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“Lugs and Jibs: An “Autumn Leaves” Update” – TTG

The Shallow Water Sailors are an informal collection of small boat nuts who for over 40 years have been gathering on the Chesapeake to cruise. I’ve had the privilege of joining their spring or fall retreats from time to time. … Continue reading

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“Drizzly Days in the Shallows” – TTG

An overnight cruise in early Spring, deep in the shallows of the Rade de Brest, featuring lots of drizzle, wading about on muddy saltings, cooking and musing on American and European table manners. Comment: I like this guy, a quirky … Continue reading

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A Return to the River – TTG

A part of ancestral homelands on Fones Cliffs is restored to the Rappahannock Tribe  Nearly 400 years after the Rappahannock Tribe was forced from their lands along the Rappahannock River, they finally got a piece back. It all culminated in … Continue reading

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“The economic case for Scottish independence has collapsed completely”

“Babcock, which bought Rosyth from the Ministry of Defence in 1996, has said that its single biggest customer is the UK Government. Its main Scottish business consists of building five Type 31 frigates for the Royal Navy, which Mr Lockwood … Continue reading

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Notes on the 3 January DC snowstorm – TTG

The nightly news on 2 January showed the lines of plows and salt trucks ready for the expected storm. The first inkling that things weren’t going to go as planned was the announcement that no road pretreatment could be done … Continue reading

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“INSPIRING: Disabled Army veteran helping others through ‘old school’ woodworking craft” – TTG

By James Baron / The Free Lance-Star An Army colonel who found relief from post-traumatic stress disorder through an old woodworking craft hopes the same thing that helped him might help others. Roger Lintz says his eventual freedom from PTSD … Continue reading

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“La Grande Fete de Merci Donnant” Buchwald – reposted 2021

“They landed at a place called Plymouth (once a famous voiture Americaine ) in a wooden sailing ship called the Mayflower (or Fleur de Mai ) in 1620. But while the Pelerins were killing the dindes, the Peaux-Rouges were killing … Continue reading

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Square Sails and Dipping Lugs – TTG

I ran across an interesting video a few days ago entitled “Square Sail Tacking.” It showed the intricate actions involved in tacking a traditional Shetland Island fishing boat called a sixareen. The name refers to the six oarsman who power … Continue reading

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“Messing about in boats” – TTG

Here are two new videos by Roger Barnes, the English dingy sailor I discovered back in August. Though still very English, he has transplanted himself to western Brittany to enjoy the local sailing, the local company and the local lifestyle. … Continue reading

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Colin Powell and the Great Man Syndrome – Re-published 18 October 2021 on the occasion of Powell’s death.

My closest adviser (wife) coined the phrase, “The Great Man Syndrome.”  (GMS)  She has the habit of watching the great or semi-great for signs of the appearance of this often fatal malady.  The disease is characterized by imagined indispensability and … Continue reading

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