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“How to burn the speculators” – Galbraith

"On these matters, there is a quick fix. Under pressure, the cftc is closing the London loophole. Early in the next administration, Congress must slam shut the Enron and swaps loopholes. Index speculation should be curtailed by making such strategies … Continue reading

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The price per barrel – down, down, down.

The TV business channel 24/7 crowd have more or less lapsed into sullen quietude over the continuing fall in the price of the oil commodity.  Why?  They can’t explain it in terms that they are willing to accept. Some of … Continue reading

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Kudlow – “Drill, drill, drill, so that the futures traders will flee.”

Larry Kudlow, the financial whiz, was on the Joe Scarborough show on MSNBC today.  He repeated his unending mantra of "drill, drill, drill," as a way out of the current wilderness of high priced crude. His insistence on this simplistic … Continue reading

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The oil “head game” is collapsing – for now

"Oil prices continued to decline Wednesday, after a government report showed stronger-than-expected inventories and a Federal Reserve report showed a weakening economy. Light, sweet crude for September delivery fell $3.98 to settle at $124.44 a barrel on the New York … Continue reading

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More oil leaking from the barrel.

"The drop offered further evidence that investors who only a week and a half ago drove prices to a new high above $147 a barrel are now quickly pulling money out of the market. It was also a reminder that, … Continue reading

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The oil bubble is leaking

I told you so!  Ah, that’s not very mature.  Yes, but it feels sooo good. Down how much last week?  What’s that again?  I couldn’t hear you… It is true that there is a severe supply and demand problem in … Continue reading

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10 pounds in a 1 pound bag

I was in New York City for a few days on business and took the opportunity to talk to a friend who knows his way around the financial world.  Inevitably the talk turned to the current crude price crisis.  This … Continue reading

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“Speculators accused of dictating oil prices”

"Just how much oil prices are being driven by speculation became clearer yesterday as regulators revealed that Wall Street dealers, hedge funds, pension funds and other speculators hold 70 percent of the leading oil futures contracts traded in New York. … Continue reading

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“Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…”

OK, folks. let’s start a pool on where the price is going.  Remember, the argument is not about long term supply and demand.  The argument is about this year.  pl—-the-Bubble-May-Last-Longer-Than-Expected?tickers=STO,USO,OIL,DUG,XOM,COP,CVX

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