” … Biden Spoke With Hunter About Chinese Dealings”

“A new report revealed Joe Biden did, in fact, discuss with his son Hunter his business dealings in China, despite him denying doing so in the past. A voicemail from Joe Biden found in Hunter Biden’s inbox and released by the Daily Mail uncovered that the President wanted to talk to his son about a report on his Chinese business.

The voicemail dates back to the year 2018 and Joe Biden notably commented, “I think you’re clear.” That article raised questions about Hunter Biden profiting from selling political influence in the US.

The article in question detailed Hunter Biden’s dealings with Chinese financial giant CEFC and it mentioned how his main business partner, Ye Jian-ming, was arrested and later convicted for bribery.”

Comment: It is becoming ever clearer that it really is the “Biden Crime Family.” pl

Report: Biden spoke with hunter about Chinese dealings | One America News Network (oann.com)

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7 Responses to ” … Biden Spoke With Hunter About Chinese Dealings”

  1. Fourth and Long says:

    Biden is an affirmative action appointment. How so? He was VP in the Obomber administration.

  2. SRW says:

    So a presidential relative profiting off of his name? I’m shocked, totally shocked, but what else is new?

    • Fourth and Long says:

      The strongest human emotions are fear and greed. They over-rule any dogma, whether Democratic, nationalistic, faith centered or otherwise.

  3. Jose says:

    Selective leaks are a thousand cuts designed to make you bleed to death.

    Classic Deep State Tactics.

    Trump Resonations must have them scared to death.

    Modernized Roman Style Decimation just fire people or Modern Japanese style Seppuku let them quite.

    Justice is coming…

  4. mcohen says:

    It obvious by now that the usa presidency is in business for services rendered.It is expected under capitalism.So nothing new here.
    The link between China-usa-ukraine will define this Biden presidency.
    The old saying of the “hunter becoming the hunted” goes well with the tiger pictured.Will make entertaining spectacle tv.

    • Bill Roche says:

      There is nothing implicit under capitalism to have the country’s leader be corrupt pigs. Similarly there is nothing in socialism that precludes same.

  5. morongobill says:

    Dementia, or being old and forgetful, will be the excuse. Sounds like a good legal reason as well. Unfortunately look who is waiting in the wings.

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