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Discussion on CW/WBS

There was a statue that stood at Prince and Washington Streets in Alexandria, Virginia.  It stood  there since the 1890s as a memorial to Alexandria's Confederate dead.  As I recall there were 110 names on the pediment.  The city in … Continue reading

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The Other 13th Amendment – TTG

I ran across this series of twitter postings by Susan Simpson, a DC lawyer. She discovered some surprising (at least to me) antebellum congressional documents at the Federal Archives showing how far politicians were willing to go in appeasing the … Continue reading

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Stand Watie – the last Confederate General to surrender

"Watie was born in Oothcaloga, Cherokee Nation (now Calhoun, Georgia) on December 12, 1806, the son of Uwatie (Cherokee for "the ancient one", sometimes spelled Oowatie), a full-blood Cherokee, and Susanna Reese, daughter of a white father and Cherokee mother.[2] He was … Continue reading

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“The Civil War, a Narrative.” Foote

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“Lord Acton and the American Civil War” The Imaginative Conservative

"… if we take for granted that Acton would be infatuated with twenty-first century Americanism we might think again, for, as much as Acton thought of Jefferson and Adams, out of all American political theorists he reserved the highest praise … Continue reading

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“SHARPSBURG” by W. Patrick Lang (a prequel to TBC)

(Little Mac)               “This must be a ruse. Surely it is a ruse?”               George McClellan’s question was strangely melancholic.  He had been like that of late.               Handsome Joe Hooker looked at the little man standing across the farmhouse … Continue reading

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Chancellorsville, from “The Butcher’s Cleaver”

"- 3:10 A.M., 2 May – (The Crossroads) The two generals sat by the coffee pot waiting for it to boil.  Upended cracker boxes made seats.  Both men were known for their patience, but it had been a long night. … Continue reading

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“Can Bar-Stool Democracy Save America?” NY Times

"In a less Gothic vein, bars often introduced me to the patois and subcultures of a region that was never one South. At a tavern by the railroad tracks in Donaldsonville, La., I was met by drinkers who seemed to … Continue reading

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The 3rd Day at Gettysburg – From “The Butcher’s Cleaver”

  3 July, 1863   "Federal artillery on the cemetery hill worked their guns under a steady pounding.  The roar of their pieces served as counterpoint to the more distant reports of the Confederate cannon.  As Devereux watched, a howitzer … Continue reading

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155th Fredericksburg Facebook Live – TTG

I don’t have cable TV, so I thankfully have no exposure to the constant assault of the cable news networks. Instead, every morning I walk outside and pick up my morning Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star and sit down to a morning … Continue reading

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