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Biden’s election will show that the Western alliance is no more – Telegraph

"There are, then, two ways in which a Biden presidency will remove the Europeans’ veil of smug superiority. First, he will follow some Trump-era objectives, because that is what American interests demand, thus showing that Trump was no extremist on … Continue reading

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A Bombshell Report from the New CNN

A report by Fred There I was, first day on the new job. Trying to impress the boss with my worsmithing and insights on life, the universe, and, well – everything. Of course all good writing takes coffee, and some … Continue reading

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From Frankenfish to Good Eatin’ Game Fish – TTG

A few years after I settled in Virginia, I began reading frightful stories about the arrival of a dangerous “frankenfish” in the Potomac River and its tributaries. This hideous invader called the northern snakehead was feared to be about to … Continue reading

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Watermen don’t stop – TTG

This is an AP story that appeared at the bottom of the front page of my local newspaper this morning. It caught my eye because, unlike northern Virginia, the Northern Neck has been largely spared from the coronavirus. That's a … Continue reading

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“Avaaz.” The “reseau” that unites the revolutionary Left?

(Antonia Staats) "Avaaz claims to unite practical idealists from around the world.[8] Director Ricken Patel said in 2011, "We have no ideology per se. Our mission is to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want. … Continue reading

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Introducing the adult juice box… Excelsior! – TTG

Let’s be honest. This is not on the same level as the fusion energy and laser technology breakthroughs that Harper writes about. However, the adult juice box is another “clear reminder that human beings are capable of creative solutions to … Continue reading

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Everglades Challenge 2020 – TTG

I debated with myself about doing an article this year about the Everglades Challenge. I’ve done them for nine or ten years straight and I was busy with the last bathroom remodel and routing cat5e cable for today’s FIOS install. … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Robert Willmann Celebrated in some parts of the world, today is another positive expression from the Christian tradition, known as Saint Valentine's Day, and is illustrated above in a drawing from 1861 in Harper's Weekly [1].   Fondness, affection, and … Continue reading

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Hollywood Goes Full Blacklist and Fails to Grasp the Irony by Larry C Johnson

In the wake of the latest Hollywood buffoonery displayed at the Oscars, I think it is time for the American public to denounce in the strongest possible terms the rampant hypocrisy of sanctimonious cretins who make their living pretending to … Continue reading

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Bigfoot hikes the Snoqualmie Pass on I-90 – Who knew?

"In a video posted on Twitter, Washington State Department of Transportation wrote: "I think Bigfoot is making the rounds across our mountain passes. WSDOT showed him on Sherman Pass … now he is on the I-90 wildlife overcrossing, Snoqualmie Pass. … Continue reading

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