China’s flunkies are “on the attack”

Xu gu

As I have stated elsewhere I now consider the CCP and the Chinese government to be enemies of the US that are engaged in an undeclared war against the Unites States.  The present pandemic is merely one theater of that war. 

It is apparent that the CCP has sought to nurture the creation and/or development of the COVID-19 virus.  To that end they used their money to infiltrate American and Canadian research facilities to enhance the capabilities of their own research facilities.  Some Americans in their worship of money above all aided that infiltration.

We now receive a lot of obvious troll attacks from "friends" of China.  Some of them are from Europeans.  That is sad because for the CCP the Europeans are merely an inconvenience whose interests are "collateral damage."

SST will continue to press the china War story.  pl 

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  1. Serge says:

    Indeed, noticed a recent post by one “Godfree Roberts” and looked into the handle, wasn’t surprised by what I found. Be on the lookout for this ilk

  2. J says:

    Here in our U.S. (and in my state’s universities), Chinese ‘students/PLA’ and ‘senior instructors/PLA/中华人民共和国国家安全部 aka Ministry of State Security’ have been heavily involved in bio-research at many of our nation’s top universities for quite sometime. It is hoped that these U.S. academia institutions are now pulling their heads out of their arses and waking up to the reality that China and its CCP AND their 中华人民共和国国家安全部 are using them to screw them to the wall.

  3. J says:

    Also, if one doesn’t believe how ‘committed’ and ‘brutal’ that the CCP and it’s 中华人民共和国国家安全部 are, just ask the Chinese of Taiwan. They can give you an ear full of just how ruthless the CCP and its 中华人民共和国国家安全部 are.

  4. Stephen says:

    Oh deary me; you’ve succumbed too.
    Externalizing one’s problems has been one of the lessons of this CV19.
    I’ll not be reading SST anymore.
    I wish you well.

  5. Upstate NY'er says:

    And now it comes out that the NIH (Dr. Fauci?) is giving money to the Wuhan Lab.
    More of the swamp.
    Is there ONE grownup inside the beltway – or as I have long suspected a very large collection of talkers and incompetent paper pushers who could never hold a real (private sector) job?

  6. You are clearly right. This virus originated from a BSL lab in China. All the SJWs scientists are traitors as far as I am concerned and deserve a traitor’s death.
    The other problem is the SJW or Virtue Signaler Democrat Party. They are full of cowards. And frankly are the enemy.
    The press is the enemy of the United States. And therefore this goes much deeper than China.
    The group you have eluded to as “desiring world domination” is involved in my opinion. An old conspiracy for the ages.
    So that leaves the South and the rest of the deplorables. And it’s not enough. But there is one. And he is more than enough.
    I say to the cowards nothing ventured nothing gain. Come out of the dark. And face your elimination.

  7. Deap says:

    It will serve future conversations better if we distinguish between (1) the actual virus and its confirmed impact, and (2) the overblown panicked reaction to the virus as presented in the media and governmental reactions.
    (1) more and more is looking like a bad flu season
    (2) is looking like an Unbrave New World.

  8. turcopolier says:

    I live inside the beltway in occupied Virginia.

  9. turcopolier says:

    Stephen Good. Ni hao ma.

  10. blue peacock says:

    “I now consider the CCP and the Chinese government to be enemies of the US that are engaged in an undeclared war against the Unites States.”
    Thank you, Col. Lang! Coming from a long time warrior deeply knowledgeable about the “dark arts” it means a lot for us civilians.
    Some of us have long suspected that the CCP have been exploiting the vulnerability of the contemporary American elite mindset of personal gain at any cost. What happens when the fifth column are the political, financial and corporate leadership of a nation? Congresses and president’s from George H.W. Bush to Obama and the leadership of both political parties have been instrumental in the voluntary dismantlement of our industrial base.

  11. Upstate NY'er says:

    Colonel Lang:
    Figure of speech, but you’re suggesting that I narrow the circumference?

  12. Upstate NY'er says:

    “The press is the enemy of the United States. And therefore this goes much deeper than China.”
    SO right – the Democrat-media party.

  13. TonyL says:

    Colonel Lang,
    I’m not convinced with your statement “The present pandemic is merely one theater of that war”.
    If the China CCP is actively engaging in a bio-weapon attack against us, then why not infecting a few Americans at some airport such as Bejing before they fly home? that would make the epicenter somewhere in the US, no need to sacrify many thoudsands in Wuhan.

  14. turcopolier says:

    How do you know that the Chinese did not send us a few American “virus bombs?” You have no idea what vectors the CCP adopted. They care not if a few thousand Chinese die in service of “progress.”

  15. turcopolier says:

    No. I live in “progressive” territory. Alexandria and much of Virginia is no longer what it was.

  16. TonyL says:

    “They care not if a few thousand Chinese die in service of “progress.””
    That I’d agree.
    With that said, however well planned, an attack like that would have high probability for the epidemic could have got out of control. Not a Sun Tzu move.

  17. Deap says:

    Anyone know a full time government worker who has missed paycheck, even if they are no longer required to be on the job? Are government employees or agencies experiencing the same depth of consequences as private sector businesses?
    Out west, our school district lost track of 500 students when they stopped holding classes, yet no official attendance rosters are kept for this now online school experience.
    So the state is still required to pay for each formerly enrolled students, before they were sent home to attend “online classes”. Whether they still are present in the district of not. Since testing was also eliminated, there is no work product accountability.
    So a certain segment of government employees continue to get paid, have no full complement of students and are 100% unaccountable for outcomes. But the school district claims “they are working on this”.
    And the kicker is Gov Newsom said schools cannot re-open until they provide “social distancing” for students and staff. This of course doubles the need for classrooms and numbers of teachers, in order to serve the same student population.
    Which means overnight more teacher jobs and more teacher union dues flowing into the California Democrat Party. Just so we can continue paying for our #45 ranked school systems.
    Corona shut down: Cui bono?

  18. Rodney says:

    I sniffed these guys out back in 1997 when a group came to my university promoting a couple of books, including a seminar, one book being The Rape of Nanking. It seemed so blatantly propagandist. I did buy the books. Still haven’t read them. Been living in Japan for 17 years now. lol. Watched Jaws the other night. “But we delivered the bomb”.

  19. turcopolier says:

    Which “guys?”

  20. turcopolier says:

    Sun Tzu? Chop Suey Clausewitz. That’s what people quote when they want to sound like they know something about war. Try the real thing, and not a commentary. The epidemic may well have gotten out of control in China, but it will take a long time to find out. That detracts not at all from my conclusion that the manufacture of such a weapon was not part of a larger covert war against the US. A deliberate release or an accident from the weapons lab. Same- same

  21. Seamus Padraig says:

    So the PRC sought to bring down America with … the flu? Or did they have advance intelligence that the US media and government were going to go full retard over this and lockdown the entire country? Is Bill Gates a Chinese agent? Will his vaccine make us all start craving bat soup?

  22. Rodney says:

    Which “guys?”
    A group of Chinese and possibly Chinese Americans touring campuses.

  23. Marko says:

    I am long time lurker at this board and found this topic to be an interesting one.
    It is no question that relations between China and USA has deteriorated even further with this COVID 19 pandemic. I am however, wondering how did China nurture CoVID virus? They literally got “nuked” by it themselves.
    From the sidelines, it looks to me that they’ve responded to it more efficiently than US, where CoVID 19 pandemic is a catalyst for a crysis accumulated in US prior to pandemic onset.

  24. sam says:

    The Virus was first spotted in China (fact), may very well be a virus that was transmitted to people from a research lab in Wuhan as the WP reported earlier.
    China likely under reported the number of cases and the fatalities from the new Chinese Virus.
    China also likely knew about the virus for sometime before reporting it to the WHO.
    China initially either failed to realized or did not report that the virus can be spread from human to human.
    But also fact is that there is nothing sinister or unusual about this Corona Virus to make any scientist in the West or even US military intelligence claim that it could be a biological weapon altered in a military facility.
    Fact: China’s economy was the first to suffer, with almost total shut down of its economy, promoting talk in the West of moving manufacturing out of China.
    Fact: That shut down was visible to all of us and widely reported.
    Fact: China’s economy is an export economy, so shutting down the American or other importing markets is counter productive from a Chinese point of view.
    Fact: China sequenced the virus and released all the information to the world including the CDC on January 10. which would have given ample time for the West to prepare its very advanced lab, healthcare system and pharmaceutical industry to confront any potential spread.

  25. BrotherJoe says:

    Brother Pat,
    You obviously have many contacts in the security and intelligence community. Do they share your outlook? Could you give us a summary of how they are leaning? Thanks.

  26. turcopolier says:

    Brother Joe
    There is general agreement that China regards us as both a political enemy (communism vs liberalism) and an ethnic rival (Han vs the world) They are seeking to greatly reduce our place in the world but not to destroy us. They need our agricultural capacity and ingenuity in design. Whether or not the particular COVID-19 onslaught was deliberate or the result of ineptitude is under discussion. The conclusion in the IC about that will be concealed from the public.

  27. turcopolier says:

    Wishful thinking. Your opinion depends on Chinese honesty.

  28. turcopolier says:

    China did NOT get “nuked.” Officially reported deaths are in a range that China would find acceptable in a major covert military action. What American “crisis” are you talking about? The economy was booming with very low unemployment. What are you talking about?

  29. turcopolier says:

    Seamus Padraig
    the Chinese campaign against the US has multiple axes. The standard technique is to buy their way into key areas of activity. bio-warfare is only one of many fields of endeavor. One of their interesting activities is to invite “thinkers” to China for seminars, colloquia, etc. where the invited are studied to gain insight into American culture, politics, the economy, etc. the invited are flattered and glad to spend some time being cossetted. IMO the Chinese DID have some hope that the US might go down a lot worse than has happened. Gates? You are just being nasty and silly.

  30. Diana Croissant says:

    I know personally a beautiful Chinese (American now) girl who was sent away from China during the time of the “one child” policy there.
    She is now only 16, but having been home schooled, she is already taking classes at the local community college and university.
    Will she be a person who ends up pushing back against China? Her major interest in in microbiology. Perhaps she will become one of the people who helps to counter the evil intentions of China and will be working soon to counter or disrupt the evil efforts of her birth country.
    Just the fact that a country is willing to give away its children and, perhaps, hope those children will grow up to be loyal to their birth country says much about the Chinese value system.
    Kant’s categorical imperative? Do the ends ever justify the means, especially when you use humans as “means.” People are ends in themselves. This will eventually come back to haunt China. I hope I live to see it.
    I grew up fearing that Krushchev and his shoe might someday bury me. Now I see quite a different Russia than the one we feared then. It may not be our friend, but I don’t find it as terrifying.
    I have no doubt that this pandemic was indeed the result of China’s working to engage in biological warfare. And because the Chinese system does not value individual humans, they were and are willing to sacrifice many of their own people, who to them are just “means to and end.”

  31. ancientarcher says:

    you hit the nail right on the head.
    Anyone who believes the numbers of infections/deaths out of China for covid19 – I have a bridge for sale for you.
    Their numbers are inaccurate by possibly 100x or more. Millions of mobile phone numbers were cancelled in the last couple of months in China. Not all of them are because of cancellations because of job losses, mobile service carrier change etc. A lot of them would be deaths because of the wuhan coronavirus (aka covid 19)
    However, look at the stock indices in China. The China A share index (companies listed in Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen) has barely moved. Their industrial capacity is nearly back up to capacity. And the Chinese govt is buying stocks of the covid affected stock markets as if there is no tomorrow – from Australia to India to Europe and the US.
    They are trying to take over large chunks of ownerships due to the crash from a virus that originated in China. You think this is all coincidence?
    However, I feel that if this serves as a wake up call for the Americans it will be well worth it. The enemy certainly knows what it is doing, but in the US the corrupt liberals are gutting their own homeland. Wake up you virtue signalling, commie loving liberal SJW blowtards!

  32. Stueeeeeeeee says:

    I agree. Another aspect in this war is the Chinese role in the ongoing Fentanyl trade.
    I just do not understand why seemingly intelligent people fail to see the danger that China poses to us. Abject greed contributes but there is something else. Is it arrogance or a borderline racist belief that the Chinese do not have the capacity to be our adversary/enemy?

  33. BillWade says:

    If we were a healthier nation we would have far fewer deaths from this virus attack. Race, sex, age, and even smoking status are not our weaknesses, obesity is. If anyone is to be quarantined, it should be fat people. The rest of us should be out and about normally in what was our booming economy, why ruin that?
    The media tries to shame us into acceptance and now seemingly glorification of fat people. We’re a sick society in this regard and we need a healthy society to win this and any other war that pops up.

  34. coboarts says:

    In both the Naval Diplomat, then again, later, on Naked Capitalism, I’ve commented that the politicians and business leaders who are responsible for outsourcing American manufacturing and managerial prowess to China should be tried for treason. Is it not clear that their has been and is a concerted effort in education, media and in corporate behavior to make America into a communist state modeled on China? If it’s war, it’s war.

  35. Upstate NY'er says:

    I feel your pain.
    Virginia now has a Governor and legislature to rival California in sheer lefty insanity.
    I live in a far left northeastern state (repeating myself) but when I look around, I realize that I’m one of the few grownups.

  36. Deap says:

    Lest we forget: Obama flunkies were also on the attack. Loose threads pulled together by Conservative Tree House.
    Same names are jelling into real substance now as documents and timelines reveal: Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Fusion GPS and CROWDSTRIKE:
    How convenient the Democrat and Obama supporting media is running purple journalism COVID-19 cover at the very moment the sordid Obama Spygate cabal is ready to explode.

  37. Artemesia says:

    With respect, Col. Lang, this being your blog & all: It is not the Chinese who are occupying Alexandria – Northern Virginia.
    What are the Chinese characters for Clinton – McAuliffe?
    Didn’t Michael Bloomberg-san declare just a few months ago that he would finance enough Dems/SJWs to turn Virginia blue?
    I lived in Charlottesville; I saw — as did many native Virginians along the Rte 29 corridor — the influx of New Yorkers beginning (in my observation) from at least 2002. Neocons have overtaken significant seats and institutions at University of Virginia, the Miller Center, headed by Philip Zelikow for one example.
    The New York law firm intent on “crushing, silencing, and bankrupting” participants in the protest in Charlottesville are not Chinese, they’re proudly self-identified “loud-mouthed Jewish lesbians.”
    USA did not go to war in Iraq at the prodding of China; rather, China was one of the 56 countries that registered opposition to the 2003 war.
    As well, how do you account for the close relationship between Israel and China? Israelis are intent on making Israel a nexus of the new Silk Road; the Chinese have numerous major investments in Israel’s infrastructure, in exchange for Israeli technology — ‘borrowed’ or stolen from USA.
    Israel has been preparing for an Israeli relationship with China since at least 2002 when Dennis Ross, charter president of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute delegated Solomon Wald to explore Jewish – China relationships:

  38. Phodges says:

    Hey, as long as they lump in The Neocon/Zionist fifth column on the enemies list I an all for it.

  39. Laura Wilson says:

    Deap….I would like to address the issue of California schools. I don’t know how old you are or if you are a product of CA public schools, but I am 71 and I had the absolute Cadillac of public education in California. But, guess what, the per pupil spending back in those days was equivalent to $20,000/pupil in today’s dollars. We had walkable neighborhood schools, we had all of our sports transportation and uniforms paid for (admittedly these only for boys sports except for swimming and tennis), we had class sizes of approximately 25 pupils, we had platoons of gardeners and custodians to care for the taxpayer owned facilities, we had RNs for school nurses at most campuses….and the list goes on. Now we are the generation who wants to starve the schools and make them so much more “efficient.” If we “returned to the good old days,” California schools would be tops. But…it everything including technology costs $. No, I am not a teacher…just a citizen who is very involved with my local schools as an alum and know many teachers and students personally who work very hard.

  40. walrus says:

    Col. Lang,
    The Straits Times backs up some of your contentions. The Chinese hid their knowledge of the disease.

  41. turcopolier says:

    There are more than one set of enemies. OTOH
    the present city government of Alexandria would be at home running a town in China.

  42. BillWade says:

    Due to the nature of my wife’s “retirement” biz we pretty much know all of the (non-chain) restaurant owners here. Not a one of them has received their SBA loans that they applied for. One has to wonder why that is, especially since Pelosi is trying her best to hold up the second tranche.
    We did get our $2400 today from the IRS distribution, maybe the IRS is more efficient than the SBA?
    The CCP is unelected, the EU is unelected, wondering if there are elements here who would prefer to be unelected officials.

  43. TonyL says:

    “Sun Tzu? Chop Suey Clausewitz.”
    What a great putdown 🙂 Chinese leaders studied Sun Tzu, and that has a significant influence on their thinking.

  44. Terence Gore says:

    How would you supply any ship in the far east if you are worried about getting one sailor sick?

  45. Eliot says:

    “Whether or not the particular COVID-19 onslaught was deliberate or the result of ineptitude is under discussion.”
    “IMO the Chinese DID have some hope that the US might go down a lot worse than has happened.”
    That seems like emotional thinking from Beijing. It neglects to consider, or at least discounts, the reaction from Washington, and the outside world.
    What happens if we follow the Japanese model, and pay American companies to leave China? What if we shut down the education, and professional work visas, China so thoroughly exploits?

  46. turcopolier says:

    Countries make mistakes in foreign policy.

  47. turcopolier says:

    No wonder they are f—-d up.

  48. J says:

    Interesting finding, an article in a Chinese scientific study showed that among having just over a thousand CCP-virus patients having pneumonia, just under 86% were non-smokers, just under 2% had a history of smoking, and just over 12% were smokers. This was confirmed by the French in their study that found smokers were less likely to be hospitalized with CCP-virus than non-smokers. Which countermands the WHO and their statements that tobacco smokers were at severe risk from the CCP-virus. The CDC confirmed the French study. So…..could smoking provide a protective role against the CCP-virus? The Russian Ministry of Health cites that the presence of nicotine increases the amount of calcium inter-cellular which improves cellular survival. Also D3 can reduce risk of influenza and CCP-virus infections and deaths in a scientific study by the U.S.’s NIH.
    So break out the smokes (along with a good glass of bourbon or cognac IMO), bake in the sun and under no circumstances stay locked indoors as Fauci and Brix recommends. Trump IMHO needs to tell Fauci and Brix to hit the bricks. Staying indoors depleats one’s calcium levels, and enhances the CCP-virus attack on the immune system.
    Nicotine is a natural calcium building stimulate of the nightshade family that has been used for hundreds of thousands of years by humans with one of its herbs being tobacco, native to our Americas dating back at least 1400BC. Native American tribes have traditionally grown tobacco and used it long before it was introduced to the rest of the world. Tobacco unify s communication between humans and spiritual powers. Native American tribes had long established trade routes, I mean large trade routes among themselves before Europeans arrived on the scene. Many say the Great Spirit appeared and told them them how to use tobacco. The Cherokee today refer to tobacco as the ancient one and considered the first of all plants to be used medicinally and spiritually. The tobacco smoke protects one’s mind from deceptions by the evil ones, tobacco is used in all deals with first using the ceremonial pipe. The smallpox epidemic of the 1900s saw those that used tobacco prevented them from being wiped out by the disease while those non-smoking were dropping like flies.

  49. TonyL says:

    With greatest respect, my observation: is that because you are strongly against Communism, so that has affected your ananalysis a bit?
    The CCP is not f–up. They just think differently because theirs is a different culture. We should not underestimate a strong and intelligent adversary (in my opinon, not currently an enemy).

  50. Alves says:

    It is a theory that should be looked into. I am surprised that some people go nuts against it without even giving time for the investigations. To dismiss it out of hand is irrational.
    Let me add that China right now has several countries in the world by the balls, as they are one of the few medical suppliers with free production capacity.

  51. Christian J Chuba says:

    I’ve posted many times that we should take a look at how S.Korea and Japan dealt with it. Between the two of them they have had less than 400 deaths.
    But our character is to get angry and smash tables. If I was trying to channel this anger, I’d try to steer it this way, ‘our enemies are going to try to infect a factory farm in Mexico or the in the U.S. next’. I’d try to get us to adopt the same solutions that Japan and S.Korea have but frame it in the context of national defense, not a mundane health issue.
    Whether China did this intentionally or not, this is our soft underbelly. We were totally unprepared. If we just try to get even it will happen again.

  52. Bobo says:

    MIA meant something 50+ years ago and still does but the page is turning as today MIA means Made in America, does not matter if North or South, as the Chinaman will not receive my dollars anymore.
    Actions speak louder than words and this will take time but the Chinaman has had his last hurrah.

  53. turcopolier says:

    If you are NOT strongly against Communism, you do not belong at SST. This is an anti-communist blog. Anyone who thinks Communism is not a great evil knows no history. To understand that Communism is evil and that China IS an enemy is not warped. It is realistic.

  54. sam says:

    Here is the timeline of the latest outbreaks of new viruses
    SARS 2003
    six years laters-2009
    Swine Flue
    Six years later-2015
    Ebola and MERS
    5 yers later 2020
    COVID 19

  55. Jack says:

    General Robert Spalding Interview: ‘China is already at war with us.’
    Another military man agrees with Col. Lang. The CCP is at war with us.

  56. AK says:

    In your estimation, at what point in history did today’s CCP shed its blood-soaked track record (the blood of millions upon millions of CHINESE) to become just another style of government in which one could easily find value and virtue, if only one could truly understand their “culture”?
    This is not a matter of cultural relativism. Chinese culture did not produce Communism. It was conquered by Communism. The Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution were arguably the two greatest feats of murder and mayhem in human history, fueled by an ideology built on the revenge and resentment inherent in every human heart. It was just a matter of getting enough of the populace to buy into that part of their individual souls and sacrifice the rest for “the good of the collective”. Such is always the case when a society crumbles into despotism and mass murder. It’s never top-down. The people always willingly participate.
    I may be wrong and I don’t want to ascribe a position to you that you don’t hold, but do you or do you not view the Chinese Communist Party and its system as just an alternative form of government one could reasonably choose, much as one prefers rocky road over mint chocolate chip when it comes to ice cream?
    I ask because it seems that many Americans have somehow come up with a way to divorce the current iteration of the CCP from its horrific history and its blatantly murderous ideological foundation. Personally, I don’t see how this is accomplished absent either a massive case of historical ignorance or willful acceptance and adoption of the Marxist/Maoist philosophy itself (and by extension its consequences in practice).
    I find the poem linked below to be a succinct summation of the kind of vengeful and resentful mentality that underpins Marxism, in the form of a little verse from the man himself. Lovely stuff.

  57. Mark K Logan says:

    I’ll raise the question of China’s current love of communism.
    The Great Leap was nearly a half-century ago, and all the Maoists that I’m aware of are outside of China. A few small groups of weirdos and that’s about it. In the days of Mao they were certainly avid Marxists, no question, but is that still true? They certainly have strongly embraced many aspects of capitalism in the last couple decades. They are now working on developing their domestic markets so they won’t be as dependent on exports.
    Have they and are they not morphing, albeit in fits and starts, towards capitalism? Barring a major bloody revolution, is this slow sort of change exactly what should be expected if it were to take place?
    The government IMO only pays lip service to communist ideals these days. They certainly have a totalitarian government but they haven’t cited ol’ Karl much of late. At least not as far as I know of.

  58. Jim S says:

    Communists believe the State is the rightful arbiter of morality; Socialists aren’t that interested in philosophy, but can’t see the downside of giving the State more power.
    Of all the people who have ever dabbled in Marxism, the people at the top of communist hierarchies are not “true Marxists”: they are in a position to know that Marx’s Utopia is a pipe dream and that they cannot scientifically build a better man. But finding themselves unchallenged for control of a nation’s wealth and power, they have no reason to give Marx up.
    Communism, like other forms of materialism (see American consumerism), turns a people into a caricature of itself. More so for China, because Mao deliberately destroyed traditional culture and morality.

  59. Eric Nehwill says:

    Mark Logan,
    The Chinese are collectivists with little regard for the individual and his/her rights whether they permit a little capitalism or not.

  60. TonyL says:

    Colonel and AK,
    Thanks for your response.
    I am strongly against Communism. And I also know how ruthless the CCP is and so were the now-deceased communist leaders.
    I just have a cold heart in looking at their motive, methods, and tactics. In my opinion, their economic “war” against the US and other countries is real. That’s how China always operates. They want to have great influence on other countries through economic means and thus winning without firing a bullet.

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