Biden’s immigration policy will destroy him.

““It really means that he’s going to run on the combination of two energy sources: his own successes and his record and Biden’s failure and his record. When that immigrant caravan hits the border and all of a sudden hundreds of thousands of people are coming into the United States, that’s going to be an incredible issue for him.”

Biden has started to roll back hardline immigration policies implemented by former President Donald Trump and two weeks ago unveiled sweeping immigration legislation that included a proposal for a path to citizenship for roughly 11 million migrants living without legal status in the U.S.

The bill also includes a shorter process to legal status for agriculture workers and recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

“I think Trump is absolutely positioned perfectly,” said Morris. “And I love the line, I adore the line, ‘Trump puts America first, Biden puts America last.’”” Newsmax


I really do think that Joe was never anything like a moderate. IMO he has always thought of himself as a progressive. He just kept quiet about it. He is a supremely ambitious man and when it was advantageous to seem moderate he behaved that way. But now, he is king of the world and can act out his fantasy life in imaginings of various kinds including the “thought” of himself as a heroic defender of the immigrant. You know, like his fighting, bombing Molly McGuire forebears.

He has lost it over this open borders thing. Most of the world’s poor and discontented want to come to the US. They are marching toward the SW border in vast numbers. Many of them are not Latinos. Africans, Middle Easterners, South Asians, they all want in. And Joe and company have hung out welcoming signs in every way they could imagine.

There are millions of Americans who lost their employment in the pandemic madness that gripped much of the country last year. Some millions of them are still out of work and Joe Joe is growing their numbers through ideologically motivated pipeline shutdowns. BTW these shutdowns are not motivated by concern for the feelings of Indian tribes. They are motivated by the desire of people like Biden’s nominee for the Interior Department to halt the consumption of oil and gas. The economics of such a halt mean nothing to such people. All of them including the ass John Kerry share a college delusion about the mobility of labor pools.

Illegals, sanctuary seekers and criminals are going to pour across the border. Joe will drown in that tide. pl

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  1. BillWade says:

    An Israeli company has unveiled a sophisticated drone system that picks apples (and I would think oranges) with high success. The system operates 24 hours a day, detects ripeness near perfectly, and never needs to be fed, clothed or housed.

    John Kerry advises laid off pipe-fitters to learn how to install solar panels. At least he didn’t advise them to become solar panels, good tan and all, lol.

  2. TV says:

    No, Joe will not drown in the tide.
    He, the Democrat-media party and the swamp Republicans will give them amnesty and then citizenship.
    PRESTO – a whole new voter bloc of welfare-taking Democrat voters.
    Paraphrasing Walrus:
    The uninformed, badly educated, immature mass of voters might wake up when they begin to starve.

  3. coboarts says:

    Let’s put all of these good folks wanting to come to America into “Build it Back Better” battalions. The first project that I suggest they undertake is digging a canal from the Salton Sea to the Gulf of California, with appropriate bridging, etc. That will flush out what needs to be flushed out and can be tested as a project that can be used in other desertified places – and how might that affect ocean related rise due to climate change -??? California is a crazy place -right?

  4. jerseycityjoan says:

    He will have a real mess on his hands.

    But between the progressives convinced we can take in everyone and the Republican business lobbies who want more customers and more cheap labor no matter the cost to the rest of us, I think he may be able to survive a four year term using executive orders to allow people in and ignore enforcement.

    The people who want more immigration have been getting what they want for decades. Even during Trump’s time we continued to bring in lots of new people without deporting all that many until covid-19 hit. He put out some great executive orders in his last year that he could have produced in his first which were never implemented.

    The day will come when we realize we have already taken in too many people and that we will have to cut future numbers way down. I wish we would wise up before we’re forced to change our ways but I am not sure we will.

  5. Pat Lang says:


    I re-published this. The tidal wave will destroy Joe. All the world is marching toward the SW border. This wave has only just begun.

    • TV says:

      The surge might very well destroy America, not Joe dementia.
      Joe, with his millions from years of “public service” will be just fine in his mansion with private care and the puppet masters implementing this act of destruction?
      They’ll return to the “think” tanks and academia.
      The mass of American people will suffer the open border surge – jobs, schools, hospitals, much, much crime, BUT isn’t this what they voted for?
      They elected America-hating left wing, “free stuff” Democrats across the board.
      People get the government they deserve.

  6. BillWade says:

    I mentioned drones picking fruit above. Kroger, the supermarket chain, has deployed robots at one of their warehouses in Ohio. The robots can pick 50 customer ordered items in 8 minutes compared to humans that take about a half hour to perform the same task. Their many warehouses will soon be going this route, lots of lost jobs, sorry little people enjoy your checks, I’ll bet the weed stores will soon cash them for you. Why wait till 2030, you can own nothing right now and be happy! Yippeee

    • TV says:

      The “little people” didn’t like the bad orangeman.
      He sent out mean tweets and was boorish.
      What goes around comes around.

  7. Deap says:

    Fact of life: illegal birth rates are high – 5-6 kids per couple. Anchor babies and chain migration. This feeds teachers unions cash cow needs – steady supply of new cohorts to fill failing K-2 classrooms every single year.

    We rarely talk about this pay to play Democrat windfall for illegal immigration of “families”. Follow the money. At least $15 billion dollars a year spent on K-12 enrollments for illegals in California. Does any other industry benefit from open borders and “family migration” as much as public education? Is this racist to point this out?

    Virtually every entry-level government and clerical position is now filled by “dreamers” since they are bi-lingual, which is now the threshold job description requirement in this state. Legal state residents lost out on jobs and inferior public education because of this exclusive accommodation to the children of illegals – aka the “dreamers”.

    What do legal American citizen kids dream about? How are we paying attention to their needs that have been denied them because of the inferior education they are now getting as well as shunted to the bottom of the list because of their “white privilege? I think we need so neutral data on these issues because by visuals in this state alone, our own legal kids have been squeezed out of the “American Dream”.

  8. Fourth and Long says:

    It will increase the desires for secession in states like Texas especially. Enough get naturalized and on voting roles – might push the State GOP to try. Unclear and off in the future somewhere.

  9. Roger Spenser says:

    The ‘official’ media will do all they can to protect and defend Biden by omission and outright lies.

  10. TV says:

    If there were to be justice, this wave of crime, social dysfunction and welfare taking would really hit…..Georgia.
    Republicans in Georgia decided that they didn’t like Trump, so they stayed home.
    They SHOWED him.

  11. jerseycityjoan says:

    God knows how many people will end up here. I think Biden has said he will once again make things like gang violence and domestic violence allowable to make asylum claims. I think Trump stopped that.

    Another thing I wonder about is when will we get a lot more people from China and India with their growing middle classes who can afford to finance their trips?

    Here’s a disturbing but excellent article from last year. It describes how many more Indians want to come here, are coming here (except for recent pandemic restrictions) and how they are lying about asylum claims. Yes, for the first time ever that I have seen, liberal NPR has numerous people on record talking about lying to stay here.

    Then there the Chinese. The Chinese government is getting more repressive and the environment is terrible and causes illness. Lots of legitimate-sounding claims could be made for asylum and some would even be true.

    So when will the Indians and Chinese start coming by the hundreds of thousands a year? It seems inevitable that this will happen unless China with its low fertility rate starts denying people visas if too many people leave them.

    • Fred says:

      “So when will the Indians and Chinese start coming by the hundreds of thousands a year?”

      Where have you been? Who do you think gets the majority of H1B visas, then green cards, as well as international student slots? That began even before Obama.

      • jerseycityjoan says:

        I meant people who don’t qualify for these visas or don’t want to wait for a family member to sponsor them — people who will apply for asylum and never have to leave even if they get turned down.

        I foresee the temporary work visas and green cards through employers Indian and Chinese immigration will continue to operate (actually I think Biden and cheap labor employers want to increase the numbers a lot) while a whole new stream of people claiming asylum grows into vast numbers of new immigrants coming to our borders, too.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Yes. All of the big insurance companies, banks and probably most other industries have IT departments 98% comprised of Indians. This represents 10s of thousands of people/positions. I work with them every day. They’re good at what they do and hard workers. These are good paying jobs. Mostly from $60K/yr on the low end/entry level to well into six figures.

        Apparently in India, they don’t see the value of studying Marxist based bachelor’s programs, going into debt and ending up serving coffee by day and joining BLM/ANTIF riots by night. Rather, they skip college and attend technical schools that train them to earn meaningful incomes in a useful profession. We need these people because our education system and post modern values have failed our own.

        • Fred says:


          Please spare me the puffery on the value of Indian IT workers. When I worked in automotive the company outsourced a great deal of IT work, it achieved neither the cost savings nor the improved performance expected, irregardless of the skills of individual programers and managers (which varies, just like with any other population). They’ve been trying to insource key pieces of that ever since. The cultural factors of teams, whether in the EU, India or even in the US, are not the same as an American workforce. The bureaucratic factors are even worse when dealing with a different culture.

          “they don’t see the value of studying Marxist …”
          You just don’t see those people in your company. Take a look at Biden’s Indian American nominees and you’ll see that in action.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            I don’t know for sure, but I’ve consistently been told that we hire H1Bs because we can’t find sufficient Americans with the skills.

            I know that it is exceedingly rare to have Blacks or Hispanics apply for actuarial/data analysis positions. They just aren’t represented at all in those business areas. Why would that be beyond what I said about the US education system?

            I prefer that the IT jobs go to Americans, you knw that, but if Americans can’t do the work, then we need someone who can. I haven’t experienced cultural issues being a problem and, like I said, I work with these guys literally every day to give business specs and guidance for the build of new data sources and streams, enhancements to existing ones etc – and my team is also an end user of what’s built. So I’d know if there are issues with the quality of the work.

            I totally agree with you regarding the off-shore resources (i.e. in India). I’m talking about the workers that come to the US.

            I never talk politics at work. However, pre-covid, I’d travel to CT or CO HQs and take these guys out for dinner and drinks after successful completion of a major project. People talk after a few drinks and some camaraderie. I have not noted any socialist tendencies. Sure, I know that you’ll find some of that in the big tech companies, but the Americans working for those companies are a bunch of Marxists too. I think that has to do with the culture of the tech companies more than H1Bs.

  12. Deap says:

    Did the global “immigration” of the Wuhan Virus via the Wuhan World Military Games held in October 2019 ever get debunked?

    Was this the Democrats first crack at “immigration” in order to get their Covid-Covid-Covid 2020 election year advantage? Everyonce in a while Team Pelosi let it slip Trump should have done something months before “covid” finally became a US threat – what did she know?

    What about reports the “covid” tracers were showing up in the SF Bay Area months before it allegedly officially arrived at our shores in Seattle in Jan 2020 on a flight from Wuhan China.

  13. Fred says:


    “I’ve consistently been told that we hire H1Bs because we can’t find sufficient Americans with the skill…”

    you’ve never known a manager to write a job description to ensure the person he wants gets the job? We’ve been getting played with way for years. I’m glad your personal experience is different than mine. It was not as individuals, but the process and method in which they work culturally that created problems with work flow for us.

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