” … Biden administration ‘gutted’ the US immigration system ‘over past 4 weeks’” Homan

An email that was written by Tim Perry, chief of staff at ICE, to leadership at the agency was leaked on Feb. 12.  

I’ve seen the email. It gave instructions to ICE leadership that included what Perry called DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ “vision.” The 19 bullet points contained in the email are self-explanatory. However, let me summarize them.   

The current leadership of ICE is actively planning for an out-of-control situation at the border and already calling it a “surge.”  

There are instructions to leaders to spend whatever money is needed to transport those who cross into the U.S. illegally into the interior of the country and release them as soon as possible.  

They are instructed to end contracts for detention that actually have detention standards and try to contract with Target to get detention capacity at man camps that are typically used to house oil field workers and have no ICE detention standards at all.  

Perry also instructs the leadership team that sworn officers and fences are to be avoided. After all, we can’t have anything that look like it is an enforcement operation because the progressives think that is bad.  

The leadership team instructs that they want social services and mass release on ATD (Alternatives to Detention), even though the ICE website clearly shows about one-third of the people on ATD quickly abscond and only about 3% of people actually deported are on ATD. That’s because it takes three to seven years to deport someone who is not in custody. 

They want everyone released despite the fact that the DOJ website says that eight or nine out of 10 Central Americans will not get asylum relief awarded by the courts because they don’t qualify or don’t show up in court.   

They are also ignoring the fact, based on the DHS immigration lifecycle report, that less than 2% of family units that have been ordered removed since FY12, which is a few hundred thousand, actually left as ordered by a federal judge.  

What happens to them now?   

They will all get amnesty based on the new Biden amnesty bill despite the fact they entered the country illegally, lost their case, were order removed and became fugitives. Under the current administration, what is the punishment for ignoring a judge’s order and becoming a fugitive? Amnesty.   

Yes, this email is all about processing people as quickly as possible and releasing them into the interior of the United States.   

The email was all about assisting those who will commit immigration fraud and defy a court order.   

This is about the U.S. government completing the criminal conspiracy of smuggling by delivering children to those who conspire with criminal cartels to have their children smuggled here – which is a felony.  ”

Comment: Years ago I was at at a luncheon meeting of some do-gooder group here in Washington. It was probably at the old Washington Hotel across from the Treasury. The Mexican ambassador to the US was the speaker of the moment. He was treated much as though it was to be expected that when his time in DC was ended he would probably settle down somewhere in the US to open a taqueria or some such thing. At some point in his discourse he said of the southwest US “don’t worry about that area, we are going to take it back “by inundation.” The audience laughed but the look in his eye was clear. This was not a joke.

IMO the Biden Administration does not intend to defend the southern border. Latino activists and Globalists generally want to see the borders of the US disintegrate for interlocked reasons. One is the simple goal of reconquista A drive for tierra y libertad. Hey, we took it from them and they feel deep in their guts that at least the SW should be Latinoland. The second reason is simply part of the softening up process leading to the reduction of the US to a building block in the process of “globalization.” pl


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7 Responses to ” … Biden administration ‘gutted’ the US immigration system ‘over past 4 weeks’” Homan

  1. Stephen James Emmott says:

    What is the point of the exercise?
    Who benefits?
    Certainly not US citizens.
    It’s like the influx into the EU and Scandinavia of all those Soros-sponsored muslims displaced by wars in the Middle East. The only ones with anywhere to run to are those who will be welcomed in Israel. Everyone else is stuck with a nightmare situation.

    • Ed Lindgren says:

      Mr. Emmott –

      This is simply a part of the Democratic Grand Vision to cement in place a permanent Democratic majority in this country.

      Once the Dems flip Texas to the Blue column (the state is already evolving rapidly towards majority Latino), they will have a permanent lock on the executive branch of our national government. Flipping Florida Blue would also get the job done.

      The model is California. Gorgeous Gavin (or a Democrat like him) in the governor’s chair forever and supermajorities in both houses of the state legislature. Replicate this in Washington DC.

      The primary goal of Team Harris/Biden is a permanent consolidation of power for the Democratic Party.

  2. Deap says:

    Teachers union are the primary beneficiaries of open borders, which is why we keep hearing about children and families.

    They fill our failing K-12 classrooms and new cohorts of students are needed every single year to support teacher union jobs and teacher union dues.

    Sanctuary cities protect these K-12 students once they get here and the high-birth rate illegals (5-6 children each family) ensure thee K-12 funding cash chow supports the lucrative future of the teacher unions and their support of Democrat causes.

    California loses $23 billion dollars -net- every year due to illegals in this state – $15 billion just for mandatory K-12 expenses. SCOTUS in 1982 mandated free K-12 for all illegals. Teachers unions saw open borders was their cash cow. We need to talk about this more.

    It was learned several years ago illegals in California might pay approx $3 billion in various taxes, but take out $28 billion in taxpayer-funded goods and services. We need to keep running theses numbers if we are to ever understand what Democrats are really doing to our country.

    • jerseycityjoan says:

      I am afraid that for a lot of the people advocating lots more immigration it has become a moral imperative. They believe we owe it to the world’s downtrodden to allow them to come in.

      They believe that they make us a better country and that we need them. They take the idea that “diversity is our strength” literally.

      They have no notion of limits even though as people for whom environmental concerns play such a big part of their thinking, they more than other people should realize that overpopulation by humans on this planet must be stopped.

      They are blinded by their own self-righteousness. Giving them power over immigration is madness. We can only hope that typically selfish politicians who live in the real world realize this and refuse to give them what they demand.

  3. jerseycityjoan says:

    This is terrible and sickening.

    To see this level of voluntary stupidity on the part of the Biden administration makes my heart. Mistakes about immigration are particularly hard to bear because they are soon impossible to undo as we give automatic citizenship to the new people’s children.

  4. coboarts says:

    Let’s have a different take from a CA native. Perhaps, CA or at least the southwest is the reputed homeland of the Mexica, Aztlan. Huitzilopochtli was an extremely foresighted and capable war god. His people, although wanderers, served as mercenaries until they built one of the most culturally advanced, militarily capable civilizations ever, in the middle of a lake. Yes, their time had come and in One Reed the Spanish overcame them. Perhaps, as what seems to be a declining American empire, instead of resist integrating the northern (and one day also southern) parts of the geographic contiguous landmass we inhabit, we embrace these M’Fr’s and decide to, mmmm, do well together.

    • coboarts says:

      I know this is rather vague, so let me please elucidate. I suggest that we form Aztlan Brigades: military, construction, environmental remediation. I suggest this because the children raised in America, “El Norte,” are not physically capable of performing these tasks. These brigades supplement US American forces by providing, “boots on the ground,” of US North American forces that can be wielded domestically or internationally as doctrinal support forces for the North American Military Alliance, NAMA. Forces, like these can be deployed to support massive environmental homeland construction projects, as may be determined. Abroad, take a country formerly known as Somalia… these brigades could form “boots” brigades that utterly devastate the populations of target geographical zones, bringing them completely into compliance with NAMA dictates. Yeah, baby Empire writ large… The NAMA soldiers and their families receive full citizenship in the North American Military Alliance upon honorable completion of ‘X’ years of service. -Just kind of getting started on this idea, been smoking a whole lotta Huitzilopochtli…

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