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Mostly Peaceful Protests in D.C.

Commentary by Fred. The nation's capital witnessed a massive and mostly peaceful protest today. During this mostly peaceful event tens of thousands of law abiding concerned citizens gathered to discuss their greviences, to air them before the press and government … Continue reading

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Weapons banned in Canada by “Le petit Justin”

  That is an M-14 rifle.  Someone tell Trudeau.  It is on his list.  It is quite suitable for hunting deer, elk and the like.  But, then, we know that he has seized on the NS murders as an excuse … Continue reading

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“Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020” Congressional Record

  "Shown Here:Introduced in House (01/30/2020) Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020 This bill makes various changes to the federal framework governing the sale, transfer, and possession of firearms and ammunition. Among other things, the bill does … Continue reading

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“A Window into Virginia’s Future: Bills Headed to the Governor’s Desk Kill Virginia as We Know It. ” Virginia Christian Alliance

" … the deluge of bills, energized by out of state deep pockets which has placed Virginia on the fast lane to Marxism while erasing the freedoms and liberties of the free people of Virginia. This is Legislative Blitzkrieg, which … Continue reading

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Lesson for today – Shoot back at the nuts!

"Many Democrats and liberal media figures sneer at the “good guy with a gun” narrative when it comes to the debate over gun control, dismissing it as a myth clung to by Bible-thumping rednecks. Yet, if there was ever a … Continue reading

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Background checks? The three shooters were background checked.

And?  Any requirement that requires a US gun purchaser to prove he needs a gun will be declared unconstitutional by SCOTUS.  pl

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49 pages worth reading: How British gun control efforts sparked the American revolution

By Robert Willmann The British attempt to seize guns and ammunition from independent-minded and perceptive people kicked off the revolution in 1775-1776 in a small part of North America that resulted in independence through the Declaration of Independence, the Articles … Continue reading

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The right to own and bear arms …

Government has structure.  That is in the essence of government.  That structure is expressed in constitutions and laws.  Without that structure society would collapse in anarchy with the strongest and most rapacious ruling by terror and force.  Alternatively, a government … Continue reading

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“Universal” means “All.” Re-published 3 March 2018

  The Democrats and their corporate media friends are obviously determined to exploit the media driven frenzy that has emerged since the Orlando massacre.    After many efforts to de-rail Trump's campaign they feel sure that THIS TIME they've got him.   … Continue reading

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The Fake Courage Awards of 2018……. and the Nominees are………… commentary by Fred

It's that time of year folks: Awards Season. So pull in and watch the sunset on a great day because we have a great new show to go with your evening dose of Fake News.   Hollywood,  your show can … Continue reading

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