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Habakkuk on Sir John Scarlett et al

"J:  The British do not think that the U.S. is their ‘colony/state to use and abuse at their whims.’ The key divisions here are less between states, than within them. The problem is that the neocons have gained ascendancy both … Continue reading

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Sybil Edmonds 2 by David Habakkuk

"Americans who fancied themselves as masters of Machiavellianism have simply been taken to the cleaners by people whose command of the arts of duplicity is real rather than imagined."  Habakkuk ————————————————————————— This, above, from DH’s comment below rather neatly sums … Continue reading

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Habakkuk on the neocons’ use of intelligence

Andy Whether or not one should argue with people who do not argue in good faith is an interesting question. My view, for what it is worth, is that one should. However, it is both true — and important — … Continue reading

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Neoconisme – A “perverse Secularization of Christian Concepts?”

David Habakkuk sends us this: "Michael Murry, You are I think absolutely right about opportunism of the enthusiasm of people like Krauthammer for alliance with the Armageddonites — and also its incautiousness. An old limerick goes: There was a young … Continue reading

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“Richly and Royally Fooled” – Habbakuk

"If in eliminating the Ba’ath Chalabi was seeking to marginalise not simply secular Sunnis but secular Shi’a — who were of course supposed by his champions in Washington to be his power base — then the suggestion that he duped … Continue reading

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Habbakuk on Ideological Blinkers

Our friend DAvid Habbakuk writes from England to comment on my "Foreign Policy" piece.  pl —————————————————————————————- "Colonel Lang: This is a brilliant piece: the argument about the roots of neoconservative success in widely held beliefs makes it an invaluable extension … Continue reading

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Habakkuk on”Leo Strauss and the World of Intelligence”

In 1998 Abram Shulsky and Gary Schmitt wrote an essay titled as above.  The burden of this essay was a detailed challenge to the methods of intelligence analysis followed by the US Intelligence commmunity since the immediate post-war era when … Continue reading

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