Chet Arthur is president? My God!


Someone supposedly said these words when he learned that President Garfield had died.  I feel much the same way after learning that Joe Biden has been elected by the political analysts at the networks.

I will enjoy watching Juan Williams try to defend this guy on the Five.  

I have decided to postpone my departure decision from SST until 5 January for the purpose of understanding control of the senate.  after that I will decide.  pl

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  1. effinghell says:

    ‘I have decided to postpone my departure decision from SST until 5 January for the purpose of understanding control of the senate. after that, I will decide’
    Good. I value your world veiw.

  2. JM Gavin says:

    I applaud your decision to stick around a bit longer.
    I’m not disappointed that Trump has apparently lost. I’m deeply disappointed in how he lost.

  3. BillWade says:

    I thought Dewey won

  4. james says:

    @ pat… what will you do with all your free time? it seems to me sst is an important hobby for you…

  5. turcopolier says:

    I will find another.

  6. Nah.
    Bet you stay on longer. 25th Amendment.
    That will occupy the next year or two if Biden takes up residence in the White House.

  7. Fourth and Long says:

    Get your anti-aircraft batteries in working order poor world, here comes Youcranium Joey B with VP Copmala Scareruss. Dey gots empathy.
    Will President Donald J Trump move to Richmond and declare himself President of the red south? Or stay in Miami? A false Dmitri? A year of the Three Emperors a la morte de l’Emperor Nero? Will Fox news create a spin off which posts the 264 electoral votes high and wide for the next four years. Doubt it. Hope not. But Youcraine Joe is on the loose now with his fresh, rested, neoconservative, highly competent and professional “adult” bungling killers of the Obomber era now. All studied up and rarin’ to go. Be enthused.

  8. TV says:

    Juan Williams defending Biden?
    That’s a piece of cake.
    He just keeps reading Schumer press releases, the NYT and WaPo and mouthing their “news,” like he’s being doing all along.

  9. d74 says:

    Mr. Colonel,
    If I had my say, I would say “Don’t stop”. Don’t stop.
    I have read almost all the contributions on your blog as well as those of your readers over the last 2 years, all very informative.
    As a foreigner,I have little to say, because they often concerned your internal affairs. Your blog open up a window on a little known world that no other offers.

  10. JohninMK says:

    Will this result affect the release of your book?

  11. John Merryman says:

    For Trump, I keep thinking of what was said about Elvis, after he died; Good career move.
    Whether you loved, or hated him, he kept the country focused in ways that the incoming administration wouldn’t be able to match, as they sort among the winners and losers on their own side. Lots of Democrats will realize they were little more than child soldiers, given a promise and a brick.

  12. psc says:

    Col. Lang, your analysis will be needed with the return of Flournoy, Nuland, Power-Sunstein, etc…..
    Regime Changers R Us. God help us.
    Whatever you choose, good luck and thank you.

  13. sbin says:

    As disturbing as President Biden sounds.
    It pails in comparison to President Kamala Harris.
    Appears the worst of the worst will be running America in a few short weeks.

  14. Barbara Ann says:

    Glad to read of your intentions to continue your blog Colonel. Oases of critical thought seem to be dwindling presently and it is vital for those of us who see a dark period approaching to be able to connect with like minds. Dawn will come, but we must keep each other’s spirits up in the meantime. My very best wishes to yourself and the Committee.
    Sic, Semper Tyrannis

  15. Deap says:

    To wean off partisan politics and blogging to save the world, I can assure you this will making you brain dead in 30 seconds and nothing else will matter – go ahead and try and finish The Met’s puzzle of the famous Japanese print “The Great Wave” –
    At lot more fun trying to makes sense of this, than trying to make sense of Biden-Harris’s “America”.
    Who wants to run the “betting pool” when Harris takes over? Pick your month and year. Or in the alternative, will Kamala run tire tracks up and down Jill Biden’s back; or vice versa.
    But until Dec 11, all bets are off because it is not over until it is officially over – remember Bush-Gore. Not until the last recount an the last court appeal. Only media gas-lighting” is pretending it is already done deal for Biden.

  16. turcopolier says:

    the publisher is giving me a hard time over things like image licenses.

  17. Bobo says:

    Looking into the 2021 Crystal Ball indicates The Abraham Accords go by the wayside, Afghanistan continues with more soldiers, Syria becomes a bigger hotbed, Ukraine gets hot, Russia grabs what it can, China-USA becomes a love fest, Joey B. Is gone by year end, who is Kampala’s VP-Willy?, a new
    Fighting zone arises with spilled blood, back to the 1% growth and on and on we go. No matter what occurs they will continue turning the knife on the greatest President in a long while.
    What has been done or achieved is the measure of a man not what he says.
    Looking forward to another year here at SST with the education only the Colonel can provide.

  18. Aurelius says:

    Glad to hear you’ll be sticking around for a while. I may even venture a contribution down the road

  19. Fred says:

    Patrick Armstrong,
    Hot that, the democrats will discover that Hunter’s laptop is real and Joe needs to resign just like Spiro T Agnes. Kamala in 6 months.

  20. J says:

    I have faith that Trump will be the 46th President.

  21. Cold War Colonel says:

    Colonel, Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge was part of the Massachusetts political establishment that kicked Calvin Coolidge upstairs (and out of the state) by getting him nominated as Vice President to Warren Gamaliel Harding.
    Upon hearing of the death of President Harding, Lodge is said to have exclaimed, “My God! That means Coolidge is President!”

  22. Johnb says:

    Well pleased to read of the postponement of decision making Colonel, I value both your personal views and the wider views from correspondents. My own immediate thoughts have wandered to who might be on President Trumps pardon list before he leaves office.

  23. Good sir, if you decide to retire from this it will truly be a shame. I’ve learned much from you over the years.

  24. turcopolier says:

    Don’t. You probably need it more than me.

  25. Mary Hallock says:

    Colonel, you are my trusted source for what is really going on. You have the credentials and and speak the truth. Please stay with us.

  26. rho says:

    please, whatever happens, do not stop. You are an important voice of truth and you are providing one of the last forums of free political discussion on the internet.

  27. Les Priest says:

    Do stick around, I think things are going to get interesting. Terrifyingly interesting. It appears the Washington blob will deliver Biden/Harris to White House. Continuing the Clinton/Obama regime could be a snooze fest; if you have enough to eat & if they don’t blunder into a war with Russia. The Republicans will have to re-invent themselves; betcha they can find a real demagogue. After four years of Biden/Harris incompetence, that demagogue will be a shoe-in. God help us.

  28. mcohen says:

    Never mind the election just watch the hurricane.I should have been a weatherman.Never know which way the wind will blow.A poem for this occasion
    Sands of time
    I met a man the other day,
    Who said he’s a king who lost his crown,
    They had taken him away,
    In slippers and gown.
    Have you seen my queen,
    He had asked with a frown,
    I last heard she had been seen,
    Wandering around town.
    For a kingdom built from sand,
    Like a castle in the air 
    Will slowly slip from hand,
    Like it was never there.

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