“…  Biden mocked after Florida speech double gaffe.”

“President Joe Biden was branded “confused” last night after making multiple mistakes during a speech while campaigning for Democrats in Florida. 

As the party continues to face an uphill fight for next week’s midterms, the President addressed a series of three gatherings in the state to drum up support, but ended up making a series of bizarre gaffes.

The 79-year-old mistook the American war in Iraq with the Russian invasion in Ukraine, said his son Beau died in Iraq and claimed he met the “inventor” of insulin.

In a point that President Biden makes regularly in public speeches, he attempted to blame rising costs on Russia’s war in Ukraine, which has sent energy prices rocketing. 

Instead he confused his geography and history, saying: “Inflation is a worldwide problem right now because of a war in Iraq and the impact on oil and what Russia is doing,” before interjecting: “Excuse me, the war in Ukraine.”

He then added: “I’m thinking Iraq because that’s where my son died.” Beau Biden passed away after a battle with brain cancer in May 2015 in Maryland, at the age of 46. He had returned from a yearlong deployment to Iraq five years earlier.

Biden was also mocked online for claiming he “spoke” to the man who “invented” insulin, one of whom died the year before Biden was born.”

Comment: Putin may be ill, but what is happening with Joe Biden IMO amounts to elder abuse. Does this man not have a wife? How can she let this mistreatment continue? For god’s sake let him go home to Delaware. That is where he wants to be. pl

US Midterms latest: Biden mocked after Florida speech double gaffe (telegraph.co.uk)

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13 Responses to “…  Biden mocked after Florida speech double gaffe.”

  1. Fourth and Long says:

    Joe will soon reveal that he met the man who first synthesized organic dexedrine.

  2. Valuenotfound says:

    At least there’s no more mean tweets…

  3. AK says:

    She is not letting it happen. She is making it happen. IMO, she is the chief driver of this farce and has been for some time. It’s the same with that poor sop Fetterman in PA.

    These men seem to have wives of low-class breeding whose entire motivation is to “come up” into high society, and infiltrating the halls of political power is the most readily available avenue for them to achieve that.

  4. Fred says:

    They can’t let him go home to Delaware, for if they did they would lose all ability to run the Republic. Kamala may be an idiot, but she’s certainly not stupid enough to trust her life to those people.

  5. Shako says:

    Manchurian Candidate wife?

  6. Whitewall says:

    When it comes to holding power, leftists will do anything including elder abuse by a wife if necessary.

  7. jim ticehurst.. says:

    Those Leftist…The Real “REDS”.
    .That NBC Turned Blue on thier Maps during the Gore..Bush Race in 2000…(Its a Fact) The Rebublicans were always Blue For\”Conservative..” from 1975 until 2000..when the Networks used the British
    Parliment Model..HAVE Done Anything To Abuse The United States of America..And ALL Its Citizens..and Our Children… It has Been very Viscious…Like any Marxist/Communist/ Fascist Campaign..

    .With 130,000 Deaths By Poisoning..And Undermining Our National..State and Local Safety and Security..At All Levels..Military..Law Enforcement and Strategic Fragility.. While allowing State Enemys to grown Stronger ;;Is Treason..And a Deliberate Abuse..And Mis Use of Power…

    The Mid Terms are The Check and Balance,, But We Have to Get to January 2023 Intact..Anyone who Cannot See The Looming Axis of Evil..Is Blind to
    Reality..China..Iran..N Korea..Combined ..China Can take Out Sats anytime..With Alibis..and Communist Lies..Getting around Sanctions..To Help..Allies ..At War..

  8. KjHeart says:

    IF Biden is faking having dementia it is the DEEPEST FAKE I have ever seen – everything points to Dementia – the onset would be diagnosable back to when his son was in Iraq since the formation of NEW memories is a real problem in Early Onset.. Like I said, if he is faking it is a Master Act.. or it is real, and he needs to be in care.

  9. jerseycityjoan says:

    I cannot agree with those blaming his wife.

    Whatever is going on with Biden was known by the Democratic Party when they made him The One after he won his first primary. I am sure it is known by all cabinet members who know their 25th Amendment responsibilities only too well. I am a disgusted Democrat and I am not letting them off the hook. Nobody else should, either.

    I am old enough to still be disgusted that no action was taken about Reagan in his final presidential years. The truth was obvious after he left office and admissions were made but who cares? We had a president with dementia in charge of nuclear football and it didn’t seem to me then or now that anybody was actually sorry about that.

    It says a lot that is bad that people are not being honest now about Biden. No one is breaking ranks. How can we have Reagan redux within living memory?

    As a PA voter I am also currently disgusted about handling of Fetterman situation. I was shocked to realize that the Democratic Party did not require any doctor’s statement from candidates running for major state and federal offices. Now I figure this is true for both parties in many state.

    If he had gone back to doctor before running for lt. governor, his deteriorating condition may have been caught and he might not have had his stroke. I have heard nothing about parties or states planning on changing their vetting of candidates. So has no one learned anything?

  10. Fourth and Long says:

    It’s some x hundredth and nth year of the empire. The sands of time are sanded down. Not only don’t most people of the empire know who the president is, the president himself isn’t sure.

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