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Gaza aid ship expected to set sail from Cyprus

A ship carrying desperately needed humanitarian aid is expected to set sail this weekend, bound for Gaza. The Spanish vessel, Open Arms, is scheduled to depart from Cyprus – the closest EU country to Gaza – and hopes to use … Continue reading

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Dog Days of Summer

Let sleeping dogs lie. So the saying goes. And now, in this summer of content, I will do just that. Yet there’s more, that sense of anticipation, of something that needs to Come out! Yes, yes; it is time, long … Continue reading

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“Bison’s relocation to Native lands revives a spiritual bond”

“Collectively those tribes manage over 20,000 buffalo on tribal lands,” said Troy Heinert, a Rosebud Sioux Tribe member who serves as executive director of the InterTribal Buffalo Council, based in Rapid City, South Dakota. “Our goal and mission is to … Continue reading

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As Pliny put it: “Graves offensae, levis gratia.” So let me begin, with song! Because, why not. Ain’t no real big secret all the same.…Ain’t no real big secret all the same…. Somewhere, somehow somebody, must have kicked you around … Continue reading

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Good news for us salmon lovers.

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“… Why a Law, Not Jail, Might Be the Best Way to Keep Trump Out of the Oval Office.”

“What Cheney and her congressional colleagues might have in mind is the 14th amendment, which was ratified in 1868 after the Civil War to prevent former Confederates from holding state or federal office and thus disrupting the fragile Reconstruction effort. … Continue reading

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“FDIC chair resigns after warning Democrats launching ‘hostile takeover'”

“FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams announced her resignation Friday in an open letter addressed to President Biden, just weeks after she warned of a “hostile takeover” of the agency by Democrats.  McWilliams, a Serbian immigrant, has lived in the country for decades … Continue reading

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How to cook and serve a dry cured country ham

A country ham can be hung up in your basement indefinitely before it isre-hydrated.  Pay no attention to any signs of mold, etc. To cook a dry-cured country ham from God’s ownCommonwealth, you first take it out of the net … Continue reading

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Breakfast at “The Loveless Café” in Nashville, Tennessee This is what a real Southern breakfast looks like; country ham (good and salty), redeye gravy, eggs (aigs), grits or potatoes, biscuits. If you love the South, cry “Glory!” (Brother Dave Gardner reference).

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Yo’ Jus’n Cain’ Get No Good Conch Frittahs Nor’ a Marathon

Stars were beginning to fade in the Western sky as the first gleams of the new day began to beat back the darkness. A fin broke the surface off the port bow up near the shallows on the edge of … Continue reading

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