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The DarkSide Hackers – TTG

“DarkSide is a relatively new ransomware strain that made its first appearance in August 2020. DarkSide follows the RaaS (ransomware-as-a-service) model, and, according to Hack Forums, the DarkSide team recently made an announcement that DarkSide 2.0 has been released. According … Continue reading

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America’s Double Standard With Foreign Military Provocations

What would you say if I told you that Russia and Mexico agreed to carry out a joint military exercise in the northern states of Mexico that include forcible entry, air and missile defense, live-fire, and a command post exercise, … Continue reading

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 29 APRIL 2021 by Patrick Armstrong

PUTIN SPEECH. Eng. Rus. Mostly domestic as usual but the foreign bits were memorable – in short: we’ve had enough. We will respond as and when we chose and we’ll do whatever we think we have to. And we’ll decide … Continue reading

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 15 APRIL 2021 by Patrick Armstrong

UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR. Lots of heavy stuff moving in Russia; especially big artillery systems: 2S4 heavy mortars, 2S7 long-range guns and Iskanders. (Powerful counter-battery fire would be both effective and semi-deniable). Stockpiles of equipment near Voronezh. Two armies (corps) plus airborne … Continue reading

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China Joe moves against Russia

The Chinese are clearly in the “driver’s seat” with their agent Joe, our first foreign agent president. Imagine the store of incriminating evidence of Joe’s treason that the Chinese government possesses with regard to the Biden Crime Family. The Russians … Continue reading

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Biden’s Presidency Will Be Destroyed By His Foreign Policy

Dementia Joe and his coterie of enablers have embarked on a foreign policy that is likely to result in a new war that will endanger America and further a growing perception that the United States is weak and divided. There … Continue reading

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RUSSIA AND EUROPE. A Levada poll finds the number of Russians – specially the young – who regard Russia as a European country has nearly halved since 2008. Russia is not part of European civilisation in my opinion, but many … Continue reading

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“People die or they leave” – TTG

Even before the pandemic struck, Gorokhovets, a picturesque medieval church town some five hours’ drive from Moscow, was dying. As other businesses struggle, at least one sector is growing: the settlement recently saw the opening of its third funeral parlour. “People … Continue reading

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“Baizuo” That’s you, Bidonians. Own it!

 “The term baizuo is related to the term shèngmǔ (圣母, 聖母, literally “Blessed Mother“) or shèngmǔbiǎo (圣母婊, 聖母婊, literally “Blessed Mother of Bitch”), a sarcastic reference to those whose political opinions are perceived as being guided by emotions or a hypocritical show of selflessness and empathy.” Wiki on … Continue reading

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Hunter was “framed” by Putin? (the theater of the absurd)

“A senior member of Russia’s parliament on Thursday said the U.S. should apologize after President Biden said he agreed that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a killer, and the official indicated that the Kremlin could take additional action after recalling its ambassador … Continue reading

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