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A Bombshell Report from the New CNN

A report by Fred There I was, first day on the new job. Trying to impress the boss with my worsmithing and insights on life, the universe, and, well – everything. Of course all good writing takes coffee, and some … Continue reading

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Crossing the Line by Fred

Great and terrible things can happen when  you cross a line. Sometimes it fills you with dread, like it did with Scott, but other times it's just a bunch of fuss and feathers. Both of which might occur in this … Continue reading

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Saturday in Paris ….. Observations by Fred

New Yorkers before me, LA moguls behind, to the right the road, to the left; Le Steak Millennial children, children no more; narcissist still. The photo, then photos, then surfing. The line wraps around, 20 people 20 minutes. One car … Continue reading

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New Athenaeum Post

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Springtime in Leesburg

Yesterday we made our annual visit to the Leesburg, Virginia Flower and Garden Festival.  It was a bright spring day, a little chill but wonderful nonetheless.  This a two day event.  The little city closes Market and King Streets in the … Continue reading

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From UBL’s point of view, a very good Sunday on TV

Soldiers walk "point " daily all over Afghanistan and Iraq, accepting their share of the risk inherent in the life their unit is assigned. Today, the talking heads and the television newsies spent the morning (on all channels) seeking to torture … Continue reading

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