Correction on Islam Lecture

One of my neighbors has been kind enough to point out that the Islam lecture is actually under the category "Lectures and Interviews" on TA.  pl

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  1. dilbert dogbert says:

    I found it under religion – March 2007.
    The acoustics of the room are bad bad bad. If you could post a written version I would appreciate it. Or at least post the titles of the books mentioned.
    I wish this lecture could have an impact on the debate within the government on what to do about Af/Ir/Pac.
    Thanks for the information.

  2. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    For what it’s worth, this piece at Huffington Post ( offers some direct insight, albeit second hand, into Nadal Malik Hasan’s character and thinking from another Muslim soldier stationed at Ft. Hood who is an acquaintance of Hasan’s and frequently prayed with him at the mosque, most recently earlier on the day of the murders. The piece is written by a friend of the acquaintance who is a published novelist and film maker. I think the SST community will find this of interest.

  3. Patrick Lang says:

    Take it or leave it. I am too busy to do what you want. pl

  4. N. M. Salamon says:

    Thank you for posting the link to this lecture. Thank you also for teching me so many things – will help me in looking at the ME more rationally.

  5. MRW. says:

    Why dont you give the damn URL? An EXCELLENT talk.

  6. greg0 says:

    Thanks for the lecture posting. Too much ignorance about Islam for people NOT to be surprised at the facts. As in “Where’s the hierarchy?”
    The big tent version of Islam you mentioned that some in Turkey are exploring sounds intriguing.
    Those recommended books are expensive! The Venture of Islam by Marshall Hodgson is published in three volumes. I’ll look up Caravan by Carleton Coon next time I’m at Powell’s Books.

  7. rjj says:

    grego, in case Powell’s can not oblige, here is a version of Caravan. Bonus: a search on Carelton Coon at that site turns up footage of the old “What in the World.”

  8. optimax says:

    Here is the link to Col. Lnag’s excellent lecture on Islam.

  9. westerner says:

    Nice choice of picture. Great wine.
    Seems it’s not as well kept a secret as once it was, much like this site.
    Listened to the lecture mentioned a couple of year ago. Well worth the time.

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