Broken like a stick

Reversal of fortune
Ukrainian forces blitzed the northeast over the weekend, driving Russian troops from more than 1,000 square miles and completely reshaping the six-month-old war in a matter of days.
When we reported on Ukraine’s early gains on Friday, the reality on the ground was still not confirmed. But now there is no doubt: A grinding stalemate has been transformed in Ukraine’s favor, giving Russia its most humiliating defeat since the initial stages of the war.
The lightning gains, which at times seemed to have surprised both sides, have lifted morale in Ukraine, left Russia’s leadership with few good options and increased Ukrainian calls for more Western weapons.
“Ukrainian forces have inflicted a major operations defeat on Russia,” said the Institute for the Study of War, a group in Washington that tracks the war.
The advances in the Kharkiv region included the recapture of the town of Izium, a railway hub that has been a key military stronghold for Russian forces.
The Russian military acknowledged that its forces had pulled back to the eastern side of the Oskil River, about 10 miles east of Izium. Russian forces retaliated with airstrikes that knocked out power, water and other civilian infrastructure.”

Russia-Ukraine War: Reversal of fortune (

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  1. jim ticehurst.. says:

    Good Morning….Troopers..
    I have Just looked at Good News Reports With several Very Good Current Maps of Ukraine,,and Areas of Conflict..I Found Them a Overview Of Ukaine that Put all Areas in Perspective..for People Like me..At BBC the Top Hesader in RED Has “the War in Ukraine ” Bar..Going to You Can Scroll Down and See a Graphic link called
    “Ukraine War in Maps..
    the link is

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