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“presidency will not recover” Telegraph

“Eventually, nearly eight hours after the attack, Mr Biden shuffled into the White House East Room. He looked shattered. His voice was hoarse, his eyes teary. There were long pauses as he spoke. At one point an inquisitor from Fox … Continue reading

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Why Secretary of State Blinken Does Not Know How Many Americans Are in Afghanistan

Normally when there is a crisis like the one unfolding in Afghanistan, the State Department would establish a Citizens Emergency Services Task Force. There is no such entity up and operating on the 7th Floor of State Department. Let me … Continue reading

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Governor Abbott deputizes Texas National Guard for the Border

“Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday authorized the Texas National Guard to arrest people who illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border and violate state law. The National Guard also is helping with the early stages of constructing border barriers and a border … Continue reading

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“The mujahideen resistance to the Taliban begins now. But we need help.” – TTG

The words in the title are the words of Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan. He wrote an open letter to the West a few days ago in the form of an opinion piece in … Continue reading

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God’s Creatures

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What is to be done in the “Emirate of Afghanistan? “

According to the full, unedited transcript of the Stephanopoulos/ABC interview yesterday, Joe wants to believe that his son, Beau, the army national guard lawyer who served in Iraq for six or eight months before his father asked for him to … Continue reading

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Eleven years ago Col. Lang participated in a debate in New York City on the proposition that the US could not win a war in Afghanistan based on the Obama Administration’s declared counterinsurgency strategy. Today Col. Lang’s assessment carries even … Continue reading

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In Afghanistan, Americans were the fools who tried to hustle the East | Mulshine

Today 6:34 AM By Paul Mulshine | Star-Ledger Columnist Gee, who could have predicted this Afghanistan debacle? I’ll tell you who: Half the panelists at a debate over the future of Afghanistan that was held in 2009. The debate was organized … Continue reading

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Open Thread 18 August, 2021

I am tired of the vapid bullshit coming out of the Biden Administration.. Have at it. pl

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Taliban PR man caught in frame

Comment: They have learned well. This creep is undoubtedly a manager in the Taliban campaign to sooth the Western sheep before the slaughter. pl

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