“Could Democrats’ Pressure on Sinema, Manchin Lead to Party, and Senate, Swap?” newsmax

One can hope …

If Manchin or Sinema decided to switch parties, the fallout would be seismic. Such a move would hand the GOP control of the Senate and likely render Biden’s flailing agenda officially dead – but, Davidiuk points out, a swap by either senator likely would also reduce their influence. If they were to caucus with the Republicans, for instance, Sinema could risk losing reelection in a state that went from reliably Republican to electing two Democrat senators and Manchin, though he probably would keep his seat in conservative West Virginia, would assuredly lose influence.

And Creel said Biden and other Senate Democrats who are taking a “tough public stance” on the two Democrat holdouts could ultimately work to the politicians’ benefit when they face reelection.

Sinema, in particular, could see an increase of support from Arizona voters who for decades backed another “maverick” senator in John McCain. If she were to jump ship to the GOP, however, Sinema’s fate could be less secure, as Arizona has begun to lean “purple” in recent years.

Still, even if no party switch comes to fruition, strategists say Democrat leaders shouldn’t lull themselves into a false sense of security that Sinema or Manchin will remain fully loyal to the party. Newsmax

Comment: As a Republican Manchin would be re-elected for at least two more terms even if he were dead. pl


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One Response to “Could Democrats’ Pressure on Sinema, Manchin Lead to Party, and Senate, Swap?” newsmax

  1. Polish Janitor says:

    I remember a similar piece a while ago that explored exactly the same hypothetical scenario in which Sinema and Manchin would ‘carpetbag’ to the GOP. I called it a terrible scenario for conservatives then, and still believe it will be a big mistake politically, electorally, and ideologically if, God forbids, it happens. It is becoming more and more likely, the prospects of the GOP flipping Dems’ congressional seats in the upcoming mid-terms and it’s not just me, it’s Karl Rove confidently predicting it. I believe under the leadership of “Cocaine” Mitch McConnell, the Dems will be given a huge run for the money in 2022 and therefore there’s no need for these two hobos in the GOP. Screw them, let them get harassed more and yelled at by the Dems’ own Frankensteins i.e. BLM and Antifa even while they’re taking a leak at bathroom or yachting/golfing. Should the unlikely become the reality, the GOP will have two more Romeneys, Grahams or Rubios which would fuel more divisiveness and unnecessary hassles inside the Party.

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