Catholic Bishop’s Conference considers Biden’s fate.

“American bishops will discuss whether the Catholic Church should bar pro-abortion and pro-LGBTQ politicians from receiving Holy Communion. 

Church leadership remains divided on the issue as Biden, only the second Catholic U.S. president, holds stances that are contrary to church teachings.


The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will hold their annual meeting, virtually, from Wednesday through Friday, during which they will decided whether or not to ask the Committee on Doctrine to draft a teaching document on the topic of Communion, Reuters reported

Some leaders in the church believe that Biden should not be allowed to receive the sacrament, which is central to the Catholic faith. Other high-profile politicians could suffer a similar punishment over their political stances if the debate should go in favor of such a strict move. 


Archbishop Joseph Naumann, chair of the USCCB, asked last month how Biden can say he’s devout when he’s doing things that are “contrary to the church’s teaching,” according to the Guardian.  

Cardinal Raymond Burke, a leading conservative, went so far as to suggest that the church label such politicians as apostates, which would entail the denial of sacraments. 


The USCCB’s decision will not create immediate changes, instead kicking off a process of drafting documents that would eventually outline the church’s stance on the issue, as well as possible procedures to label apostates. 

The conference previously stated that individual bishops could deny communion to Catholic politicians who support abortion rights.”

Comment:  In Catholic Christianity a sacrament is a visible sign of God’s presence that also bestows God’s grace. This is something like the concept of “Barakat” in Islam. The Eucharist is central to the practice of the Catholic faith. IMO for many years Catholic hierarchs (bishops) have tolerated the public scandal presented by politicians receiving the Eucharist (Holy Communion) who claim to be Catholic but who advocate civil law that allows the murder of unborn children as a convenience to the “mother.” I suppose it is understandable that many bishops take such positions but who are really just politicians themselves.

It should be understood that the RC church will not attempt to control the governmental action of secular politicians. This is entirely a matter of internal church discipline. pl

Eucharist in the Catholic Church – Wikipedia

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10 Responses to Catholic Bishop’s Conference considers Biden’s fate.

  1. Desayuno con diamantes says:

    Well, I find quite worst murdering the already born…by forcing experimental vaccines which they really do not need for an infection that do not affect them seriously…

    For not to mention the killing of the human soul and divine free spirit by the incoming mass surveillance dictatorial state advances…

    I do not see The Vatican saying a word agsint this, but, precisely, wholly supporting it.
    Also, I do not see The Vatican saying a word about the new Trans Laws approved in places like Spain, under which anyone who tomorrow wakes up feeling like a woman ( for whatever reason like getting a female quota job under current equality measures…) can request being considered one and thus entering women private spaces…like cahnging rooms, toilettes, etc..
    Recently reported a case of a convicted male rapist who then declared himself transwoman, and thus requested being moved to a women prison, where he took advantage to rape and abuse some inmates…

    There is something very sinister behind the erasing of women ( now “menstruating people”, in front of transwoman who are “non-menstruating women”…do you notice how they appropiate of the term woman for those who are not? ) as the natural transmitter of human life and culture….even through genes…what they are trying to avoid indeed…

    The erasing of natural birth is focused in erasing natural character, way of thinking, innate freedom with which a human is born until social presure and educational system erases great part of that…But they have seen still many people keeps the spark and the will for freedom and a just better life even after conditioning..

    The objective is producing humans with pre-programmed characteristics to do certain labor requirements..
    You do not need a miner to think, read, and then get into politics…not going to happen like in Peru…This is what they aim at, mainly…

  2. Nick Paddy says:

    Yeah, one great think about the Catholic faith is it is clearly explicated what is acceptable or unacceptable in terms of faith and morals. We don’t have to muddle through it on our own. But as a Catholic you must accept the Church’s teaching on faith and moral without qualification.

    Another great thing about the Catholic Church is her emphasis on mercy and forgiveness, especially in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”

    The late Fr. Hughes Thwaites, S.J., a former WWII POW and Catholic convert, has a great talk on confession (you can hear these talks on link below). When discussing perfect and imperfect contrition— and the Catholic Church only requiring at least the latter in confession— humorously stated, “I imagine if you’re a good and holy person you’ll get to Heaven whatever faith you are, but if you’re a sinner you need to be a Catholic.”

  3. TTG says:

    This is a good explanation of what this means and the possible ramifications for Roman Catholic politicians. Michael J. O’Loughlin a long time correspondent for “America, The Jesuit Review.” There’s a lot more to it than I thought there was.

    “Covering a niche beat can be difficult when it comes to explaining the nuances of a complicated story, especially one involving religion, politics and the USCCB. Bishops today are *not* voting on whether President Biden or any other Catholic can receive Communion. They are voting on whether to begin the process of drafting a formal statement about the Eucharist, which, if approved, is at least five months away from being published. Supporters of the document point to recent polling showing large numbers of Catholics don’t understand/don’t believe the church’s teaching that the Eucharist is the literal body and blood of Christ. Some Catholic conservatives, including some bishops, want to include a section in the proposed future statement about public figures who disagree on church teaching, especially on abortion, and reiterate that their position bars them from Communion. Other Catholics fear this statement could be used to pressure individual bishops to bar pro-choice Catholic political leaders, including President Biden and Speaker Pelosi, from receiving Communion. Even some bishops who are vocally pro-life don’t want this confrontation. But ultimately, the decision on who can receive Communion rests with an individual bishop, not a bishops conference. There will not and cannot be a vote by the bishops conference on whether an individual believer is able to receive Communion. President Biden’s bishop in DC, Cardinal Wilton Gregory, has said he will not go down the path of barring politicians from Communion and while the newly appointed Delaware bishop has not made an explicit statement, he seems to lean in a similar direction. None of this is to say there won’t be news from this week’s meeting. There will be. The public debate shows a split in the bishops conference. The earlier intervention from Rome on the issue shows the Vatican has concerns with U.S. church leadership. And there are of course political considerations given Biden is a church-going Catholic. But the story isn’t nearly as simple as, “Bishops to vote on banning Biden from communion.” It’s actually more interesting than that. ”

    A more in depth discussion of the conference is here:

    • LeaNder says:

      TTG, once upon a time, I was quite fascinated by the cooperation between cardinal Carlo Maria Martini with the daily Corriere della Siera. People could ask questions and the Cardinal answered. After reading that I wanted to read more written by the man. And admittedly was quite fascinated by his equisite mind. I wouldn’t know where the two of his books I read are buried right now.

      But as whatever variance of Catholics we may both have some type of affinity for the Jesuits. You based on your education. Meaning affinity for contempory Jesuits, not necessarily the counterrevolutiaries of old. … like Petrus Canisius? …

      But, considering the above, I just wondered, admittedly I never really thought about it before, could Carlo Maria Martini possibly have been a Jesuit too?

      And indeed, he is:

      This may be his last interview with Corriere della Siera in translation:

      • LeaNder says:

        But as whatever variance of Catholics we may both have some type of affinity for the Jesuits
        This was a slightly too hasty ammendation:

        But whatever variance of Catholics we two may be, we both seem to have an affinity to 20th century Jesuits.

        Be well, my friend.

  4. Jim says:

    Michael J. O’Loughlin and the publication, “America, The Jesuit Review” are partisans posing as non partisans.

    Biden is posing as a Catholic.

    “We offer now several suggestions to the bishops in their effort to revise ‘Faithful Citizenship’ for 2024. First and foremost, they should remove the language of pre-eminence. That language has no doctrinal standing and, if applied to the single issue of abortion, serves only to drive a wedge further between already polarized Catholics and to give a permanent advantage to the Republican Party.”

    Why are Catholics polarized?

    No one puts a gun to their head to join this denomination/organized religious sect.

    The Dogma comes with the territory.

    Long-standing opposition to murder is among those dogma, including opposition to death penalty and murdering children prior to conception.

    O’Loughlin begins his essay with . . . “most eyes will be focused on a controversial vote related to the Eucharist that some fear politicizes Communion by taking aim at the nation’s second Catholic president.”

    Why exactly is this ‘controversial’; and who exactly are the “some” that “fear”?

    In the ATJR, Todd Salzman and Michael G. Lawler, June 07, 2021 write: “We offer now several suggestions to the bishops in their effort to revise ‘Faithful Citizenship’ for 2024. First and foremost, they should remove the language of pre-eminence. That language has no doctrinal standing and, if applied to the single issue of abortion, serves only to drive a wedge further between already polarized Catholics and to give a permanent advantage to the Republican Party.”

    They write: “Language that raises concerns that President Biden’s anti-abortion but pro-choice stance will cause confusion among the faithful on what the Catholic Church teaches on abortion itself causes confusion and is condescending. ”

    What actually causes more confusion — and is way beyond condescension and is despicable: is pretending that Catholic Dogma is negotiable.

    And extending this for partisan reasons while pretending to be otherwise; and in the entire effort taking focus away from the protracted abortion problem.

    This is not going away any more than the Zionists wanting to wish away Palestinians’ Right of Return.

    I’ve always found it quite sinister that so called Liberals obfuscate the real reason abortion was made legal in USA: so middle and especially upper middle class women could have a more choice; and the evil in this was their — then: jamming this down the throats of the working poor and poor, and especially and also African American woman — this brutally inhumane ideology, with all manner of propaganda.

    What would the African American percent of the population be were Roe v. Wade never was the law of the land?

    So called Liberals cannot confront this; and thus obfuscate and play dodge ball, of which the ATJR act as useful idiots, in this perfidy.

    The ATJR has more in common with Planned Murderhood, falsely named Planned Parenthood.

    Not all of us are asleep.

    • LeaNder says:

      i>No one puts a gun to their head to join this denomination/organized religious sect.

      Jim, are you brought up Catholic. In other words your faith is a family tradition, or American taking the best considering constituencies and politics on offer in the diverse churches around you?

  5. Peter+VE says:

    I awoke this morning to the radio report of the Supreme Court decision regarding Catholic Family Charities in Philadelphia. The city refused to place foster or adoptive children ( and their associated public support) with CFC because CFC would not consider an unmarried couple, or a gay couple (married or unmarried ) for foster or adoptive parenthood. The Supreme Court affirmed the right of CFC to maintain their own standards by a vote of 9-0, directing the city to resume placements through CFC. A small blow for religious liberty. Somewhere, Roger Williams smiles.

  6. Deap says:

    Does Biden even have sufficient capacity to confess and be penitent, before accepting communion? He needs to stop lying about his son Hunter as a good start.

  7. Pat Lang says:


    As I expected the bishops are just another kind of politician.

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