Concerning the partial shutdown and and the border barriers


1 – The banks, credit unions and any other financial institutions that can lend money are missing a chance to build a lot of good will in this situation.  Good will is an item that any good business plan must take into account even of it is impossible to quantify on paper.  Good will leads to more customers.  Businesses want to acquire more customers.  The 800k federal employees now on furlough have legislated assurance that their back pay will be quickly forthcoming when the pause ends.  Sooo!  Make them no interest loans in the amount of their postponed pay.  You will not be sorry if you do that.  I don't know if that could be extended to contract employees since the contract that includes their services may not insure back pay.

2 – The wall, barrier system or whatever you want to call it presently exists on a number of sections of the border.  Pelosi, Schumer and the other Democrats who prattle about the "immorality" and uselessness of physical border defenses should be asked each and every day if they want the present border barriers demolished so that anyone can cross the border whenever they want and anywhere they want.  California is the destination of choice of these economic migrants.   If the border barriers are taken down, there will be IMO a mass migration into what is now the United States and especially into California from Latin American and then inevitably from all over the world.  Ask the Democrats, every day if they want the existing border barriers taken down,  Ask them!  pl

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