“China will impede vital US strategy to stop Ukraine-Russia conflict: Former defense official”


Any economic sanctions NATO imposes against Russia will have minimal impact since China would provide relief in an effort to embarrass the U.S., a former defense official told Fox News Digital. 

Diplomatic discussions stalled this week after U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken provided a handwritten response to Russian demands. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said Thursday that the response offered “little ground for optimism” but acknowledged “prospects for continuing dialogue.” 

The U.S. has threatened to hit Russia with sanctions – both on the state itself and against individuals, including President Vladimir Putin – should it proceed to invade Ukraine. “

Robert L. Wilkie, Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness during the Trump administration, said that any such economic punishments would not provide the kind of impact American officials believe it will due to Russia’s strong bond with China. 

“A lot of the talk about economic sanctions is really a pie in the sky because China is now Russia’s banker,” Wilkie argued. “Xi Jinping will back Putin if sanctions from the West come.”

“That’s a safety net he probably didn’t have 10, 15 years ago, and China probably wasn’t capable of buttressing the Russian state as it is now,” he added. 

U.S. sanctions on Russia – which might include cutting off Moscow’s access to SWIFT and related world banking funds – might simply push Russia to instead increase sales of oil and gas to China: Russia in 2020 accounted for 15.5% of China’s imported crude oil, according to Worlds Top Exports. That currently makes Russia the second-biggest oil and gas exporter to China.”

Comment: Well, well. They huffed and they puffed, and they evidently can’t blow the house down with sanctions. They don’t know that in The Swamp?

What we have succeeded in doing is erasing Russia’s age-old hostility to The Yellow Peril. How clever we are as well as the infernals in the British establishment. pl


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  1. Gilbert C. says:

    Here’s great analysis of this:

    Wang Yi ‘Overwhelms’ Blinken, Confirms China Backs Russia on Ukraine, NATO in Furious Call


  2. tedrichard says:

    putin has defeated both washington and nato regarding russia’s security needs regarding nato expansion and offensive missiles aimed at moscow without firing a single bullet. the level of elegance and skill to accomplish this will be forever unappreciated in washington but the warmongers will have to submit whether they want to or not as they have no other choice.

    sanctions are meaningless, russian conventional military power is so far beyond the pentagons ability to respond without suffering catastrophic loses the only choice left is peace served with a well earned helping of humble pie.

    whats bad for the warmongers is good for the rest of the planet and no one has to die.

  3. Hugh Midas says:

    Pat is spot on, as well as Ted Richard…. The swamp is way beyond repair …..

  4. walrus says:

    But! But! “The Chinese are downtrodden ignorant peasants! They hammer out cheap substandard products in primitive factories with dirt floors! All they do is copy Western technology – monkey see, monkey do”.


    They are very hard working intelligent people. They revere education. They attach huge importance to family. They have their flaws but so do we.

    If you want a nightmare, consider the potential if the Russians share some or all of their advanced technology weaponry with China and Chinese factories start turning out cheap Hypersonic missiles, etc. as easily as they now produce iPhones.

    If you want a pleasant dream, think of being able to visit the Northern slopes of the Himalayas, the Pamirs, the East coast of Siberia, etc. in comfort by fast train thanks to OBOR. Areas I have always hungered to see.

    As for quality, as I have said before, the Chinese are perfectly capable of making high quality reliable product if the customer requests it. The reason you are awash with Chinese rubbish is because that is what Walmart wants to sell you.

    • different clue says:

      No. The reason we are awash with Chinese rubbish is because of Bill Clinton getting China into the WTO and getting Congress to grant China MFN trading status, so that American manufacturers could abolish all their production facilities in America and rebuild ( or pay Chinese to rebuild) all those facilities in China. Forced Free Trade policy-in-general was the context for engineering that outcome.

      If we still had militant belligerent Protectionism in place, we would still have our own industry making our own high quality reliable product for our own consumption in our own country, China-serving Free Trade Hasbara to the contrary notwithstanding.

      And if China were awashing us with high quality reliable product, it would still be in pursuit of the goal of exterminating the production of high quality reliable product within America itself by Americans.

      The false accusation that somebody is accusing China of only being able to hammer out cheap substandard product in primitive factories is the kind of velcro tarbaby diversion used by Free Trade Hasbarists to trick the unwary defenders of American economic survival into defending themselves against fake charges of having said something which the Free Trade Hasbarist knows very well that American economic survival defenders never even said to begin with.

      So . . . nice try. And better luck next time.

      • Steven Ogle says:

        Who sold us out? Take a look in the mirror. The ruling class of the US and it’s billionaire masters who run the place. Time to place the blame where it belongs. China did nothing more than seize an opportunity thanks to the banks and the financializaton of the economy. Time to place the blame where it belongs. Us.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      I recently had the opportunity to look over a new Chinese motorcycle made for the export market and it was an eye opener. The thing was almost 100% domestic design & build (engine too) beautifully engineered, high spec & most surprisingly of all a real stylish looker. And all this comes at a significantly lower price than the closest ‘Western’ equivalent (Japanese in this case). The manufacturer is a JV in Guangdong founded in.. 2003.

    • Fred says:


      Thank goodness out elite institutions have been prioritizing Chinese students, Chinese lab assistants, and Chinese worker visas. It’s not like Americans are capable of building anything of quality. Obviously that’s why we needed to let our executives outsource the jobs and import the Fentanyl.

      “The reason you are awash with Chinese rubbish is because that is what Walmart wants to sell you.”

      The automotive company I worked for for more than a decade did not buy from Walmart but recieved plenty of defective tooling and parts from Chinese vendors. The battery supply is going to be great though, because China.

      “If you want a pleasant dream…” just forget about all that slave labor in China. As the owner of an NBA team put it, nobody cares.

      • jerseycityjoan says:

        I care, I care a lot. As few years ago I remember reading a frightening long article about a company up here shifting their manufacturing of products involved with large scale public works to Mexico. Many people were interviewed. The American union workers were very conscious that lives were in their hands and had been for decades. Quality control and getting things right were instinctive concerns to them. They were devastated not only because they were losing great jobs they knew they probably would not get again but because try as they might, in dealing with their Mexican replacements they realized the American company’s safety culture was staying right here. The quotes from the new Mexican workers made it clear that while they were fine people who wanted to do a good job, safety culture was not a goal there. Average worker conscientiousness verging on perfectionism that had protected us in the past was disappearing and there was nothing anybody was going to do about it.

        I am sure there will be people dying someday because of this shift and it won’t be just one time or in one place.

        Now of course every case was not like this one but I think it certainly true that that stupid smart people who sent things overseas not only did care about us, they didn’t even care about their own descendants. A lot of them didn’t even know exactly what they were robbing us of but for those who did, I curse them and I always will. And we are still shedding businesses, do not think we are not.

        • Fred says:


          NAFTA was a disaster for US manufacturing, and Mexican small scale agriculture. In addition there have been plenty of IT jobs outsourced, often replaced with visa holding immigrants, for the same rationale. A glimmer of hope is that Trump actually drained the swamp low enough for people to realize what had actually going on for years. Given what China has done in the past 20+ months a lot of those jobs will come back, though it is going to be painful in the medium term. Plenty will wind up in Mexico and Brazil also. The Europeans will be lucky if they get some manufacturing insourced, though it will the be Eastern Europeans to gain, not Germany, Italy or France.

  5. LondonBob says:

    A few years ago an attempt was made to sanction an aluminium concern owned by Deripaska, the end result was the European aluminium sector ground to halt and so they had to be quickly reversed before they started impacting the wider economy.

    This is all blindingly obvious.

  6. Barbara Ann says:

    It sure is quite some foreign policy achievement. When future historians explain to their students that the US’ FP wizards chose to alienate both major Asian powers simultaneously, I expect there will be many questions.

    The exceptionalist faction in the Swamp are of course incapable of seeing the colossal failure of their self-defeating dual ‘containment’ strategy. Nuland’s farcical efforts to get China to put pressure on Russia exemplifies their degree of detachment from reality.

    I do not care what happens to the Swamp, but I do care what happens to the rest of the country when the now inevitable happens and Pax Americana starts to give way to something new.

    The American demeanor never was & is not now suited to running an empire. All other things being equal, a lifting of the white man’s burden ought to present an opportunity for a much needed renewal of the national psyche. But as we know, after hubris must follow nemesis. As for the Brits, they have clearly forgotten everything they ever knew about how to play the Great Game.

    • English Outsider says:

      Barbara Ann – I’d rather say the Great Game plays on auto given that sectoral interests have considerably more influence on foreign policy than the electorate.

  7. Fred says:

    “Russia to instead increase sales of oil and gas to China…”

    Thanks to Joe’s initial Executive Orders cancelling the Trump Administration’s energy policies we are no longer a net oil exporter and oil price has risen $40+ per barrel to pre Trump era prices, making a lot of other nations budgets look great, unlike ours.

    “Even if the Germans were to do an about-face on the Nord Stream 2, China would pick up the slack – they need the energy as much if not more than Europe does.”

    Europe will talk a fine talk about climate change, but only to keep thier subjects in line and entrenched politicians in office. Russia cutting off natural gas flow would create havoc in the EU; it will be easy to do if they have capacity to ship more of it to China now.

    “”China is willing to help anyone as long as that diminishes the United States in the eyes of the world,” Wilkie said. ”

    Mr. Wilkie has made the understatement of the decade.

  8. Ghost_Ship says:

    Looks like Victoria Nuland wants to sanction Russia for refusing to enter into dialogue with US.
    “But we are also unified in our resolve that if Moscow rejects our offer of dialogue, the costs must be swift and severe,” U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland told reporters.”
    BTW, threat by British Government to sanction Russian oligarchs was empty gesture by London. Money has already fled abroad, perhaps to Hong Kong or New York.

  9. walrus says:

    Fred and Different Clue, with the greatest respect, for every American job that was lost from Chinese competition, there was an American importer, distributor and retailer taking their cut. Americans did this to themselves every time they bought a cheap Chinese product instead of an American one. You did this to yourselves. Your leaders knew they were doing it.

    As far as quality goes, our family company was importing textiles in the 1960’s. The Chinese quality beat the Swiss (world leader at the time) for cotton around 1965.

    A lot of American producers need to lift their game, starting with DeWalt.

    • Fred says:


      It’s America’s fault, because we were all CEOs! All that happened AFTER TWO status was granted. For me, let me praise China for their labor standards – including wages, boy don’t they love families; environmental stanards (world’s best) and all around ethics. Guess we should all vote for a prick like Trump rather than Mr Hope & Change and his best buddy Joe, most popular president in history, next time.

    • different clue says:

      No. You agents of the International Free Trade Conspiracy did this to us, with your WTO membership for China and your MFN status for China. I see no distinction between you and Bill Clinton in this regard.

      Chinese product is cheap because of Chinese anti-environmental anti-standards, anti-safety standards, anti-union policy enforcement, anti-high wages, and so forth.

      Before Free Trade was forcibly instituted against America, we could protectionize ourselves against the differential-cost-arbitrage racketeers working their racket against the American economy and American society. After Free Trade was forcibly instituted against America by the economic traitors in our midst, American companies were artificially set free to work the differential-costs-and-standards arbitrage rackets against operating-in-America companies.

      Of course there were American importers, distributors and retailers eager to make a fortune from their country’s misfortune. Protectionism protected us from those rats and roaches in our midst. Forcey Free-Trade agreements destroyed that measure of protection.

      And once millions of Americans were carefully and deliberately de-jobbed, and then re-jobbed-if-at-all at near-Chinese wages right here in America, China price product was the only product they could afford.

      And careful readers of my comment will note that I referrence our own economic traitors from Bill Clinton on down for engineering this outcome against us. And they may well compare my very clear noting of that fact with your apparent attempt to pretend I didn’t even mention it when in fact it was the core of my comment.

      I don’t need you to tell me that “my leaders” knew they were doing it when I am the one who told you that “my leaders” knew they were doing it to begin with.

      Nice try. Better luck next time.

      • Carey says:

        That same commenter who wants to force-inflict the “vaccines” on us
        *also* tells us from on high that it’s our own fault that our jobs, productive capacity and national pride (remember that?) were shipped to China- as though anyone commenting
        here had any wish to ship their own very livelihood and more to that country.

        The great majority of the citizenry, or “electorate”, as one commenter above quaintly calls it, have no effect on policy- zero: we live under and at the whim of an oligarchy.
        See Gilens and Page 2013, or just look around you..

        Commenter ‘different clue’ and others here have it right.

  10. daniel says:

    The Russia-Ukraine conflict.

    Anger Joe to Vlad: “Come on man, get some balls, attack Ukraine”.
    Vlad, smiling: “no”.

    The title alone is misinformation.
    The rest of the article, China will do everything (well, almost) it can to impede the US, anywhere.

  11. walrus says:

    Different Clue, it’s not the fault of free trade or an “anti people” Chinese Government. You and I want to buy quality local product but that is not what big box retailers and Walmart want to sell you. They care not for where product is made.

    China is not anti environmental at government level. However Chinese people don’t care about anyone else’s environment except their families environment. As for the rest of your anti stuff it’s much more nuanced than that. For a start, Chinese priorities are money, family and a stable business environment. Everything else: democracy, free speech, patriotism, community, etc. does not count at all. The Chinese government is still in power because it has increased people’s standards of living farther than their grandparents could dare to dream. The Chinese Government will fall if it can’t keep delivering.

    And I meant what I said about DeWalt.

    • different clue says:

      Walmart and Big Box were not able to source from Cheap Laborstan until Walmart, Big Box, and various Big Investor Groups and Persons bought laws and agreements permitting them to do so massively.

      Before NAFTA, WTO Membership “for” America and China and etc., before MFN for China, and etc., I didn’t have to care that Walmart and Big Box did not care where they got their goods, because we were legally protected against the ” always the lowest price, always” race to the bottom. After America was welded into the iron spiderweb of Free Trade Agreements and organizations, only then could the wannabe-outsourcers
      outsource an entire civilization’s entire industrial plant from America to Overseas with gay abandon.

      The Chinese government has increased its peoples’s standard of living by decreasing our standard of living by transferring vast amounts of our industry from our country to their country. Is this their moral fault. No. As Trump himself said in a speech somewhere/somewhen, he does not blame the ChinaGov for making a good deal for its people. He blamed the AmericaGov for making a bad deal for our people.
      About the Chinese Government falling if it can’t keep delivering . . . I hope we in America can defect from the Free Trade System and re-protectionize our political-economy effectively enough to actually revive some small part of what we have lost.
      I hope we can get our country back into a position to where we can honestly say that
      whether the Chinese Government can keep delivering or not is no longer America’s problem. I hope we can get to the point of saying: let China deliver at somebody else’s expense, not at America’s expense any more. And in a spirit of mischieviosity, I would love to hear an American Protectionist President conclude his speech with the phrase . . . spoken in Mandarin . . . ” America has Stood Up!” How do you say “America has Stood Up!” in Mandarin? That would troll the ChinaGov leadership good and proper. Though in fact it would also be meant against ALL of America’s foreign Trading Enemies.

      We need a political party-movement combining Trump’s good intentions for an American economic revival with the knowledge and wisdom of the forgotten and suppressed political economists like Charles Walters Junior, Carl Wilken, Red Paulsen, Erhard Pfingsten, Vince Rossiter and so forth. And it would need to spend patient years making this “lost” knowledge get “found” again. And it would have to lay out a multi-decade program of industrial and agricultural ecosystem revival withIN America and lay out why this can only happen behind a Big Beautiful Wall of economic protection aROUND America. And then such a movement would have to just hope it could win its way to patient victory at many levels over tiime, such that it could indeed implement such a recovery program if any scope could still remain to recover anything.

      What would such a party-movement call itself? The American Protectionist Party? The Rescue America Party? The American Rescue Party? The New Deal Reactionary Party?

      And it could have a catchy acronym motto like . . .
      MAOKA, for Make America O K Again or . . .
      MAVA, for Make America Viable Again . . .
      or something else that people might think up.

      About DeWalt, where are DeWalt tools made nowadays? I mean actually physically made?

      • blue peacock says:

        different clue,

        This classic interview of Sir James Goldsmith in 1994 prior to WTO and the MFN for China by Slick Willie and the Republicans in Congress is not only prescient but it shows in the arguments by Clinton administration’s Laura de Andrea Tyson the sophistry and duplicity in the “free market” propaganda deployed.


    • Fred says:


      “that is not what big box retailers and Walmart want to sell you.”
      Then don’t shop there.
      “China is not anti environmental at government level.”
      Climate change is real! and Chinese coal plants don’t impact the environment. They don’t have smog, either.

      “….except their families environment.”
      How many children did the forced abortion policies of Family Friendly China kill? I’m sure the relatives of the dead have all forgotten what was done to them by the government. Think of the wonderful standard of living you now have, comrade.

      “The Chinese government is still in power because it has increased people’s standards of living…”
      No S$$$, and who made that possible? See Different Clue’s comments above for a hint. The communists would have been forced out by now if the policy decisions he mentioned were not enacted. The collapse of the house of cards that is China Evergrande Group ($2.05 USD to 22 cents in a year) and the forced lockdowns of tens of millions is a clear sign of the shakyness of their regime. We don’t need to be bailing their asses out. Communist China Delenda Est.

      • different clue says:

        ( I have begun using here and there words and phrases like Communazi China, Great Han Lebensraum Communazi China, One Ball One Chain, Chinese Great-Eurasia Co-Prosperity Borg,etc. Judging by how offended some people have gotten on some other blogs I haunt, I may have hit some nerves in need of hitting).

  12. James says:

    I am surprised that Moscow is not moving faster to get ‘Power of Siberia 2’ built.

    “Moscow and Beijing are close to agreeing on a second pipeline – the “Power of Siberia 2″ – which would double gas exports from Russia to China, crossing through Mongolia and into the power-hungry industrial regions near Beijing. Crucially, it also would join up Russia’s internal gas network, connecting China with the same gas fields in Russia’s Yamal peninsula that supply Europe. ‘It does give Gazprom – as that major exporter – the optionality to direct gas to one market over another,’ Marzec-Manser told VOA.”


    • JohninMK says:

      They seem to be moving quickly now. Russia has given in on the route which is now through Mongolia and planning on that route has finished ahead of schedule. Expect the paperwork to be signed off whilst Putin is in Beijing with completion 2024/5.

      Oh, and lots of other interesting agreements expected too from that trip.

  13. walrus says:

    Fred and Different Clue, I hear your gnashing of teeth. China has already escaped. They are no longer dependent on exports, their own domestic markets are huge. They are now self supporting.

    As I said and have said on numerous occasions, the characterisation of the chinese government as ruthless dictators presiding over a peasant workforce who somehow produce products you want to buy in earth floored primitive factories for pennies is just plain wrong. However your think tanks and legislators loved this idea because it somehow made Americans feel better – “I didn’t lose my job in a fair fight, it was exported to China where people work for peanuts and now make what I did under the communist lash”. This is BS, dangerous BS.

    It’s BS because people (perhaps including you) are in denial and STILL don’t comprehend the truth; chinese factories are state of the art. Their employees are smart and motivated and can produce high quality product in quantities that will make your eyes water.

    Protection may insulate your domestic markets but not your export markets which you will lose unless you get your technology act together.

    Black and Decker own DeWalt which is a crap product made in mexico. I took two hammer drills back because of excessive runout in the chuck and I gave the third one away as heavy over engineered junk. The idiots should have either ground the output shaft after hardening or hardened them in a quench press to ensure they were straight.

    I’ve finally settled on Hikoki for 36V power tools although all my aircraft tools are American.

    • different clue says:

      You keep artfully dodging the point we all keep making, and you falsely dis-impute to us things I think you realize very well that we never said, to whit, that Chinese factories are anything less than state of the art. You still hope to trick us into replying to your false mischaracterizations of things we never said. So far, we are still not falling for it.

      It was the forced Free Trade Agreements which created the “zone of legal permission” for American and other investors, factory lords, etc. to dismantle our factory capacity here and build up state of the art factory capacity in China for ongoing production-aggression against America. And only the cancellation of all Free Trade Agreements would set us free to begin repelling foreign Production Aggression long enough to begin restoring production-for-consumption within America. You know that as well as we do, but you keep using Free Trade Habara verbal tricks to try diverting us from thinking about that basic fact and our basic needs.

      If we restore Protectionism and defect from the Free Trade system, then we can protect our country against the motivated Chinese workers in their State of the Art factories producing so much top quality product that it will make our eyes water. With Militant Belligerent Protectionism, we can force China to go make somebody else’s eyes water instead.

      About DeWalt, I think you have re-inforced my point without realizing it. Before NAFTA, where did DeWalt make its tools? When did the Lords of Black and Decker assassinate all of DeWalt’s factories in America and build new ones in Mexico? Before or after NAFTA?

      If you want Australia to become one of China’s little Overseas Tibets, that is fine with me. If I want to prevent America from becoming one of China’s overseas Tibets, that is fine with me too and I don’t care if you disapprove.

    • Fred says:


      You are a communist China apologist.

  14. walrus says:

    Different Clue, I’ve never attributed the “mud floor factory “ attitude to you personally. It has however been an integral part of the general American characterisation of the Chinese as downtrodden uneducated serfs.

    However you replace that ignorant theory with another one to account for China’s increasing power – The “it’s all the fault of free trade” excuse. That sets America up for a second economic and geopolitical disaster when the protectionist walls you propose building eventually collapse, as they will.

    When will Americans get it through their heads that the concept of America being the exceptional nation also includes by definition that sometimes America can be exceptionally stupid?

    The Chinese have prospered from a very low base and, in 100 years, have worked their way out of poverty. They are now an economic power rivalling the USA. Clearly they have been doing something right but all you can do is throw rocks at them? Wake up! If you don’t then you are in peril!

    If you have bought an Apple product, it was probably made in China. If you have a DJI drone you have an example of Chinese technology. I say again, you are dealing with intelligent, well educated people who work very hard. Their success has little to do today with the WTO, etc. they make good quality stuff and sell it cheaper than you can because they are efficient.

    Start treating them as equals worthy of respect, the same with Russia, because unless you do, you are setting yourself up for monumental failure.

    An interesting indicator: 25% of Rolls Royce sales are to China and 20% of owners are under 20 years old. 20% are women.

    As for Black and Decker, DeWalt, Milwaukee, their management is responsible for design and quality. You think that making their product again in America is going to solve their quality problems? Why would that be? Aren’t you simply saying American workers are superior to everyone else? – that the Chinese, Mexicans, etc. are too stupid to make tools? Isn’t that attitude why we are in trouble dealing with China, Russia?

    • Fred says:


      A couple years back you were reminding us all of the 3,000 year history of China. Now you tell us of the marvelous achievements since the communists came to power. You left out the tens of millions killed by them.

      • walrus says:

        Fred, yes. I left out the tens of millions because that is neither relevant to our current situation nor has such a matter ever been a bar to American policy.

        Try protesting about that matter outside Walmart and see how many people turn away from the store.

        As for the Chinese, outside of Hong Kong, they value political stability and money making over democracy although that is bound to slowly change over generations. The Chinese have bitter memories of having their lives and their country torn apart by warlords and foreign interference. They will put up with the CCP as long as they deliver stability and relative prosperity.

  15. jim ticehurst says:

    China…The Year of The Tiger..Indeed Covid Anniversary…Chines Made Also…Rather Covert Factor…They Also had help from American Sources..Gone Global..Ever thing they have was given to them by Both American Political Partys ..Globalists..and Hedge Fund Operators..It all Started with Dick Nixon…and His “”Advisor…Heinrick.”.Zig” Kissinger…Giving China all they wanted..End Gold Standard..Buy into Hell Yes…Move all Production to China…Build factors..Share all Product Data..Spend Billiuons…Hell Yeh…Free Trade…That Old Giant Sucking Sound..To China With Love.and The Ass Kissing ..Then the Dems..Deals..Let Them Buy or Steal or Hack to get Out of the Rice Patties to the Top of the World..in 50 short Years…IMO Thier Products are throw away Junk…I Love my Old American made Hand tools,,,Quality ..Last forever…Trump was Right about Things…But He Pissed alot of Leaders Off..Including Chi..Loss of Face…I thing China has engineered Pay Backs…Trump Backlash..Starting Two Years Ago..Covid Gratitude…for all that American Help……

    • walrus says:

      Yes Jim but that was then, this is now. You can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube.

      • jim ticehurst says:

        Walrus…G’Day Mate Down under Thanks for comment..This is a Great Forum..Good debates..Analysis..Bone Chewing..That is the way A Good Intel Shop should be run..And We who are interested in such matters are lucky to have Pats Forum to kick these things around..He’s a Good Man ..

        Back to your Point..Yes..This is Now..Very Bad Stuff..all over..Your Dont put the Toothpaste back..Chinese products tend to have Contaminants.Thier Commercial export Products are Cheap..Mass production..Throw away stuff…Thier Best High Quality Production is for thier OWN Use…Military…Space..Cyber..Very High Tech..That why they are Well Positioned ..With Tiger Paws..and Tiger Claws..all over the World…and Space..
        Trump said alot of True Things about Americans Weak Status..He was Unique… Beat 16 Establishment Republican Candidates..and WON Because He said alot of True Things..That Millions of Americans..Liked The Message..even if and Elected Him..Wow..What a Concept..America FIRST..To Combat the Chinese Attitude…and other World Leaders..

        So..Yes.Trump was making His own American Toothpaste..and Bringing Manufacturing back to American..With Good Incentives. I think He made Mistakes..Got to Full of Himself Perhaps..Becoming POTUS Can Do That..He thought He WAS Master of The “Deal” and Made Dangerous Enemys…Inside and Outside..They took him Down…

        So Here We All Are..One Year in to Bidens Operation..Self Destructing..Become Lawless and Deep Swamp Chaos.

        With The Status of The Worlds Super Powers and Global Threats..I think The Bidens Policys are A Threat To Our National Security…and Aiding and and Supporting ..Our Enemys..It has to be by Design..On Purpose..With Willful Intent ..and This Administration Is Involved In Subversive..Un-American Activitys..IMO Judgement..

        As for Your Staus..There..In Australia..Walrus..You Lads are In a Very Fragile Position…All lone out There in that Big Ocean..Are you a Super Power..How are Your National Defenses..?? Uou are in Line North to Indonsia..Manila..(China Wants)Viet Nam..(hmmmm..One of those Fallen Dominos..) and Then A Very Large..dangerous ..Nukes galore..China..So Whos Left For You..N.Korea.. (Nuke) and China ..have sighted In Japan..and Taiwan..

        I would Thing You Aussies Would Hope American Can Recover soon..I Believe In Miracle.s. Walrus..I Have Ex pierced Them on the LINE and in Life..Many Times .. Many years..I Have Faith..Dont get Discouraged. Just Reload..It IS What It IS..

  16. jim ticehurst says:

    According to Wiki Data..The ADF..Australian Defense Force…Army…Navy..Airforce..have an Active Duty Combined Force of 58,000 Personnel…with 50 Ships…Some Tanks and Armor..and scattered Air Forces and Other Bases..Most on the East Coast..Around Sydney..Perth..One Base on North ern Point..(Closed) One on The West Coast..All airbases considered Poorly Defended.,,About 100 or so Total Aircraft…but Hardered..Hangers..es..some Submarines..NO Nuclear Weapons of Any Kind….Looks Like China could Easily Take out an ..Airfield..and Make it A Rapid Response ..Heavily Supplied Operational Base Overnight..Very Strategic..Probably Easier than Taiwan..You Have to Think China Has Considered That Option..

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