. This was just on more assault by the same “progressive forces” to game the system to allow blatant voting corruption to take place right under our noses, because we have watched this same scenario play out in California already for the past 20 years. Before coivid and before Trump. So this is clearly the fault of the state’s voters; not Trump and not the Feds.
    California’s quick descent into the toilet in just 20 years is the consequence of ginned up Democrat super-majorities that voters installed, that used those 20 years to make themselves indestructible.
    Democrats in this state rode in on “election reform”, and we got just the opposite. (term limits, vote by mail, district elections, CVRA, jungle primaries….. all added up to a Democrat head lock on the entire state and take over by public sector unions) – including the massive growth of government employment and dependencies.)
    We now have 100% tyranny by a Democrat super-majority. And term limits do not throw the bums out – term limits just created a revolving door of know-nothings led around by special interest groups.
    Voters still have to do the heavy lifting and throw these bums out, and not think that “term limits” is doing this for us. But they have not yet figured this out, though California voters did throw out the worst of the special interest ballot propositions this year.
    I am also smelling a little too much gas-lighting in some prior comments here. So don’t think you are getting away with anything.

  15. Deap says:

    Barr: DOJ has not yet found evidence of voter fraud
    Media: DOJ has not…. found evidence of voter fraud.
    Media = Fake news again with a sinister agenda …again.

  16. Artemesia says:

    to English Outsider: You seem to think the super-dooper never-before-in-recorded-history Covid event was/is legitimate.
    George Floyd was lauded as a “fine family man” by leaders and institutions from congressmen, governors, mayors to presidents of 50-member community groups who all and with one voice endorsed BLM.
    At the onset of the Covid (hysteria), numerous pundits stated, “This is just like WWII and it will require the same set of sacrifices to get through it.”
    My study of the World War II era informs me that “In the beginning was the propaganda . . .” Far from taking to heart FDR’s oft-quoted aphorism, the billions of times “Covid” has been pronounced or printed in orange or red banners has got to convince even the dullest that the intention is to induce mass fear.
    I suggest some are opening their Hanukah presents and finding Matryoshka dolls: there are multiple gangs of elites who either opportunistically found or actually planned to benefit from a bout of a “novel” virus, “Six ways ’til Sunday.”
    nb. One report claimed that shortly after his announcement, Barr met with Trump in the White House, where he stayed for a very long time. No shouting or blood-letting was reported.
    Is it at all possible that there is strategy behind removing the US DoJ from the investigation of election fraud, like maybe the DoJ is complicit, and involvement of that agency would mean providing the Fox with evidence the Hens need to prove their case and convict the Fox?
    ALSO — it has been reported that Barr is Consigliere to the Bush family. Not at all unreasonable to suppose the Bushes have a keen interest in getting Trump out of the presidency, and they’ve benefited from extraordinary election protocols in the past.
    Bluntly: Bushes and a host of other elites, Democrats, Republicans, and international actors, are in on the fraud up to their eyeballs.
    The surgeon has to function from outside the cancer in order to excise it.

  17. Diana L Croissant says:

    Please don’t insult Helen Keller by comparing Barr to her. Helen Keller could actually understand clearly and think clearly wile not being able to see; however, she could actually understand clearly. And though she was deaf, she could actually “hear” when things were explained to her by Anne Sullivan.
    Maybe Barr needs to have someone like Sullivan helping him fulfill his duties.

  18. Dr.Puck says:

    As I thought it might unfold: we have arrived in ‘perfect crime’ territory, again.
    But, the paper ballot gets fed into a tabulator, so I also note that the Trump anti-fraud legal teams have not argued about specifically fraudulent paper ballots. Conclusory allegations, let alone speculative allegations, have not ever once carried the day in a court action.
    Trump and Trumpism has arrayed against its persons and mission: Barr, most of the GOP, the entirety of the Democratic party, (seemingly) almost the entirety of: the administrative state, the IC, liberal rentier capitalists, and the medical community—to name a few.
    (Did Trump win the military vote? Was it compromised?)
    What I marvel at is the inability of Trump’s legal team and the DOJ to look at, especially, the paper ballots in Georgia and Arizona, two Republican-led states that, it is said, are sitting on tens of thousands of fraudulent paper ballots.
    The fraud could be unwound by re-examining the hand recounted paper ballots in Georgia. Maybe investigators could borrow Dominion tabulators from a red state and rerun the recount?

  19. Barbara Ann says:

    The MSM is in an ecstasy of schadenfreude over this, but I don’t necessarily buy the Et tu, Barr? narrative. Why should Barr not state the obvious (he is factually correct, given that Trump’s own legal team are doing the evidence finding, not the DOJ)? And perhaps more interestingly, why only the mild rebuke from Rudy & Jenna and silence from the showman-in-chief? Would Trump not cry out if he had just been stabbed in the back?
    I find what Trump doesn’t say/tweet is often more illuminating that what he does. This AT article suggests all may not be as it appears. Are we are watching Act 3 of Julius Caesar or a different play? Let’s see.

  20. Per/Norway says:

    the covidian cult member english outsider this is for you.
    (You guys that are NOT covidian ,w.h.o, u.n worshipping fools will find this study revealing.)
    A snippet from a article about this paper:
    “Among the fatal flaws that totally invalidate the PCR testing protocol are that the test:
    is non-specific, due to erroneous primer design
    is enormously variable
    cannot discriminate between the whole virus and viral fragments
    has no positive or negative controls
    has no standard operating procedure
    does not seem to have been properly peer reviewed
    Oh dear. One wonders whether anything at all was correct in the paper. But wait – it gets worse. As has been noted previously, no threshold for positivity was ever identified. This is why labs have been running 40 cycles, almost guaranteeing a large number of false positives – up to 97 percent, according to some studies.
    The cherry on top, though, is that among the authors of the original paper themselves, at least four have severe conflicts of interest. Two of them are members of the editorial board of Eurosurveillance, the sinisterly named journal that published the paper. And at least three of them are on the payroll of the first companies to perform PCR testing!”
    So this wef/davos/gates fake plandemic is SO busted that only the biggest fools and those suffering from confirmation bias will still double down telling us to “trust the governments/fauci/#experts/#theoretical science and double down on their proselytizing and face cover usage.

  21. J says:

    What the press said Barr said, is false and deceitful. It’s not what Barr said.

  22. elaine says:

    If sworn affidavits aren’t evidence & statistical analysis isn’t
    viable then many convictions should be voided as cause to form grand juries were in error; to consider “facts” such as ballistics confirm the bullet is an 80% match, ditto finger prints, etc.
    These odd findings should be haymakers for defense attorneys in
    appellate courts throughout the land under the 14th amendment & due
    process clauses.

  23. exiled off mainstreet says:

    While this is an accurate statement of things, and I fully go along with the critique, it seems to be emerging that AP, an integral part of propaganda central, took parts of Barr’s statements out of context and spun whatever he actually said to fit their paradigm and make Barr appear to be even more of a deep state lackey than he really is.

  24. English Outsider says:

    Artemesia – On the Covid stuff – the “Covid emergency” was the reason given and accepted for so many mail-in ballots. That’s just fact and implies no discussion on whether that emergency was genuine or necessary.

  25. sbin says:

    Seem to remember a frequent contributor to this fine blog singing the praises of Mr Barr.
    Always seemed like a swamp blob lifer much like Abrams and Bolton.
    Appears his real work was tying up lose ends and running the clock out.
    Truly disturbing.

  26. Fred says:

    Barbara Ann,
    Trump spoke today, about 45 minutes. He’s not conceding.
    Yes, numerous elites are aligned (If not in outright collusion with) the actual bad actors involved.
    English outsider, those laws are not constitutional. The only “acceptance” was by those supporting the fraud to come.

  27. Artemesia says:

    English Outsider: Yes indeed.
    What happens if it can be proven that the US elections were marked by massive fraud; that mail in ballots were a significant part of that fraud; that the unprecedented large number of mail in ballots was motivated by Covid fear; that that fear was deliberately engendered — a Manufactured Crisis?
    Argumentum ad Hitlerum has proliferated in the course of the above frauds and fear-mongering. Allow me to apply another element from that era: Julius Streicher was hanged for his role as a journalist and publisher in inciting hatred.
    Media organizations throughout the USA and the world have engaged, almost in lockstep, in a campaign of inducing fear among populations all over the world. They incited terror, deliberately and by lying repeatedly, and their lies brought about economic hardship and many deaths.
    Should they be held accountable, as was Julius Streicher?

  28. Bob Jackson says:

    There is one group on the left which is firmly denouncing the coup. This article on the LaRouche site –
    – explains the mechanics of the fraud, and claims a whistleblower warned the FBI months ago of what was being planned. They gagged him, and sat on the evidence.
    Does Larry know anything more about this, please?

  29. marhias alexander says:

    ” Barr’s masquerade as someone opposed to the criminality of the Deep State is exposed as a venal lie.”
    You can’t get to where Barr is without being a deep stste lacky.

  30. Richard Ong says:

    Amen and amen.

  31. English Outsider says:

    Artemesia – quite honestly it looks to me like the biggest ramp in history.
    But I would say that, wouldn’t I? I had hoped very much that the Trump 2016 programme would be carried through. Maybe spread to my corner of the planet. And I had hoped that the vicious stuff going on in the ME – in which, as you know, my own country played so discreditable a part – would be run down.
    So I’m scarcely a neutral outsider. But attempting that role, I’ve watched a lot of the hearings. I reckon there was plenty enough slop in that electoral system to allow the incompetence scenario to sit alongside the fraud scenario until more evidence comes out.
    Which I devoutly hope it will. Reverting to my more partisan self, I believe it’s not so much a question of whether there was fraud as of whether the fraud will be uncovered.

  32. j. casey says:

    I’m not kidding myself about what the outcome is going to be, but…Kunstler: “There is the matter of the Kraken. Perhaps Sidney Powell was not speaking just figuratively about the lurking monster of the deep. The Kraken, apparently, is an actual computer system developed by the Department of Defense (DOD) to ferret out malevolent computer programs as might be deployed in cyber-warfare… or janky elections. Miz Powell has had legal consort all year with General Mike Flynn, the former chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency railroaded on a fake charge by the FBI, now pardoned, free to speak and act. Do you suppose that Gen. Flynn does not know about the agency’s cyber-warfare capabilities? Or that he does not know skilled military technicians who can spell out, say, in a court of law, exactly how the Kraken might be put to use? Or how the Kraken intersects with the two CIA proprietary election hacking programs, Hammer and Scorecard?There is the matter of the Kraken. Perhaps Sidney Powell was not speaking just figuratively about the lurking monster of the deep. The Kraken, apparently, is an actual computer system developed by the Department of Defense (DOD) to ferret out malevolent computer programs as might be deployed in cyber-warfare… or janky elections. Miz Powell has had legal consort all year with General Mike Flynn, the former chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency railroaded on a fake charge by the FBI, now pardoned, free to speak and act. Do you suppose that Gen. Flynn does not know about the agency’s cyber-warfare capabilities? Or that he does not know skilled military technicians who can spell out, say, in a court of law, exactly how the Kraken might be put to use? Or how the Kraken intersects with the two CIA proprietary election hacking programs, Hammer and Scorecard?”

  33. Peter VE says:

    OTOH, Barr is now assured of getting a restaurant reservation in DC & NYC.

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