Biden doesn’t know that there are 17,985 separate police forces in the US?

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“I still hope to sign into law a comprehensive and meaningful police reform bill that honors the name and memory of George Floyd, because we need legislation to ensure lasting and meaningful change,” Biden said when the bill stalled in September. “But this moment demands action, and we cannot allow those who stand in the way of progress to prevent us from answering the call.  That is why my Administration has already taken important steps, with the Justice Department announcing new policies on chokeholds, no-knock warrants, and body cameras.”

Comment: Does Biden not understand that he does not have authority over state, county, municipal and other non-federal police forces? Who the hell advises this man? Yes, the federal government gives money and equipment to local forces. Yes. The federal government provides some training for local forces, but if the Bidonians think that they can seize control of local forces by Executive Order, they are setting themselves up for another massive defeat in the courts. pl

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  1. Babeltuap says:

    Will Private Security Become the New De Facto Government? Prof. Edward Dutton “The Jolly Heretic” says that’s exactly what happened in South Africa in his recent video:

    The same could be said in the US with politicians, the mega wealthy and the sub wealthy in their gated communities. My high dollar sister in Austin has her own mercenary police force she can call behind the ramparts. It does have the aroma of officious but I will admit once you are protected by it I did have a change of heart.

  2. Barbara Ann says:


    Maybe he doesn’t understand, but in any case it seems he doesn’t care. Sentences including phrases like “..we cannot allow those who stand in the way of progress..” tell us how he is thinking.

    Biden is not a humble servant of the American people and of the Constitution – the latter I’m sure he considers at best an inconvenient barrier to Progress. He appears to be on a self-appointed messianic mission in the name of the Greater Good and nothing must stand in the way. As you have previously observed, this kind of behavior is to be expected from an NPD sufferer.

    Re the courts, there is certainly hope there. Biden’s attempts at rule by fiat were dealt a heavy blow in the SCOTUS ruling on Thursday on the Feral government’s attempt to mandate vaccination for 10M citizens. The dissent by Justices Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, and Barrett ended as follows:-

    “Although today’s ruling means only that the Federal Government is likely to be able to show that this departure is lawful, not that it actually is so, this ruling has an importance that extends beyond the confines of these cases. It may have a lasting effect on Executive Branch behavior”

    Take that Executive Branch!

  3. TV says:

    “name and memory of George Floyd” who was a violent felon with multiple convictions.
    Just when you think that Joe dementia can’t go any lower, he stumbles to a new low.

  4. Oilman2 says:

    Looking back in time, Executive Orders have been very unfriendly to the people. How much time has the SCOTUS spent on adjudicating EO’s? The fact that our congress is de facto useless and bought, the fact that there are so many laws/EO’s and BS incorporated into law means without EO’s, there would be little change in government.

    I think long term this will boil down to states asserting their rights or relinquishing them, with the concomitant drying up of Federal funds to states choosing noncompliance. This has already begun with the Covid madness, and government restricting antibody treatment specifically to Florida and gutting the Border Patrol by fiat are the first examples.

    Without an outside enemy, there is far too little to unite us – hence the Russian boogeyman dance currently ongoing. Russia isn’t dancing, just as we wouldn’t be dancing if Russian troops were massing in our hemisphere. Most see through this fog, and those numbers grow daily.

    It’s going to be more interesting when Biden gets pulled due to his expiration date, as ‘Giggles’ cannot run a lemonade stand and Congress is deadlocked as they have been for the last 30 years – effectively useless. I see states and rights moving to the fore as our ‘center does not hold’ due to corruption and oligarchs controlling the system.

    Interesting times, and glad I am in Texas…

    • Fred says:


      There is an outside enemy, China. They’ve bought colleges, universities, businessmen, the chamber of commerce and politicians uncounted. They have tens of thousands of “students” and various visa holders throughout the Republic. The democrats no long find it beneficial to oppose any of that.

  5. Deap says:

    Moving is mistaken for doing in Biden’s brain.

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