“COVID-19 pill rollout stymied amidst omicron wave”

The real solution

“This should be a really joyous time because we now have highly effective antiviral pills,” said Erin McCreary, a pharmacist and administrator at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. “Instead, this feels like the hardest and most chaotic stretch of the pandemic.”

The pills — and other COVID-19 drugs, for that matter — are being carefully rationed, reserved for the highest-risk patients.


“January is going to be a terrible month with a million cases a day,” said University of North Carolina virologist Dr. Myron Cohen. “Most people will do perfectly well, but we have to select out the people who won’t and give them the drugs we have available.”

The Food and Drug Administration authorized the two pills from Pfizer and Merck late last month based on studies showing they cut the risk of severe disease and death when given shortly after symptoms appear. They are the first COVID-19 treatments patients can take at home, and thus could reduce the burden on hospitals.

The U.S. didn’t make the kind of mass purchases in advance that it did with vaccines.

Pfizer’s pill, Paxlovid, is considered far superior to Merck’s, but because of the six to eight months it takes to manufacture, the company says it can supply only about 250,000 courses of the treatment by the end of this month.

The U.S. has ordered enough Paxlovid to treat 20 million people, but the first 10 million orders won’t be delivered until June.

Comment: OK. Why did the US not order therapeutics on the scale that it ordered vaccines? Simple, Fauci and his acolytes “guided” Biden to that decision because Fauci, and they, are Vaccine People. They have always been and continue to be.

This is the same Fauci who mocked a US Senator (also a physician) who wants to see the redacted pages of Fauci’s annual financial statement. This is a public document, but Fauci has managed to make it “unpublic.” Senator Marshall wants to see what has been concealed in the way of sources of Fauci’s income. pl


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33 Responses to “COVID-19 pill rollout stymied amidst omicron wave”

  1. Babeltuap says:

    Not all cases are equal. Not all deaths with it are equal. Everyone knows not all cases and deaths are equal. Even David Copperfield himself has told everyone how his magic tricks work. Yet here we are…meh.

    I walked out of this magic show a long time ago but if people want to stick around they can knock themselves out. I have to go clean leaf gutters. Did you know the the odds of getting injured or dying falling off a ladder this time of year is surprisingly very high? The good news however is can be averted 99.7% with three points of contact at all times, good work shoes and good work gloves. Unfortunately they will be counted as covid cases and deaths and the media won’t do a segment on how it could have been avoided.

  2. Christian J. Chuba says:

    So why didn’t ‘Operation Warp Speed’ include therapeutics along with vaccines and why didn’t Biden add it? Great questions. That was big miss.

    The public / private partnership thing goes like this … ‘If you develop an effective vaccine (or therapeutic) then the U.S. govt guarantees that it will buy X amount to make your investment worthwhile regardless of whether or not we still need it.

    I am 100% all for that kind of arrangement.

    So we agree that the govt should fund vaccine / therapeutic development and free distribution. Sounds like socialism but I’m not a purest.

    (BTW Cuba has a 90% vaccination rate and a very low case / death rate https://tinyurl.com/2p96cpej vaccinations rates U.S. vs Cuba
    https://tinyurl.com/2p8kfa5a Death rate U.S. vs Cuba

    • Pat Lang says:

      Trump pushed hard for therapeutics and was mocked for it.

    • Deap says:

      It was an either or decision, made by unelected government bureaucrats who had become media darlings and Democrat party hit men.

      You can only push the experimental use of the “covid vaccine”, if there are NO available therapeutics – FDA rules. Fauci was always a big vaccine man and he unleashed the hounds of hell against anyone who got in his path – he had accumulated enough power and media clout to do this.

      Which exposes the real disease we suffer from in the US – the deep unelected state and its partisan power base.

  3. Deap says:

    We need 127 billion single use N95 masks (made in China) to cover 350 million Americans for one year.

    Unknown how many new landfills we need to ensure their environmental disposal.


    Does Hunter Biden have a Chinese-fronted company, so The Big Guy gets his 10% cut selling the US government these 127 billion masks?

    • TTG says:


      Why do you advocate Chinese made N95 masks? There are now plenty of American manufacturers. This is where the Biden team dropped the ball. He started celebrating the end of Covid around the 4th of July. He should have stepped up production and procurement of masks and tests as soon as the Delta variant uptick kicked in last Summer. Plus, those masks certainly don’t have to be single use.

    • Fred says:


      NO we do not. Please stop the masking propaganda.

  4. Deap says:

    California’s Sonoma county (wine and pot county) has an even better solution.

    Now banned are gatherings over 12 persons, if the group includes fat people or other CDC high risk persons – isolate the vulnerable, and how. Makes total hash for anyone over age 55 wanting a large birthday party


    Forget doing covid tests or vaccine passports at the door to your baby shower parties, put everyone on a scale instead. Finally, pragmatism wins over failed vaccine mandates. You too, Oprah. Stay home with a bag over your head. You tick way too many boxes.

    Academy Award Winner: Theater of the Absurd – the entire state of California. Coming soon to a silver screen near you. The lengths Californians will go to support the Big Lie.

  5. TTG says:

    These therapeutics are certainly welcome to many. Unfortunately, these drugs are also experimental and are issued only under an EUA. Why would the anti-vaxx crowd be willing to take these 30 Big Pharma pills over 5 days? The latest cure touted by some is to drink your piss. What a way to own the libs.

    • Fred says:

      The vaccine, Comarty still not being available, is also EUA and is shown not to stop transmission. Theraputics such as HCQ+Ivermetcin+Zpack is still forbidden. One dare not ask why.

      “he latest cure touted by some is to drink your piss.” I believe an Indian Prime Minister did that as a matter of religion. “What a way to…” discredit people in general?

      • TTG says:


        It was US citizen Christopher Key, the leader of an anti-Covid-19 vaccine group called the “Vaccine Police”, recommending the “urine therapy”. He claims there are tons and tons of research and peer-reviewed published papers on this. I doubt many will fall for this, pro or anti-vax. Of course we have Tucker Carlson hyping viagra as a cure and Candace Owens doing the same for colloidal silver.

        The antibody therapeutics are mostly ineffective against the omicron variant. There’s one remaining antibody drug that still works and it’s in very short supply. These new antiviral pills are coming online just in time. That is unless the whole covid thing finally burns itself out soon.

        • Pat Lang says:

          I would expect that it will burn itself out by Summer.

        • Fred says:


          ” “A study just published out of Chile, in a journal called Critical Care, found that this patient studied did not go on the respirator who got Viagra. And they actually went out of the hospital sooner.”

          Siegel went on to explain that Viagra isn’t just used for erectile dysfunction, saying it’s used for “lung problems” and “improves blood flow to the lungs.” He said it treats a range of lung conditions, including pulmonary hypertension and altitude sickness. “It makes something called nitric oxide,” he explained, noting that COVID-19 “decreases” this molecule.”
          Hype indeed. Unlike that Imperial College fraud that helped perpetrate the lockdowns.

          “The antibody therapeutics are mostly ineffective against the omicron variant. ”

          So how are they against the other ones? Why is HCQ+Ivermetcin+Zpack still forbidden as a treatment?

    • Marlene says:

      That Pfizer has invented a new Corona pill in zero coma?

      What could go wrong with that face of scoundrel that Bourla has?

      The indecent did not even change his face expression when asuring pot a journalist that the tow doses of his vaccine offer few protection , if any.
      The video dissapeared fast on orders of Pfizer board.

      You are righ, if Pfizer cheated through the whole pandemic to vaccinate the whole population in the world in spite that on advice of renowned scientists that was a very irresposible thing to do, and requested to be exempt from any responsability with regard any side effects, and taking into account Pfizer´s crimianl record, plus the fact that my government had to sign a mafiosi contract which indebt us for generations to lockdown the country and use Pfizer vaccines, why would i trust this “corporation” to take this new pill?

      I will not touch anything coming with the Pfizer label even with a stick..

      We do not need any antCovid pill, Ivermectine and Hydroxichloroquine works perfectly weel, as the case of India and Japan so clearly show.

      We will not participate in another pharma scam to ruin our country´s economy plus the health of our citizenry. Enough is enough!!

      Larry Fink can swallow all those pills through all the orifices he has.

      No, thanks.

      • Sudhi says:


        Hilarious Canadian spoof of Pfizer and its business model.
        NB: in German, Shit = Scheisse, so Schizer sounds just like that with adding “r” at the end.

        • Sudhi says:

          This is a hilarious comment from another site. Though, I’m sure that Pfizer is performing quite well in the stock market.

    • Deap says:

      The risk of even catching “covid” is so low, it is unlikely the anti-vax crowd will even need to take these new experimental “therapeutics”.

      So it is a matter of which devil does one want to sleep with: the guaranteed lifetime GMO; or run the risk of never getting the covid cooties in the first place – and then triage the 99% recovery expectation if one does. If they are even symptomatic beyond “normal” cold or flu.

      13 million inhabits of Xian China shut down for Zero Tolerance because a few over 100 persons allegedly tested positive “covid”. Contagiousness takes on new meanings for this 99.99% recovery cold. But we are also not hosting the 2022 Olympics, when China wants to win everything.

      I hope they put masks on all the terra cotta warriors. You can never be too careful.

      • TonyL says:

        “The risk of even catching “covid” is so low”

        What world do you live in? the moving average of Covid infections per day in the US is 700k.

      • LondonBob says:

        Omicron has a very high R rate, so you will be getting it. I, and almost everyone I know here in London, had it before Christmas. Young and old it amounted to just a sore throat. Its over, apart from repercussions for the catastrophic lockdowns and lousy vaccines, we can now return to normality.

  6. jim ticehurst says:

    Hey…Doobie Brothers…..and any Sisters….The Big Toke of the Day…is That Marijuana Smoke with Prevent Covid…It has Two Ingredients…That Coat the Protein Spikes on those Weird Looking Balls We See ….So We can Identify Enemy Aircraft…And By Coating the Spikes…They Cant Get Into Your Bodys Lungs or Any Place else they Find Interesting…and Captain Kirk shhots them Down..Like all the Other Cling Ons..before them..and The Human Race wins By being One Toke Over the Line…

  7. Sam says:

    Two years ago today: The WHO reassures the world, on behalf of Chinese authorities, that there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus” first identified in Wuhan


    Remember the WHO and their fact finding mission to uncover the origin with Daszak et al leading sleuthing. And then here’s Scott who pushed the vax all the time never disclosing he’s on the board of Pfizer and has a financial interest in the vax.

    The collusion between the CCP and Team Fauci to obscure, obfuscate and deflect their hands in the cookie jar on the engineering of the virus.

  8. Sam says:

    Editorial: UChicago Must End Its Booster Mandate—We Are Not Lab Rats
    UChicago continues to defy scientific and moral standards, dehumanizing us in the process.


    Finally, after 2 years of manufactured hysteria and growing authoritarianism, the tide may be turning, with some pushback by the young. A similar campaign is underway at Stanford against the draconian policies there. There is hope when the youth pick up the mantle. Let’s hope that more of the kids decide to think for themselves rather than be swamped by the propaganda du jour.

  9. Marlene says:

    What nobody, even in the awaken media and blogs, has not explained yet is why it is unending doses of “vaccines” or “pills” for us, and then wine and parties for them…especially when we are under lockdown


  10. Sam says:

    I was duped by the Covid lab leak deniers | That senior scientists saw evidence for theories that they trashed in public has shattered trust in science

    Several of the senior scientists behind the lab leak cover-up (Fauci, Farrar, Collins) are the same senior scientists behind the smearing and propaganda campaign against the Great Barrington Declaration and its signatories.


    IMO, in a few years if and when we look back on the covidian era and how quickly our supposedly “constitutional rules-based” societies descended into authoritarianism, it will become evident that a few molecular biology lab scientists with no expertise in public health policy, who fucked up by accidentally or intentionally releasing an engineered virus gathered unprecedented power. The failure of the checks & balances, the weakness of our political institutions, how quickly the power elites can coalesce to unleash coordinated propaganda and the ease with which the vast majority of the population can become so fearful that they’ll willingly cede their sovereignty including the final frontier of bodily autonomy is an incredible warning on how fragile our societies are to authoritarian impulses. This will be forgotten quickly as the next emergency comes along and our collective amnesia grows. If anyone cares about the principles of our founding anymore the covidians should be a stark warning. They all exposed themselves to be the true authoritarians they really are, hiding under the facade of scientists, medical professionals, and the technocracy. We should never forget these people!

    We should also not forget that all-consuming “emergencies” have been pushed by both the political right and the left in just past few decades. The Republicans led on the War on Terror and the Democrats led on the covid “emergency”. If we haven’t figured out by now the ease with which totalitarianism arrives then the next one could rival anything the early 20th century totalitarians inflicted. Between Mao, Stalin, and Hitler they brutalized a large percentage of our global population.

    We should not shirk from another Nuremberg style tribunal investigating the covidian mass murder.

    • blue peacock says:


      Really well said. Indeed the authoritarian impulse comes from both the political left & right.

      During the War on Terror, Iraq WMD hoax, Patriot Act, CIA waterboarding & mass surveillance the nominal opposition came from the left. Of course the heavy weights in the Democratic party like Hillary & Kerry all supported the increased authoritarianism because they felt that was necessary for their political viability. Fox News was 24×7 hysterical on pushing the fear. Meanwhile San Bernardino, Pulse, etc took place and there were no questions about what was actually going on at the FBI and the numerous counter-terrorism fusion centers stood up across the military-intelligence complex.

      Now the tables are turned and the same left are fully aligned with the neocons and have become the propagandists for increased authoritarianism. They’re now the ones pushing the Russia boogeyman which the right pushed not too long ago and they’ve shown they can be even more authoritarian than the right was during the War on Terror. It is the few on the political right that are now opposing lockdown and mandates.

      The bottom line is that both the nominal right & left, the Democrats & Republicans are just two sides of the same authoritarian, Big Government in collusion with Big Business coin. And at least in the past several decades and likely for the next few decades, the majority of Americans will continue to support the duopoly using the “lesser evil” partisanship excuse. At the end of the day we the voting citizens are responsible for this sorry state of affairs as our liberty gets continually eroded decade after decade. We crossed the Rubicon a long time ago as the Church committee noted.

  11. Jim says:

    82% of all Omicron cases occurred in fully vaccinated?

    A study examining Omicron [and previous “waves”], using data from Capetown Province [region of ~7million] in South Africa shows 82% of all “fourth wave”, i.e., Omicron cases are those fully vaccinated? It says the Omicron wave lasts not more than five weeks.

    It was published Wednesday this week, Jan. 12, 2022 at


    Study, funded by Bill Gates Foundation, sought among other things: to decipher whether the shots lowered severity of illness, decreased hospital, and death.

    “We aimed to compare COVID-19 outcomes in the Omicron-driven fourth wave
    with prior waves in the Western Cape,” it says, that “included 5,144 patients from wave four” [data analyzed was actually n=5,104].

    This study says: “In wave four, 38% and 5% of all COVID-19 cases were fully or partially vaccinated respectively.”

    It state there is “moderate SARS-CoV-2 vaccination coverage (39% and 46% of adults
    fully vaccinated in South Africa and the Western Cape respectively by end December 2021)”

    Of the 5,104, the results reported 1,925 fully vaccinated, or 37.7% in sample.

    Assuming a random sample of 5,104, with statistic [or parameter] that 46% fully vaccinated, then the maximum count = ~2,347.84, if 100% all contracted Omicron.

    1925/2347.84 = 82% of total infected. [2347.84/5104=0.46; or 46%]

    If this data is a representative sample: This explains why masks and vac and other forms of coercion are not working: Omicron evades these measure, in more than 8 in 10 of those fully shot up — according to data from this study.

    Is it a stretch, at this point, to state: 171.2 million of the 208.8 million in USA fully shot up have, had, or will soon contract Omicron?

    This would bring natural acquired immunity.

  12. JohninMK says:

    Omicron is now moving so fast, it seems to be about as contagious as measles, with a relatively short duration of 5-6 days in most people, that it is in and out of a population in very short order. It amy have a bigger impact in the US population, as the other variants have, due to more co-morbidities like obesity and diabetes.

    First South Africa and now here in the UK, similar population sizes but very different densities, it looks to being all over bar the stragglers in a couple of months. Even if we double that for the US we are looking at April.

    Could be that Pfizer and others are going to have to come up with something new or their profit plans are toast. Given that Biden will want to claim this as ‘his’ win perhaps burnt toast would be more appropriate.

  13. Jim says:

    “We will shut you down.
    We will arrest you.
    And we will take you to jail.”
    –Spoken by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

    Her “immortal” words, the opening lines, from, Planet Lockdown. 1 hour 50 minutes. A film. [link is below]


    Among other things, film gets at the foundational lies and deceptions that got us here past two years — and brute force this scum threatens and carries out.

    A few things I’ve pondered in this time, involving concepts and how they’ve been, let us say, “misused” and wrongly applied:

    1] “Vaccine Hesitancy” and public persuasion campaigns
    This concept epitomize interruption and by extension inversion of science, this talking point, “Vaccine Hesitancy”, deliberately deployed by CDC [Walensky] NIAID [Fauci] and NIH [Collins], et al. Deployed by Big Government, Media, Tech, Medicine, using military grade propaganda.

    Obvious reason a new vaccine is tested for a decade prior to release to general public: to make sure it is not unsafe, and is effective.

    When any new vaccine is released, every sane scientist and medical doctor knows one thing above all else: let’s hope they’re no unsafe and work.

    This safety concern at heart of many-years testing of product.

    Above, long-winded way of saying: the sane default position is new vaccine may not be safe.

    Which is why they are tested many years, and when deployed, anxious scientists hope they’re not unsafe, once public is at risk of harm if they aren’t safe.

    Hypothesis testing of vaccines includes many, chief among them, asking question: are they safe? They must be proven to not be unsafe, to go on the market.

    How is such hypothesis framed?

    The default hypothesis [or using science jargon, the null hypothesis], on vaccinate safety in experimental design is, obviously: the new treatment is not safe; therefore, it must be tested, experiments must occur, money, lots of it, must be spent, for randomized trials, that, eventually, could involve humans, if previous experiments able to ascertain [or prove with at least 95% confidence] that: “we can reject the default [null] hypothesis, and that therefore, this product not unsafe”.

    Not unsafe is the scientific conclusion, by the way, via hypothesis testing if evidence rejects null hypothesis.

    Point is, the logic operates from: having to prove they are not unsafe. Boilerplate science.

    Human subjects are last stage of randomized trials testing new drugs.

    The emergency use authorizations short circuited the normal process — to at least make it appear a covid shots, safe to be sold to public. [This mistake, perhaps as fatefully catastrophic as invasive wars on Iraq and Afghanistan?]

    Be that as it may, the point is: with Moderna and Pfizer/B rushed to market circa Dec. 2020, [via EUA] the proper and scientific way would have been to continue along with the default or null hypothesis: assumption they are not safe, or, at least, room enough for rational skepticism, enough room to drive a trailer truck through — this was supposed to have been the norm.

    If they “must” be rolled out at warp speed, least that should have happened since that time: maintain healthy, robust skepticism of whether they are not unsafe [leaving aside for moment their vaccine effectiveness or VE].

    Instead of leading a chorus saying “let’s see if they’re not unsafe” — what happened instead?

    What become the default hypothesis, mouthed by our government drug pushers and big pharma, et al., instead?

    Exactly opposite of what actual science demands.

    Instead of “Vaccine Hesitancy” as the expected default orientation to this [null hypothesis], we’ve gotten told: vaccine hesitancy is a problem that must be overcome [including via billion dollar CDC marketing campaign] — via coercion.

    Anyone, be they MD, scientist, public health official, Walensky, Fauci, Collins, Biden, et al. . . anyone that talks about “vaccine hesitancy” AND implies there is something WRONG with hesitancy — one can immediately conclude they are not engaging in science.

    Proliferation of this vaccine hesitancy talking point and narrative — by most powerful leaders in USA, BigMedia/Tech, et al. in organized medicine and public health bureaucracy — among most duplicitous of deceptions, scams, con jobs.

    2] “Vaccine Mandates” to mandate immunity
    Our government still cling to idea vaccines work and are safe; and pushed them on basis of their ability to create herd immunity. They even altered definition of immunity to promote vax immunity. And though no one says it out loud, this amounts to attempt to mandate immunity. Absurd on its face. And ignored: what always ends virus run amok: natural acquired “herd” immunity. Which Omicron is doing — in spite of the 209 million fully shot up. Omicron has laid waste to all this.

    3] “Long Covid”
    This fear tactic began early.

    Do we call it Long Cancer, or Long Meningitis, or Long Measles, or Long Mononucleosis?

    The CDC says about Mono: most recover two to four weeks, some people be fatigued several more weeks, sometimes infectious mononucleosis lasts six months or longer.

    An hour is an eternity in some circumstances, when ill, a day, two days of vomiting — that can be a long time.

    Long Covid among earliest and most “effective” fear mongering tactics our public health beasts came up with.

    Virus often last longer or shorter as a direct function of ones immune system, overall health, age, weight, other health problems and so on and so forth.

    It turns out Fauci in February: admitted “long covid” is really something that occurs when Sars CoV2 virus has cleared; that he had no idea how to treat it; nor of its magnitude.

    Speaking from White House with Walensky, Fauci said back in Feb:
    [[Many of you are now aware of what had long been called “long COVID.” But actually, what that really is is post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection, which we’re now referring to as “PASC,” or P-A-S-C. ]]

    [[Remember, these are post-acute sequelae — after the virus essentially has been cleared from the body. And actually, new symptoms sometimes arise well after the time of infection, or they evolve over time and they may persist. . .The magnitude of the problem is not yet fully known ]]

    Fauci called this “a puzzling syndrome”.


    To be clear, a syndrome is a collection of symptoms; virus is causative of a disease.

    A notorious example of this confusion, according to RFK’s new book on Fauci, is Fauci’s dogma that HIV virus causes AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and that there are no peer reviewed studies that have every been able to demonstrate this.

    Seven months after Fauci said the NIH via Congress said they would be spending more than $1 billion in next four years to study PASC, the NIH in September said: “a case definition of ‘long-COVID’ has not been established” and that, without irony: “The condition has gained attention from the media, the public, as well as the scientific and medical communities”


    A Disease? a Virus? a Syndrome? a Condition?

    They’ve used all of the above. And what can be concluded from such double-talk and lack of clarity, after two years of this?

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