Bonne Annee

I am working on some Asbach Uralt as a specific.  pl

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  1. Charles I says:

    If there is one thing I miss after 14 years without a dram, it is the olfactory and culinary delights of mankind’s more exotic potables. A snort of New Years’ brandy sure qualifies.
    Breathe deep, enjoy, repeat is the prescription, I recall. Get well soon.

  2. dilbert dogbert says:

    Same to you. I feel the same as Woodie looks except it is not from drink – just the start of a cold.
    Col Lang I view posts at: and enjoy the snarkyness of it and some of the commenters. Got any public comment on the site and the guy who runs it.
    Best of the new year to you and your family and thanks for SST.

  3. Bill Wade, NH says:

    Sawat Dee Pi Mai!!! Thailand’s a great place to celebrate New Years and I wish I were there instead of here in the cold. We stayed up till 3:30 AM after drinking wine and some vodka drink that tastes exactly like an orangsicle, woke up at 11AM with a hangover and a cold. To recover today, a Labatt’s Blue Light or 2 or… seems like a good idea.

  4. My sovereign flu remedy is hot tea with Amaretto.
    True, there are antivirals effective against confirmed influenza. Interferons do reduce the duration of the common cold infection, but they produce side effects of fever, nasal congestion, sore throat…

  5. confusedponderer says:

    My remedy of choice is this one:
    #1 take somewhat less of a pint of white wine
    #2 cook in it a few cloves, a thumb sized piece of ginger (cut in slices), the skin of a lemon and a cinnamon stick; then add a teabag with black tea.
    #3 fill up with 54% Rum (or Asbach).
    #4 (of course) drink it hot.
    I sleep well after that, and as sleep is a splendid remedy to flu in itself …
    That said, get well, Sir.

  6. jan gleeson says:

    Well, here’s an Irish daytime pick-me-up suggestion: The Hot Irish Whiskey Toddy – said to soothe the “soul, spirit, nose and tummy”
    Hot tea, honey, several cloves, a cinnamon stick & Irish whiskey, of course.
    Mind you, not everyone has a cinnamon stick handy, so you may have to increase the proportion of whiskey to overcome any imbalances..
    Thank you for pleasure of reading SST over the years.

  7. ISL says:

    Personally, I find vitamin C, echanacea extract, and warm rum for sleeping, effective. My relatives here in Italy insist on Vino Cotto.
    Thanks for SST, heal soon, and welcome all to a new decade (better than the last).

  8. Farmer Don says:

    Hello, and Happy New Year to Col Lang and company.
    The Slate mag. has an article “What’s in store for the next decade?”
    If Col Lang gave his predictions, the start of 2010 might be a good time for a similar Post on Sic Temper Tyrannis.
    Col, hope you are up and feeling 100%

  9. optimax says:

    A couple of chrysanthemum flowers in tea clears up head and nasal congestion.

  10. different clue says:

    I almost never get flu, but I do get unpleasant and debilitating colds. I have found a couple of symptom-relievers which really do seem to work for me.
    Chicken soup, of course. But I improve it by pouring into it as much tabasco sauce as I can stand. It really does loosen my head-congestion and allow me to blow my nose clean and free-breathing for at least a little while.
    Since rhinovirus cold is supposed to be very heat-sensitive, I cut the bottom off of a 1 gallon plastic milk jug and cut the edges to somewhat match the shape of my face. I can then stick my face into the bottom-removed wide end of the milk jug and I put the spout end into the spout of a teakettle. I bring the water to the lowest-possible
    boil possible and breathe the steam as hot as I can stand it, while excercising care not to get burned by live steam. I feel as if it works for me.
    If it is a bad cold, I put on several layers of winter clothing and turn the thermostat up to 80, get under blankets, and try to sleep overheated in that manner to “burn out” the invading virus.

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