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State Department F-77 reports and U.S. citizens in Afghanistan

By Robert Willmann Sitting over at the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), formerly known as the General Accounting Office, is a report from October 2007 entitled: “State Department Evacuation and Preparations for Overseas Posts Can Be Improved”. The 62-page document, … Continue reading

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“State Department obstruction of private rescue flights from Afghanistan revealed in leaked email” foxnews

“A Sept. 1 email that a State Department official sent to Montalvo underscores the extent to which private evacuation efforts have run into bureaucratic roadblocks.  “No independent charters are allowed to land at [Al Udeid Air Base], the military airbase … Continue reading

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“Pakistan Air Force Drones Killed Afghan Resistance Group Spokesperson …” News 18

Comment: According to this Indian media outlet the Pakistan Air Force and ground forces have entered directly into the fighting to suppress the last flames of resistance to the jihadis. pl

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The Hazara and the Liwa Fatemiyoun – TTG

This article leads to a PBS FRONTLINE documentary by Najibullah Quraishi that was released on 20 July. It highlights two threats to Taliban rule not emanating from the Panjshir Valley. The Hazara, like the Tajiks of the Panjshir Valley just … Continue reading

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The “Lion Cub”

“The only son of legendary rebel commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, nicknamed the “Lion of Panjshir” for repelling both the Soviets and the Taliban before his assassination by al-Qaeda in 2001, Massoud junior now represents the last hope that Afghanistan will not fall … Continue reading

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Will Biden let the jihadis wipe out resistance?

“While the Taliban’s dramatic takeover of Afghanistan was met with little resistance, clear signs of defiance were appearing on Thursday. In an op-ed published in The Washington Post, the son of Afghanistan’s most famed anti-Taliban fighter claimed to have the forces to … Continue reading

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“Taliban Cut Internet Access …”

“The Panjshir Valley is held by anti-Taliban resistance fighters, and the Taliban effectively cut internet and telecommunications access, a BBC reporter tweeted Monday: “Local sources tell me almost all internet and telecom services have been disrupted by the Taliban in Panjshir. An anti-resistance … Continue reading

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“Money running out for Taliban …”? – Telegraph

“… as the Taliban prepares to govern for the second time, experts have warned that it will not compromise on its hardline Islamist values to secure crucial aid from the West. Afghanistan experts believe that many of the advances in … Continue reading

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How is it that we are getting live reports from Kabul?

“Communications in Afghanistan is under the control of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). It has rapidly expanded after the Karzai administration took over in late 2001, and has embarked on wireless companies, internet, radio stations and television channels.” wiki Comment: It is … Continue reading

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“Biden Says Second Kabul Airport Attack Likely in 24-36 Hours” Newsmax

“President Joe Biden warned that conditions in Kabul during the final days of the U.S. evacuation remain “extremely dangerous” and said his military commanders informed him during a briefing Saturday morning that another attack is “highly likely in the next … Continue reading

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