Boca Chica Adventure

Starship Launch Today?

Supposed to be having a go around 1300. pl

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  1. Chuck Light says:

    Flight was initially aborted at 0.1 seconds before liftoff. Then it successfully flew, about 6 miles up, and returned to earth and a soft landing on the launchpad, as planned.

    Then it exploded into a ball of flame.

    Abort! Success! Explode!

    This Musk guy can really put on a show!

  2. Rob Waddell says:

    My impression from the video was that it came down a bit too hard. If it had been designed for Mars landing then it only needs to handle 0.376 earths gravity so would probably survived there. Maybe some bigger shock absorbers and landing gear are in the works if they want to preserve those neat triple rocket motors (each with independent directionality if you noticed) for terrestrial experiments . The main tests would be guidance, thruster sequencing and fuel loading so I would regard this launch as a success.

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