“Breaking: Houthis to halt missile strikes after Saudi Arabia offers peace deal” says Al Masdar News – TTG


Earlier today Al Masdar News ran a story that caught my eye. If true, it was an acknowledgement by the Saudis that it was the Houthis who droned the shit out of their oil facility and were clearly capable doing it again.


BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:10 P.M.) – The Houthi Movement (var. Ansarallah Movement) announced on Friday that they are halting their missiles strikes on Saudi Arabia after the Gulf kingdom offered them a peace deal. According to the Houthi Movement, the Saudi Coalition offered to halt their airstrikes over Yemen in exchange for the halting of all Houthi missile strikes.

This announcement from the Yemeni group comes just days after the Houthi forces bombed one of the largest Saudi Aramco oil facilities inside Saudi Arabia. (AMN)


However, no other news agency has repeated the line about the Saudis offering a peace deal. All other accounts speak of a Houthi offering of a mutual ceasefire in the air war. The Almasirah Media Network, a Yemeni TV channel affiliated with the Houthi Movement, ran the following story concerning the peace offer.


Follow – ups September 20 | In a speech marking the fifth anniversary of the September 21 revolution, President of the Supreme Political Council Mehdi Mashat launched a peace initiative in which he called on all parties from all sides of the war to seriously engage in serious and genuine negotiations leading to comprehensive national reconciliation that does not exclude anyone from injecting blood. In the interest of the remaining bonds of brotherhood and to overcome the higher national interests.

He announced the cessation of the targeting of Saudi territory by flying planes, ballistic missiles, wings and all forms of targeting. "We are waiting for the same or better greetings in a similar announcement to stop all forms of targeting and aerial bombardment of our Yemeni territory and reserve the right to respond if this initiative is not met," he said. (Google translation)


Did Al Masdar get it wrong? Perhaps the Saudis are trying to keep any ceasefire offer on the down low. They have demonstrated that the very idea that the Houthis carried out the successful strike on Aramco facility is beyond embarrassing. They are loath to admit it and offering peace to the Houthis is doing just that. How can those uncouth hill people do such a thing to the royal sheiks, the guardians of Mecca? We’ll have to see what happens next. Will there be an unannounced lull in the Saudi air campaign against the Houthis or will there be another Houthi drone strike on a Saudi target. In my opinion it could go either way.




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  1. turcopolier says:

    Al-Jazeera ran the same story today. IMO the Saudis were persuaded by pompom to ask for US assistance. The Saudis, though, are probably playing their own game with the Yemenis to get a cease fire. If they break an understanding with the Yemenis, the little guys in skirts will start shooting at big targets again.

  2. Jack says:

    It would be smart for MbS to take up the offer of Mehdi Mashat.
    The Houthis can continue to upstage MbS and show how vulnerable Saudi infrastructure are to their “confounding” attacks. What if they take out a desalination plant or two next?
    Is the Pentagon sending our soldiers to man the Saudi air defense systems? I find the bipartisan support of the Saudi royal family abhorrent considering their role in funding and fueling the jihadists as well as the fact that the majority of the terrorists on 9/11 were Saudi nationals.

  3. Fred says:

    The Saudis don’t have enough air defenses to guard every potential target regardless of who mans the equipment.

  4. D says:

    Al Masdar News is run by Ziad Fadel, a Syrian nationalist attorney in the US and a strong supporter of Assad’s government. The paper supports secularism and the current government in Iraq, so Fadel is probably a Baathist. I know he is not particularly religious. He is extremely anti-Israel in a Baathist sense (he always says Zionists and never Jews). There also seems to be a focus on Hezbollah, Syria (of course), Iran, the Iraqi militias, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine. More or less supporting the Shia Axis of Resistance in the Middle East.
    He runs Syrian Perspective, an excellent site. His sources and reports are usually very good. He’s not a liar like most of the Western press.

  5. Johnb says:

    The next drone/missile launch announced was to be targeted at the UAE as in Houti eyes MBZ has not fully followed through on the policy change he announced last month. A policy change that broke the coalition with the House of Saud and was to set in train a withdrawal from the conflict. What the Houti’s are upset about is the negligible withdrawal of mercenary forces from around Hodeida. They have suggested that without observable change a reminder would be sent. I imagine the Houti would be running two separate policies in respect of MBS & MBZ..

  6. Donkeyoatey says:

    The higher the tech, the more vulnerable to monkeywrenching. How hard is that to grasp? Arthur C Clarke put it very well in his story “Superiority”

  7. Donkeyoatey says:

    Or as the IRA said to the Brits back during the troubles “we need to be lucky ONCE, you need to be lucky ALWAYS.”

  8. Barbara Ann says:

    If I were MbS and I’d just had my ass handed to me by a bunch of uncouth hill people I’d want to keep talk of capitulation in my proxy war on the down low. The Houthis clearly have the Kingdom by the balls and it would not surprise me if MbS has been on the phone to Trump begging him *not* to escalate, lest the Houthis and Iran unleash destruction on even more critical parts of the exposed Saudi infrastructure. No amount of bread & circuses can distract from raging thirst.
    It has been said that Trump wants his own Nobel peace prize. I’d suggest that now is the time for him to start earning it.

  9. The Beaver says:

    In the meantime , al-Sisi is experiencing a hot potato during his absence. Protests in Egypt last night.

  10. DH says:

    Ah, the leveling effects of technology. The right to bear arms, indeed.

  11. Vig says:

    little guys in skirts
    Reminds me of the rumor, if the Scots actually wear underware beneath their kilts.

  12. Bill H says:

    If this is true, and I strongly suspect it is, then quite a few highly placed people in this country should be highly embarrassed. Should be, but won’t. Being publicly and astonishingly wrong has never embarrassed them in the past. They make careers out of being wrong.

  13. Fred says:

    So climate change protests were just cover for another color revolution. I wonder which NGOs were involved this time?

  14. Kilo 4/11 says:

    “if the Scots actually wear underware beneath their kilts.”
    It used to said that he who would inquire of a Scotsman about that risked death.
    Nowadays you’d probably just get a giggle.

  15. oldman22 says:

    I know nothing of Al Masdar, not competent to critique it.
    But there is nothing in Al J about Saudi seeking an end to war on Yemen. Al J reports that Yemen has said it has stopped attacking Saudi. Today Al J reports
    Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir said Riyadh will take the appropriate steps if, as expected, its investigation confirms that Iran is responsible for the attacks.
    “The kingdom will take the appropriate measures based on the results of the investigation, to ensure its security and stability,” Jubeir told a news conference, declining to speculate about specific actions.
    “We are certain that the launch did not come from Yemen, it came from the north. The investigations will prove that.”

  16. D says:

    With the Saudis now knowing that their purchase of expensive empire(USA) built high tech equipment not going to protect them, called Putin to maybe make an S400 purchase to keep themselves in the quality of life they are accustomed to. The Russians are filling the ME gap with diplomacy and downright common sense in dealing with the highly explosive situations there. Sergei Lavrov, runs circles against any US appointed opposite. Quite telling is it not, technology used by so called illiterate sand people are bringing a US stooge nation to their knees. Shame on the western nations involved in the rape of Yemen and their citizens. The Houtis and Yemen deserve full capitulation of the Saudis, moral and financially.

  17. Babak Makkinejad says:

    I do not think any country in the world has sufficient air defense to pre ent or to retard aerial attacks against critical infrastructures. Does France? UK? China? US?

  18. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Iranian press actually made your point: Europeans are full of condemnations when an oil installation is attcked, silent when Yemenis are killed and starved.

  19. Jack says:

    Where are the Iranian press when millions of Uigyurs are in concentration camps? Or the Hui and Tibetan people’s culture are systematically eradicated by the totalitarian CCP? Hypocrisy is everywhere.
    The world should not be silent while genocide in Yemen takes place. Neither should they be silent on the treatment of Uighurs, Hui and Tibetans.

  20. MC says:

    Looking at the pictures of missile/drone fragments there is lettering in English. If these where Iranian produced, wouldn’t the lettering be in there own language.
    Side note, Persians are tough customers, I wouldn’t f*** with them.

  21. MC says:

    Why is there English lettering on Iranian produced missle/drone fragments?

  22. turcopolier says:

    Some of the parts/materials were probably bought on the international market.

  23. different clue says:

    Were the protests in Egypt ( involving a whole few-hundred people) climate change protests? Is there any information to indicate that they were?

  24. different clue says:

    The way for him to get a start on earning it is to cancel all the fresh sanctions he has imposed on Iran and take the US back into the JCPOA. He can sell the return any way he wants to. He is, after all, a Master of Bullshitology.

  25. MC says:

    So the Houthi or any number of other actors can put one these together? The big question discussed here previously is the guidance systems and the necessary sophistication, do the Houthi have it?
    PL, what odds to you give on Trump doing something stupid? Does he understand the concept of “blow back?”

  26. different clue says:

    Those parts of the DC FedRegimeGov which are committed to the “Iran Diddit” line will be pressuring KSA very hard to not make any peace or ceasefire with the Houthis; because if such a ceasefire-peacefire were to be taken as admission that the “Houthis Diddit”, then the DC FedRegime anti-Iran propaganda operation becomes exposed and embarrassed.

  27. srw says:

    Go after Saudi oil, gets their attention?

  28. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Are the Han bombing Uighurs?
    Is Eastern Turkistan an idepedent state?
    To my knowledge, Iranian press were alos silent on Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Philadelphia.

  29. MC says:

    I have been a Syper visitor for a long time. Their intel is excellent, especially contributor “Canthama.” They have embedded sources, clearly.

  30. oldman22 says:

    Hui people in China are not oppressed as are Uyghur.
    My closest friend is married to a Hui, so I have learned about this directly. Here are a couple of references which you might consider reading.
    “The Uyghurs are not allowed even basic religious freedom, even though this right is protected by China’s constitution. Men are often banned from growing beards, and women cannot don the hijab in public. The few religious schools available are state-controlled. Muslim workers can be forbidden from fasting Ramadan, and children are forbidden from attending mosques and studying religion. To the Hui Muslims in Shadian, a city in in the Yunnan Province, such suppression of Islamic practice is unthinkable. The city boasts eleven mosques, men and women alike study in Islamic schools, employers give their workers time off to accommodate their prayer schedules, and Muslim youth organize inter-mosque basketball tournaments. Shadian is not an exceptional case, either, as similar religious freedom exists in places like the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Province, a freer mirror of the Uyghur equivalent of Xinjiang.”

  31. Barbara Ann says:

    “The Russians are filling the ME gap with diplomacy and downright common sense in dealing with the highly explosive situations there”

    Yes, but is this done with Trump’s knowledge/acquiescence? No, not a Putin’s puppet conspiracy, just the possibility that Putin & Trump may have agreed a strategy for a gradual handover of the ME entanglements portfolio to Russia. Judging Trump by his actions (not his words) I find it hard to completely discount this possibility. There is certainly a coincidence of interests; Russia wants peace in the region (US neocons being a major barrier to this) and Trump wants the US out of foreign wars.

  32. Jack says:

    “Are the Han bombing Uighurs?”
    They may as well. It would be more humane than their “re-education” in concentration camps.
    The Iranian theocracy is just like all those they criticize. Equally corrupt and hypocritical.

  33. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Netanyahu can fly to Moscow as many times as he desires and meet with Putin. US President cannot. It is a funny world.

  34. Babak Makkinejad says:

    France has banned donning hejab too. Are they oppressing Muslims.
    A muslim man cannot take more than one wife in US, is she preventing Muslim men to fully embrace their religion?

  35. Jack says:

    The CCP continues to annihilate Muslim traditions from the Hui people-inhabited areas by demolishing Islamic architecture and symbols; no signs in Arabic are allowed.

    Babak likes to lecture us that the West is lost because it lacks spirituality, just like his theocracy that claims it epitomizes an ideal Islamic state. However they are ready to throw other Muslims under the bus if it suits their immediate economic interests. They don’t care if the Uigyurs are fodder for the organ trade as long as the CCP sends them a few bucks.
    No different than Justin with all his virtue signaling while costuming in blackface.

  36. Fred says:

    You mean Egyptian teenagers aren’t getting a day off from school to protest against westernized industrial civilization? It makes great cover for organizing.

  37. Amir says:

    As Nassim Nikolaas Taleb would say, the Saudis lack #SITG, or slim in the game. As serfs of “Al Saud Tribe” (Don’t Recall the “real” name of the Bone Saw Bandit’s gang) the Saudi subjects don’t want to risk their bottoms for the benefit of MBS. The Yemeni on the other hand are defending their families and if/when Iran assists them, that would be a point of honor.

  38. SAC Brat says:

    Too bad the manufacturers of these missiles did not have a sense of humor and use data plates and stencils making the missiles appear to be Raytheon, IAI or Rafael Defense Systems made. A missed opportunity to psyops the crazies.

  39. Terence Gore says:

    “the strikes on Saudi Arabia provide a clear strategic warning that the US era of air supremacy in the Gulf, and the near US monopoly on precision strike capability, is rapidly fading.” He explains that a new generation of drones, cruise missiles, and precision strike ballistic missiles are entering the Iranian inventories and have begun to spread to the Houthis in Yemen and Hezbollah in Lebanon.”

  40. oldman22 says:

    BBC reports:
    The UN has welcomed a proposal from Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels to end all attacks on Saudi Arabia as part of a peace initiative.
    A statement said the proposal could send “a powerful message of the will to end the war”.
    includes good video of damage

  41. Jack says:

    “From Yunnan in the south to Gansu and Ningxia, Henan and Beijing, the crackdown on Islam in China has spread beyond just Xinjiang, reflecting the view of Xi Jinping that the Communist Party must be above all other faiths.”
    Watch all the anti-American propagandists tie themselves in knots as they come to the defense of Xi Jinping and the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party! These propagandists live in the comfort of the West with freedom of expression but want to deny that to those who live under the jackboot of the authoritarian Chinese communists.

  42. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Even if true and not propaganda, it would be an internal affair of a sovereign state.
    Let the Saudis handle it.

  43. confusedponderer says:

    re PL, what odds to you give on Trump doing something stupid? Does he understand the concept of “blow back?”
    Come one, think about who you’re talking about and his record. Trump, even on a good day, easily outlies even Boris Johnson (who was fired as a journalist for three times for inventing stories).
    Trump’s idea of subtlety and indirectness is “I want all the S***, for free, OR THEN …, threating with the biggest stick ever, the biggest red button ever, rokettas that work and penal taxes or penal taxes or penal taxes or denial of money and who iirc said that he likes nukes because they make a lot of BOOM.
    Yesterday or so Trump also said he knows why a lot of Germans don’t like him – it’s jealousy, because he is such an extraordinary successful and good for the Trump US president. Yes, and we’re also jealous because we are not as orange.
    That said, I confess that I have a bet on Trump – that, given time, he’ll pardon himself for crimes he didn’t commit. If I win I’ll get lemon icecream.

  44. turcopolier says:

    “Trump’s idea of subtlety and indirectness is “I want all the S***, for free” You have made a basic mistake. Trump’s leftist opponents have that program, not he. As for his implied threats of war, do you not recognize that this is all BS. The man shrinks from war. pl

  45. Barbara Ann says:

    I expect it depends on the Scot – and if the inquirer is English. An acquaintance once recounted a story of an English friend’s visit to Glasgow. He was on his way to catch a train and asked a local for the time. He received a non-verbal response which I understand is called a Glasgow kiss.

  46. oldman22 says:

    Interesting, but Hui do not speak Arabic.
    “The Hui predominantly speak Chinese,[2] while maintaining some Arabic and Persian phrases.[5] In fact, the Hui ethnic group is unique among Chinese ethnic minorities in that it associates with no non-Sinitic language.[6]”

  47. confusedponderer says:

    Mr. Lang,
    re “As for his implied threats of war, do you not recognize that this is all BS. The man shrinks from war. pl”
    I hope you’re right, for your country and all bystanders.
    As for “I want all the S***, for free”, in my perceptions he is on his immobilia ways a lot. When demanding we increase defence spending by 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10% (Grenell’s ‘I only say what Trump tells me to say’ numbers are that variable) he basically wants to increase rents for countries housing US troups. Everything else would be … probably unfair or so.
    And as for implied threats … Trump yesterday or so demanded that Europe, particular France and Germany, are to, damn it, allow all IS jihadis the US caught with french or german passports to travel back home to France and Germany, or the US would let them loose in our countries and that we would then have the trouble to catch them again. Har har har.
    Well, let us call blackmail what blackmail is. What do I make ot that?

  48. turcopolier says:

    You are definitely not the original CP. 1. You did not acknowledge that it is the Democrats who want everything for free, not he. 2. All you countries in NATO agreed to maintain your defense spending at 2% of GDP. That is not “wanting everything for nothing.” I believe i will ban you. You are merely anti-American.

  49. different clue says:

    If any climate protest allies or supporters or spokesfolk take credit in public for the few-hundred-protester gatherings here and there in Egypt, I will certainly have to admit the possibility.
    But for now, I haven’t heard of any such a connection. And the expressed concerns of the protesters all sound to be Sisi-connected, if the reporting is true and accurate.

  50. Babak Makkinejad says:

    The original CP did have a sense of humor.
    I hope he is well, wherever he might have gone.

  51. confusedponderer says:

    re “You are definitely not the original CP
    I definitely am the original CP, and have declared that and my silence for 2 years in a post before.
    And I am not anti-American. It would be more accurate to say that I am pro-German (in the politicaly centre way) and also not particularly fond of Trump and Grenell. It’s a style thing.
    So we have agreed to pay 2% under NATO agreements. Ok. Now why has Grendell that disturbing habit of sometimes speaking of 4, 6, 8, 10%? Is he just saying what the whitehouse says? Is it a … “friendly kind maximum pressure policy”?
    As for as military spending goes, the German budged has been increased and it will continue to increase, in terms defined by Germany, independent from Grendell’s or Trump’s demands. Our parliament has a say in that too.
    The arms that will be bought likely will include many not US arms but stuff made in Europe, likely in cooperation between Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and France (not so much with the UK, thanks to Brexit).
    Germany has just put in service the first of four (already built) F-125 frigates. We’ll also get more K-130 corvettes. Our submarines U-212 are optimised for the same waters and we will get some more of those too. Frigates and smaller K-130 corvettes are what we need in the baltic and north sea, the atlantic and the mediterranean and can afford.
    We have built our first SAR-Lupe radar reconaissance satellites and also military communication satellites.
    We’re replacing our old C.160 Transall with more capable Airbus A-400 transporters. We’re likely going to replace the old CH-53 G helicoper with a (US built) CH-53 K or a CH-46 variant rather soon. Germany has just introduced the 7,62mm minigun as MG-6 in the german arsenal.
    So, despite Trump’s and Grenell’s talk Germany has in fact raised its military budget and will continue to – but for them it is simply is not rising fast enough.

  52. turcopolier says:

    Lang, not Land. The original CP would know that.

  53. prawnik says:

    Of course the Saudis know full well that the Houthis were responsible for the attack.
    However if the Saudis were to admit this, that would be a de facto admission that the War on Yemen is not quite going as planned, nor would it get American help. What is the United States going to do? Invade Yemen on the Saudis behalf because the Yemenis had the temerity to fight back?
    But blaming Iran for the attack not only deflects attention from the failed war in Yemen, it can be used to get the United States to go to war with Iran on behalf of the Saudi tyrants.

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