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“Atque in perpetuum, frater, ave atque vale” 

Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, New York                                       22 March 2014 My wife’s father passed away after a long battle with dementia. His life … Continue reading

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Richard Sale – In Memoriam

Richard Sale Richard died last night of pancreatic cancer.  He had suffered with that for three years.  He was a dear personal friend and until his last illness wrote often for SST.  pl 

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I stopped watching …

  "In Kitchen Confidential he wrote candidly about falling into a depression that was fanned by his substance abuse. “I could no longer bear even to pick up the phone; I’d just listen to the answering machine, afraid or unwilling … Continue reading

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“Mick” Trainor – dead at 89

I was lucky enough to have some wonderful friends in the military; enlisted men too numerous to list, Colonel Robert Sawyer, Colonel David Hackworth and Lt. General  Bernard Trainor, USMC come to mind immediately.  Mick was a product of Jesuit … Continue reading

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Razan al-Najjar (F B Ali)

Razan al-Najjar died on Friday, June 1st. She was a 21-year old Palestinian nurse and paramedic. And a mother. She was killed while running (along with other paramedics) towards the Gaza border fence with Israel. They were running to treat … Continue reading

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Soldiers. She is ours and we are hers.

"Charles would have been retired by now and probably coaching Jordan on a flag football team. He would have been the one to take care of the back-to-school medical forms that I turned in almost a month late. I know … Continue reading

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Sacred to the memory of…

An Indian friend sent this phtograph from a church in North India.  It reminds me that there are veterans graves everywhere.  It reminds of the monument I crossed a strret to look at in the dusty little Vietnamese town of Lai … Continue reading

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We have lost a friend- Leila Abu-Saba

I regret to inform the SST community that Leila Abu-Saba has left us all after reaching the end of her long struggle with cancer. Requiescat in pace.  pl

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