“Biden slammed by Catholic priests for meeting with Pope Francis, taking communion”

“Several U.S. bishops expressed dismay about the pope’s reported words to Biden. Bishop Joseph Strickland, of Tyler, Texas, retweeted a blistering blog post by conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke that strongly reaffirmed that Catholic politicians who support abortion rights cannot receive the sacrament.”

I fear that the Church has lost its prophetic voice,” Bishop of Providence Thomas Tobin tweeted Friday. “Where are the John the Baptists who will confront the Herods of our day?”

“Earlier in the week, Tobin had publicly challenged Pope Francis to deny communion to the president.

“Dear Pope Francis, You have boldly stated that abortion is ‘murder,’” Tobin said.  “Please challenge President Biden on this critical issue. His persistent support of abortion is an embarrassment for the Church and a scandal to the world. Thank you. Very respectfully, Your brother +Thomas.””

Comment: “A scandal to the world …” Amen. pl


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8 Responses to “Biden slammed by Catholic priests for meeting with Pope Francis, taking communion”

  1. BillWade says:

    A fake President and a fake Pope, now, off to Glasgow to discuss a fake crisis of weather because a fake pandemic isn’t quite enough to get the peons to stop wanting their normal lives.

  2. Deap says:

    According to “anonymous sourcing”, Team Biden wanted the meeting with the Pope to be a highly orchestrated photo op, with rehearsed sound bites and great camera angles for later publication.

    Team Pope said no – presumably in Latin.


  3. Lysias says:

    Allegations are trending on line that Biden had a bathroom accident and that that’s the reason why his visit to the Vatican lasted so long. #poopypantsbiden

  4. Babeltuap says:

    As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, it is common for incontinence of the bladder and bowels to occur, particularly in the middle and late stages.


  5. Serge says:

    Totally unrelated: The taliban commander in the middle of this pic here from the Colonel’s post on the August’s takeover of the Kabul Presidential palace was killed today in a complex IS attack on a kabul military hospital in which the IS went door to door executing wounded talibs:

    “One of those killed was Mawlawi Hamdullah Rahmani, a senior commander responsible for the Taliban’s Kabul corps and one of the first Talibs to enter the presidential palace after the government collapsed in August, said Wahidullah Hashimi, a Taliban government official”

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