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Senate committees release a report on Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and business in Ukraine and China

By Robert Willmann Today the U.S. Senate committees on Finance and on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs released a report called "Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption:  The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns".  Charles Grassley (Repub. Iowa) is … Continue reading

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Ghislaine Maxwell wants out of jail with a personal recognizance bond and an ankle monitor!

By Robert Willmann In the face of agitating propaganda pushing a marxist cultural attack and conditioning the public about a virus, a little humor is always welcome.  After Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers filed their memorandum in opposition to the government's motion … Continue reading

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The US neocons and neo-liberals created The Maidan coup? How odd! – Not

There are many instances of U.S. coups that the Government lied about and that afterward had negative blowback. The 1953 U.S. coup against Iran’s democratically elected Government wasn’t revealed to the American public until decades after it had happened. It … Continue reading

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The Giuliani trip was laid out in advance in the NY Times on 9 May

"Rudolph W. Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, is encouraging Ukraine to wade further into sensitive political issues in the United States, seeking to push the incoming government in Kiev to press ahead with investigations that he hopes will benefit Mr. … Continue reading

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Now that we have seen the whistleblower complaint filed by a CIA officer against President Trump, there should be little doubt that it is a fraud and represents an abuse of the whistleblower process. I know genuine whistleblowers (e.g., Bill … Continue reading

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I think the Democrats finally have corralled Donald Trump. I think the transcripts flagged by the unnamed intel community whistleblower will show that Donald Trump threatened to withhold foreign aid to Ukraine unless the Ukrainian leader fired a prosecutor who … Continue reading

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Incident in the Kerch Strait – TTG

Earlier today Russian Navy, Coast Guard and Aerospace Forces intercepted and captured three Ukrainian vessels as they attempted to pass through the Kerch Strait en route to Mariupol. Russian authorities claim the Ukrainians failed to coordinate the passage and illegally … Continue reading

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Ukrainians Who Celebrated WWII Victory Day, Can Expect 5 Years In Prison For Promoting Soviet Symbols. — J

From the Ukraine to Riga Latvia, there is a lot of animosity towards the former Soviet Union and today's modern Russia.   Russian Vesti News had a small segment showing some of that animosity on display.  In the Ukraine that animosity … Continue reading

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Colluding with Foreign Spies–It Apparently Ain’t the Trumps by Publius Tacitus

When it comes to meeting with foreign spies to dish dirt on a Presidential candidate (or a President elect), John McCain is more at fault than anyone connected to Donald Trump. McCain was directly involved in spreading unverified slanderous material … Continue reading

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Yes, Obama’s People Were Spreading Classified Intel on Trump by Publius Tacitus

  A fascinating and disturbing time in Washington. An anti-Russian propaganda campaign is running at full tilt and we find Democrats, most of the media and some Republicans spreading innuendo and outright lies about Donald Trump and his alleged ties … Continue reading

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