Baton Rouge – 17 July 2016

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The ambush.  pl

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  1. Eric Newhill says:

    This *should* put an end to the “lone wolf” meme, but you never know when dealing with ideologues. In fact it should lead to recognition that a race war has begun and that the Ds are using it as they do all the color revolutions overseas.
    Cleveland may end up in martial law for Ohio. Of course it will all be Trump’s fault for being “divisive”.
    This is on Obama, IMO. He does nothing to discourage it and subtly encourages. He met with BLM leadership, again, just yesterday. My search reveals no resulting strong statement against violence from either BLM or POTUS.

  2. jonst says:

    I predict we will be hearing–as it should be, in my take–the term “terrorist investigation” employed more and more. And that has legal consequences. i.e. easier to obtain warrants/subpoenas and man power. Lynch will be pressed, until she squeals, to move hard and aggressively on this. She will initially resist. But she will be compelled. And the same thing goes for the MSM…they will be forced to reexamine their coverage the shootings, ALL SHOOTINGS, at police officers AND at police buildings.
    Obama? Useless. He has no political future so he won’t act. The rest of them do desire, anyway, a political future, so they will begin to ‘connect the dots’ that, I suggest, may have been overlooked, because few wanted to look. Hard. That period is drawing to a close.

  3. b says:

    Sara Sidner
    .@BRPD saying they do not think shooting of its officers was “race related”. #BatonRouge
    Other unconfirmed news says that this was an ongoing shooting between “civilians” when police arrived.

  4. michael brenner says:

    I am going to offer a comment that I make independent of any interpretations or judgments about Baton Rouge, Dallas and the other places where there has been racially tinged violence between police and civilians. Indeed, it is independent of political geography generally.
    It is the simple observation that violence begets violence – of all types, from whatever source, whatever the targets. This is a truism going back to Paleolithic times when its recognition kept violence within and between small bands low.
    If one group physically abuses another (whatever justifications and authoritative legitimacy there may be), the recipient will retaliate sooner or later – one way or another. And inevitably, the dynamic of reciprocity will set in.
    That is why the angry, instinctive reaction to shoot the bastards, bomb the bastards, nuke the bastards, pay back the bastards must be restrained. Restraint does not mean do nothing.

  5. turcopolier says:

    Michael brenner
    So, war settles nothing? pl

  6. Walter says:

    The black blowback in America and the jihadis are acting out of the same human impulse as any commenter on this board , any Palestinian, the anti- USA Iranian revolutionaries, etc etc….people don’t like family members, neighbors, , etc to get killed, punked, oppressed, stolen from……when enough is enough, you take up arms and fight back. The Right in America lack empathy for the oppressed… They don’t seem to be able to make the cognitive leap to ” put oneself in someone else’s shoes”. U.S. Lefties are able to empathize with the plight of the downtrodden and willing to pay more in taxes on o redistribute wealth to less fortunate….I’ve always told people from a young age if I was black I would be in jail because I wouldn’t stand for one minute the bullshit whites inAmerica give to blacks…

  7. SmoothieX12 says:

    And inevitably, the dynamic of reciprocity will set in
    War is not an isolated act, it has serious social and cultural impetuses apart from universally accepted economic and (geo)political factors. Yes, violence begets violence but in the end it is who can provide more and better targeted violence to, in the words of Clausewitz, “compel the enemy to do our will”. Marxists called these an “insurmountable contradictions”. We do have an insurmountable contradictions between civilized people and their institutions (and I am 100% behind US Law Enforcement) and those who do not want to live by the law–those are a minority in every sense of this word. Again, there will be (already are) as always Kumbaya and “unity” media “gospels”–they change nothing, in fact, they make things worse. I know this first hand. The faster we recognize the depth of a problem and cultural and social “insurmountable contradictions” inherent in it–the faster and less violently we may arrive to resolution. I suggest to start with declaring BLM a domestic terrorist organization and charging Al Sharpton (among many) with sedition and treason–that will be a very good start. Later, when Obama goes, it also could be looked into his and Holder’s and others role in creating the atmosphere which leads (for now, I hope we reverse it) to a race war in which black “community” has no chance of winning. The blood of Dallas and Baton Rouge (and Lakewood) officers is on Obama’s and “his” people’s hands. This must be decisively and if necessary violently stopped by most brutal methods allowed by law, otherwise I will have to narrate my own, very terrifying experiences, on what happens when “cultures collide” and countries disintegrate. I don’t think we want this fate for the good ole’ USA for a huge number of reasons of domestic and foreign nature.

  8. Dubhaltach says:

    In reply to Eric Newhill 17 July 2016 at 02:12 PM
    “This *should* put an end to the “lone wolf” meme, but you never know when dealing with ideologues.”
    How do you know? As you yourself say “you never know when dealing with ideologues”
    Could it not be equally the case that Micah Xavier Johnson hoped that his actions would inspire others to emulate him?
    Or even if Johnson didn’t set out to inspire others to target and kill police as a desirable secondary outcome to his actions is it not possible that his actions would be seen as worthy of emulation by a number of hate and rage filled people?
    I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of “copy cat killing”.

  9. Tyler says:

    Yeah, and Nice was 80 French racists trying to stop a Muslim delivery driver from selling ice cream to orphans.
    Top kek.

  10. johnA says:

    Many feel that the “rule of law” is a joke.
    Once this reaches into 10-15% of the population then it becomes open season on anything that represents the law.
    There is not an excuse but ever since the 2006-2008 period , it seemed to me this has been building.
    Of course , the head-choppers don’t know any other way.

  11. Anonymous says:

    As the number of attacks increase, perhaps it is time to recognize that in a general sense the “motivation” has no tangible relation to the particular “targetting.”
    What I observe in a general sense, is that at the present stage of social relations degradation there is no need of an a priori realization of whites as the culprits of anything, for a non-white person of any kind, even without the least amount of harm having being done to him (sometimes actually on the contrary,) to be subverted into hatred of whites by fiat. The current ideological climate favors the psychological displacement of concrete minority personal and communal limitations into an abstract barrier made of the figment of white racism.
    I’ll try a feminist angle here to see if the liberals can relate. At the heart of the matter lies the way whites and westerners in general are bowing to and behaving according to an ideology were they are “objectified” as concrete representations of guilt. One thing is for one to feel guilt about something in an introspective sense, because sometimes that is what one’s soul demands for development, the other is for some unknown and unrelated person to be allowed to appropriate of such guilt as general evidence of culpability and be free to dispense his hatred, his punishment, his death sentence at will. When whites become mere vessels of guilt, a vacuum is created in interpersonal relations that sucks any and every ill will towards them. This reduction to guilty share parallels with the notion of reduction to body. Whenever whites in particular and westerners in general, prostrate themselves at the feet of minorities, calling themselves racists and insisting that theirs is the guilt for all things wrong, they act as women who take off their clothes for strangers in public, and consent in being spite upon, be called whores and raped. Some feminists insist that a woman should be able to walk naked unmolested, because his body is his own. So it should be with those who have a sense of guilt, that it is theirs and no others to appropriate, that it is bound to a higher judgement, not to the pleasure of the enraged crowds.
    In spiritual terms (a whole other game as far as interpretation goes) charity is the way for a sinner to endure his guilt in life, but judgement comes from above and it is inescapable, and no self flagellation or suicide will anull it. Those who have done great wrong to the innocent, let their naked souls, in due appointed time, endure the piercing eye and scorn of Evil for as long as they are commanded. As for us, mere common citizens who wish nothing but to live and let live, either we free ourselves from the false chains o guilt and the undeserved gaze of hatred it attracts, or else endure the reward of our lack of courage to choose fredom.
    PS this was written as part of a greater comment that I made (and as usual didn’t post,) in the “What happened to Micah Johnson?” thread. It was a contention about the, in my view, lack of relevance of the “motivation” for the killings, so perhaps is not exactly a the right comment for this thread.

  12. turcopolier says:

    Comments of this quality are always welcome here. pl

  13. Fred says:

    “… I wouldn’t stand for one minute the bullshit whites inAmerica give to blacks…”
    Why do you hate Hilary and Bill so much?

  14. Eric Newhill says:

    Ok. In your opinion then, how many lone wolf copy cats = a movement?
    2? 10? 10,000? More?

  15. elaine says:

    My tv was on in another room so I’m unsure of exactly what was said so I’m seeking
    confirmation. The shooter’s name is Gavin Long of Kansas City, he is African-American, DOB July 17, 1987 (if I heard this correctly today is his birthday) & he was/is in the USMC.

  16. steve says:

    “figment of white racism.”
    You are correct. There is no white racism.

  17. elaine says:

    Looks like I heard it correctly. More info popping up on net. Honorably
    discharged SGT/E5 unknown MOS; Dean’s list University of Alabama, divorced,
    no known children.

  18. turcopolier says:

    Well, this guy could shoot. pl

  19. michael brenner says:

    Depends on the nature of the problem and how force is used. Our ostentatious pectoral displays in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Pakistan has made us far worse off in every respect. The reciprocated violence has cost us immensely in lives, in treasure, in prestige and in political standing. And that reaction may not have crested yet.

  20. michael brenner says:

    There are many ways for a country to disintegrate – your panacea strikes me as being a sure-fire formula.

  21. eakens says:

    These shootings are merely a result of sending our soldiers to fight BS wars and sadly this won’t be the last. America has lost its way and those fighting for it feel betrayed. The domestic shootings are just a release valve for the pent up anger that has been building.
    The American people have been sold out and judging by the scale of that wholesale betrayal, there should be grave concern amongst the police. I just hope that we as a country have the courage to take the conversation beyond the symptoms and speak to what is causing this. I had this hope post 9/11, but alas, the conversation quickly went from reflecting on our foreign policy to deciding they hate us because of our freedom.

  22. Tyler says:

    Whatever it takes to preserve the Narrative, right?

  23. Tyler says:

    If you’re going to engage in masochism, do it in the privacy of your house TIA.

  24. Tyler says:

    Love the comment.
    I’d say that its funny that the same class of (((people))) who reject the argument of blood libel and stereotyping are also the ones who insist that whites are the only people who ever did anything bad in history, and everything can be (((deconstructed))).

  25. Tyler says:

    You act as if the country isn’t already disintegrating.

  26. Amir says:

    Violence mirrors violence and soon, if there are no psychological barriers created, French style attacks will take place as well. We should make sure that the insurgency does not idnetify itself with DAESH.

  27. Amir says:

    Shouldn’t one have someone who is willing to fight for/with him/her? Where will the loyalty of the colored soldiers be?
    Who are the “whites” that will need to be defended? Speaking of “white” community does not take into account the diverse ethno-religious background of “the whites”. I worked in “the hood” and was called “white” while I certainly do not share in the baggage that is associated with that term.
    If a country has to resort to violence against it’s own people (phrase sounds familiar) that country is in deep trouble. Just look at how the mouth Saddam, Ghaddafi, Mubarak & co, have fallen.

  28. Tyler says:

    18.5 police are killed by blacks for every black killed by police yet it is police who are the aggressors according to President Gay Urkle.
    If we are going to have a race war, might as well have it while I’m young. Onwards to Hell, what will tomorrow bring?

  29. Amir says:

    Joke it is and this has nothing to do with color but deprivation:
    When a Bankster (Mortgage fraud or Libor thief or drug money launderer) gets away with stealing of billions and a poor common criminal is spat upon, the stomach of anyone with a sense of justice turns. When Hillary Clinton, David Petraeus and the neocon gang literally get away with murder and Snowden, Manning and other whistle blowers are hanged to dry, the least the elite should expect is any respect for the law that is created and broken by themselves. Maybe that is the definition of insurmountable contradiction.

  30. Amir says:

    From the trenches: I remember that after Katarina there was so much pent up frustration. I heard form a retailer that in DC that youth were boasting about having guns and wanting to burn down the city. Obama Hopey Changy provided a fake release valve as he was judged by the color of his skin and not the content of his character/action. The town did not explode in anger then but the root causes still exist.

  31. michael brenner says:

    At the risk of alienating a few people, I would like to reiterate a plea that we (in the broadest sense) get a grip on ourselves and set an example of sobriety. The Nice guy was not a religious fanatic, had never been to a mosque in his life, had European pals at least until a few hours before the killing, etc. If the French leaders who jumped in immediately to make hay from the tragedy had any evidence otherwise, we’d know it by now. How long does it take to trace a moron’s phone calls or hack his computer – 20 minutes?
    And the Baton Rouge guy was not a crazed racist – he saw blue rather than black and white. He learned his sckills in the most integrated big institution in the United States.
    We all are tempted by the comforts of the simple, the convenience of indulging bias, and the venting of bees in our bonnet. Our public responsibilities go beyond that, though. If some have an inner compulsion which they cannot contain to live a life of psychic convenience, I suggest that that stock up on Patton, Victory At Sea, and john Wayne movies while the rest of us struggle with reality.

  32. kooshy says:

    IMO the scary point to all this repeated killings is, that these guys, due to whatever grievances, disputes etc. they may have with their own society, country, governance, they are not afraid of dying, and be gunned downed, just like the islamist suicide bombers, if true this is scary, because, they are not afraid to die, and they are willing to sacrifice their life for their cause, ideology, revenge who knows? It seems they go out to kill, knowing they will not come back, that is tough to deal with, specially when the killer looks like a normal person of your own with no past suspicious activity. I hope like the islamist jihadists, the militant blacks do not pass that threshold.

  33. turcopolier says:

    Michael brenner
    I’ll check back with you after a few more of these. IMO you are underestimating the ability of unstable personalities to become activated by memetic programming. pl

  34. ked says:

    judging by the thrill some get whenever they perceive their long hoped-for Helter-Skelter dreams coming true, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for “courage to take things beyond”. when you’ve long longed for nails so to wield your hammer, everything looks like confirmation. from there, it goes downhill. same as it ever was.

  35. Fred says:

    This man did not shoot any politician who could reasonable be held accountable for any of our foreign policies. He didn’t shoot any responsible for policy on Louisiana or Baton Rouge. Neither did the last one. The one fool who did shoot a congresswoman didn’t do so over foreign policy.

  36. Fred says:

    “…He was judged by the color of his skin and not the content of his character/action.” unlike the current judgement of guilt by being white. (Not applicable to liberals, democrats or anyone in Hollywood).

  37. Eric Newhill says:

    Copy cat huh? The former Marine had at least a six year history of being a black separatist and a member of Nation of Islam, thus combining the most virulent of the anti-white American ideologies with some excellent marksmanship training.

  38. Fred says:

    Manning a whistleblower? No.

  39. Fred says:

    The race baiting of BLM and similar groups on the left isn’t any help either.

  40. Fred says:

    ” The federal Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that for the 30 years from 1976-2005, there were 276,000 African-American homicide victims, 94% of them murdered by other blacks.”
    Of course this is the fault of whites – for moving out of the neighborhoods.

  41. Bill Herschel says:

    Problems don’t get solved with guns. That’s not the message the United States sends, by any means, either to itself or the rest of the world. Quite the contrary. We are solving our problems in the Middle East with guns, and similarly all across the world. And now veterans are solving perceived problems with guns. In the first police shooting, one problem the police confronted was the presence of as many as a dozen people carrying rifles at the time of the shooting. To put it mildly, these individuals, exercising their Constitutional right, did not help the police. In fact, they were noted to be moving away from the violence, not toward it.
    Unstable, angry people, offered the opportunity to achieve notoriety and “acceptance” (ISIS, Black Panthers) by killing unsuspecting victims, in our current culture of instant gratification, will seize upon the chance. It’s definitely going to get worse.
    Why aren’t Republicans allowed to “open carry” at their Convention? Isn’t that un-Constitutional gun control? If they don’t carry weapons, won’t the only people carrying weapons at the Convention be outlaws?

  42. robt willmann says:

    I am getting way ahead of even the most basic homicide investigation. Obviously, no real murder investigation was done in the Orlando, Florida case recently, before it was declared “solved”, faster than it would take a sheriff’s deputy to break up a fight at a dance hall. The same thing in Dallas, Texas, with the city police. Now, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
    The stenographers in the “news media” are at it again. And constant “coverage” on the cable networks.
    But let us assume that an allegation is at least partly correct, that Gavin Eugene Long was involved and that his pseudonym was Cosmo Setepenra, as the CBS television network says–
    Here are three books by “Cosmo Setepenra”, as noted on the seller,–—Definitive-Spiritual/dp/0996880992/ref=sr_1_2/000-6278146-0469069?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1468808104&sr=1-2
    Have the “news networks”, with their multi-million dollar budgets, interviewed the other people allegedly connected to the books, according to Carol Taylor (editor), Renee Thomas and Jeff Delerme (Illustrators), and Enensa Amen (cover design)? Are these real people? Did they do the work on the books with him? Has anyone inquired about any of the college work supposedly done by Mr. Long/Setepenra to see if the writing style matches between his college work and the books?
    He claims to have been in the Marines for five years, in which he spent two years in Japan and did one tour in Iraq. Then, after some college, he went to Africa for two years.
    If checking those things is too much work, perhaps the “journalists” can follow up on what is in the CBS article linked to above–
    “A witness tells CBS affiliate WAFB that he saw a masked man in black shorts and shirt running from the scene where three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers were shot and killed.”
    “Brady Vancel said the man looked like a pedestrian running with a rifle in his hand, rather than someone trained to move with a rifle.”
    “Vancel said he’d gone to work on a flooring job on a street behind the gas station where authorities say the shooting occurred. He said he heard semi-automatic fire and perhaps a handgun.”
    “He saw a man in a red shirt lying in an empty parking lot and `another gunman running away as more shots were being fired back and forth from several guns’.”
    Autopsy reports in the Orlando, Florida case? Autopsy reports in the Dallas, Texas case? They must no longer be necessary in homicide cases in the U.S.A.
    Ambulance records documenting the number of wounded alleged in the Orlando, Florida case?
    And these are just some starting points.

  43. Ingolf says:

    Tyler, how did you arrive at that ratio? It seemed so weird I had to check it out.
    The FBI page you linked to details 27 officers feloniously killed in 2013 (of the 28 offenders, 15 were white, 11 were black with race not reported for two).
    I haven’t been able to track down data for 2013, but in 2015 it seems 306 blacks were killed by police (146 so far this year). Many more whites were killed, by the way (581 in 2015 and 293 so far this year).

  44. Oddlots says:

    Although I sympathize with all the ills you point to I really think that these particular events – Dallas, Baton Rouge – actually stand outside this context. Honestly they strike me as media-fuelled events where there’s a fateful connection between media attention following – in part, creating – a widespread grievance and troubled, angry and suicidal individuals stepping in to go out in a blaze of attention.
    That’s it.
    It even explains Nice and is consonant with the points the slain black officer made.
    Sometimes the best advice is: “Don’t just do something, stand there.”

  45. AEL says:

    Hmm, the page you like to says that 27 officers were feloniously killed in 2013. Since only 11 were killed by a black , your 18.5 number would suggest that something less than one black was killed by police in 2013.
    That number does not square with what I read in newspapers and on the web.

  46. turcopolier says:

    Bill Herschel
    Violence doesn’t provide solutions? Childish. Surely you are not so naïve as that? You don’t know any history at all? You think the nature of mankind has changed and we can simply say – play nice, boys and girls! pl

  47. Oddlots says:

    That is very well observed. What I mean is this. It’s the nihilism of these particular acts that – I would say – appears to join them up. I think you are right and it does, but not sure how but am pretty certain not in a way that would equate Black Lives Matter with terrorists as some in this thread seem to suggest. (In fact I think it’s quite the opposite and such a deduction would be simply the very worst outcome and own-goal here.)
    It DOES strike me that there must be some connection between economically “surplus” youth in the ME and the number of the same willing to sign up to go out in a blaze of glory in some Wahabbi fairytale they tell themselves right until the synapses stop firing and they get that rigomortis grin.
    Who could deny it?
    What I don’t see connected with this are random, similarly nihlistic but also unsupported, un-indoctrinated individuals as in the US cases.
    The similarity is superficial. You might as well try and explain Nice via Collumbine.

  48. Oddlots says:

    Well said.
    A lot of what I see here is several people shooting into the dark and then saying “who’s there?”
    The only gift one has when seeing horror’s unfold experienced by others is distance and perspective. It’s not a bug – despite what the ambulance chasing media would implicitly suggest – it’s a feature.
    If “the only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once” the only reason for distance is so that we all don’t simultaneously go mad with grief.

  49. optimax says:

    Bush was president during Katrina. Some of the Katrina refugees were sent to Portland. I’ve heard from a few long-time local Blacks who all said the New Orleans Blacks were trash and caused a lot of trouble.

  50. Tyler says:

    Dubz has gotta make sure that the Narrative continues as he virtue signals harder that he is a goodthinking white.
    Facts don’t matter!

  51. Tyler says:

    Whites are so racist and awful that coloreds can’t help but follow them wherever they go.

  52. Tyler says:

    How’s that banging a round peg into a square hole working out for you over there?

  53. turcopolier says:

    oddlots & mbrenner
    IMO neither of you understand how quickly and thoroughly a needy personality can be recruited to a “faith” that promises satisfaction of some sort. Any sort of “faith” will do if it looks able to fill a void in the personality. Particularly amusing, oddlots is your evident desire to absolve BLM of any culpability for encouraging racial violence. pl

  54. Tyler says:

    Or it could be down to low impulse control + poor time preference + insane ideology that blames others for their problems.

  55. Tyler says:

    “Problems don’t get solved with guns.” lol
    Your retreat to sentimentality is noted, but claiming that the wars in the MENA ‘prove’ that guns don’t solve anything (versus incompetent leadership from above) is absolutely ridiculous.
    This reads like more (((social science))) chin stroking.

  56. Tyler says:

    I think its going to take more than you simply stating “No no” when it comes to BLM being a bunch of narcissistic lunatics who want to kill YT.
    One only needs to look at their works to know them. But keep on dissembling.

  57. Oddlots says:

    Kind of both on and off topic in a way but does anyone else have the horrifying feeling that we are experiencing an oncoming wave of barbarity? I’m not even thinking of the US events or even those in Nice. What I found most horrifying this week was the slaughter of Turkish conscripts after the so-called coup failed. These are people who had their throats cut, were simply beheaded, or were beaten to death. FWIW I always assume that those that pay for political decisions made at the top rare the ones at the bottom so this panorama to me is of innocents being slaughtered.
    The MSM has managed to report this without even breaking stride.
    Reporting on a NATO member.
    That seems far more morally depraved to me than what we’re discussing here.

  58. turcopolier says:

    “this panorama to me is of innocents being slaughtered” Innocents are not slaughtered in Ontario? pl

  59. Dubhaltach says:

    In reply to Eric Newhill 17 July 2016 at 05:40 PM
    That’s a very good question. Can you have a movement consisting entirely of lone wolves? Or to put it another way can you have a series of lone wolf attacks the inspiration for which is a particular ideology.
    Recent European experience most recently in Nice argues that such a thing is alas entirely possible it would seem that America could be going the same way – it’d be nice to be wrong about this as by definition lone wolf attackers are far harder to guard against.
    If you started with the October 2002 sniper attacks how many lone wolves have you now had? (Just to be clear by lone wolf attacker I mean somebody or at most two somebodies with no apparent link to any political movement who attack armed forces, law enforcement, or the population at large in furtherance of political beliefs such as Islamism or some racial grievance that they feel).

  60. Dubhaltach says:

    In reply to Tyler 17 July 2016 at 06:57 PM
    Really it’s long past time you grew the fuck up.

  61. VietnamVet says:

    American blue collar workers were thrown under the bus. 37% of the good paying manufacturing jobs have been lost due to offshoring and trade pacts. Union busting and immigration has frozen wages. For those with jobs, life is a 24/7 gig economy. The USA has been at war in Iraq for a quarter century. More than 2 million Americans have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Society is turning on itself. Everyman for themselves. The cosmopolitan elite have nothing but contempt for the little people. Exceptionalism propaganda is failing due to endless wars and pay for play corruption. Government by and for the people has been flushed down the drain. To stop the chaos from coming here, the rule of law has to be enforced equally for all. M Brenner is correct. We need watch our language and try to describe the new reality as best we can. Only the truth will counter these trends. “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

  62. Tyler says:

    The truth is that the center cannot hold.
    Ivory tower tsk tsking ain’t going to counter anything.
    You’re trying to wish away a bad situation. Are you an adult?

  63. turcopolier says:

    “M Brenner is correct” About what? That we should not describe what is plainly visible? pl

  64. MRW says:

    The number of police killed in the line of duty 10 years ago in this country was double what it is today.
    The 1970s in the US had more domestic terrorism than anything we’ve experienced since 9/11 (Source: Brian Michael Jenkins, genuine terrorism expert, Senate testimony). You wouldn’t know this because of your age. Your parents were probably still in highschool during the 70s, weren’t they?

  65. jld says:

    Right, but the fact that these events are interpreted according to what can be termed “mythical views” DOES show that the “myths” are very well alive and present.
    So where does theses “myths” come from?

  66. Tel says:

    What you said: “18.5 police are killed by blacks for every black killed by police”
    What the link you cited says: “According to MacDonald, the police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black than a cop killing an unarmed black person.”
    Ahhh wait, you forgot to mention the bit about this statistic considering only *unarmed* black persons, and that’s why your numbers cannot possibly add up to reality. Cops in the USA kill about 1000 people each year (the majority being not classified as “black”) while only less than 100 cops per year are killed by any violent attack in the line of duty.
    The assumption of course is that all armed black people are guilty so we don’t worry about those (presumably don’t worry about the non blacks in any way whatsoever, armed or otherwise).
    Here’s an outline of people killed by cops, hope that helps.

  67. Imagine says:

    In a civilized society, violence is out of fashion.
    When violence and killing become in fashion, society becomes uncivilized.
    Societies swing through phases, as generations forget the horrors of anarchy and fascism experienced by their grandfathers. The last time the Black Panthers were shooting pigs and whitey, anarchists were fire-bombing campuses, and Marxists wanted to overthrow The Man with violence, it was the late ’60s. It took the Kent State Massacre to get people to wake up and start having anarchic violence go out of fashion.
    It seems self-evident America is entering a phase similar to the late ’60s again. Thus it’s easy to predict more anarchy, and a stepped-up militarization of the police in response, leading to more resentment in turn, etc., spiraling, until the bubble pops/airplane stalls/feedback in the system causes it to go unstable & then reset.
    Since people don’t go around shooting other people unless they get the idea that it’s popular/cool/the thing one does in such situations, that is, violence is CULTURAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL before it is physical, the effective countermeasure is: to make anarchy and ambushes uncool. This needs to be done through massive social campaigns, starting with the churches/mosques/synagogues/ashrams.
    Unfortunately, when TV and video games glorify killing people one disagrees with as the first and only solution that works, it’s an uphill battle.
    The floggings will continue until morale improves.

  68. Imagine says:

    A ray of hope–Police in Watts have started a special community program to teach their police communication, love, and respect, that they are servants of the community. This is coupled with a community town meeting program that is driven by older retired surviving gang members, now in their 50’s and 60’s, who are tired of the violence and understand their own side. It’s all about honest communication. The Community Safety Partnership (CSP).
    The main driving force behind this appears to be a black Watts-native woman who grew up to be a police sergeant, Emada Tingirides. She teaches policemen how to be effective stewards of the community. She comes across as a minor saint. If Watts can be turned around, so can other cities. I hope you can support her in her mission.

  69. Erik von Reis says:

    What has guilt to do with any of this? To an observer, there seem to be some number of cops that overreact when confronted with black people, and some number of black people who overreact out of revenge, killing cops indiscriminately.
    Philando Castile was stopped 40 some odd times then finally shot to death. Freeing yourself from the chains of white guilt would not have prevented this.
    That particular tragedy could have been prevented by certain individuals getting a simple fact through their thick skulls: whether the car I’m driving is stolen is not indicated by the color of my skin.

  70. Amir says:

    I think you might have misunderstood me. I meant that people (including myself) voted for him, not because of his longstanding social and political engagement and even gave him a Nobel Peace Prize before doing anything, just because they wanted to be politically correct. As Cornel West said of Obama, he ran on a fake progressive platform and turned out to support Wall Street Bankster presidency.

  71. Amir says:

    Can you please elaborate?

  72. Walter says:

    I can’t stand them… They r not lefties

  73. Swerv21 says:

    Clinton is going to end up tying herself into knots trying to respond to this. She won’t be able to say anything to reassure whites without undermining her ‘coalition’.
    Trump message on the other hand is simple and easy to understand. “Vote for me and I will end this.” Fairly clear, I think.

  74. Swerv21 says:

    As Scott Adams has noted, racist beats cop-killer every time. At least for most people, which is all that really matters to get elected.

  75. VietnamVet says:

    MB is correct:
    “violence begets violence”
    “We [need] to get a grip on ourselves and set an example of sobriety.”
    The recent series of shootings are blowback from 25-year war in the Middle East. Ending the overseas wars is the best way to stop further attacks here.
    I do not have the facts but only my experience to go on. I do know we are being fed propaganda. Orlando, San Bernardino and Chattanooga shootings were American Muslims reacting to the West’s ongoing war with Islam and became combatants in it. What is not plainly visible to me is if the Dallas and Baton Rouge shootings are a race war. These veterans may have returned home alienated by the hassles of the military and society. They could have had brain trauma. They may self-medicate to avoid feelings of anger, grief or guilt. They miss the adrenaline rush. Hitting bottom, they go out in a firefight with the authorities who they think are targeting blacks. Without accomplices, this is not war. It is a sick society that is not helping its Veterans or the other victims of its exploitation and indifference.

  76. VietnamVet says:

    I am a very old white male. The overseas wars must be ended. The rule of law for all restored. Criminals jailed. Plus, jobs provided for all able bodied males. If not, I have no doubt that the coming chaos with destroy the United States. For this reason, I cannot vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. She will start WWIII with Russia. He may trigger an ethnic civil war. I may or may not live long enough to get engulfed in it. You probably will.

  77. Ingolf says:

    Thanks Tyler.
    I read Heather MacDonald’s article (“The Danger of the ‘ Black Lives Matter’ Movement”) when it was first referenced here at SST and found it both interesting and useful. This whole business is clearly not only emotionally loaded but also complex.
    Per your linked article, the actual quote was “the police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black than a cop killing an unarmed black person [my emphasis].” Seems to me the adjective “unarmed” is fairly important. Maybe on that basis the ratio is correct (although it still seems odd) but isn’t it a somewhat dramatic and potentially inflammatory example to choose when there are so many useful ones just in that article alone?
    MacDonald’s article opened me up to more carefully considering both (or ideally, all) sides of this argument. FWIW, your approach at times has the opposite effect.

  78. Harry says:

    Please charge Sharpton with sedition. Please charge him with shoplifting, I don’t really care, just charge him and all his familiar in the Democrat party. Him and his ilk have done enough harm to black people with their vote “brokering”.

  79. Harry says:

    Yes I do. You can’t degrade institutions forever without cost. Some investment in infrastructure is needed. Both in terms of engineering and social.

  80. turcopolier says:

    “The recent series of shootings are blowback from 25-year war in the Middle East” I don’t believe any of that. Yesterday I listened to a Baton Rouge city councilwoman say that the violence in the US just now is caused by veterans returning from the wars who are mentally damaged. she implied that they should all be put into “treatment” when they returned. In other words they should be confined until the nation’s moms feel safe for their kiddies about them. Tyler would be in “treatment” for a long time under that regime. One of my former students at WP, now a retired full colonel who served endlessly in these wars told me that he and a similarly ranked friend went to see the Army’s shrinks five or six years ago to tell them about things they did not enjoy remembering. Mother Army had urged them all to do that. They stopped talking when they realized that the REMFs were afraid of them. Well, you know what? IMO there are some things that you just have to live with and you have to “suck it up” and march on. The idea that returned veterans are sick children smells of PTA and the League of Women Voters. I absolutely deny the cowardly notion that soldiers are the problem. What? You believe that to be true because of these two guys who had been programmed by the f—–g media to believe that Simon Legree lurks within the bosom of all white devils? The ratings chasing media have been beating that drum every day since Ferguson in spite of the fact that neither the FBI not DoJ found that the cop had done anything prosecutable and that Michael Brown had never had his hands up. In other words, the “wonderful” BLM movement was founded on a lie! Soldiers are dangerous to the general public? Hell! Look at how many of these shot policemen are or were veterans. Hell, look in the mirror. Do you think you are dangerous to the general public?
    IMO American society began to disintegrate in 1964. In that year the national narrative based on a mythic effort to construct something like an opportunity driven society began to fall apart under pressure from college kids who had been raised by parents who were survivors of the depression and WW2 to expect a very high level of good living and freedom from any kind of want. That standard of expectation was unreasonably high. Dsappointment led to rebellion and the beginning of social disintegration. This process has continued ever since. American society has been falling more and more apart ever since then, with its elements driven farther and farther apart by people with revolutionary ambitions and dreams, some of whom dominate the media. Those who run the Obama Administration bear a heavy responsibility for the most recent and accelerating phase of the disintegration. Their scorn for traditional American mores and insistence on pursuing a “hope and change” utopia has cut the guts out of anything that was left of a national consensus and sense of a common destiny.
    Now we are all contestants fighting for “shares” in what is imagined to be a shrinking field of opportunity. Is the country probably doomed to continuing decline. I think the answer is yes, but that is an old man’s opinion. In any event the decline and the shared distrust and fear are the inevitable result of the “evolution” of American society since the 60s.
    Soldiers who took one too many hits on the helmet from exploding ordnance are not the answer to an explanation of that social disintegration any more than are football players who have have taken too many head “shots.”
    Look in the mirror Americans and see how poorly you compare to your fathers and mothers who lived in the much denigrated 50s. pl

  81. Fred says:

    I was just trying to have an “honest discussion” about race. Conduct matters. You notice I don’t use a segregating adjective in front of conduct. I’m sure I’ll be taken to grammar school.

  82. LeaNder says:

    Tyler, as far as I can tell none of the officers, or the one which shot Laquan McDonald were in any way threatened. But never mind, digging up whatever type of juvenile delinquency may solve the case for the defendant.

  83. Fred says:

    Guns were part of the solution to a number of problems listed here:
    “And now veterans are solving perceived problems with guns”
    There are millions of veterans in the US. You are equating the conduct of tens of millions with of two terrorists? What’s the right word to describe that view, bigotry?

  84. SmoothieX12 says:

    Problems don’t get solved with guns.
    Yes they do. State holds a monopoly on violence, without it–there is no state, there is no nation, there is no country, in fact, there is no civilization. Once state begins to lose this monopoly–law breaks down. As Churchill said–the government is here not to create the paradise on Earth but to prevent hell. One prevents hell with violence–either with the threat of it or applying it directly. All those Kumbaya gospels are all good but they do not work unless there is a heavy hand of law behind them. Political correctness, suicidal ideologies kill the state and…drum roll–there is no liberty, security and law without state. If anyone tells you otherwise–they do not know history.

  85. Tyler says:

    You’re trying to attach this event to your particular hobby horse and it’s not working out too well.

  86. LeaNder says:

    “Turkish conscripts after the so-called coup failed. These are people who had their throats cut, were simply beheaded, or were beaten to death”
    Not sure I understand, but would like to. Conscripts? Forced to join the coups? Beheaded by state security or enraged citizens?
    Completely wrong?

  87. Tyler says:

    Or it could have been prevented by Philandro not reaching for a gun on his lap after being told “not to reach for that gun”, as well as NOT getting 40 traffic violations.
    Oh wait, blacks have zero agency in your world.

  88. Tyler says:

    Oh wait, because they’re unarmed that makes it all hunky dory?
    Grasp for those straws any harder and you’re going to compress them into a bundle of hay. Gotta parse this hatefact in a way that it fits in your narrative.

  89. LeaNder says:

    “at the present stage of social relations degradation there is no need of an a priori realization of whites as the culprits of anything”
    from nitwit to nitwit, a priori combined with realization feels a bit oxymoronic to me. Or are you suggesting, some type of synthetic or analytic judgment a priori or something along the lines of “prior probability” or “apriori algorithms” that escape me?

  90. Fred says:

    Obama is the same type of Elmer Gantry political hack that has been betraying African Americans since Reconstruction.

  91. Tyler says:

    Deaths have gone down, but what do the raw numbers look like? How many times are police shot at, shot and hit but survive, and so on?
    Trauma medicine today is light years beyond where it was in the 1970s. The paramedic program was a new invention out of California, and ambulances were carrying diapers for bleeding control back in the 70s. Now trauma and gunshot care has filtered down to the individual officer, with many agencies giving their officers “blowout kits” to help slow down a gun shot wound from killing you, and body armor that can stop a rifle weighs 8lbs between two plates.
    Many agencies have “tactical medics” on hand – officers cross trained as paramedics able to respond on scene in a quarter of the time it would take a regular rescue service. And this isn’t even touching the kind of care available in a Level I trauma center.
    My point, MRW, is that maybe it hasn’t gotten less dangerous out there. Maybe the police have just become harder targets to kill.

  92. Tyler says:

    Myths like “The police are killing innocent black baby bodies because rayciss”?
    The DNC and the (((media))) pushing a narrative before the November elections, that’s where.

  93. Tyler says:

    This is moral cowardice. At least HankP will sack up and admitting he’s voting for Borg Queen, who is about a thousand times more likely to engulf the world in WW3 than anything Trump will do.
    And Trump will not start an “ethnic civil war”. It will be the other side attempting to use minorities as its foot soldiers, and then being surprised when they end up getting Pinochet Helicopter Rides in the end.

  94. Tyler says:

    In your retreat to sentimentality, you forgot to name a civilized society where violence is “out of fashion”.

  95. Fred says:

    All good points. You’ll notice there is no longer any mention of Omar Mateen’s wife. Witness, conspirator?

  96. LeaNder says:

    Concerning lack of motivation. There must be some type of motivation, however ill-guided. Thus the question, what the hell happened to him, feels quite appropriate.
    But I find this sentence in your larger “feminist argument” interesting:
    “Some feminists insist that a woman should be able to walk naked unmolested, because his body is his own.”
    What’s the difference between “her” versus “his” body?

  97. LeaNder says:

    erecting straw men, which you then can strike down, Tyler, Anonymous?

  98. SmoothieX12 says:

    If it would be up to me–I would.

  99. LeaNder says:

    That’s a good argument, Fred. The victims are selected completely arbitrarily.
    Listen to the ideology:
    Gavin Long aka Cosmo Setepenra:

  100. Babak Makkinejad says:

    He probably could have used “ab initio” – not a Knatian for certain.

  101. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Yup, I remember Gage and de Soto…

  102. SmoothieX12 says:

    you forgot to name a civilized society where violence is “out of fashion”.
    There was a country once on Earth, where violence was extremely out of fashion. Yet, being a man was defined in terms of militarily serving (which is inherently violent) and taking responsibility for own action. Chivalry, which is derivative of military, was encouraged greatly. This country was USSR. After the violence and thug culture of 1990s, present day Russia is trying to re-capture this culture and my impression (I have been back from Russia for 12 days now) is that it’s slowly working.

  103. Fred,
    There’s no more mention of Omar Mateen, either. That’s yesterday’s news and of no further interest to our instant gratification society.

  104. tim s says:

    You hit the nail on the head. “Whites” have had their Christian charity turned back on them. The Tale of the Good Samaritan, commands of Christ, etc. have the good Christians in a state of paralysis over what to do. Nature implores them to stand up for themselves and take no more of the irrational abuse from those in western society who are failing to get their $hit together. The western religion says whites must forgive endlessly and care for our “brothers”. No wonder it is such a mess. This is ultimately a culture clash, and a mighty one at that, that must be resolved.
    This clash has been internalized among the white community itself, with the white lefties passing something like God’s judgement on their own people. Their childlike simplicity in their views of whites being the cause of all of the worlds problems shows only their own self-inflated sense of importance/influence, as well as their inability to understand their own people and history.

  105. Erik von Reis says:

    Whether Philandro was was mistreated is not indicated by the color of his skin.

  106. tim s says:

    Black people wanting to kill white people and cops has a history much longer than 25 years. The idea that this is blowback from the ME is a current meme and not much more. I don’t recall BLM focusing too much on MENA issues.

  107. Tyler says:

    Cry harder about how your narrative keeps getting wrecked by reality.
    “B-b-but lone wolf!” this friggin guy.

  108. Tyler says:

    At risk of subjecting us all to one of your tiresome meandering essays, I’ll point out that something isn’t a straw man just because you state it is.

  109. Tyler says:

    Your original statement contradicts this.

  110. Tyler says:

    Ah, but you read the article, didn’t you?
    The “unarmed” distinction is only important to progressives who have to handware away any threats to their narrative by trying to play down any facts that wreck it.
    Furthermore, you mistake the point of my argumentation 90% of the time. Progressivism is a cult – why am I going to waste my time arguing with a cultist? Much more useful to mock, point out hypocrisy, and show bystanders how they’re wrong with facts. You don’t beat rhetoric with diadetic, but with rhetoric and diabetic.

  111. Tyler says:

    You’re not kidding. Have you read BLM’s manifesto?
    Go look. I’ll give you a teaser: intersectional feminism.

  112. Tyler says:

    I look forward to Trump and Putin saving the West from itself.

  113. MRW says:

    After I posted my reply to you last night, but before it was published, I read a longish news wire Chicago Trib article written by two AP reporters with the help of three AP researchers, “When Army career ended in disgrace, Dallas gunman was ostracized.” It is thankfully devoid of hyperbole, or cant, which I appreciated. (Also comports with what the Colonel said about the guy a few threads back.)
    This fact shocks me if it’s accurate, but I haven’t verified the Washington Post source. 500 fatal shootings in the first 6 months of 2016? Can this be true?
    “Then, on July 5 came the death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling, as two white officers pinned him to the pavement outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, one of more than 500 fatal police shootings by on-duty officers in 2016, according to The Washington Post.

  114. Tyler says:

    Vlad and Donald will save Western Civ.
    But let’s learn Russian just in case we need to head out.

  115. Tyler says:

    You called it. Hillary at the NAACP convention is…well it’s not inspiring to those not steeped in the Borg Narrative, to say the least.

  116. Tyler says:

    And yet another officer involved in the Freddy Gray fiasco was acquitted this morning.
    Lawdy, reality sure has a reactionary bias.

  117. Fred says:

    That is because we do not count the daily shootings such as those in black neighborhoods in Chicago as domestic terrorism. While it might be an effective police tactic to start labeling them as such and then make the very costly effort of arresting perpetrators it would have a giant impact on voter relations for both major political parties.

  118. Fred says:

    Yes, to quote Stalin one death is a tragedy, a thousand a statistic. That must be why so many politicians never bring up crime stats for Chicago.

  119. Fred says:

    “After the verdict announcement, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake tweeted that Rice would face an administrative review by the police department.”
    “Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby …..has yet to find success in court, and is being sued for defamation by five of the officers.”

  120. LeaNder says:

    Don’t worry, honeypie. But yes, maybe one day you will be able to fight your own war of choice.

  121. SmoothieX12 says:

    As Cornel West said of Obama, he ran on a fake progressive platform and turned out to support Wall Street Bankster presidency.
    Both platforms are, how to put it politely–two different sorts of excrement. At this point it makes no difference whatsoever from the point of view of the final result, which also falls under the definition of excrement.

  122. SmoothieX12 says:

    Speak of the devil–WaPo and its opinion-mongers are desperate:
    I hope you are correct in your assessment. No vote for HRC from me or my family. As per Donald, we’ll decide closer to elections.

  123. kao_hsien_chih says:

    I’ve seen the same number a few times, but I suspect it might be a bit out of context, at least the way people throw it about. As I understand it, most of them are fairly uncontroversial, to the degree that police shootings go, involving violent criminals/suspects. That does not exactly make all questions moot, but raises different (and a lot more) questions: why are there so many potentially violent criminals who are sufficiently armed to warrant justified shooting? Where are they taking place? What were the circumstances (what were suspects armed with? were they intoxicated? what are the likelihood of officer injury or worse in comparable circumstances?) Comparing total (or per capita) police involved shooting between US and Germany, say, only obscures all these details.
    Several shootings that became controversial lately draw attention because they do not seem as justifiable as all these other incidents. Yet, treating them as if they can be viewed completely independently of the context where justified shootings took place is misleading, because these take in the same, or at least, similar environments. We want to reduce them but just claiming racism and demanding blanket reactions only on the basis of outraged morality is dangerous. Dragging out more data only to justify preconceived answers, as many seem wont to do, on both sides (not talking about folks here, but “social scientists” employed by both sides), is downright antiscientific.

  124. VietnamVet says:

    After I returned from Vietnam I had an eye problem that landed me in the neurological ward at Madigan Army Hospital for a month along with four quadriplegic wounded soldiers with their families getting well enough to be transferred into the VA system. The true costs of war are hidden. This feels like the 1960s again but with much less hope for change for the good. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton and more war. It has gone on far too long. The French are jeering their leaders for their utter incompetence. If there is a revolt in the USA it will be by the disfranchised former middle class whites with nothing left to lose. Donald Trump could ignite it. This why the Huffington Post and Washington Post are throwing everything in the book at him trying to preserve the status quo for the insanely rich. I agree society is more unstable today but I ascribe it to the greed and corruption that lets anything go as long as it makes money for the elite at the expense of the rest of society.

  125. Croesus says:

    Killing police versus killing school children seems to me to signal that the targets in the cycle of violence are getting closer to the perceived perpetrator of the original harm.
    When a young Iranian nuclear engineer was killed several years ago, Ronen Bergman appeared on US network news and explained that “Israel uses assassination more than any other state . . . It has thereby changed history . . .”
    The Nice killer used the “weapon” he had available and targeted the bottom-tier adversary — defenseless people who represented only symbolically the source of his grievance.
    Yossi Alpher explained in a 2015 interview that “Jews still use modalities from their ancient (biblical) history, including inserting themselves close to the seats of power, a la Joseph and the pharaoh.” Thus, Israelis (and pre-Israelis) were and are able to kill surgically and strategically, while people like the Nice killer, and the cop killer, — and killers like Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood, remain several or more steps removed from the echelon that is the source for the orders that cause what they perceive to be their persecution, and kill symbolically rather than surgically and effectively.
    “Changing history” is a slower process for killers who carry out lower-tier, broad-target symbolic acts, but both the assassination of highest-value targets and the mass killer keep the cycle of violence whirling inexorably.
    The true heroes are the persons who “interrupt the dance,” to borrow a phrase from Carol Tavris: they are the persons, like Sam Ervin and Archibald Cox who summon the courage to say NO, I will not participate in the cycle of violence. It really only takes a few such statesmen who have the courage to throw sand under the wheels of the cycle of violence, to grind it to a halt.

  126. SmoothieX12 says:

    your panacea strikes me as being a sure-fire formula.
    It is not a panacea–merely minimum requirements for law and order to have a chance.

  127. Ingolf says:

    Yes, I read the article but the net result was a small drop in your credibility. My guess is you left out the “unarmed” by accident but it still means I now have to treat future claims from you with greater scepticism.
    It doesn’t help that your answer isn’t a minor mea culpa but a fresh rhetorical blast. I realise you see this whole business as a war and my query as pointless nitpicking and evidence that I’m one of the enemy. Still, while I guess nothing I say is likely to change that it really should have been apparent from our brief exchange that I’m pretty open-minded about all this.

  128. James Loughton says:

    Perhaps she might have something to say that would embarrass the FBI or some other entity.

  129. Tyler says:

    One of the Merkel Rapefugees goes around chopping up passengers on a train in Germany screaming “Allah Ackbar”.
    MSNBC headline: “Axe Injury Occurs On Train”
    Or perhaps “Four German Racists Attempt to Steal Axe from Noble Afghan Refugee”
    Or even “Axe Lodges Itself In Bodies of Random Germans”

  130. Tyler says:

    Sorry, I was too busy ignoring the other 4000 or so blacks that had been shot by each other to concern myself with yet another dindu nuttin.
    You were saying?

  131. Tyler says:

    You know I’m right and its obvious I touched a nerve. I call this a good day.

  132. Tyler says:

    I felt the AP story was more about how sad it was that this guy got kicked out of the Army. I wonder if they would have been as sympathetic to McVeigh?
    Compare the number of police to actual citizens in the United States, and remember that police includes ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT in the United States and its really not that impressive a number.
    An impressive number is 356 homicides so far in Chicago alone this year. 157 in Baltimore.
    Also lmbo on that ridiculous description in WaPo. No mention of the fact that Sterling was reaching for a gun in his pocket and had a history of violent crime when he was arrested.
    More of the media “he a gud boi dindu nuttin” narrative enforcement.

  133. kao_hsien_chih,
    You can drill down to the circumstances of each of the now 532 killed by law enforcement this year on the WaPo interactive database including a short description of each incident. You can do the same for 2015. Just looking at this data shows only a few that mat be questionable. Of those they are either tragic mistakes or poor police procedures. Based solely on these killings, there is no evidence of a race war on the part of law enforcement. I know I’ve said that before. Good luck finding reliable data on police interactions with blacks and/or whites short of fatal shootings.

  134. Fred,
    If you counted daily shootings, it would look more like a civil war in the black community rather than a race war. It would also look like a civil war among whites. It seems such assaults are more likely to be black on black or white on white.

  135. Tyler,
    I have to fully agree with you on that one. That BLM manifesto and guiding principles are more new age than anything else. For the full throated “kill whitey” and “off the pig” experience one has to look elsewhere.

  136. Tyler says:

    Online, BLM is very weird when you look at the people running the show. Gay mulattoes who seem to be VERY angry that they aren’t hailed as the geniuses that Tee Vee told them they were, smart enough to realize that Affirmative Action hire is the same as “pity hire”, but too dumb to realize how to change that. There’s also the spectacle of them LARPing as black militants when many of them look like the blacks that got picked on by the actual thugs for being nerds. So that’s why online, their manifesto is a bunch of crap the average black doesn’t care about, like tranny rights and illegal aliens.
    In reality, its a bunch of rhetoric that plays to the worst aspects of black narcissism and slave mentality (in the Nietzschean sense) and has very real repercussions, as Dallas and Baton Rogue have shown us. Real life is where you find the “kill whitey” spectacle.

  137. Tyler says:

    Whites are 67% or so of the country. Blacks are 12%. It is a matter of per capita. Black on white is about the same as white on white when it comes to murder. When it comes to rape, black on white looks like Rwanda.

  138. Tyler says:

    Sorry commenter “Ingolf”, the fact you think I ascribe any significance to your opinion speaks poorly of you and your own self importance, especially when I laid out explicitly how focusing on the unarmed is basically an exercise in leftist handwaving.
    Your nitpicking is just that, and a sign of your mendacity, especially when combined with your “but I am keeping an open mind” when I think it’s pretty obvious that you’re not. I’m not interested in sophistic arguments about how to argue, or slave mentality in that I have to prove anything to you other than the case I made, which I did BTW. Instead you cringe about having wanted a minor mea culpa. Like I said, slave mentality. Sad!

  139. Tyler says:

    “Law and order” – dat rayciss.

  140. SmoothieX12 says:

    Sure it is. The same as pointing out that this rayciss culture, for all of its short-falls, is objectively the best there is. No this culture, no USA–instead it will be Liberia or New Orleans during Katrina. Everything at this stage should be reduced to very sharp and simple statements.

  141. Fred says:

    Get it right: DeRay Mckesson, the new $165K/year City of Baltimore School system employee, is the national spokesperson for BLM.
    “Mckesson, who will earn a salary of $165,000, will be the district’s third chief of human capital in two years, and manage of a budget of $4 million and 56 employees.

  142. Tyler says:

    If anything, ivory tower pontification of the type that Brenner engages in and deconstruction of everything Western is what got us here.
    I doubt we need more of it.

  143. Tyler says:

    You nailed it.

  144. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Likely, his asylum application was denied.
    EU is going through the fiction of designating this or that Afghan city as safe and on basis of that denies the application of asylum seekers.
    And many Afghans trying to settle in Europe are of the more educated sort than the Syrians.
    This fellow might have just snapped; he had risked too much to be denied the Promised Land now.
    I do not understand the Germans; they admitted a family of 7 Afghans not too long ago who were living in abject poverty in Tehran.
    May be Tehran is designated as a “Bad” city while “Ghandahar” is not.
    Largely, I think, EU has been caught in the web of its own propaganda and cannot easily extricate itself.
    If I am correct that this was due to a man loosing it due to denial of his asylum application, then we would be witnessing many more such cases in Europe.

  145. Ingolf says:

    Tyler, this isn’t persuasion, it’s trying to bludgeon anyone who even slightly disagrees into silence or acceptance. It doesn’t work, all it does is weaken your case.
    Mock, point out hypocrisy, show bystanders how they’re wrong with facts by all means. I’ve got no problem with these rhetorical techniques. Quite the contrary; I often enjoy your well-written, colourful, pungent comments even when I don’t agree. Ad hominems, however, are counter-productive, particularly when they’re done blind.

  146. jld says:

    This fellow might have just snapped; he had risked too much to be denied the Promised Land now.

    Do your ever reread what you type?
    He just confirmed he was deserving of Hell rather than any “Promised Land”.
    These shits are all the same…

  147. rjj says:

    People are being incited and blooded with snuff news. What then? And then what? etc.

  148. jld says:

    And then…
    This young trash WAS GIVEN ASYLUM in March.
    Read an interesting letter from Germany about how the mood is growing:

  149. Tyler says:

    To the Left, “honest discussion” means “you shut up whitey and listen to me rant”.

  150. Tyler says:

    You’re going to have to go for something other than “because I said so” champ as a reason to listen to you.
    All I’m hearing now from you is this sniveling hand wringing that doesn’t convince anyone, least of all me. Remove the beam from thy own eye and all that.

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