BRIBERY (Patrick Armstrong)


A question and discussion for all you Americans. It occurred to me some time ago and I am struck with the fact that it doesn't seem to be raised by anyone.

When did it become unremarkable for American presidents to be come very very rich on retirement?

FDR was pretty well-off but there's nothing to suggest he became richer in the White House.

Truman retired and went home and lived on his pension.

Eisenhower ditto.

Johnson ditto.

Nixon ditto and wrote many real books (real as opposed to pseudo biographies)

Carter ditto.

Bush I and Bush II ditto.

But Clinton upon retirement made big bucks – several 100 million. I used to wonder why anyone would pay money to listen to Clinton give a speech on "what I would do if I became POTUS" until I realised that the speaking fees were post-bribes (and, as the husband of the next POTUS, pre-bribes.)

Obama's on the way to that kind of money.

Any comments? 

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