“Bison’s relocation to Native lands revives a spiritual bond”

“Collectively those tribes manage over 20,000 buffalo on tribal lands,” said Troy Heinert, a Rosebud Sioux Tribe member who serves as executive director of the InterTribal Buffalo Council, based in Rapid City, South Dakota. “Our goal and mission is to restore buffalo back to Indian country for that cultural and spiritual connection that Indigenous people have with the buffalo.”

Centuries ago, an estimated 30 million to 60 million bison roamed the vast Great Plains of North America, from Canada to Texas. But by 1900, European settlers had driven the species to near extinction, hunting them en masse for their prized skins and often leaving the carcasses to rot on the prairie.

“It’s important to recognize the history that Native people had with buffalo and how buffalo were nearly decimated. … Now with the resurgence of the buffalo, often led by Native nations, we’re seeing that spiritual and cultural awakening as well that comes with it,” said Heinert, who is a South Dakota state senator.”

Comment: I love this but, of course, there are several million on commercial ranches. The meat? Personally, IMO a medium-rare bone in rib eye from an old dairy cow is better eating. pl

Bison’s relocation to Native lands revives a spiritual bond | AP News

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  1. jim ticehurst.. says:

    Its Our Holiday.,,Thanksgiving…Best Wishes to you All..Bon Appetite Col..

    I Appreciate The Diversity that Col. Lang and TTG have recently Brought..You can See the Tremendous Amount of Responses on Pats Repost..of..
    “La Grande Fete de Kerci Donnant”…On SST..To That I Say….Merci..!

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    Formidable and gargantuan. I tried the burgers on several occasions but never to my knowledge a steak or other cut. I concur in the above estimation of gustatory satisfaction, adjusted for buffalo burger vs beef burger. In my opinion the quest for a really satisfactory burger is not an elementary pursuit. Regretfully for my actual nutritional needs, waist size and blood pressure, it is one I embarked upon too frequently.

  3. Bill Roche says:

    About 15-20 years ago a Bison Burger was the “thing” in s.e. NYS. You could get one at the Chief Takhanic Diner on the Takonic Pkwy. No more. I found them less fatty and very tasty. They were about 25% more expensive. They were the rave. Then they were gone.

  4. KjHeart says:

    During my travels in the Western USA I got to talking with a cattle rancher about herding Bison. He was from a family of cattle ranchers and farmers, so not a novice.

    “So how were they to ranch?” I asked “Were you able to keep them on your land?”

    “Sure, it was easy” the rancher answered “They (the Bison) pretty much went wherever they wanted.”

    He went on in great detail explaining how he had not fenced a large portion of his ranch due to the fact that a deep, wide, and fast moving river was an effective boundary for cattle. It never dried up and the cattle would not cross it. Early in the season, after the bison calves were near to weaning, the WHOLE HERD crossed the river, even the youngest calves went under the water and came up for air when they needed… very good swimmers….

    “So what did you do to keep them in?” I asked

    “Oh that was easy too, I sold the herd and had Bison burgers for the next few years.”

    at least the rancher had a good sense of humor about it – he said he knew it would be a good way to go bankrupt so he want back to ranching cattle.

    Hopefully these bison have a large enough range – otherwise it will get interesting.


  5. jim ticehurst.. says:

    Col. lang…I Agree about that Ribeye.. (My Favorite)

    There are 93.8 Million Beef Cattle and Calfs in the united States and
    9.45 illion Dairy Cows..

    However …In Regards to the Above Bision..I Found The Exact Numbers
    of The Canadian and American Herds…Its 362,406 Total …Thankful..
    20,000 on Tribal Lands
    183,780 on Private Ranches and Farms
    119,313 on Canadian Private Farms
    9,855 on Fedeal Herds

    there are Millions of Buffalos..World Wide. very Few Bisons..

    The Data is on https://bisoncentral.com/bison-by-the-numbers/

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