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Christmas in Pakistan (FB Ali)

Some pictures from a Karachi newspaper on a rally and procession on Karachi's main street — as part of the Xmas celebrations by the Christian community (in which many local Muslims join). There are more pictures in the paper (at … Continue reading

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Our friend Brigadier FB Ali is 91 years old.. Mabrouk!

Greetings from the 'nineties'! Having just crossed my 91st birthday, I thought you may like to know what it feels like to have lived that long. The short answer is: incredibly lucky! All my life I've been inclined to put … Continue reading

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Razan al-Najjar (F B Ali)

Razan al-Najjar died on Friday, June 1st. She was a 21-year old Palestinian nurse and paramedic. And a mother. She was killed while running (along with other paramedics) towards the Gaza border fence with Israel. They were running to treat … Continue reading

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Tillerson’s Trip & the new Great Game (FB Ali)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hasn’t travelled the world anywhere as much as his predecessor, Hilary Clinton; she covered almost a million miles! That is why his recent trip to South Asia excited some attention. It also brought into focus … Continue reading

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Does history repeat itself? (FB Ali)

Does History repeat itself? Many thinkers, from ancient times to modern, from Polybius to Hegel and Santayana, have thought so. Karl Marx, alluding to Hegel’s formulation, sarcastically added the well-known bit about “the first time as tragedy, the second time … Continue reading

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One Belt, One Road (FB Ali)

The Chinese project of "One Belt, One Road" (OBOR) has drawn remarkably little attention and comment in the West, especially in the USA. This is surprising, considering its tremendous scope, its implications for a large part of the world (with … Continue reading

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The West and Ukraine − and the wars within (FB Ali)

Poor Professor Petro! A professor of politics at the University of Rhode Island, he was selected by the US State Department as a Fulbright Research Scholar in 2013 and went to Ukraine on a year's affiliation with a university in … Continue reading

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“The Emperor has no clothes!” by FB Ali

The recent (April 17) meeting in Geneva on Ukraine was a game-changing event. Yet this significant aspect of it has not been explicitly recognized in any analysis or commentary on the situation; at least none that I've come across. It … Continue reading

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Hitting the brick wall in Afghanistan – FB ALI

Hitting the brick wall in Afghanistan The United States and its allies appear to be preparing for a significant U-turn in their Afghan policy. When President Obama enunciated his new policy in his West Point speech in November 2009, he … Continue reading

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A Plague of Crooks and Fools – FB Ali

  For the sins of its rulers Egypt was chastised with ten different plagues, but the United States is afflicted with just the one: an ongoing plague of Crooks and Fools. The Crooks run the country for their own benefit … Continue reading

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