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Stolen, a holiday post by Fred

You are probably thinking this is a post about the election, what with that "I voted" sticker in the photo. But if you take another look you'll see something you can really sink your fangs into. MMM mmmmm. Yummy. Speaking … Continue reading

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Rough Men – TTG

  On this day in 1776, General Washington led his cold, ill fed and ill equipped army across the Delaware River to attack and decisively defeat the Hessian garrison at Trenton, New Jersey. It was a morning of bloody footprints … Continue reading

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Election Analysis Using Biden’s Law. By Fred

Fred here, reporting from the Office of the President Elect Fred. Whoah! You say. President Elect Fred? Didn't you hear? It was reported by FOX – Fred's Original X-news. You might think I made that up, just like AP did … Continue reading

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The Geopolitics of Herring Farts – TTG

Some of you may remember when that Soviet Whiskey class submarine ran aground off the coast of Sweden in 1981. It caused quite the stir, but it was resolved without too much huffing and puffing… and that was at the … Continue reading

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The Fall TV Lineup is Out. Just in Time. by Fred

Just when you were getting tired of all the political ads, polls, fake polls, and real and fake pols. I for one am looking forward to not seeing all the Hollywood has beens tell me what I should believe, the … Continue reading

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“… sex during the coronavirus pandemic…” Telegraph

(safe sex) "But this isn't the first time that sex has sparked debate over coronavirus restrictions. Earlier this month, it was made illegal to have sex with someone outside your household, with the rules being put into place from June … Continue reading

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“Secret Service Admits To Destroying Records In Alleged Biden Breast-Grabbing Incident” ZeroHedge

"In 2017, the Gateway Pundit's Cassandra Fairbanks published a claim from an anonymous former Secret Service agent who said that they had to protect female agents from Joe Biden due to "Weinstein level stuff," referring to notable rapist and Democrat, Harvey … Continue reading

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Mischief in Portsmouth …

" The enormous black Hummer with state Senate plates rolled right up front, telling all the world that state Sen. L. Louise Lucas had arrived. But the most prominent African American woman in Virginia politics was actually miles from where … Continue reading

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American Made pl

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“I’m Sorry”

pl Download I'm Sorry.[480P]

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