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The threat of General Soleimani – TTG

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States had “clear, unambiguous” intelligence that a top Iranian general was planning a significant campaign of violence against the United States when it decided to strike him, the top U.S. general said on Friday, warning … Continue reading

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“Latest situation in foreign forces deployment in Syria” Yeni Safak

"The U.S. forces evacuated 16 bases and military posts during Operation Peace Spring and returned to six bases as the operation was paused. The U.S. army strengthened its military presence in Syria’s northeastern border and oil fields. With five bases … Continue reading

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Our Embassy in Baghdad – TTG

I could never fully comprehend the logic behind our modern monument to imperialistic hubris that is our outsized Embassy in Baghdad. One would have to be a true believer in our God ordained manifest destiny to admire that monstrosity. Those … Continue reading

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Mother Jones interview in 2007

"Mother Jones: Were we to withdraw from Iraq, what would be a reasonable time frame for doing so? Colonel W. Patrick Lang: The question is whether or not you withdraw under combat conditions, as we did from Vietnam over a … Continue reading

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John Hannah is IMO a shill for Israel

At about 3 minutes into the TeeVee show tape linked below. the news host lets Hannah begin to talk about Iraq and then Iran.  Hannah was Cheney's foreign policy  staffer during the run up to Desert Storm.  He worked for … Continue reading

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“Joltin'” Jack Keane wants your kids to fight Russia and Syria over Syrian oil.

"Joltin" Jack Keane, General (ret.), Fox Business Senior Strategery Analyst,  Chairman of the Board of the Kagan run neocon "Institute for the Study of War" (ISW)  and Graduate Extraordinaire of Fordham University, was on with Lou Dobbs last night.  Dobbs … Continue reading

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“If you hit them, they will behave …” – the neocons’ song.

I have long puzzled over the question of why the neocons; Lindsey Graham, the late John McCain (be brave Lindsey!), Jack Keane, Bolton, Pompeo, etc., etc., ad nauseam,  cling so firmly to the idea of striking Iran a hard blow. … Continue reading

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Iran, We Got to Do Something? by Larry C Johnson

Like a Japanese Kabuki dance Washington is in the grasp of War theater. Many pundits and members of Congress are filling the airwaves and offering up quotes demanding action. Demanding retaliation. We have to stand up to Iran. Only one … Continue reading

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Meet the Quds1 cruise missile. Made in Yemen?

"On September 14, several explosions rocked the Khurais oilfield as well as the Abqaiq refinery, one of Saudi Arabia’s most vital petrochemical installations. Several hours later, the Houthis claimed that they had targeted both facilities with ten drones as part … Continue reading

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"Things keep heating up in Venezuela, with possible “military options” now being seriously discussed at the Pentagon. And of course you know what that means! That’s right, it means we can expect to see even more lies and manipulations from … Continue reading

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