Bloomberg’s Town Hall last night


Mike was out on the stump last night before a small (deliberately) audience in Manassas, Virginia.  This is a suburb of Washington, DC and the home of George Mason University.

Mason was the slaveholding plantation owner and "laird" of Mason's Neck, a big place on the Potomac River 20 odd miles south of Washington.   He was a delegate at the Virginia ratifying convention for the US Constitution and after ratification passed by one vote, he left telling the delegates on his way out the door that their grandchildren would curse them.  He went home and never spoke in public again.

Mike Bloomberg looked a lot better at the Town Hall than he had at debates.  In his multi-thousand dollar suit he looked good whilst standing next to the moderators.  They sat beside him.  He handled questions from an audience that was a mixture of Berniesque kids and other people who probably detested him but were polite in the old Virginia way that is about to go extinct.  The only flash point occurred when a descendent of Jefferson's yeomen farmers challenged his right to disarm us plain folks.  The man said that Mike has an armed security detail to protect him and his family and then said that he could not see how Mike felt justified in wanting to deny people like him the right to defend himself and his family.  The yeomen descendents present roared in support.  Mike looked  just a bit disconcerted and said lamely that he, Mikey, paid for the security detail.

Mike!  Mike!  You can't let the mask of bonhomie slip even for a second. They know you want them disarmed and put in their place.  They know.

IMO Mike's single biggest weakness is his statements that he pretty much agrees with Trump on policy (except for guns), but detests him personally and by god he should be president and not Trump.  The Bernie children were restless whenever he said that.

IMO Bloomberg essentially sees the election as a re-union banquet food fight between him and the orange god..

SWMBO and I voted for Tulsi today.  pl

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16 Responses to Bloomberg’s Town Hall last night

  1. As did I in SC last week. I’m afraid we are the proud, the few….

  2. scott s. says:

    Gabbard was born on American Samoa so will be interesting to see what support she has. I guess by virtue of her parents’ American citizenship she is a US citizen and thus “natural born” since otherwise Samoans are considered US Nationals under their own constitution.

  3. Upsate NY'er says:

    Is it GEORGE Mason?

  4. ISL says:

    Dear Colonel, As did I in CA today. Hopefully she will spend the next four years developing a solid ground game – then she will be a force to be reckoned with.

  5. turcopolier says:

    Upsate NYer
    Thanks! A Bidenesque moment!

  6. turcopolier says:

    Charlotte Danan We have an open primary election in Virginia.

  7. sbin says:

    It is a shame the DNC and allied media effectively disappeared Tulsi Gabbard.She is the only candidate I would vote for.

  8. Fred says:

    Bloomberg’s bodyguards can be trusted, the rest of us are separate but equal citizens. I wonder how mini-Mike’s guards cross all those city and state boundaries as well as flying without any of the restrictions these rest of us face?

  9. Hal says:

    SWMBO and I also voted for Tulsi

  10. Cau Xang says:

    We voted for Tulsi early by mail ballot in California, curious to see how many votes she gets.

  11. Amir says:

    Voted Tulsi as well. Anyway to put her name as a write-in on the coming Virginia Republican Primary?

  12. turcopolier says:

    I don’t think there is one.

  13. CK says:

    It does appear that the momentum is growing for Hillary.
    Everybody likes Tulsi, everyone liked Ron Paul too. She did win a delegate so she, in theory, can be on the next Democrat debate stage.
    Biden took the Confederacy, Sanders took the parasite states, Bloomberg took nothing as did Warren.
    It will be a Trumpnami.

  14. Peter VE says:

    After Biden did so well last night, I am confident in my bet that Trump will be re-elected. I wonder what Bloomberg thinks of blowing $500 M for a few delegates?
    Fred: Bloomberg goes by private jet, and no-one ever challenges someone of that wealth.
    Thanks for all the support for Tulsi! I just turned in my Nomination papers to be a delegate for Tulsi in the unlikely event she gets 15% in the primary here in Rhode Island (the most “Democratic” state).

  15. smoke says:

    “…polite in the old Virginia way that is about to go extinct..”
    Sad. My home state. Virginia courtesy, soft wit, and deep respect for the Bill of Rights were qualities I grew up with and learned to value particularly, after life and an army spouse took me traveling.
    Now just one more Tulsi voter in a western place. Not our world it seems.

  16. Castellio says:

    God Tulsi is good! For years now she has been accurate in her analysis, fair in her judgments, and presented her ideas with calmness and clarity. The United States has a future with her that it will not find with the wannabees…

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