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Bakhmut – TTG

Russian forces appear to have secured a sufficient positional advantage to conduct a turning movement against certain parts of Bakhmut but have not yet forced Ukrainian forces to withdraw and will likely not be able to encircle the city soon. Russian … Continue reading

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“Russia has just one tank factory churning out 20 tanks a month” – TTG

In the 1940s the Soviet Union was able to produce 1,000 tanks a month. Today, Russia can produce just 20, with a single factory struggling to keep pace with outsized demand caused by the war in Ukraine, according to The … Continue reading

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“The extraordinary train lifeline behind Ukraine’s Rail Force One” – TTG

CNN — It was “Rail Force One” – the overnight train that took US President Biden on a diplomatic odyssey from Przemyśl Główny in Poland to Kyiv for his historic visit to Ukraine, just before the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion … Continue reading

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Tales from the Witch of Ukraine – TTG

The United States has supplied weapons of increasing cost and sophistication to Ukraine including M777 towed howitzers, Javelin top-attack anti-tank missiles, and eventually M1 Abrams main battle tanks and Patriot air defense systems. But military aid need not always be … Continue reading

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The China Peace Plan – TTG

China released a peace plan for Ukraine today in a move that could dramatically expand Beijing’s role in the conflict. The plan, which Chinese officials referred to as a “position paper,” calls for a ceasefire and the resumption of peace … Continue reading

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Jomini of the West on Bakhmut – TTG

Ukraine TVD, 8-19 FEB 23. The past 2 weeks of February saw the Russian Winter Offensive intensify  as major pushes continued in Kreminna, Bakhmut, and Vuhledar. Russian made few gains, Ukrainian defenses continue to hold. Donetsk OD. Donetsk Oblast remains … Continue reading

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Biden in Kyiv – TTG

President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Kyiv on Monday, arriving in Ukraine’s capital in a show of support for the war-torn nation and statement of defiance ahead of the one-year anniversary of the war Russia launched. Biden arrived … Continue reading

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“Europe is now stuck with a huge stockpile of natural gas after hoarding it last year for a brutal winter that never came” – TTG

Europe got lucky — it managed to avert an energy crisis, all thanks to a warm winter. But it has another problem. Countries in the region hoarded so much natural gas at higher prices that it’s now stuck with stockpiles … Continue reading

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Telenko on artillery logistics – TTG

I cannot begin to overstate the battlefield shift in the logistical “correlation of forces” this tweet thread represents. Ukraine is trading artillery shells 1-to-1 at Bakhmut and half of AFU shells are Western 155mm caliber. The highest single “Russian artillery … Continue reading

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“Pentagon looks to restart top-secret programs in Ukraine” – TTG

If approved, the move would authorize US Special Operations troops to employ Ukrainian operatives to observe Russian movements and counter disinformation. The Pentagon is urging Congress to resume funding a pair of top secret programs in Ukraine suspended ahead of … Continue reading

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