“Bless you, you are a one horse pony.” or something …


Joe … Joe …  We hardly know yuh.   Joe's retort to Peter Duecy yesterday is a reprise of his campaign description of a woman in an audience as a "dog faced lying pony soldier."  Say what?

I have known a few "pony soldiers." That is what the Plains Indian called the US Cavalry.  My father was one such.  A dear friend, MG John K Boles was another.  RIP.

If you want to see a representation of what they were like, watch John Ford's cavalry trilogy.

Joe knows that all he has to do is appoint the right AG and it will not be necessary to say or do anything else to defend his son.  MY WAG would be someone like Andrew Cuomo, a man for all seasons.  pl

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  1. Deap says:

    Becoming increasingly clear there was “no wide spread election fraud” .. Just the opposite; there was clearly targeted, strategic election fraud:
    ………”Biden’s purported victory is due entirely to the fact that he seems to have overperformed specifically in the tiny handful of Democrat-run cities that provided him with narrow leads in each of the battleground states, and nowhere else.
    As The American Spectator puts it: “Biden [won] Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin because of an apparent avalanche of black votes in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee.
    Biden’s ‘winning’ margin was derived almost entirely from such voters in these cities, as coincidentally his black vote spiked only in exactly the locations necessary to secure victory. He did not receive comparable levels of support among comparable demographic groups in comparable states.”]…………….”

  2. Deap says:

    Biden’s failed “one trick pony” – was this just a charming George W Bush style malapropism. Another President famous for tripping on his own tongue.
    Or is this proof of Biden’s senile dementia. Time and more public exposure will tell. However, longterm covid Biden sequestering will not.

  3. Polish Janitor says:

    Or Sally Yates, perhaps even the good ol’ Jim Comey

  4. A. Pols says:

    Deap is right about the one sided cascade of late counted city ballots. Any reasonable statistical projection just couldn’t produce such a lop sided anomaly with such specificity of location. Eliminate the improbable and what’s left…maintaining the masquerade of an unimpeachable electoral process is so vital that no court dared touch that 3rd rail. Once our elections are no longer considered incorruptible, everything falls apart. Only countries we don’t like have dishonest elections…
    There are so many as yet unseen knock on effects of this that make me fear for the future. A Soviet style breakup doesn’t seem so unlikely now as it once did..

  5. Deap says:

    Time to bring in the UN election observers. It is now our turn.
    (As if….)

  6. Steve says:

    Black people shouldn’t vote?

  7. AK says:

    I see you brought every liberal’s best friend, The Straw Man, to the discussion. Thank you for your contribution.

  8. Deap says:

    Steve, remind me who said … “if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black enough”. Which way would you like this conversation to go?
    Or perhaps you were being slyly ironic, which always comes across badly in one-dimensional electronic communications.

  9. Buckeylad says:

    Only eligible voters, only once, and only in the manner prescribed by their respective state legislatures, with the votes to be counted on certifiably reliable equipment, in the presence of observers of all parties.

  10. Prof K says:

    The Dems probably just targeted those cities with a mail in operation. All “legally” done but yes sketchy. They probably just went around black churches, neighborhoods, retirement homes and unions and handled and encouraged the mass mail in operation. Easy and straightforward. The difference was the mail in ballots, counted after polls closed, in those key states. Not hard or illegal to pull off. The main rigging was the four year animosity and obstruction from the deep state institutions and operatives, and from the MSM and tech giants. That is the real story. It wouldn’t surprise me if the election machines were tampered with, but I think the result reflected most polls. Trump is very popular amongst a large chunk of the population, but more people likely voted against him. I actually think the would have won if he had taken covid a bit more seriously. That’s on him and his dumb advisors.

  11. longarch says:

    The Dems probably just targeted those cities with a mail in operation. All “legally” done but yes sketchy.
    If you think the Democrats do things legally, you haven’t been paying attention for the past few decades.
    Traditional vote-rigging has been part of American elections since before the time of Boss Tweed — and it is still illegal. Even if home-grown American vote-rigging were legal, the Democrats cooperated with foreigners to cook the numbers. That is definitely not legal.

  12. Deap says:

    Why didn’t the vote harvesters also rig the vote down ballot? But you raise a good point – which can be investigated when all the nuances of the voting patterns are finally made public.
    Did all these Biden uptick precincts allow vote harvesting? Which is also why signature verification on the ballot privacy sleeve is so critical, before dumping the untrackable and now naked ballot into the counting pool.
    Yes, vote harvesting in targeted populations – esp vagrants and senior care facilities – is the name of the game in California. Armies of harvesters manned by volunteers who directly have the most to gain – you guessed it – your friendly public sector union members.
    Off duty fire-fighters are the most well known locally, who tramp through the precincts with Democrat voter lists in hand. Supplemented by SEIU and the teachers unions. It is their paycheck at stake, so you can’t blame them.
    See “Transparent California” listing all public sector full compensation packages by name, job title, jurisdiction and later their pension payouts for life. Giving new insights to the phrase -follow the money when it comes to partisan political support.
    This year the GOP fought back vote harvesting on their own terms and turf. And it made a difference is some races and ballot propositions.

  13. Deap says:

    File under Grinch Theft:
    How far do Democrat go to regulate your life and choices? A holiday message from California – criminal charges, fines, punitive damages and jail terms for removing three Eugenia bushes trimmed to look like trees: https://www.noozhawk.com/article/santa_barbara_city_attorney_criminal_charges_riviera_homeowner_trees
    Yet vagrant camps burn down trees and threaten surrounding communities almost weekly. and get offers of free food and lodging in return. This has not been a very good year. Own it, California VP-Elect Harris and fix it the legal disparities President-Elect Biden.
    Law and order – California style – you are guilty, but they are not. Isn’t it nice to know two former California AG’s (Harris and Beccera) will soon be setting national policy on Team Biden. Lock your doors and hide the silverware.

  14. Deap says:

    To the lay person, is/was “Scorecard and Hammer” voter manipulation a real operation? Fact-checkers say no – while others say yes. Is this following article valid or fringe?
    Trying to decompress and face 2021. Facing this Brave New World where even the word “picnic” is banned as racist hate speech.

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