Commenter Delusions


I wrote a piece for the Unz Review yesterday.  You can see it over there.  There were over a hundred comments.  Most of them were favorable, but some were just awful and these included words from a few people who have been seen on SST.

The prevailing complaint about me was that I am not an anti-Semite and am just a "toy boy goy" for the The Lobby, someone who fears the Zionists will cut off my access to media money.  This is amusing since I was long ago driven from the public square by AIPAC  black list operations.  I have long opposed the illegal interference of the non-PAC AIPAC in US policy decisions but I will NEVER equate the Zionist project with American Jews as a group.

A further complaint against me is that I supposedly do not acknowledge the control over US foreign policy exercised by the "MIC" and/or a desire to seize the natural resources of sad little countries.  Well, that accusation is valid.  I do not accept either of those propositions.  Military materiel manufacturers respond to competitive government bidding processes.  They do not create such requirements.  If you wish to think they do, then you should push the idea that the manufacturers somehow participate either openly or covertly in the Quadrennial Defense Review where the structure of future defense forces is decided.

As for the seizure of resources notion, show me where.  Show me!  The Philippines? What? Pineapple?  The American Indian?  What?  Buffalo hump and hides?  Beaver pelts?  The land itself?  Yes we took that from the Indian and I am unapologetic about that. It was them or us.  Iraq?  Whoever made money in Iraq, made it from looting US funds, not Iraqi oil.  Syria?  Perhaps you can persuade yourself that the US wants the small amount of oil that Syria owns east of the Euphrates.  If you can do that, you are truly delusional.  The US is sitting on a ocean of oil and gas with yet more for sale in Canada.

One of the more zany commenters suggested that my "closets are full of corpses" (possibly) and my "off shore accounts full of Russian loot." I rather like that one.  My wife comments that I have successfully hidden the Russian money from her.


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