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Harper on the Treaty of Westphalia

I have a problem with the liberal democracy/authoritarian divide. From the time of our founding as a Constitutional Republic, the United States maintained a special close relationship with Russia. And Russia was always authoritarian. Catherine the Great and even Peter … Continue reading

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A truck tries to penetrate into the Quantico Marine Corps Base

By Robert Willmann Back on Friday, 3 May 2024, a box truck pulled up to the gate of the Quantico Marine Corps Base on Fuller Road in Virginia. The two men in the cab of the truck claimed they were … Continue reading

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More provocation. An attack on a Moscow concert hall and mall by several persons has produced many casualties.

By Robert Willmann As if indiscriminate violence has not been enough starting at the Mediterranean Sea and going through Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and then up into Ukraine. Now an attack on a civilian entertainment and mall area in … Continue reading

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“Heavy Fog In Channel; Continent Cut Off.” – Walrus.

INTERNATIONAL CODE OF SIGNALS: CODE FLAG “U” – YOU ARE STANDING INTO DANGER! America is the Titanic and our Iceberg is something called “Inversion”. I tried to draw attention to this in August 2014 by quoting that Times Of London … Continue reading

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“Supreme Court sides with Biden over razor wire border dispute, clearing the way to remove barriers”

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday sided with the Biden administration in its ongoing dispute with Texas over razor wire the state has strung along the Rio Grande, clearing the way for the Border Patrol to begin cutting through spools … Continue reading

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Are terrorists trying to enter the US through the southern border?

While terrorism watchlist hits have increased along the southern border, they still represent a very small fraction — fewer than 0.01% — of the hundreds of thousands of migrants who cross into the U.S. illegally each year. While Border Patrol … Continue reading

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The House of Representatives finally has a new Speaker after a several week marathon of infighting among Republican factions. It would appear that the principle of exhaustion combined with growing alarm at the public outrage at the dysfunction of the … Continue reading

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Several Republicans prevented Jim Jordan from becoming Speaker, but the numbers 5 and 33 trillion will not go away

By Robert Willmann Like Mother Nature, mathematics is impartial. Acting like petulant children, several Republican members of the House of Representatives prevented Jim Jordan from becoming Speaker by using the whole number five, or higher, to prevent him from getting … Continue reading

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Biden makes new pledges to Pacific island leaders as China’s influence grows

WASHINGTON, Sept 25 (Reuters) – President Joe Biden met Pacific island leaders for a second White House summit in just over a year on Monday, part of a charm offensive aimed at curbing inroads by China into a region Washington … Continue reading

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Does the U.S. government really not know where an F35 jet is after the pilot ejected?

By Robert Willmann You cannot make this stuff up. Cost estimates vary, but they all amount to millions and millions of dollars per airplane. Since (at least) Sunday, 17 September 2023, a Lockheed Martin F35 military jet is said to … Continue reading

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