Biden’s darkly funny but very threatening speech in Philly

Biden’s nasty discourse threatened the “Maga Republicans” and by implication the entire population of those who voted for Trump in 2020. He also threatened the GOP as a subversive organization. What was he threatening? IMO he was threatening legal and police action to suppress the party as a subversive and criminal group. At the last election that group had at least 74 million members.

The staging in this speech was remarkable. The blood red lighting, the two marines standing in for Algemeine SS or Brown Shirts, I wonder what those two kids thought of this. pl

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  1. John Minnerath says:

    I couldn’t bring myself to watch that mess, but I do feel sorry for those 2 young Marines, or has the Corps been browbeaten into wokism?

    • Deap says:

      Earplugs and discipline.

    • Whitewall says:

      Should the Marines have been there at all or did they volunteer? Commie Joe’s fist waving harangue looked like Soviet era leader Leonid Breshnev in his final years in power.

      What are these Democrats so nervous about? They do have the ‘stupid party’ as opponents.

      • Pat Lang says:


        Under military law they would not be allowed to “volunteer.” Their presence made Biden’s threat an official statement of the CinC.

      • Bill Roche says:

        WW you have been duped. There is no stupid party. There once was a republican party. It was called the GOP, the Grand Old Party. Both leaders and rank and file were Libertarians and Conservatives. It was overthrown in ’48 by Thomas Dewey who ushered in the new GOP which made up of pol. pros. They have no ideology. What you mistake as stupid is “not caring”. They don’t care about anything but political largess. Get it? They aren’t stupid. They don’t care. Many refer to them as the GOPe and their membership as RINOs. They are political whores. Choose your poison as you will friend, but don’t be fooled GOPe aren’t stupid.

        • Deap says:

          GOP is where you went after the Democrats went totally nuts and you didn’t want to register as an Independent. But once on board, you liked conservative principles, while Democrats got even crazier.

          We relatively new MAGA cross-overs think we are now the majority grand new party. RINOs kept us former Democrats away from the GOP in the past, so seeing them put out to pasture is a Good Thing.

        • Whitewall says:

          Bill, did the Thomas Dewey Rs later become known as ‘Rockefellar’ Republicans who liked to cut deal with Dems, go get a drink and play golf until the next ‘Big Idea’ came from Dems?

          • Bill Roche says:

            Yup, keep in mind I’m from NY the state some correspondents herein love to hate (NYS, its more than just one city). Rockefeller’s family has his mansion and estate just over in Ossining, he was NYS Gov (funny story bout his death – mosel topf Nelly), and he refused to admit he was a pro pol RINO.. “I consider myself a moderate” he’d say. That whole group of RINOs hails from Dewey in ’48. Eisenhower (invited in ’52 by Truman to run as a democrat), Prescott Bush, George Romney, Dick Nixon, Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, and all the sycophants that followed them over the years were prof pols. That means no ideology and that isn’t good when the opposing party ardently believe in socialism and national control of gov’t. In the 20th cent we’ve had a socialist party, since since Wilson, arrayed (since ’48) against a don’t give a ship” party. Zealots will win that contest every time. Goldwater was poison to the pol. pros. So was Reagan, the Tea Party, and of course Trump. They reveal the nature of the RINO. So I shake my head when someone describes the GOPe as the stupid or coward party. They don’t get it. It is a pro party. Ideology doesn’t matter, winning enough elections to keep bucksheeze flowing matters.

  2. Deap says:

    Biden failed to recognize his cartoon version of MAGA Republicans came from watching the violent end of the 1960’s film Easy Rider.

    In fact, those gun totting, good old boy rednecks were Dixiecrats; not Republicans. Biden must stop projecting his own Democrat party legacy of violences and racism on MAGA Republicans.

  3. Deap says:

    Last night’s performance made the Pelosi-Schumer hostage video response to Trump look like a rank amateur production.

    With all their ties to Hollywood and Big Media, one would assume they could offer more polished productions. But they can’t. The world is indeed safe from their anti-democratic takeover. They jumped the shark last night. It is all B-List theater from here on out.

  4. AK says:

    If you are a Biden voter and you are ok with this, then you are ok with having just made 74 million new mortal enemies. We’ll see how that plays out for you people.

    As I said to my sister, “I hope you get the society you are asking for. It won’t be the society you want, but it’s the society you are asking for.”

    • Mishkilji says:


      Please draw a quote from the speech that supports the phrase “mortal enemies”.

      • Fred says:


        “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

        Right out of his speech. I don’t recall him condeming Antifa or anyone else from 2016-2020.

      • Bill Roche says:

        There is a sequence for eliminating free men.
        First marginalize your political opponents. “they are not so many of them. They are not so important. They are wrong about every thing. They are not American!”.
        Next offend them. “everyone(??) knows they are stupid”.
        The propaganda press will drive this msg home daily.
        Then make them non human. Those Ukrainian farmers are tight fisted (unsharing uncompassionate) Kulaks. Those Jews are blood sucking ratzen. Did Comrade Mao have a pet name for the unfortunates he murdered?
        Once the opponent is not human the true believers will demand the state take action against them. The Leader will comfort the people. The state will learn who are the unclean and where they live. They will be visited in the early morning by men w/guns and dogs. The state will eliminate these dangerous elements. The method of elimination is unimportant; imprisonment and/or death. The crowd roars approval, red lights chris/cross over flags behind the leader who raises his hands to signal silence. He lifts up his countenance. It is illuminated.
        Shee, c’mon man, of course I’m kidding. The Holodomore, Holocaust, Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution never happened. The state removed any reference to those events from libraries and schools years ago.
        That was the significance of Joey Two fingers speech.

  5. Sam says:

    Jean-Pierre: “We have created nearly ten thousand million jobs since President Biden took office

    C’mon man! What’s a little Nazi aesthetic while demonizing at least a third of the electorate for that kinda jobs performance? 🤔

  6. walrus says:

    JM: “ I couldn’t bring myself to watch that mess, but I do feel sorry for those 2 young Marines, or has the Corps been browbeaten into wokism?”

    Ask them. the one on the left is Sally and the one on the right is Janine. I have their phone numbers somewhere………

    • Pat Lang says:

      “Sally and Janine?” OK. We would like more identifying data. These were not women.

      • walrus says:

        Col. Lang, I was joking by suggesting that the marines in this woke environment may have been girls who had undergone “gender reassignment”.

  7. TV says:

    This production was missing Austin and Milley sitting on the stage to his left.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Brought to you by Leni Riefenstahl productions.

      “So tonight, I have come to this place where it all began to speak as plainly as I can to the nation about the threats we face, about the power we have in our own hands to meet these threats.. (clenches fist)”

      “And I believe it is my duty — my duty to level with you, to tell the truth no matter how difficult, no matter how painful”

      Difficult, painful decisions ahead folks, but I’ve seen a movie that starts like this before. The Weimar democracy and soul of the German nation was permanently ‘protected’ in a matter of weeks via the Reichstag Fire Decree and Enabling Act. Thankfully the Framers built a much more substantial framework. So let us see this plan to protect the soul of America and separate the mainstream Republicans the Party finds acceptable from the wicked ones lost to “extreme MAGA ideology”. Joe did not offer to pray for their souls, I guess that would have been out of character with the demonic ambiance.

      One thing is missing from this thread so far; the views of the folk here still planning to vote for a government whose official position is now that 70+ million American citizens are “an extreme threat to our democracy” (WH spox a couple of days ago). What kinds of difficult and painful measures would they be willing to support to root out MAGA ideology and protect democracy from tens of millions of voters? Speak up, don’t be shy.

      • Sam says:


        There’s no need for an Enabling Act. They’ve already got Patriot Act and a whole slew of other laws. But do they even need any laws? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

        We have in any case a lawless FBI who can make up anything – see Russia Russia investigation, Gretchen Whitmer “kidnapping”, all these “terrorists” that the FBI knew who then committed terrorism, Randy Weaver, … The list is long and the judiciary ain’t no bulwark as they’ve mostly been co-opted. In any case you’ll be deemed guilty in the court of media as we saw in Russia Russia. Even a POTUS can be hounded so the little guy has no chance as Papadopolous and Carter Page found out.

        But what will the majority do come November? Vote Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum.

        • Deap says:

          After November and a Red Wave (not Biden’s red Scare) it will be a lot easier to get behind the MAGA agenda. We had two years to see what the alternative is.

        • Barbara Ann says:


          The last line of defense is represented by those 2 Marines and the oath they swore. Biden is no Hitler and there is no analog of a loyal SA/SS supporting him. No matter how they torture the law banning political movements/parties and/or mass voter suppression is plainly unconstitutional. Put another way, do you interpret the fact that the Party felt it needed to give such a speech as a sign of strength? No. They are screwed in November, desperation is setting in and all they have left it threats. Hold fast.

          • Sam says:


            This speech IMO was aimed at their base. I believe they loved it. I’m no fan of either of the 2 parties nor Trump for that matter who is equally divisive. Although as far as the current crop of politicians are concerned I was impressed with how Kari Lake responded to this reporter’s gotcha question:


            It is easy to forget the Democrats election denial in 2016 and so many expressing that Trump was illegitimate. And then there was all that craziness by Sidney, the pillow guy and others in 2020.

            My observation is that the oligarchy recognize that divisive social issues are easy to use to manipulate the population. 9/11 and Covidian hysteria has proven to them how easily Americans will accept safety over liberty even when it is proven over and over that they’ll give up liberty and not receive any additional safety. For me the covidian authoritarianism is a bright red signal that increased authoritarianism backed by the majority is our future. We’ll see more and more emergencies.

            The problem is not the oligarchs. They’re just taking advantage of the reality that we can be so easily manipulated. The issue is with us voters who can’t get off the duopoly treadmill.

      • Bill Roche says:

        BA I hope this admission doesn’t upset you. I don’t always agree w/you. Take heart, I don’t wish to hurt or imprison you because we disagree. That is not the case for the left. I met them back in 1966. I found them intolerant, violent towards political opponents, demanding their ideas immediately. They haven’t changed. They are fascists. If the left wins what will it bring? Is it literally fighting for socialism. Maybe, but I think socialism is just a step along the way. The left wants to control the individual and socialism is a means to that end. What will the left be willing to do to root out the MAGA cretins who obstruct their worldview. Consider the Holodomore, the Holocaust, the Great Leap Forward and Red Guards, Cambodia, consider Cuban, Venezuelan, and N. Korean horrors. It’s all “on the record”. Many Americans are willing to travel that path again. Every little leftist marcher thinks he/she will be a leader … a philosopher king, an elite. They are by nature arrogant. I still know them. Some are in my own family. Leni Riefenstahl smiles in the darkness – a great reference.

        • Deap says:

          Think of the Reign of Terror after the French Revolution. Think of the Paris Commune after the end of Napoleon III. Plenty of historic examples of excess on both right and left. Those French are such a volatile lot. Let them be the lab rats for “socialism”; not the US. We are made of different stuff – time to re-read De Tocqueville and get back to basics about what grew to become America.

        • Barbara Ann says:


          Ideologies of all kinds are toxic and poison the correct workings of the mind. The amount of projection in that one speech was jaw dropping. If Biden supporters do not see the bare-faced totalitarian aspirations of these people after this I have to presume they support one party rule and are comfortable with Joe’s redefinition of the term “democracy”. None here has so far come forward to defend that speech or to say “OK that was too much”. Sad.

          The Left, pretty much by definition, is comprised of largely well-meaning folk who harbor Utopian fantasies about the arrow of progress leading us inexorably towards the brotherhood of man (Jack London exemplifies this thinking). But Plato’s philosopher kings were always an abstraction. In the real world man seeks to dominate man and the ruthless are constrained only by practical means, not high minded ideals. The Framers knew this and the Constitution represents our best efforts so far at a pragmatic implementation of Plato’s conception.

          We who see the world in non-Utopian terms are doomed to be Cassandras. The ruthless will exploit starry-eyed dreamers and the dreamers will only awaken once it is too late. We are here again and the Gods of the Copybook Headings will soon be limping up to explain it once more.

    • Phillip e Cattar says:

      Milley was probably getting some help for his “White Rage” problem.

    • Bill Roche says:

      And Brennan and Clapper sitting dourly on stage to his right. “We have the means to find you, and the means to deal with you!!! Said Joey 2 fingers as he gestured right and left. The red back round momentarily darkened.

      The socialist are telegraphing what they intend to do Wachet Auf, wake up.

  8. mcohen says:

    Pure camp.Least you guys still have a sense of humour⁷

    • Pat Lang says:


      I know a lot abt the 3rd Reich and do not remember the NSDAP using actual German soldiers as props at party political meetings, rallies, etc. They used their party militias. Those may look like soldiers to you, but they were not and that makes a difference.

  9. Dolores O´Neil says:

    But this is complementary to the comments by his spokesperson on the extremism of those who do not agree with the majority…There is a plan…It seems to me kinda Ukrainization of the US…You tell me….

  10. Dolores O´Neil says:

    Others view the staggering as satanic…

    IMO this is to take advantage of the still present in the masses shocking and scaring effect of the menaces related to the “vaccines” so that to provoke in them a pavlovian response on not voting for “extremism” so that not to be signaled or ostracized by society…
    Remember that most of the people hates to be signaled or kept apart, they fear isolation or losing their rights, this is why so many of them got the venom in the first place…

  11. Fred says:

    The short summary for the independents and moderate MAGA republicans is “don’t think of the economy,! The message to democrats is “Will no Bernie Bro rid us of this man!” Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson being erased from historical memory, along with the democrat who tried to kill Senator Paul of Kentucky. Though I’m sure feds like Ray Epps stand ready to help provoke the gullible.

  12. Fourth and Long says:

    Wurst screech by Pretzeldunce of my experience in terms of style, rhetorical ability etc. I agree that Magas ain’t too swift and are quite misguided and dangerous. But it weren’t no way to say Ich. He’s worse than a nazi, he’s a leader of nazis. He doesn’t even know it though.

    Is Joe King Joking?

    Facts about Moses. Hoary (grey-white and old). A prominent speech impediment. So his high priest brutha Aaron (err on?) spokified for him. Joking Joe Kingfish’s Press Insectretary is Ron Klaine. Ron. AaRon. Air Ron. Air On. On Air.
    A furiously intense tripwire temper and raging angry “prophet” See him prophecy last night. Recall Col Lang’s recollection of being challenged to a fight. Would you fight an ex Green Beret Colonel? Indicates at least bad judgement? Moses slew the Egyptian. Col Lang was a Middle East expert. Many other examples of rigid quickness to anger. (Midrash says Moses wasn’t given the 50th key to the Kingdom (didn’t enter holy land) because precisely bc he laked the divine quality of being slow to anger). He had to run. (Josephine Biden “HAD” to run in 2020). To Midian where he met Zipporah (who was said to be of dark skin, many peoples claim her to this day, Yemenites, Israelites, etc Many peoples – Kamala Harris, dark skin .. many ancestries) at the well and critically Jethro, her father and high priest of the Volcano God (which appears often as the Volcano fire and smoke throughout the tale)- Gains Power over nuclear weapons (elected Poetess). Commits, as recounted in Bk of Numbers the Atrocity of the Brazen Serpent (that is a redacted euphemistic account of the killing of huge numbers of the hordes of Egyptian refugees, possibly Hebrews and others by seraphim resembling fiery lizards from on high (Zipporah’s local name btw is Serap) the fairy tale Moses erects Nehustan, the brazen (or brass or bronze, but brazen seroent may refer to a treacherous high ranking officer who led a mutiny (mutiny was ongoing in the exidus tales) serpent wrapped around a staff which is a symbol of the ongoing medical hoaxes up until today … what pray tell was this Poetess recently believed to be involved in, correctly or not, if not the greatest medical hoax in history (?).

    There’s so much more but to summarize, and recall that Moses, significantly would turn White when his rage overcame him – fairy tailed into “heard god’s voice” – he couldn’t see God because to do so he would surely die? (Aviator tinted glasses and windows of POTUS mobile? Have it your way but no. “God” is a primitives projective fantasy of towering all powerful parental figures. The god of the Oatie is the director of military or secret intelligence – Moses is a general meeting in secluded places with this critical figure – you can never lay eyes on him or pronounce his name on fear of death (can’t say the whole lie name in the hebrew superstition or else) – that’s recognizable to anyone who watched MI6’s self worship James Bond OO7 films – M, Q etc, director of Spectre etc). Gee, does a poetess (JRB) meet with chiefs of secret Intel?

    Turns white – no not enters white house (though he enters the wh sometimes to speak with his Intel generals) – look at JRB – look. .

    Significant speech impediment (that almost keeps him from being elected etc) but spokesperson brutha AirRon will help with the telly prompter.

    Split second anger so bad he murders people. And runs.

    Says middle name is “I am a Zionist” (mount Zion , Moses fans).

    Possibly El Presidente has even been told all these things by … and “knows” he is a man of destiny. – wasn’t Moses told he was da one – (and not By whom from Khartoum).

    Medical hoax. Atrocity that kills many “of his own people” — the seraphim sting (injections) poisons killing the believing people – from out of the sky (project Warp speed – where flyest the Warp speeders, Trekkies?)

    Italian Wikipedia has a brief article on Nehustan:

  13. Sam says:

    Meet John Podesta. He is a veteran political operative. He is now Biden’s climate adviser. He will manage a $370 billion climate slush fund.

    Meet John’s brother Tony Podesta. He was paid $500,000 by BLACKLISTED Chinese firm Huawei to lobby the Biden White House.

    Any questions?

    Let’s not make this into a partisan food fight. The Republicans are equally corrupt. This is why the ends justify the means fight for power. And why the system favors divisive social issues while the insiders rake it in. Money borrowed from future generations and into a slush fund to disburse to the oligarchs. The revolving door between the regulator and the regulated, the general to the board of a defense contractor and so on. You’re either in the club or sucking wind.

  14. jim ticehurst.. says:

    The Staging ,,Lighting..Script..”looked Like a Klan Meeting…
    Everything But Torches and Burning The Cross..
    I Prefer a Rally Call to..”.Make America Great Again”.. Millions of Legal Folks Agree.
    What I do not Like Is Fakery or more “FAGA”…F..K America Good Again”
    I Dont Like Red Vs Blue…As an American Its ONLY…RED..WHITE AND BLUE..
    Screw The Propoganga And Party Hacks..As in Hacking FUR Balls..

    Full Blow Marxist..Doing thier Gotcha COUP..They Think So Foreign…REDS Do that
    But This isnt Russia…Germany..China..and other RED Party States..

    Its Not Biden…He doesnt Even Make a Good Sock Monkey for His Masters

    They Like to Call Anti Communist/Marxist…………..” Fascist..”..

    I Call those of Us who Like Freedom..Patriots..Americans…and We Will Carry
    The Banners..That have been Passed..From Generation to Generation..

    And Yes…There My Opinion…The Creator factor..Thats WHY They Hate Us.

    • Bill Roche says:

      JT I will carry that freedom banner w/you, but many (I can’t bring myself to call them Americans) today are NOT for freedom. They agree w/state control of everything; including you. Ask them a few questions, its not hard to have their intolerance pour out. I’m afraid many well meaning, patriotic, “old time” democrats don’t understand the depth of socialist fascism their party has embraced. Liberty is on the ropes. Violence, lurks nearby. What do you mean liberty is on the ropes? Many do not believe in liberty.

      • jim ticehurst.. says:

        Bill..Dont Give up Hope.. General Washinton didnt..The Colonists didnt..Againt all Odds..Against Fighting an “Empire”..
        Against The Tyrrany..That Caused our Founders to Lay it All Our in Our Constitution. and Bill of Rights….In Order To Creat a Better Union..It is STILL OUR Union..We The People..
        Those Who Are of the Progressives..Are Also..NOT We the People..Many Belong to a Corrupt Political System..Far Removed from What The Founders Intended..

        Binden Lighting Independence Hall For His HATE Speech like that..Was an Insult to those who Gathered the
        v1700s..They would put him on Trial..

        I cannot imagine John F. Kennedy. ever give a speech Like That..Using those Optics..With So Much Hatred..

        Let Freedom Ring..Stand Tall.
        .Progressive Propaganda…speeches are Lies..and Liars Believe them..

        Millions of Americans are Smart enough to Know the TRUTH.

        We Dont Need Republicans or Democrats to Sell it

        True is Free..
        Are Lies…n

        • Bill Roche says:


        • Deap says:

          JFK did something much worse than giving a pro-fascist speech. In 1962 JFK signed Executive Order# 10988 granting government employees the right to unionize. I

          In this one extra-legislative, extra-judicial executive order #10988, most likely as a payoff to Chicago Mayor and union boss Richard Daley for JFK’s own stolen election, JFK unleashed the unionized power of the Deep State that now devours us today.

          With just a stroke on his pen. No subsequent POTUS has had the courage to rescind this massive misstep in US history. No wonder Democrats spend so much time curating JFK’s faux Camelot imagery.

  15. optimax says:

    As Hail to the Chief starts red lights bath illuminate the bricks of Independence Hall, a white spot light subdues the red to a loving blush that symbolizes the loving couple walking to the dais. Joe starts the speech, the spot light exits stage left turning the walls blood red. The color of power, passion and war. A message reinforced by the two marines. Joe becomes the angry leader defending democracy and strong enough to destroy those that threaten his rule.

  16. SRW says:

    About those Republicans clutching their pearls after Biden’s speech the other night; I think the New York Times says it all:

    “New York Times: “The Republicans’ reaction to Mr. Biden’s speech was remarkable. For years, they stood quietly by as Mr. Trump vilified and demonized anyone who disagreed with him — encouraging supporters to beat up protesters; demanding that his rivals be arrested; accusing critics of treason and even murder; calling opponents ‘fascists’; and retweeting a supporter saying ‘the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.’ But they rose up as one on Thursday night and Friday to complain that Mr. Biden was the one being divisive.””

    • Sam says:

      Biden: “I do think anyone who calls for the use of violence and refuses to acknowledge an election has been won… That is a threat to democracy.”

      Roll tape on Democrats calling for violence…

      Tonight, Joe Biden said, “This is a nation that respects free and fair elections. We honor the will of the people. We do not deny it.”

      Here’s 10 minutes of Democrats denying election results:

      President Joseph Biden: “This is a nation that rejects violence as a political tool. We do not encourage violence.”

      Senator Joseph Biden: “I was suggesting we bomb Belgrade. I was suggesting we send American pilots in and blow up all the bridges…”

      It’s hilarious in a way how passionate folks are about their partisan “team” or their ideology “label”. Yet few recognize that BOTH teams don’t care a rat’s ass about you and only care about the spoils of their power.

      Jimmy Dore calls it correctly IMO.

      • blue peacock says:

        “Yet few recognize that BOTH teams don’t care a rat’s ass about you”

        Indeed. That’s the Truth. However, I suppose the high of being a rabid fan of a team is a powerful psychological elixir. Although I believe the percentage of registered independents is growing. Ross Perot got to 25% of the national vote. If independents can start to gain that kinda percentages in local and state-wide races and then over time push a few points further up it would have a meaningful effect on our politics by breaking the stranglehold of the duopoly.

  17. Sam says:

    Donald Trump and Joe Biden Both held rallies in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania this week.

    Here is what they looked like back to back.


    This is quite reminiscent of the 2020 campaign. Joe in the basement and Trump drawing huge crowds. But….the basement campaign won!

  18. Deap says:

    Unwrap the fatty, breaded spam sandwich of a speech and see what actual slices of meat they wanted viewers to take away:

    1. Trump led the Jan 6 violence in order to overthrow the US government
    2. 2020 election was the most safe, secure and honest ever in US history
    3. You are a traitor and threat to America if you do not agree with us.

    • Bill Roche says:

      4. And as a traitor and threat to America the gov’t will imprison you to keep your words and thoughts away from other “loyal” citizens.
      People may say “oh, pswaugh, your exagerating.” But every totalitarian has its start. Wake up America and smell the roses!

      P.S. I read California is about to revoke Dr’s licenses if they have been found to have said questionable things about covid … You will comply w/the state or you will lose your livelihood.

  19. Deap says:

    Early psychological experiments conducted at leading universities in the 1960’s investigating power of conformity, reached the following conclusions:

    “–They know they can make people do anything if they reassure them they won’t be held responsible.
    –They know that they can rely on people to abuse any power they’re given, OR believe they are powerless if they’re treated that way.
    –They know that peer pressure will change a lot of people’s minds even in the face of undeniable reality, especially if you make them feel completely alone.
    –They know that if you offer people only a small reward for completing a task, they will make up their own psychological justification for taking it.
    –They know that people will mindlessly do whatever everyone else is doing without ever asking for a reason.
    –And they know that people will happily believe something that never happened if it is repeated often enough.”

  20. Sam says:

    Judge Aileen Cannon grants Trump’s request and orders the appointment of a special master to review questions over the materials seized at Mar-a-Lago. She also halts use of the materials for “criminal investigative purposes” pending the special master’s review.

    I’m curious how the judge plans on enforcing her order halting the use of seized documents by DOJ/FBI? We know from past experience that they’re the 4th branch.

    • Pat Lang says:

      I have seen both groups withhold evidence to improve their case.

    • Sam says:

      I started taking screenshots of bluechecks describing the Special Master appointment as “illegitimate”, but it’s just too many to track.

      If you don’t see where we’re headed, then you’re just not paying attention.

      A majority of American voters now believe any decision or outcome favoring the other side must have been achieved by corrupt means.

      That’s the event horizon for Constitutional crisis and political collapse. Sorry, but there’s no escaping this now.

      IMO, this is precisely what the oligarchy want. More emergencies to tighten the noose of authoritarianism. Now that Trump voters have been labeled as extremists and a threat to democracy and Trump has labeled Biden an enemy of the state. And Biden has taunted all those with AR-15s that they’ll have to face F-15s. It would appear we’re heading to a similar emergency in the not too distant future that Lincoln used to suspend writs of habeas corpus.

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