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How much leverage does Abbott really have at the border?

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas makes remarkably assertive statements in response to the thinly disguised Biden open borders policy. Given the developing evidence implied by Durham’s indictments, it is quite clear that the Clinton/Obama crew still active at the top … Continue reading

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Counterinsurgency – a much failed strategy? (Originally published on SST in 2013. Re-published on the occasion of our 2021 defeat)

Some time ago (2009)  I was asked to encapsulate my views on the afghan policy situation.  The resulting summary is quoted below.  Since policy has clearly gone in a different direction I feel free to state my view for the … Continue reading

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Not surprisingly the generals fought back to defend themselves.

“Top military officials wrapped up the second day of testimony on Capitol Hill over Joe Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal. In Wednesday’s House Armed Services Committee hearing, Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin continued to contradict Biden’s … Continue reading

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The Biden Doctrine in Action – Part 1

Comment: To say that the Saudi Wahhabi regime is annoyed about this would be an understatement. Yemeni Ansar Allah (the Houthis) have demonstrated an ability to hit targets with sufficient accuracy in eastern Saudi Barbaria to be a serious threat. … Continue reading

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What you get for trusting jihadis, 13 dead so far.

It would seem very likely that the Taliban and the Haqqani group who are responsible for security in Kabul permitted the movement of whoever it was that attacked the Abbey Gate today. That conspiracy against what the jihadis; Taliban, ISIS, … Continue reading

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Crunch time for Biden

“U.S. officials said Tuesday that the military would have to start pulling out of Afghanistan starting this Friday in order to meet President Biden’s Aug. 31 deadline agreed to by the Taliban.” foxnews Comment: Up until now Joe is unwavering in his “resolve” to stick to … Continue reading

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10 years ago Congress tried to use the War Powers Act to leave Afghanistan

By Robert Willmann Ten years ago in March the U.S. House of Representatives voted on concurrent resolution number 28 to use the War Powers Act, technically called the War Powers Resolution, to withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of that … Continue reading

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Saving the Byzantine Pompeii of Thessaloníki

The following article by Alexis Georgoulis from Euronews reviews the dangers to the Late Roman and Early Byzantine (4th~9th Centuries AD) remains that were discovered in construction of the Venizelos metro station at Thessaloniki’s urban center. These are highly extensive … Continue reading

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“¡Abajo la dictadura! Down with the dictatorship.”

“The Cuban president answered the unprecedented protests by authorizing police shootings on unarmed civilians — and, in his words, “summoning all the revolutionaries and all the communists” all over Cuba to confront the demonstrators. Openly instigating Cuban-on-Cuban violence is a … Continue reading

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Is Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Really This Clueless?

Lloyd Austin always had the reputation while on active duty of being the affirmative action hire as he moved up the ranks. In other words, he got his job because of the color of his skin and not because of … Continue reading

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