“Dangerously brazen, heavily-armed Mexican cartel, ‘taunting’ soldiers on US side of border.” bizpacreview

Well processed bandido basura scum after recent Reynosa firefight with Mexican forces. Bravo!

“Heavily armed Mexican cartel smugglers have reportedly been sidling up to the southern U.S. border in Texas and “taunting” the Texas National Guard soldiers who’ve been stationed there by Gov. Greg Abbott in response to the border crisis.0:32 / 48:36

According to a statement from Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Lt. Christopher Olivarez, the cartel “gunmen” have been brazenly smuggling illegals into the U.S. and then returning to the border to essentially mock America’s limp response.

“What’s been happening actually this past week is we see a group of individuals … come across the river into the U.S. and smuggle people, they go back into Mexico, and they get their weapons,” he explained to the Washington Examiner on Wednesday.

“These are assault rifles, OK, AK-47s. They’ll stand in the middle of the river, and then they’re brandishing their weapons and taunting the National Guard, who’s across on the U.S. side,” he added.” bizpacreview

Comment: OK. A change of “rules of engagement” (ROE) is required. These same criminals have recently engage Mexican Marines near the border. 17 of the criminals were killed in one engagement. This is a great opportunity to he’p our Mexican armed forces friends. pl


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  1. Babeltuap says:

    I talked to a TX police officer yesterday. He said the cartels are getting bold. Finding drugs transported on planes is par for the course these days. They are moving operations to areas with decimated police forces and defund the police chest beaters (mainly blue cities). I read one report that Maryland was a primary new “franchise” location.

    Going to get interesting for blue cities. They think the joke is on TX but their cities are going to be the real punchline.

    • BillWade says:

      It is interesting already and I’m about as far away from a blue city as one can be.

      Just this past weekend in Chicago two rival gangs had a shoot out, one death and a few injuries, the police saw the whole thing and declined to prosecute as it was “mutual combatants” and not crime.

      This past weekend here where I live in southwest Florida a bunch of kids set up next to a local Irish pub and partied hard, lots of weed and open containers of alcohol. The pub owner called the sheriff and they showed up and decided to let them party on. They explained to the pub owner that it could be medical marijuana and since the vacant building did not have a Do Not Trespass sign they were ok with the kids being there. They also said that the alcohol was not a big deal as long as they weren’t driving. This is a huge departure for my county that’s considered a “law and order” community.

      • JerseyJeffersonian says:


        Actually, in the Chicago case, it was NOT THE POLICE whi decided not to press charges (not their job, anyway), but the Soros-funded DA, Kim Foxx. Here is a post about this incident, with further links, and a wealth of comments (post preceding the comments):


        And, as I am sure you will be pleased to know, some scumbag attorney in NYC has already latched on to “mutual combat” as a reason that his clients should also be exempted from prosecution for assault (as above, post above the comments):


        Now I have to say, although I abominate this scumbag’s attempt to piggyback on this “lifted from the headlines” legal tactic, I am a bit bemused by this one. The (potentially) accused were part of a group of black tourists from Texas who were denied entry to a restaurant by the hostess because (here is the bemusing circumstance) they did not have verification of their status as “fully-vaccinated” per the diktat of Mayor Di Blasio, and a hot dispute broke out during which they were alleged to have verbally and physically assaulted the Korean hostess of this Italian restaurant. I am not in favor of assaultive behavior, but I am also not in favor of vaccine mandates, so this was kind of akin to watching a scorpion and a tarantula in a bottle fighting it out; I want them both to lose.

        Crazy times, no?

        Okay, now that story was kind of funny in a blackly humorous sort of way, but here is where these fanatical vaccine mandates are not funny at all (scroll up for the story):


        I bet these medical heroes would have been a real scream during a genuine, honest to God epidemic, say yellow fever or typhus. In my book, the medical/pharmaceutical institutions have gone out of their way to destroy their – apparently often undeserved – reputation.

        A question; if “vaccine” manufacturers can be indemnified against lawsuits during this plandemic, why not hospitals and other providers when they are called upon to treat patients with life-threatening conditions (assuming that measures are taken to reduce the risk of infection to others also in their care)? I’d really like to hear some straight answers from reputed medical ethicists on this matter. My expectation is…crickets.

  2. TTG says:

    Now that our infantry squads are equipped with designated marksmen and longer range small arms, I can’t think of a better place for their use than along that border.

  3. scott s. says:

    Seems like time for another Punitive Expedition. Though I guess that one had a muddled strategic goal that also involved joint warfare in Tampico and Vera Cruz (that is probably the last time US bluejackets fought as infantry).

    • Leith says:

      Scott S –

      There was a Navy Battalion at Bataan. It had 480 Sailors along with 120 Marines. They served alongside the Philippine Scouts at the Battle of the Points.

      At Corregidor 1,750 sailors were task organized into a provisional battalion of the 4th Marines. They, or some of them, were in the last fighting to stop Japanese landings.

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