Congratulations to Canada’s Women

I neglected to post a note of felicitation for Canada's victory over the US last night. We hope your men do as well against Slovakia tonight.  We want you, not them on Sunday. pl 

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11 Responses to Congratulations to Canada’s Women

  1. Ian says:

    Thanks. I certainly hope we get to play you in a rematch for the gold.

  2. Castellio says:

    Thank you for the consideration and yes, we’ll be there.

  3. Patrick Lang says:

    I will be sorry to see your defeat. “Terre de nos aieux.” pl

  4. Medicine Man says:

    At the end of the Gold-medal game between the Canadian and US women, the cameras panned briefly to the gallery the Canadian men’s team was sitting in. They were all stony-faced and tense.
    Lots of pressure on them now. We will see if they rise to the challenge or buckle under.

  5. Grimgrin says:

    An American of all people should know that early defeats can sometimes inspire future victories. If not, “Il sait porter la croix.”

  6. VanD says:

    May the best team win.

  7. Russ Wagenfeld says:

    For all its talent the Canadian men’s team has struggled. The Americans with less talent has made better use of what it has. I have coach a women’s team here in RI and my sympathies were with the US women. Hoping the snow has melted enough so you can get oot and aboot….

  8. Charles I says:

    You’ll be sorry, but only because we’re gonna make your team look like slovakian girly boys.

  9. Got A Watch says:

    Maybe more Americans will get interested in hockey. You have been getting way more snow this year than where I am in Canada. Get some pond and backyard rinks going.
    There is way more pressure on the Canadian guys than I think Americans can comprehend. It would be equivalent to the USA losing in baseball or basketball times two, since Canadians don’t identify with sports other than hockey that much.
    I am sure the game will be the most watched hours of TV in Canadian history. The roads and malls will be deserted. Every sports bar will be packed by noon. There may be riots after the game.
    I’ll be hoisting a beverage or two myself. I just hope it’s a good game, not a blowout either way.

  10. Bobo says:

    Yes, May the Best Team Win.
    Though I will be looking forward “Grapes” analysis after the USA team wins it with a goal when Canada’s team pulls the goalie again.

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