China Joe’s speech tonight

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  1. SAC Brat says:

    Why were members of Congress wearing masks if they have been vaccinated and social distancing? Are they vaccinated?

    • LondonBob says:

      Masks don’t make any difference either way, people should not be wearing them, the vaccines have limited efficacy anyway. Masks are a behavioural tool to enforce submission and isolate sceptics.

      • Deap says:

        Stanford University study concludes: Wearing facemasks is detrimental to health.

        ……..“Wearing facemask mechanically restricts breathing by increasing the resistance of air movement during both inhalation and exhalation process.

        Although, intermittent (several times a week) and repetitive (10–15 breaths for 2–4 sets) increase in respiration resistance may be adaptive for strengthening respiratory muscles, prolonged and continues effect of wearing facemask is maladaptive and could be detrimental for health.

        In normal conditions at the sea level, air contains 20.93% O2 and 0.03% CO2, providing partial pressures of 100 mmHg and 40 mmHg for these gases in the arterial blood, respectively.

        These gas concentrations significantly altered when breathing occurs through facemask.

        A trapped air remaining between the mouth, nose and the facemask is rebreathed repeatedly in and out of the body, containing low O2 and high CO2 concentrations, causing hypoxemia and hypercapnia.”……… (RedState)

  2. akaPatience says:

    I passed on the speech, but may watch a video or read a transcript of it at a later time. I did read some live blogging though, so judging from that I’m not sure I’ll ever have the stomach to endure it. People mentioned his talk of higher taxes, gun control, climate change, more free childcare (even though “Pre-School Promise” hasn’t lived up to its promise), free community college; jobs, jobs, jobs, yada yada yada. America and police are racist so we need more laws for that, and apparently the US Constitution isn’t necessarily binding. Commenters were furious that he complained about high Rx drug prices when one of his earliest actions was to VOID President Trump’s EO that <lowered some key Rx drug prices!

    It was said his speech was slurred at times, he squinted a lot, and he made some gaffes, as usual. Live-blogging commentators used some alternative monikers to President CornPop that seem apt: Resident Biden, President Biden*, POTatoUS, President Hologram, among others. I’ll be interested in what anyone here has to say who actually watched the speech.

    I’ve read speculation that his cognitive decline dictated the sparse attendance for this speech (and some other events), for fear of triggering an adverse reaction due to over-stimulation. Having witnessed dementia sufferers’ adverse reactions to various stimuli, it’s a plausible theory IMHO.

    • Steve says:

      Someone said this…. I read this on facebook…some people are saying..
      Stay off the internet too much stimulus for you.
      You might have to think for yourself.

      • akaPatience says:

        To each his own. I find much more comprehensive and insightful info available from various sources on the internet than what the vast majority of anonymously-sourced-reporting, goose-stepping JournoListers choose to offer. Suit yourself if their echo chamber is your preferred source.

  3. Mark says:

    I should know better,but, I am still amazed at how the president reminded me of and old,red propagandist. In the rebuttal,I was glad to hear the reference to charter schools. Thanks,mark

    • Steve says:

      You like tax give aways to religious schools?

      • mark says:

        Steve,I would have liked to have had a portion of the taxes I paid to have gone to the schools my kids went to,but if that meant government control,then I would rather pay myself. thankyou mark

      • JerseyJeffersonian says:

        Well, Steve-o, we already have tax giveaways to “religious schools”. They are technically denominated as “public” schools, but so far as I can tell, they load up their helpless charges’ heads with the ever-evolving dogmas of the Church of Wokeness.

        They even have a waxing panoply of Saints: Saint George of Fetanyl, patron saint of Violent Felons and Counterfeit Passers (fun fact – his mother was appropriately yclept, Larcenia, proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree); Saint Ahmaud, whose Holy Relics are a pair of running shoes, patron saint of Joggers and Would Be Burglars; Saint Trayvon, sanctified through Cranium on Concrete Smashing, functioning as a secondary patron saint of Would Be Burglars, on whose Saint’s Day, the very efficiently combined sacramental libation and host is The Purple Drank, his own favored Holiness Booster of prescription-grade cough syrup, grape soda, and hard candy. The list goes on and on.

        The Church of Wokeness is fervently upheld in our soi disant public schools where it to all appearances is the new civic religion, don’t you know. Somehow this conflation of state and religion escapes unfavorable scrutiny, unlike those other “religious schools” which you curiously seem to find to be terribly objectionable. Funny that, eh? Not only does the – crucially state-sanctioned – Church of Wokeness receive enormous tax subsidies, but they even have a whole department of the executive branch advocating for the continuance, and even the radical expansion, of that state of affairs (and just between you and me, also working toward the extirpation of alternative venues for education of the young). One School to Rule Them All, and in The Darkness Bind Them.

  4. Fred says:

    Terrified of Trump. Or envious, like Cain was of Able.

    • AK says:


      An interesting point you raise about envy. I’ve spent a lot of time recently with a phrase bouncing around in my mind, something along the lines of “a culture of Cains.” As it’s well-known that ressentiment, as Nietzsche articulated it, is the cornerstone of leftist ideology, it’s clear that this is where we are in modern America. We are indeed a culture of Cains.

      Perhaps nothing exemplifies this more than the Left’s reaction to Sen. Scott’s excellent rebuttal speech last night and his full-throated denunciation of this mindset. I read this morning that Twitter blocked the appearance of the hashtag “#UncleTim” on its platform after it blew up among the leftist hordes. To be sure, this was not done out of any sense of common decency, but rather as a PR move. Such an slur toward a free-thinking black man is so blatantly racist that it would and should have done irreparable damage to the Left’s stranglehold on black America. I’m no fan of Malcolm X, but he nailed it when he called out the white liberal as the enemy of the black man and the enemy of America.

  5. Ed Lindgren says:

    Last evening I finished reading Arthur Koestler’s novel ‘Darkness at Noon.’ This was my first time reading this classic work, set during the Stalinist show trials of the 1930s (although Stalin is never mentioned by name; only as “No. 1”).

    Reading the extended give and take between Rubashov, Ivanov, and Gletkin in the novel, I was struck by how similar was the philosophy and many of the methods of the Party were to those of our own Woke Democratic Party here in the USA.

    I did not take in the address to our nation (I was finishing Koestler’s book), but apparently our own beloved No. 1 laid out his grand vision for our country in yet another rambling, semi-coherent speech (based on a short debrief with my wife, who suffered through the entire ordeal). No. 1 is probably headed back to his basement in Delaware this morning, exhausted by yet another harrowing public performance.

  6. Bill H. says:

    I am just stunned by public acceptance of the idea that, while we are currently spending $4 trillion this fiscal year, more than $1.5 trillion of which is debt, we should ADD more than $6 trillion in deficit spending to that. Why are TPTB so blase about that idea?

    • Steve says:

      3 trillion for Afganistan. 7 trillion for Iraq.
      Time the country wasted money on its citizens.

      • Fred says:

        Long past time not to waste any at all.

      • Tess says:

        The budget for defense have exponentially grow during the pandemic in each and every Western country…

        One would think main increase would go to health care, but no…

  7. Deap says:

    GOP Tim Scott hit it out of the park, in rebuttal to Biden’s egregious sop. Scott’s bold words were a speech to be enshrined.

  8. Deap says:

    Two hackneyed crones hovering behind Skeletor Biden is a image that does not bode well for this country. Take them all down in the 2022 midterms. Tim Scott was the image of GOP Rising.

    • Fred says:

      Vote harder in 2022! Yeah, Biden will make sure we have fair elections then, too. The too ladies had nice pants suits ala Hilary. Kamala should have worn a different necklace, however, as that torc-thing looked off-center.

      • Deap says:

        It is our local job to make sure our own county election offices are scrupulously honest – in collecting counting and reporting. Volunteer, ask questions and get your local grand jury to look into this. File a complaint if your county election official is not forth coming and transparent.

        Cleaning this up starts at the bottom – the top chief has no role in this – the Democrat election “fraud team” laid their ground work years, drilling down to critical precincts, well before the 2020 election.

        Volunteer with your local GOP group to at least be a precinct captain and make sure all registered GOP voters in your near neighborhood have cast their ballots. Plan on driving them to the polls if necessary and monitor throughout election day to see if their ballots were cast.

        That is the only way you can fend off Democrats well-disciplined GOTV astro-turf. Don’t forget their public sector union benefits depend on who gets elected – that is powerful motivation.

        Yes, it is work, but look what happens when voters get lazy…or petulant. Beat the bushes and get them out next time.

  9. fakebot says:

    The only brake his agenda will have is if inflation starts to send grocery prices soaring. $6 trillion he’s spending! On infrastructure, I would have trusted Trump. He’d spend less and get more out of it. With Biden, I expect a lot more wasteful spending and less value. Trump understands numbers and construction. He would have been very hands on and kept things under better control, moving in the right direction on a faster schedule.

    One thing he won’t do is unite Americans. I thought he would make the right play, but I was wrong. He won’t let bygones be bygones. We see that now with the FBI raiding Giuliani. Obviously he’s sore about how those details came out about his son. If he thinks he can take down Trump, then I think Florida might become the first state to leave the union for good. Trump could definitely lead the country to a secessionist movement if he’s not careful.

    • Tess says:

      Grocery prices are already soaring because of the container crisis…which came out of the Ever Green accident at Suez Canal…
      Today yellow kiwis at 7 euro/kg in the supermarket..EU!!!! Four kiwis, one euro each!!!

      Forget about any imported stuff, like non local fruits out of season, or any other product coming from abroad, will go prohibitive…

      The mercancies pile up at the ports waiting for their turn to embark…

      Some days ago I read there will be shortage of paper products… also semiconductors…
      They were advising renewing electrodomestics and electronic devices, if in the need,v asap, at risk of paying far more in next months..

      This will add to the economic crisis provoked by the pandemic measures.

      Some analysts consider this, along with the exponential debt levels the countries are incurring into, will be unsustainable in the long term..

      • Tess says:

        In fact, read a twitt on that many people in India is not really dying from Covid-19 infection, but of hunger, due the rising in prices of food…

  10. Mark Logan says:

    Biden clearly dreams of restoring the old order of the Senate, when everybody didn’t vote in lockstep along party lines on everything. A worthy windmill, but what’s causing that condition is more bottom-up than top-down. It will be largely unsuccessful.

    Judging by the polls of our pundit-media it appears his demeanor was generally well-received. What appears as dementia to some was taken as calmness and civility by most. Eye of the beholder.

    Biden seeks a grand effort to make America great again, like we had in the 30s and 50-60s. A lot of people are in favor of that, they’ve been getting poorer for quite some time now. Both Obama and Trump were elected to make big changes so this is not new. I suspect this soft-spoken old white professional Senator can differentiate himself from his immediate predecessors by actually managing to do something big. If he does whether or not it will work I don’t know. Who does?

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      I’m sorry, my friend, but when the central positions of the federal government are all filled by members of the Council on Foreign Relations, CFR for short, who plot as a group for The Great Reset (catchphrase, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy”), this is just 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag. If only we peasants would all just take a chill pill and let Our Betters (who surely mean us well…) run everything, after all of the demonstrations over the years of Their Unquestioned Puissance, it would surely be churlish of us to question?

      No, after what I have seen from these scum, to give them even a day more to clamp the manacles on our collective wrists is the height of folly. They have already driven us into the ditch, the bus is overturned, the passenger compartment is rapidly filling with Swamp water, and we are on course to be drowned in short order. And once Slow Joe gets the hook, we then get the Cackler?

      Their diagnosis is that all of us white people are guilty of Systemic Racism. In case this has escaped your notice, this is eliminationist rhetoric. Just like in Stalin’s day, we are the Kulaks, who were subjected to similar eliminationist rhetoric; at first this manifested in confiscation of all that they owned, and then they were shoved toward starvation and death, by those beatific leftists. Can’t happen here? Are you sure about that? The Rule of Law is already a joke to them; in fact Slow Joe made noises in his peroration indicating that the Constitution and its amendments are not absolutes to which we may appeal for protection from their bloody-minded ideology.

      Our ancient liberties are under assault, and not just from within. A poster on another blog addressed this element:

      “I can only imagine the peels of laughter coming from Xi and upper CCP officials as they fool the idiot Westerners.

      ‘And get this. All we had to do was feed the dementia patient’s son crack and video tape him fucking underage hookers'”.

      Joe is a vain, vindictive, and thoroughly corrupt man, scarcely the measured statesman. Why do you think his son, Hunter’s, laptop languished in the hands of the FBI for all of this time if not that this corruption is clearly to be found in its contents? And why was Rudy Giuliani’s home raided with a search warrant, and his effects confiscated if not to squelch the evidence of Hunter’s, no show job with money being passed on to the “Big Guy” (hazard a guess as to who that was )who threatened Ukraine with withheld funds if the prosecutor there who was on the scent was not called off? No, he is, and has been, a scurrilous bastard, and a man who now dances on the strings for fear of what might be revealed. And what puppeteers hold those strings but the CFR mobsters?

      Mr. Logan, they have the long planned abattoir ready for you and me, and all those whom you love, and toward whom you hold a duty of care. Now is the time to exercise that duty, it brooks no delay when such malign forces are freely operating.

  11. Deap says:

    Biden is pushing taxation without representation, unless he wants to send his “Families” bill to all current taxpayers POD – which I believe is $800,000 per capita.

    Democrat states got into deep trouble pushing public pension obligations on to future generations who had zero to say about this bankrupting obligation they played no part running up and are now asked to pay off.

    Typical Democrat malaise – free stuff now to get votes for their re-election, but send a later generation the bill to finally pay for it. Big doo doo time – past pension promises they were fully warned about are now due — so the “families” act is their scam payment shakedown solution.

  12. Leith says:

    Poppa Joe spoke both good and bad IMHO.

    The good: No more waivers for the Buy American Act. But can he make it stick? Biggest losers would be China and Israel. Congress critters on both sides of the aisle are going to get heavy lobbying by AIPAC to give special waivers for joint Arrow III and Iron Dome projects, plus various whiz-bang electronics from Elbit, IAI, et al.

    The bad: His comment to the transgender community: ‘Your president has your back.’ That will cost him the 2024 election.

  13. Deap says:

    Revisiting the October 2020 Johns Hopkins morbidity data analysis taken from CDC reports. This Johns Hopkins study was suppressed right before the election, but it deserves coming to light again so it can go through public scrutiny and peer review:

    Data analysis conclusion in Oct 2020 – there were no “excess covid deaths” when comparing numbers for all-cause mortality, over a 10 year period. Just the relabeling of predicted death trends for other causes, as “covid” deaths for 2020.

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