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PUTIN DIRECT LINE. Annual marathon Q&A Rus, Eng. A sort of durbar; you can’t imagine any Western leader daring to or capable of doing it. Much on COVID: it’s clear he believes it’s real and he encourages people to get … Continue reading

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Russia believes they have Biden on the run?

“Russia and China are now working together in a very aggressive way because they think they have America on the run,’ Joe Biden, the US president, has been accused of having emboldened Russia as sources told The Telegraph that the … Continue reading

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 10 JUNE 2021 by Patrick Armstrong

PUTIN-BIDEN. I can’t think why Putin wants to waste his time unless it’s to assess Biden’s mental capacity – imagine this guy going up against someone who can hold four-hour press conferences without dropping a thought. Doctorow has a theory … Continue reading

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“Where are we?”

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News of the day

People who have no guts are trying to deal with Putin who has lots of guts. All you do is tell him is that if his guys do not clean up the ransom attacks, NSA/US Cybercommand will wreck his little … Continue reading

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 27 MAY 2021 by Patrick Armstrong

IN A WORD. Some time ago – Munich speech? Libya? Ivanov’s re-assignment? – the Putin Team decided that NATO wanted war and Russia had better get its defensive power up. They have decided that they have done so. That’s why … Continue reading

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Russia plans to launch a nuclear-powered spacecraft that can travel from the moon to Jupiter – TTG

“Russia is planning to send a nuclear-powered spacecraft to the moon, then Venus, then Jupiter. Roscosmos, Russia’s federal space agency, announced Saturday that its “space tug” — the term for a spacecraft that transports astronauts or equipment from one orbit to another … Continue reading

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 13 MAY 2021 by Patrick Armstrong

VICTORY DAY. Parade. Putin speech. “Unfortunately, attempts are made to deploy a large part of Nazi ideology and the ideas of those who were obsessed with the delusional theory of their own supremacy.” Not, apparently, visible to Blinken; I guess … Continue reading

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The DarkSide Hackers – TTG

“DarkSide is a relatively new ransomware strain that made its first appearance in August 2020. DarkSide follows the RaaS (ransomware-as-a-service) model, and, according to Hack Forums, the DarkSide team recently made an announcement that DarkSide 2.0 has been released. According … Continue reading

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America’s Double Standard With Foreign Military Provocations

What would you say if I told you that Russia and Mexico agreed to carry out a joint military exercise in the northern states of Mexico that include forcible entry, air and missile defense, live-fire, and a command post exercise, … Continue reading

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